AEW Dynamite 11 30 2022

AEW Dynamite Results
November 30, 2022
Indiana Farmers Coliseum (Indianapolis, IN)
Results by: Chris Gerics of

It’s Wednesday night, you know what that means! Dynamite comes to you LIVE from Indianapolis as commentary welcomes us to the show! We kick off the show with Jon Moxley!

WILD THING! Mox makes his way through the crowd as per usual and swaggers his way to the ring, stopping to have a sip of water. He has a mic and the crowd chants “Moxley, Moxley”. “I grew up about 90 miles from here, I used to wrestle here all the time. This has been a crazy ass ride you never know what’s around the corner. There are three certainties, death, taxes, and Jon Moxley. There is nobody that can outwork me, out wrestle me, out bleed me, or out swing me. Today, nothing’s changed since day one in AEW. I am the the top of the food chain, I do and say what I want. This ring belongs to me and you bet your ass there is no man in this building or 100 miles that has the balls to look me in the eyes and tell me different.”

HANGMAN PAGE’S MUSIC HITS!!!!! The Cowboy is back!!! He struts down to the ring as they say he hasn’t been cleared yet. He goes nose to nose immediately with Mox and Mox says “You sure you wanna do this after last time? I’m sorry, do you not remember?” Hangman slugs him! They brawl around ringside as security and referees try to break them up. Mox breaks through and leaps at Hangman as they’re tussling and security eventually drags them away. Moxley talks trash and Page comes back and starts swinging again! There’s at least a dozen people trying to help out and Mox taunts him on the apron. Mox breaks free and trips and falls off the stage but gets back up and they still try and brawl. They finally get them through the tunnels.

Commentary talk about the 3rd match in the best of 7 between Elite and Death Triangle as well as hearing from MJF.

Singles Match: Dax Harwood vs. Bryan Danielson

One half of the Top Guys makes his way out to the ring after a hug from Cash and slaps hands with the fans as FTR are coming off a win with Ricky Steamboat a few days ago. Danielson is out to a very nice ovation as these two are going to have a really fun singles bout.

The crowd applauds both men as they square off and lock up. Crowd immediately with a “This is awesome” chant; Bryan and Dax exchange chain wrestling holds as Dax ducks a roundhouse kick. This is the first time they’ve ever fought as Dax avoids a Labell Lock and Bryan avoids a Sharpshooter in the early going as Bryan boots Dax in the face and Dax just stomps Bryan. Bryan powders out to catch his breath and slowly gets back in. Aggressive lock up as Bryan and Dax trade chops and uppercuts as Bryan whipped into the corner and flips out, Dax with a roll up for two, then a crossbody for another. Bryan sends Dax over the rope and Bryan flies and takes Dax out and into the fans! Dax and Bryan slug at each other as we go to commercial!


Back from commercial, Dax hits Bryan with multiple German suplexes and he heads up top; He thinks twice and gets back in. He tries another German but a bunch of reversals and Bryan avoids a piledriver. Dax avoids another roundhouse and Dax spikes him with a piledriver! 1…2…NO! Bryan gets the shoulder up. Dax heads up top again and misses a stalling headbutt and Bryan rolls him up for a close two count. Dax sent out and Bryan with a flying knee off the apron! Bryan chops the hell out of Dax as both men’s chests are beet red. Bryan heads to the top and Dax crotches him down and tries a superplex and Bryan fights out and sends Dax hard into the turnbuckle. He starts elbowing Dax on the top rope as the crowd counts along and then hits a back body drop but Dax rolls through and Bryan rolls through that! 1…2..NO! Both men down as the referee starts counting as Dax headbutts Bryan and Bryan reciprocates. They just headbutt each other on their knees and then get up and Bryan absorbs two lariats and Dax absorbs his own!

They start clotheslining each other as both men are worn down but Dax KILLS Bryan and Bryan jumps up and hits one too! Both men collapse as the crowd goes nuts. Dax catches Bryan’s kick and Danielson reverses a slingshot powerbomb into a rollup for two! He hits a sick kick to the head and Dax kicks out at two again! Bryan hits the Yes Kicks on Dax and Bryan flips out of a German. Dax catches the flying knee and hits a slingshot bomb! 1…2..NO! Dax immediately hits the Sharpshooter and Bryan tries to alleviate the pressure and Bryan grabs the ropes.

Dax tries again but Bryan and Dax exchange a series of inside cradles for a lot of two counts. Bryan transitions into the Labell Lock! Dax struggling to get the the rope but he has no choice but to tap!

WINNER: Bryan Danielson

Post-match, Bryan celebrates and tells the audience to give props to Dax and extends the hand in a sign of respect. Dax fakes leaving and gives Bryan a handshake and a hug. Bryan celebrates as we go to Tony in the back with Ricky Starks.

Ricky says “I would like to announce I am entering in the Dynamite Diamond Battle Royal and make a judgment call which is I am going to win because I am coming for everything Max. I am coming for your title, your ring and your spot. I am absolute for a reason and at Winter is Coming I will prove it.”


We see Adam Page and Mox fighting backstage as they beat security off them and Page drives Moxley into the garage door as security and refs run in to break it up again and no matter what the two can’t stop brawling. They’re throwing both men out of the building as Renee is with the JAS and BCC. It’s 2.0/Garcia/Hager as well as Claudio and Wheeler Yuta. Daddy Magic says “You can be anything as a sports entertainer” Renee yells at him to shut up and asks Claudio what it means to get the title. “He says it’s his first title, and I have to prove I can win the big one.” Hager loves the hat and they agree. Claudio screams about he is sick of everything and walks off. JAS mock the BCC and offer a match; Wheeler says he’s done with people and challenges Garcia at Final Battle for the ROH Pure Championship. It’ll also be Claudio and Wheeler vs. Hager and Garcia.

TNT Championship Match: AR Fox vs. Samoa Joe (c)

AR is out to a nice reception as it’s the first match since signing. Joe is out next as the crowd is definitely pro-Joe. He walks down with both titles on each shoulder looking like a killer. He smugly raises them as this match is under way!

Joe corners Fox and brings him to the corner and starts jabbing away at Fox then a couple stomps for good measure. Fox with some shots but Joe cuts him off and Fox avoids a lariat with a kip up and takes out Joe. Fox dives over and rolls through as Joe walked away and he pump kicks Joe! Fox with the shots as Joe sweeps the legs and senton’s Fox as we go to commercial.


Back from the break, Joe with a sidewalk slam for a two count as Joe taunts him and tries for a muscle buster but Fox fights off. Fox comes off the top with a tornado DDT! Joe is rocked and Fox with a bunch of kicks and a short cutter, then heads up top with a 450 Splash! 1…2…NO! Joe kicks out as Fox fires up, and goes up top again. Joe walks away to avoid a flip and pounces him into the ropes! Joe sends him up top and Muscle Buster! 1…2…3!

WINNER: Samoa Joe (c)

Post-match, Joe grabs a mic and says “Ladies and Gentlemen, I want to welcome you to a new and glorious era. For I am the one true king of television.” Wardlow interrupts and says “I hope you enjoy playing the role, because I am coming for what’s mine. It’s not your world; It’s Wardlow’s.” The crowd chants Wardlow as Joe looks pissed.

We see a Powerhouse Hobbs video showcasing him walking through Oakland and how he was beaten up, bullied and how he is going to let everyone feel the pain and hurt that he felt. “I’m taking what belongs to me.” We see a Hook/Lee Moriarty highlight video as Tazz explains how HOOK defeated Lee.


William Regal is seen walking down to the ring conveniently as Moxley has been removed from the building. He has a mic as the crowd boos; he says “Ladies and Gentlemen, your new AEW World Champion, Maxwell Jacob Friedman.”

MJF Addresses The Crowd

MJF’s music hits as the new AEW World Champion struts down to the ring with a mic and gets into the ring and hugs Regal. “I know you people aren’t bright but when the best wrestler is holding a mic, you keep your hillbilly mouths shut. I will tell you how” As MJF stops and the crowd chants “STFU” Regal sent me an email “Maxwell, I watched on as the Firm attacked you. It’s clear you’re weak, but I see potential for you to be the greatest villain of our time. You have much to learn, and I will teach you but this time instead of grabbing the Diamond ring, grab the brass one. Sincerely, Regal.” “We met many times, and this man is a genius. I was apt to listen when he said use the knucks because he wanted me to leave Moxley with a lesson so he would never forget the day he was outsmarted by MJF.”

He talks about the Firm and says “Eh, I kinda respect the Firm. They saw weakness and attacked, I would have done the same. Even if I did harbor resentment, do I seem like the kind of person to chase? Effort is for poor people and I am above that; and I am above this belt.” “When I became champ I made a promise to make change, out with the old in with the new. When I see the title I wanna gag; because it desperately needs an upgrade. It’s tacky, classless and reminds me of the other men who held it.” He mocks them but says none are on his level.

He takes the title off and chucks it away. Regal removes a tarp from a stand and MJF has a Burberry patterned leather belt. It looks gaudy for sure; MJF calls it new and improved. The Triple B! “The most important title in this entire sport because I am the man holding it. No one deserves to be recognized as world champion except for me. No overhyped trash, fake tough guys” and calls Ricky a fake star and says Danielson is a fake wrestler. “In comparison, Danielson couldn’t wrestle his way out of a bag against me.” MJF mocks the crowd again and says here’s a message “As long as I am here, you’ll never know what it’s like on top. I am champion for a long time, until the bidding war of 2024 and get the biggest contract in history. I’ll make more in a day than you will in a lifetime. I pray the right Khan foots the bill and I ain’t talking Tony, but St. Nick and Trips.” He says he doesn’t even know if anyone will win the bid because he doesn’t want to look at the fans, but maybe Hollywood wins.

He says thanks for the support but your happiness will turn to resentment because you’re fickle. You’ll complain, you’ll bitch. “Great, guess who will turn in every week? You.” Triple B will be defended rarely and I will wrestle rarely because I am a special attraction; in order to see me defend it you’ll have to buy a PPV in hopes to see me lose. But they won’t.” He compares his reign and says it’ll be bigger than Jarrett, Bruno and everyone. “My reign of terror has just begun.” MJF goes to hand Regal the Brass Knucks and says “They may boo you but they respect you.” He slugs Regal with the Knucks! Regal is out cold!

MJF stands over Regal who has had several neck injuries. He says “You made a deal with the devil. Let me leave you with words like you did. The game has changed, MJF hires top talent and world class athletes. When you’re ready, send me your stuff. Yours truly, Maxwell Jacob Friedman.” MJF gets out and walks off through the crowd. Danielson comes out with the doctor to check on him as they wave down EMT’s and a stretcher. Regal hasn’t moved since. Danielson is trying to talk to him as commentary is stunned; Bryan screams to go faster as Tazz is even shaken. They get a neck brace on Regal and get him on a gurney as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial we see a replay of what happened with MJF and Regal as Regal is shown being loaded into an ambulance as Bryan looks on very concerned. Bryan heads to the hospital with him as they end up leaving and Tony calls it a “Black eye on AEW.”

Ricky Starks music hits as he makes his way out to a big pop and he’s still taped up from the multiple attacks in recent weeks.

Singles Match: Ricky Starks vs. Ariya Daivari

The Firm come out with Matt Hardy who yells Delete and Stokely and Page send him to the back and they mock him. Page says “You’re going to help me win the whole damn thing. Calling my shot, after MJF whips your ass” Matt flips off Page and Page says “You’re going to watch and cry.”

Daivari sneak attacks Starks as Ricky hits a spear immediately then hits a Roshambo! 1..2…3!

WINNER: Ricky Starks

Post-match, Starks and Page stare down as commentary hype up Winter is Coming. Tony is in the back with Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter. Baker talks about their tag win and the Steelers. They talk about a Saraya sit down, and Hayter offers Tony to have one with her and that’s set up for next week.

“The epitome of sports ennerTAINers.”

Singles Match: Anna Jay vs. Willow Nightingale

Anna and Tay make their way to the ring followed by Willow who gets a crazy big pop! The crowd loves the positivity from this young woman.

Both ladies square off as Anna ducks a lock up and taunts but Willow uses her strength to take out Anna. Multiple shoulder blocks by Willow and a series of short arm clotheslines and a big back body drop. Crossbody by Willow for a two count; she hits a hip attack on Anna but misses a haymaker and Anna capitalizes with a body kick. Anna Jay with a Blockbuster! 1…2…NO!


Back from the break, Willow and Anna are firing elbow shots at each other and Willow gets the advantage. Yakuza kick by Willow followed with a spinebuster! 1…2…NO! Anna able to kick out. Willow sets up for a DVD but Anna blocks it and hits a Gory Bomb on Willow! 1…2…NO! Wow! Willow breaks out of the sleeper! Willow with a gutwrench but Tay distracts her; Anna rolls through for a two count! Willow with a discus lariat and has Anna in the gutwrench again! Doctor Bomb! 1….2….3!

WINNER: Willow Nightingale

Wilow celebrates her win as Tay checks on Anna in the ring. Willow high fives the fans as RUBY SOHO’S MUSIC HITS!!! She appears in the ring and Tay turns around! Ruby takes her down and mounted punches! Takes out Anna too. Ruby chases Tay up the ramp and hits a nasty headbutt! She hits Destination Unknown on the ramp! Tazz sings along with the theme song as she walks up the ramp all smiles.

We see a highlight video of the return of House of Black taking out Best Friends and The Factory. QT and OC are in the back with Tony; QT says “I want a shot at the AAC title.” OC says “No problem.” QT says it’s a lumberjack match and OC says “Cool okay” and walks away.

Jade Cargill TBS Championship Celebration

Jade and the Baddies make their way to the ring with a mic. Jade is dressed in a gorgeous white outfit and the baddies are in pink and looking a bit irritated to be with Jade.

“We all know why you’re here. For me and my big ass celebration.” Jade says “I made the baddies, I say who stays and go’s. I took out the trash last week” She asks the baddies why they hung out with Kiera Hogan and she mocks them. “Standing next to me is a blessing, and if you two want to step up or step off. I am the brightest star backstage, nobody has my body, my face, my aura. I put asses in seats; I wrestle for bad bitches now cameraman do my job and get my baddies. I am nothing but real, I create careers.” She mocks Bow Wow, and it cuts to a video of him. He congratulates her on winning, and says he has a lot of time on his hands and that he’s got a lot planned in the future so watch out.”


We see a Rampage promo with an All Atlantic Title match with OC vs QT Marshall as well as Renee’s sitdown with Saraya. The Acclaimed are backstage with Billy Gunn playing Drill Sargeant and Bowens says he is giving the best tag team a shot for the titles. Daddy Ass agrees and says “Well I guess what we need to do now is scissor!” They all scissor and will have a Rampage segment.

Best of 7 AEW Trios Tag Title Match: The Elite vs. Death Triangle (c) (Death Triangle lead 2-0)

The Wayward Sons make their way out to the ramp to a big ovation! They dance and jog to the ring and do The Elite pose. Death Triangle out next with the sickest Trios entrance in the business and The Elite meet them on the ramp! Everyone starts slugging as the Bucks take out Penta then a big hurricanrana on Fenix! Kenny with a nasty bulldog on the ramp to PAC! Kenny landed hard on his hip as the Bucks drag PAC down the ramp. This match has not yet officially started; Kenny is up and PAC counters the V-Trigger with a thrust kick and the Lucha Bros fly in to take out the Bucks as we go to commercial!


Back from the break they are all still brawling on the outside as the Elite look for tandem piledrivers but the referee stops them and officially rings the bell. They hit apron bombs on PAC and Fenix and Kenny tries it to Penta but he blocks and takes out all three! He fires up and Matt Jackson takes out Rick Knox! Alex passes the hammer to Penta and Penta goes flying taking out the Elite! Penta has Kenny in the ring with the hammer but Rey stops him! Penta pushes him away but Fenix grabs the hammer and Kenny takes out Rey with a V-Trigger! Snap dragon by Kenny onto Penta after dual superkicks by the Bucks. Kenny with a powerbomb/V-Trigger combo but PAC breaks up the two count!

Penta takes out the Elite and they accidentally kick Kenny! Lucha Bros take out the Bucks and they set Kenny up; Rey and PAC take out the Bucks and Penta with the Fear Factor of Kenny! 1…2…NO! PAC tagged in as Nick pulls Kenny out and kicks PAC. Both teams exchange superkicks; Matt with a Northern Lights and doubles up the Lucha Bros! PAC wipes out Matt and boots Kenny in the corner; he sets him up top but Kenny fights out and PAC just headbutts Kenny hard with the face mask. PAC hits a super Falcon Arrow on Kenny! 1…2….NO! Kenny kicks out as we go to commercial!


Back from commercial again as PAC gets nailed with a V-Trigger then gets turned inside out with a lariat! Fenix and Nick both in now as they exchange reversals and Nick hits two superkicks into a Cazadora facebuster for a two! Both Bucks in and they catch Fenix but he whips Matt into Nick and the bump heads. They’re able to still get the advantage and hit Bang for your Buck! 1…2…NO! Penta saves it; BTE Trigger loaded up but PAC and Penta take them out. Kenny fights off Penta and PAC avoids a Dragon Suplex and Fenix hits a SICK cutter on Kenny!

Assisted Fear Factor by Penta and Fenix takes out Kenny and Nick! Penta takes out Kenny and PAC with a stomp on Matt for two! Sheer drop brainbuster by PAC to Matt! 1…2…NO! PAC stares at Matt and heads up top as Fenix is holding Kenny back. PAC tries for Black Arrow and Matt gets the knees up! Quick roll up by Matt! 1….2….3!!! Kenny was able to stop Fenix just in time!

WINNER: The Elite (Death Triangle lead 2-1)

Post-match we see highlights of the match leading to the finish and The Elite celebrate with their group. Kenny has a mic and says “We’re bringing this back. Without further ADIEU! I wish you good night and good luck! Love you now PLAY THAT SONG AGAIN!” The Elite’s music hits and they celebrate arms raised as the show goes off the air.