AEW Rampage 09 23 2022

Tonight’s AEW Rampage is a 2-hour special.

AEW Rampage Grand Slam Results
September 23, 2022
Queens, New York (Arthur Ashe Stadium)
Results by: Jerome Wilen of

Commentary Team: Excalibur, Jim Ross and Chris Jericho

We go to Arthur Ashe Stadium in Queens, NY.

No Disqualification Match: Sting and Darby Allin vs. Brody King and Buddy Matthews

Sting and Darby Allin came from behind and attacked Matthews and King. The action is all over the stage area. The action spills back to the ring. Sting goes after Matthews on the outside who gets tossed into the steel steps. Back in the ring, King and Allin are in the ring exchanging chops. King chops Allin on the floor. King grabs Sting and rolls him back in the ring and begins to stomp on him. Matthews and King have Sting down, who then gets back to his feet. Sting comes back and fights off both men. Sting hits both Matthews and King with Stinger Splashes. King goes to take out Sting but he ducks and King hits Matthews instead. King has Sting on the top rope. Allin comes back in and climbs onto of King and hits a crazy avalanche code red on King from the tope rope. There is a table on the outside of the ring. Matthews and Sting are exchanging blows. Sting is on the top rope, as he puts Matthews on the table. Sting leaps from the tope rope, but King moves Matthews out of the way as Sting crashes down onto the table that breaks. Julia Hart comes in the ring with handcuffs. Hart and King handcuff Sting as Matthews takes out Allin and keeps him from entering the ring.


After the break Sting is down handcuffed in the ring as King and Matthews are double teaming Allin in the entrance area. Allin comes back with offense. Allin is on top of the ramp lighting and hits a coffin drop on Matthews. King tries a coffin splash on King, who catches him and chokes him out. King and Allin fall off the stage area onto a table as the crowd goes crazy. Matthews has Sting’s bat as he heads back to the ring. Allin and Sting are busted open as medical staff is tending to Allin. Matthews has a chair. Matthews puts Sting in the chair as Sting is laughing. As Matthews is about to hit Sting with the bat, the lights go out and out comes Great Muta to a huge ovation! Matthews can’t believe it. Matthews is ready with the bat. Muta hits the ring. Matthews steps aside as Muta and Sting look at each other. Muta turns to Matthews and is takes him and sprays the green mist in Matthews face and Julia Hart’s face, as she crashes through the table. Sting, breaks out of the handcuffs and hits Matthews with a scorpion death drop and covers Matthews for the pin.

After the match, Muta and Sting hug as the fans go crazy for Muta.



Hook and Action Bronson vs. Angelo Parker and Matt Menard

Action Bronson come out as Bronson is rapping to Hooks music. The fans seemed really quiet for the rap. Taz is on commentary for this match.

Hook and Parker start off. Hook avoids the hip toss from Parker. Parker tags in Menard who wants Bronson. Hook tags in Bronson as the fans go crazy. Menard is trash talking Bronson. Bronson takes down Menard with football type tackles. Hook is tagged back in who suplexes Menard. Parker and Menard double team Hook. After a running knee strike, Menard goes for the pin, but no, only a two count. Both Parker and Menard continue to double team Hook. Menard goes for another pin, but only gets a two count. Both men take each other down. Menard tags in Parker and Hook is able to toss Parker and is able to make the tag to Bronson. Bronson comes in and drops Menard. Bronson takes out both Menard and Parker. Bronson tags in Hook who takes out both Menard and Parker. Both men now have Parker and Menard in submission holds, as both Menard and Parker tap out to a big ovation.



TNT Champion Wardlow and Samoa Joe vs. Josh Woods and Tony Nese

Smart Mark Sterling is in the ring saying he won’t get Power-bombed by Wardlow. Both Wardlow and Joe charge the ring. Nese has Joe by the ear and takes Joe to the ropes. Nese his taken out by Joe and then Joe hits the muscle buster on Nese for the pin. Woods who had been laid on comes in from the outside as both Woods and Nese double team Joe. Wardlow comes in the ring limping, and takes out Nese and Woods. Wardlow picks up Nese for a powerbomb, but is hit from behind by Sterling. Sterling turns around and Joe pushes him into Wardlow who picks up Sterling for a series of powerbombs and the crowd goes crazy and chats one more time. Joe grabs Sterling and pushes him into Wardlow for another powerbomb.

I had some slight brief computer issues, so I was not able to get the start of the match.


Jungle Boy vs. Rey Fenix

Fenix charges to Jungle Boy who catches Fenix in mid-air. Jungle Boy sends Fenix across the ring and drop kicks Fenix. Fenix comes back and climbs the top rope who takes down Jungle Boy. Both men are exchanging blows. Fenix hits Jungle Boy with a hook kick and then hit Jungle Boy with a baseball slide to push him to the outside and the action spills to the outside between the two.


Back from the break, the action is back in the ring as both men slap each other across the chest. Jungle Boy hits Fenix with a forearm and then follows up with a Lariat. Jungle Boy covers Fenix, but he kicks out at two. Fenix rolls to the outside as Jungle Boy leaps through the ropes onto Fenix and then hits Fenix with a thrust kick. Fenix gets up and hits Jungle Boy with a cutter. The fans begin to chant this is awesome. Both men exchange slaps to the chest again. Fenix goes for a double under hook which is countered by Jungle Boy. He covers Fenix for the pin, but only gets a two count. Fenix twists the arm of Jungle Boy who goes down. Both men are on the apron. Jungle Boy attempts a powerbomb on the floor, but it’s countered by Fenix who kicks Jungle Boy. Fenix superkicks Jungle Boy as both men then fall to the outside.


Back from the break, both men are exchanging slaps again as their chests are very red. Fenix attempts to pick up Jungle Boy, then slams him down and covers him, but only get the two count. Fenix then hits Jungle Boy with a corkscrew kick. Fenix and Jungle Boy are on the top rope. Jungle Boy powerbombs Fenix and goes for the pin, but only gets a two count. Fenix recovers and superkicks Jungle Boy. Fenix hits Jungle Boy with a series of suplexes. Jungle Boy comes back and takes down Fenix. Jungle Boy goes for a pin, but only gets a two count. Fenix is on the top rope and hits Jungle Boy with a huge frog splash. Fenix covers Jungle Boy, but only gets the two. Fenix has Jungle up with what looks like a muscle buster, but Jungle Boy counters it and rolls up Fenix for the three count.


After the match, both men embrace and shake hands in the ring. Christian Cage’s music hits and Cage comes out with his arm in a sling and a mic. Jungle Boy looks on as Luchasauras’ music hits. Lucha comes into the ring from behind and takes out Jungle Boy. Lucha picks up Jungle Boy and plants Jungle Boy on the mat. Cage says that New York always makes him smile. Cage tells the crowd to sit down like the b—– that they are and sit down and shut up. Cage enters the ring as Luch has hit foot on Jungle Boy. Cage says that Jungle Boy took out his right arm and Cage has his right hand in Luchasauras and tells Jungle Boy not to come back next week. Lucha picks up Jungle Boy and slams him down hard.

We go to footage from Chris Jericho and the rest of the JAS announcing next week a JAS ROH celebration. Daniel Garcia tries to tell Chris something, but he cuts off Garcia and tells him to save it for next week.

Eddie Kingston vs. Sammy Guevara – GRUDGE MATCH

Guevara has the mic and tells Eddie man to man he is sorry that he sorry that Eddie is a fat piece of S— Kingston goes crazy and takes out Guevara. Both men are on the outside and Kingston tosses Guevara into the ring steps. Kingston beats down Guevara as the the crowd chants Eddie. The ref tries to get in the middle, but Kingston tells the ref to backoff and shut up. Both men are the ring apron. Guevara picks up Kingston with a backdrop who takes a crazy spill to the floor.


Back from the break, Guevara bites Kingston in the forehead. Kingston comes back with a forearm on Guevara. Tay Melo tries to interfere. Kingston trash talks Melo as Guevara hits Kingston from behind and then hits Kingston with a cutter. Guevara goes for the pin, but only gets a two count. Guevara attempts a GTH, but Kingston comes back with a lairat. Kingston has Guevara in the corner and hits Guevara with a series of slaps to the chest. Guevara hits Kingston with a boot, then climbs the ropes and comes down, but misses. Kingston attempts a swinging back fist, but Guevara ducks and hits Kingston with a knee to the face. Kingston comes back and hits Guevara with three back fists. The ref says something at Kingston who jaws the ref. Kingston has Guevara in a face submission move. Guevara passes out and won’t let go after the bell. The staff and officials come out to try to get Kingston to break the hold. Referee Paul Turner reverses the decision and awards the match Guevara. Kingston goes crazy and takes out the officials, including Jerry Lynn. The commentary team said the reversal was due to Tony Khan wanting the refs to tighten things up.


TBS Championship Match: Jade Cargill defends against Diamante

Jade Cargill comes out with the Baddies. Diamante has music artist Trina in her corner.

Cargill has Diamante in the corner as Diamante fires back with a shotgun drop kick. Cargill picks up Diamante, who reverses the move and goes for the pin, but only gets a two count. Diamante fires back with a baseball slide on Cargill who rolls to the floor. Diamante climbs to the top rope and leaps, but is caught but Cargill, who drops Diamante face first on the apron. Cargill picks up Diamante and plants her with the Jaded. Cargill covers Diamante and gets the pin to retain. Trina is behind Cargill. Trina goes to pick up Diamante but instead kicks Diamante as she celebrates with Cargill.


Golden Ticket Battle Royal – Winner gets a future title shot to challenge Jon Moxley for the AEW World Championship

Paul White is on commentary. The battle royal begins as all the wrestlers brawling on the outside.


This match is all over the place and the action is wild. The bell finally rings as all the wrestlers are in the ring. There are so many wrestlers in the ring, it will be a challenge to keep up. Daivari has been eliminated. Danhausen curses Cole Carter and he is eliminated. The Butcher and The Blade eliminate Danhausen. Dante Martin is eliminated followed by Jake Hager. Brian Cage tries to eliminate Dalton Castle as he falls over, but is caught by The Boys. The Boys send Castle back in the ring. Dalton Castle eliminates Brian Cage. Lance Archer eliminates Trent and then Daniel Garcia eliminates Dalton Castle.


Back from the break 10 of the Dark Order is eliminated. Matt Hardy hits a twist of fate on The Blade and then eliminates Blade. The Butcher eliminates Hardy and Private Party. Evil Uno is now eliminated. Hangman Page eliminates The Butcher. Rush and John Silver exchange elbows. Rush eliminates Silver. Penta eliminates Lance Archer with a huge kick. Penta tosses out Jay Lethal, but is caught by Satam on the outside. Hangman Page eliminates both Penta and Lethal. Its down to Hangman Page and Rush. Both men exchange chops to the chest. Page comes back with a discus elbow on Rush. Page and Rush are on the apron as Page was hanging upside down. Both men are back on their feet exchanging blows. Page picks up Rush and hits him with a deadeye on the apron as Rush falls to the floor to be eliminated.


It was announced that Page will go on to challenge Jon Moxley for the AEW World Championship at the special Tuesday night Dynamite on October 18 in Cincinnati.

I did miss some eliminations due to commercial breaks and how much the action in this match was very fast paced.


Unsanctioned Lights Out Match: Ricky Starks vs. Powerhouse Hobbs

Back from the break, Mark Henry talks with both Powerhouse Hobbs and Ricky Starks and both men exchange words. Starks tells Hobbs that him beating Starks was a career highlight. Hobbs then tells Starks that he will have a lesson from the book of Hobbs.

Both men hammer each other and go to the outside. Starks takes out Hobbs with a huge clothesline on the floor. Back in the ring, Hobbs hits Starks with a neck-breaker. Hobbs brings a table in the ring and threw a table onto Starks. Hobbs grabs a bunch of chairs from under the ring and tosses them into the ring as we go to the last commercial break for the night.


Back from the break, Hobbs sets up a chair on turnbuckle. The table is set up against the ropes. Starks nails Hobbs headfirst onto the steel chair, then spikes Hobbs with a DDT. Starks goes for the three count, but Starks kicks out at two. Hobbs comes back and hits Starks with a low blow. Two chairs are set up as Hobbs attempts to pick up Starks, but he low blows Hobbs. Starks positions the chairs back to back. Starks attempts to pick up Hobbs and then Hobbs reverses it and Starks lands on the chairs. Hobbs picks up Hobbs and drops Starks with a running powerslam on the chairs. Hobbs goes for the pin, but only gets a two count. Both men are on the ramp. Starks is crawling up the ramp. Hobbs takes out Starks and he continues to crawl. Starks gets up and Hobbs tosses him face first in the light fixtures. Hobbs tears off a light fixture from the stage area. Starks crawls back in the ring. Hobbs swings at Starks who ducks and then spears Hobbs into the table up against the ropes as it breaks. Starks grabs the light fixture and hits Hobbs in the head with it. Starks picks up Hobbs and hits him with his finisher for the win. The show quickly goes off the air.