AEW Dynamite 10 12 2022

AEW Dynamite Results
October 12, 2022
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Results by: Chris Gerics of


It’s Wednesday night you know what that means

AEW comes to you LIVE from my home country of Canada for the first time ever! We kick off the show with….

RENEE PAQUETTE! She welcomes us to Toronto and introduces Canada’s own Christian Cage! Christian comes out to a smattering of boos and applause. Renee asks how it feels to be back in Toronto. Christian says it’s great and as the face of Toronto and Canada, I am going to guarantee a victory tonight. It’s 100%. It’s like the Leafs losing in the first round; without further ado my right hand of destruction: Luchasaurus! Luchasaurus’s music hits as he comes out to a negative reaction.

Jungle Boy’s music hits and the crowd goes crazy! They all join in arms swinging as Jungle Boy gets a heroes welcome in Canada!
Christian has joined commentary and gets spooked when JB walks by.

LUCHASAURUS vs. “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry

Jungle boy immediately runs at Lucha but gets caught. He fights back but Luchasaurus keeps catching him. Jungle Boy with a big dropkick to Luchasaurus and the big man is down! Springs to the outside and delivers an uppercut as he stares down Christian. Back in the ring now Luchasaurus catches JB and destroys him with a MASSIVE German suplex. Both men to the outside and Luchasaurus now has a table set up! The crowd chants We Want tables!. JB avoids a powerbomb but gets thrown into the post instead. JB avoids a slap as Luchasaurus hits the post
and now JB is wrenching the arm around the post. JB working on the arm but Lucha fights back. Luchasaurus back drops him on the apron
as we go to commercial


Back from commercial, Luchasaurus is up against the table and Jungle goes for a tope but gets caught and hurricanrana’s Luchasaurus into the post! Jungle Boy lifts up Luchasaurus but he’s too big. Luchasaurus gets superkicked and is teetering!! Jungle Boy with a HUGE SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB!!!! HOLY **** THIS CROWD IS UNGLUED! Christian makes his way down from commentary and has a stare down with Jungle Boy. Luchasaurus sits up a la Kane as JB runs in and hits two superkicks but gets flattened and hit with the Fossilizer! 1…2…NO! Kick out!

Luchasaurus now has Jungle Boy up on the top rope but Jungle fights him off! Jungle Boy has Luchasaurus set up and hits a reverse 10 punches! Tree of Woe for Luchasaurus but he catches JB and slams him in the mat! Huge chokeslam! 1…2…NO! Jungle Boy kicks out again! The crowd is super behind Jungle Boy, and fights off Luchasaurus and hits a crucifix bomb! 1…2…NO! Jungle Boy trying for the Killswitch but Lucha catches him in the electric chair and JB spikes him! Killswitch to Luchasaurus! 1….2…..NO!! Snare Trap!! Luchasaurus is crawling to the ropes but Jungle traps his arm! Luchasaurus fights and barely gets to the ropes.

Christian distracts Jungle Boy and Lucha hits a huge top rope chokeslam!! Sets him up for the burning hammer and hits it! 1…2…3!

WINNER: Luchasaurus

We cut to the back with Renee Paquette and The Firm. Quickly Matt Hardy and Private Party interrupt as it’s been made aware that The Firm bought out Private Party. Ethan challenges Isiah on Rampage, and challenges Matt with his contract on the line!


Back from the break we see QT Marshall in the ring with the Factory talking about WarJoe and they get interrupted immediately.

The Factory (QT Marshall and Nick Comorato) vs. WarJoe (Samoa Joe and Wardlow)]

All four men start brawling in the ring as Joe already takes out QT with a senton and Manhattan Drop. Joe with the rapid fire punches to QT and goes for a muscle buster but Nick stops him and Joe immediately chops him out and walks away from a QT splash. Wardlow in with shoulder blocks and a big headbutt to QT! Wind up Lariat by Wardlow and Comorato tags in and eats a belly to belly! Nick gets him in the corner, but runs into a spinebuster right after! Wardlow up top with a beautiful swanton! Joe with the Coquina Clutch and Comorato passes out!


After the bell, Wardlow plays a powerbomb symphony using QT as an instrument and the crowd is eating it up! Just then Prince Nana comes out with The Embassy! Brian Cage says no one wants to see you guys tap out QT and you screwed us last week. He asks if FTR are even here and….

FTR’s music hits to a huge pop! Crowd is chanting FTR as they’re all smiles headed to the ring. The crowd is going absolutely nuts! Dax says he has the best partner for Rampage and it starts at…TEN! TEN! TEN! It’s the PINNACLE! SHAWN SPEARS!

SHAWN SPEARS COMES OUT TO A HUGE OVATION!!!!! They mention he is from St. Catherines, and spears throws Solow in the ring and gets laid out as the faces celebrate in the ring!

In the back Tony is with Jericho and 2.0; Parker lays into Danielson and saying he made it personal how he broke the family up. Daddy Magic turns his attention to Garcia and he promises they will do more than hurt him. Jericho says he was forced to hurt his little brother thanks to Bryan. Sports Entertainers win every time, but not tonight I am the Lion Heart and I will out fight, out wrestle and leave still the Ring of Jericho champion.

Swerve Strickland vs. “Daddy Ass” Billy Gunn

Max Caster’s rap talks about beating down sneaky Swerve and how he’s getting put on ice like Auston Matthews. A big “scissor me Daddy Ass” chant breaks out! He soaks it in and swivels his hips and gets a huge pop for the shirt removal!

Billy with the first shot and takes control, then a shoulder block and a taunt for good measure. Another shoulder block and a mooning from Daddy Ass! Swerve with an elbow and a big dropkick!


Back from the break, Swerve is working on the left leg of Gunn, and avoids a back suplex and sends Billy out of the ring! Big diving knee drop from Swerve! Swerve back in and taunting Billy, hitting big body shots and jabs. Billy counters with a big tilt-a-whirl side slam as both men are down! Billy with a huge slam on Swerve and sets him up for a FameAsser but Swerve ducks and hits a rolling flatliner! Swerve up top and hits the SWERVE STOMP! 1…2…NO!! BILLY GUNN KICKS OUT! Swerve misses a kick and Billy tries for the One and Only but Swerve rolls through and grabs the ropes! 1….2….3!

WINNER: Swerve Strickland

After the match The Acclaimed come down for a scissor but are interrupted by Mark Sterling; they have a document stating Sterling now owns “Scissor Me” in Pro Wrestling and that means The Acclaimed can’t do any more of their stuff and the merch goes to him! They go to scissor but he stops them! He says they do it, they forfeit the titles! He says he is willing to work with them and says “Scissor me Daddy Nese!” to a chorus of boos.

The commentators run down the MJF/Yuta confrontation last week as Marvez is backstage with MJF! MJF is interrupted by Stokely and calls out the interrupting trope. He says “I am going to put you on timeout. If you get in my business again, I will fire you. Take your ass out of my shot. Thank you.” He then says Regal is as villainous as Mary Poppins, and he isn’t afraid to tell you a violent story. He says last week, he doesn’t know if he was shaking his hand. I know everyone hates me, but guess what they don’t have a clue knowing what it’s like to always have to be the bad guy. I broke my hand punching my own reflection. You don’t like me? Tough shit; I don’t like me either! But that’s what it takes to be a champion.”


Back from the break we cut to Tony in the ring and he runs down next week’s Dynamite. He introduces Moxley!! Jon Moxley comes through the crowd to a massive pop! The crowd is as vocal as ever! He makes his way to the ring. Tony asks him about next week and facing Page. Moxley is PUMPED to be in Toronto; he says for 3 years I have been a champion. Everyone wants what I have but they haven’t walked in my shoes. You have a target, people want everything from you whether success or failure. Some faster than others. He says I don’t have the luxury of doubt or hesitation, it’s a dirty job and you gotta be ruthless and indiscriminate.” He calls out Page next; and HANGMAN’s MUSIC HITS!

Page makes his way down to a nice ovation in some star spangled jeans with very classy tassels attached. Page offers his hand to Moxley without saying anything and Moxley gives him the mic. “Whatever you have to say, say it to my face. No you said it all last week. You said you respected me, and I would be lying if I didn’t tell you that coming from you it meant the world to me.” “I have watched you these past three years and respect you in and out of the ring. Helluva father, wrestler, husband. I see the man I wanna be when I See you.” They show MJF and Page says he can watch whatever he wants. He gets upset that Moxley called him a “Nice kid and asks if he’s a kid.” Moxley says that’s exactly what he thinks. “Same kid who knocked me off the ladder. If you have the chance to take me out, you don’t have the guts to pull the trigger.”

Page talks about going for things with his best friends, some who disappeared and some who haven’t. He’s pissed, he can’t sleep, medicine isn’t working, but I AM STILL HERE BECAUSE I AM MAN!” He talks about the ups and downs of his life and starts PUNCHING HIMSELF! Holy smokes he is FIRED UP! He says “I know what I have to do, I don’t care who is there. I will beat you within an inch of your life and take back the thing I should have never let slip away. I have nothing now except a shot and my word. Tuesday is my shot and tonight is my word I will be the next AEW champion.” Crowd is chanting MJF and he looks like “Oh my” Page says he wanted to face him man to man and walks off; Moxley just smiles and stares as Page walks up the ramp.

Video package running down the lineage of Jericho as ROH champion interspliced with footage of Danielson in ROH and AEW. It’s been 5 years since Jericho wrestled in Canada and he will ruin the legend of Bryan Danielson.

ROH World Championship Match: “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson vs. “The Ocho” Chris Jericho (c)

Danielson comes out to a huge ovation as Ian Riccaboni and William Regal join commentary. Jericho comes out billed from Manitoba and as the Lionheart including the theme! He’s flanked by Parker and Menard as Jericho is playing to the hometown crowd. Paul Turner is the official for the match as both men go for the Code of Honor. Jericho extends his hand and Bryan kicks it away!

Danielson with a quick two count and into the uppercuts and a series of headbutts and knees! Bryan catches Jericho and slingshots him to the outside and hits a huge tope suicida! Body slam by Bryan on the ramp and sends Jericho back in; Bryan relentless still with chops and headbutts in the corner and hits the ten punches! Jericho responds with some of his own! Bryan fights back and chops away at Jericho into the other corner as both men start chopping the hell out of each other. Jericho up top with Danielson and hits a BIG HURRICANRANA!!!! WOW!!!


Both men exchange forearms as Bryan whips Jericho in the ropes but he hits a big counter DDT! He knocks Bryan off the apron and hits a triangle diving splash to the outside! Bryan whipped into the barricade then sent back in the ring. Jericho heads up top but Bryan counters! Bryan up top and hits a massive butterfly suplex off the top rope into the Labell Lock!!! Bryan hammers at the ribs of Jericho and locks it in! Jericho tries to power out and is able to roll through and locks in the Walls!!! Bryan is dead center of the ring! Daddy Magic is pulling the ropes back but Bryan fights out and transitions into a mount and punishes Jericho with elbows and forearms then locks in his own Walls!! Jericho looks like he is going to tap but rolls up Bryan for a two count then eats a huge kick for a two count for Bryan! Both men are beaten and battered; Bryan with the Hammer and Anvil elbows to Jericho but gets caught in an ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT!!! 1…2…NO! Jericho misses a Lionsault and Bryan heads up top with a big knee! Bryan back up top again with ANOTHER knee. Bryan goes for it a third time and gets rocked with a Codebreaker!! 1….2….NO! Bryan barely gets the shoulder up.

Both men on their knees exchanging blows then get to their feet and exchange chops. Bryan moonsaults out of the corner, Jericho misses a Judas Effect but Paul Turner gets rocked!!! Double clothesline as both men are down. 2point0 throw the belt in the ring for Jericho but Danielson is slow to his feet; Garcia runs down and grabs the belt from Jericho! He goes nose to nose with him and Bryan hits the KNEE! GARCIA ATTACKS DANIELSON!!! HOLY SMOKES!!!! He absolutely laid him out with the ROH Pure Title. Danielson is completely out; Jericho with the cover as the ref comes to 1…..2…..3!


Post match, the JAS all hug and celebrate in the ring but the BCC come out looking none too pleased. They surround the ring as JAS bails while the BCC check on Danielson.

In the back, Renee is with Nyla Rose, Marina Shafir and Vickie Guerrero; they call Nyla the TBS champion and she says possession is nine tenths of the law; Anna JAS walks up and challenges for the belt on Rampage!


Jamie Hayter and Dr. Britt Baker vs. Hikaru Shida and Toni Storm

Jamie Hayter gets a very positive reaction from the crowd as her and Baker make their way to the ring. Both Shida and Storm get nice little pops as they make their entrance looking all business.

Shida and Hayter start off as Shida pushes Hayter and asks for Baker to tag in. Hayter fights back and hits a big chop but Shida responds with a dropkick. Storm tagged in and just clubbing on Hayter and follows with a big kick. She sends Hayter in the corner but Baker distracts her leading to a big boot by Hayter as we go to commercial.


Back from the break Baker and Shida are now in the ring and Shida with a flurry of elbows and a jumping knee on Baker! Ten punches now from Shida as Hayter breaks it up but Shida suplexes her into the ring! She suplexes Baker onto Hayter! Springboard Meteora from Shida for a two count! Hayter with a big backbreaker to break it up; Storm with a bulldog to Hayter but Baker takes her out! Britt is looking for the Lockjaw as Hayter and Baker double team Shida. Stomp by Baker 1…2…NO! Storm able to break it up and sends Hayter to the outside. Tornado DDT on Baker now then a sick Storm Zero! 1….2….Hayter breaks it up! She fires up as the crowd is behind her but Shida respond with a springboard kick as Storm takes out Hayter. Baker with a cradle for two and transitions into the Lockjaw! Shida rolls over 1…2….NO! Shida hits The Deal and Baker rolls through as both women exchange rollups as Shida gets the last one 1….2….3!

WINNER: Hikaru Shida and Toni Storm (c)

Post match both women shake hands as the commentators run down the Rampage card including Mox and Claudio vs Butcher and Blade! We cut to a Butcher and Blade promo hyping up their match.


AEW All-Atlantic Championship Match: PAC (c) vs. Orange Cassidy

Justin Roberts introduces us to our main event as Orange Cassidy comes out to a BIG pop! He looks calm but focused as they run down PAC and OC fighting the past few weeks. PAC also comes out to a good reaction and looks as angry and hungry as I have ever seen. PAC taunts OC as we kick off the main event!

OC immediately misses an Orange Punch and PAC takes him out with a big clothesline! OC back at it with forearms but PAC sends him into the corner and follows with a kick. PAC puts OC’s hands in his pocket and mocks his kick! OC just takes it as the crowd builds up but OC comes back with a kip up dropkick and tope! PAC catches him and hits a sickening Falcon Arrow on the floor!!!


Back from the break OC was laid out with a tombstone during the break, and OC rolls down the ramp!!! He is able to struggle his way to the ring and stumbles along the way and JUST makes it in before 10! PAC immediately locks in the Brutalizer and OC is frantically fighting out of it and reaches the rope with his foot! PAC eventually breaks the hold as he stalks OC then heads to the outside looking for the ring bell. Bryce Remsburg stops him and OC flies over the ropes and then comes again with a huge tornado DDT!!!! PAC sent back in the ring and another DDT! ORANGE PUNCH!!!! 1….2…..NO!!! PAC kicked out at 2.9! PAC was absolutely spiked on those DDT’s I love his selling. OC heads up to the top rope and PAC slowly rolls to the apron. OC shifts position but gets kicked in mid air but counters PAC and BEACH BREAK on the apron! OC throws the pad off but misses an Orange Punch and hits a Northern Lights into a Brutalizer! OC is fading but rolls through and reaches the ropes again!

Pac goes for the hammer but is stopped and cursed by DANHAUSEN!!!!! PAC slugs him but Bryce catches him the the hammer but he grabs another from under the ring! OC with a big punch! OC grabs the hammer and wants to use it but hands it to Bryce and gets rolled up for 2! ORANGE PUNCH! Crowd is crazy as he hits another! 1…2….3!!!! NEW CHAMP!! NEW CHAMP!!!!!

WINNER AND NEW AEW All-Atlantic Champion: Orange Cassidy

Post match confetti as Best Friends join him in the ring as they all hug because you’ve GOT to give the people what they want! The commentators hype Rampage as we go off the air.