AEW Rampage 12 16 2022

AEW Rampage Results
December 16, 2022
Curtis Culwell Center (Garland, Texas)
Results by: Jerome Wilen of

After the intro, we go live in the arena with a loud crowd. Excalibur, Tony Schiavone and Jim Ross are on commentary.

We go live to the arena with a loud crowd.

Jon Moxley vs. Sammy Guevara

The bell rings and Guevara hits Moxley with a leaping knee strike. Guevara hits Moxley with chops. Moxley reverses it and chops Guevara hard and then nails him with a lariat. The action spills to the outside and Guevara hits Moxley with a knee strike. Moxley comes back and drops Guevara on the guard rail. Guevara comes back and tosses Moxley in the ring and Moxley hits Guevara with a cutter. Moxley picks up Guevara and has him on the ropes and drops Guevara with a superplex and covers Guevara for the pin, but only gets a two! Moxley tries to chop Guevara, but he comes back and hits Moxley with a series of chops. Guevara takes down Moxley with a corkscrew drop kick as the fans boo loud. Guevara and Moxley are on the top rope as both men scrap each others backs. Guevara stops on Moxley as he goes down to the outside.


Back from the break, both men are in the ring. During the picture in picture Guevara tore Moxley’s ear ring off his ear as Moxley is bleeding. Guevara put it in his mouth and was chewing on before he took it out and tossed it in the crowd. Guevara is biting the ear of Moxley and has blood on his tongue. Guevara continues the offense on Moxley with blows to the head. Guevara has Moxley against the ropes and has his fingers in Moxley’s eyes. As Guevara and Tay Melo suck face on the outside, Moxley dives to the outside and takes them out! Moxley tosses Guevara back in the ring and nails Guevara with right hands in the corner. Moxley continues to pour blood and then hits a Moxley with a huge cutter! Guevara has Moxley up for a GTH, but Moxley counters it. Guevara then puts Moxley in a Walls of Jericho. Moxley refuses to tap out and turns over and kicks Guevara in the face to break the hold. Guevara and Moxley exchange blows and Guevara goes down and Moxley stomps on him and covers him for a three count, BUT NO! Guevara kicks out! The fans start to chant this is awesome! The action spills back to the outside. Guevara hits Moxley with a huge knee strike to his bloody ear. Guevara goes to the top rope and nails Moxley with a huge dive and lands on Moxley who was on a table. Moxley is back in the ring and Guevara attempts a high cross body off the ropes, but Moxley counters with a stomp and a pile driver. Moxley locks in the bulldog choke on Guevara. Sammy counters to get out, but Moxley comes back and hits Guevara with big lariat. Guevara comes back with a death ride and then hits a senton from the top rope onto Moxley, covers Moxley for the the pin, but NO! MOXLEY KICKS OUT!

Both men are now on the second rope. Guevara hits Moxley with a Spanish Fly and then Moxley comes back and puts Guevara in a choke hold and Guevara passes out!


Moxley grabs the mic and calls out Hangman Page as his music hits and both men brawl on the outside! The officials try to pull Page off the apron. Page gets on the apron and hits a big buckshot lariat on one of the security staff. The officials grab Moxley and take him away through the crowd.

Jerome’s thoughts: The crowd is hot! This was a wild opening match. The brawl with Moxley and Page was good. They are doing a good job of building the intensity of this feud, leading up to a match that I assume will take place either after the first of the year on an episode of Dynamite or Revolution in March.


Back from the break, FTR are in the ring. They were all beat up and taped up from the ROH Double Dog Collar match. FTR says this is the best year of their careers. The fans chant you deserve it. They said The Gunns ruined their night at Final Battle. Wheeler said Harwood broke his “ass bone” at Final Battle. Harwood then pulled his pants down to prove he did as the his butt was blurred out. Cash said that the last week has been hard, because they feel they let the fans down after the fans did so much to support them.  He then said that he hoped that the fans know how proud they are.  He called out the Gunn Club and said that if someone was going to take them out, it sure as hell won’t be them.  Harwood said his daughter told him that the fans like him. Dax said that since he was 8 years old, this is all he wanted to do. They said win or lose draw they wanted to make the fans feel great. He said they are going to whip The Gunns on Dynamite.

Britt Baker vs. Skye Blue

Jamie Hayer and Rebel is with Baker. Blue was already in the ring. the bell rings and here we go…Blue has Baker in an armbar. Baker counters and puts Blue in a head scissor lock and picks up Blue for a double under arm hook and slams Blue down. Blue comes back with an arm drag take down.


Britt hits Blue with a sling blade and hits Blue with a double under hook. Baker covers Blue, but she kicks out. Blue nails Baker with a kick to the head. Baker recovers, takes down Blue and hits with a stomp for the win. After the match, Baker puts Blue in a lockjaw. Hikura Shida’s music hits as Rebel is taken out on the outside by Shida with a kendo stick. Shida hits the ring and nails Baker with a kendo stick. Shida jaws at Hayer before she leaves the ring.


We go to an backstage sit down interview with Preston Vance about turning on Dark Order. Vance has no mask. Vance says his family is Rush. He says that what happened to -1 with loss of his father Brodie Lee, but -1 is a spoiled brat, and its time to grow up.

Wardlow vs. Exodus Prime

The bell rings. Prime trash talks Wardlow from a distance. Prime hits Wardlow with no effect. Wardlow comes back with a nasty headbutt on Prime and then hits Prime with a massive lariat!. Wardlow picks up Prime and drops him with four powerbombs before covering Prime for the pin.


After the match, Wardlow says he has waiting too long for a rematch and he is not waiting another second. He calls out Samoa Joe, who appears backstage on the screen and says he will not defend his titles and hopes he never defends his title in the awful state of Texas. He told Wardlow he will grant him a title match on December 28 at Holiday Bash.


Back from the break, Mark Henry is talking to all the competitors. Sabin says Trent Seven embraced the change and can’t climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets. The Butcher calls Best Friends, the best crumbs…funny! Best Friends ask Mark if they get to say anything before Henry says it’s time for the main event.

Orange Cassidy, Dustin Rhodes, and Best Friends vs. Kip Sabian, Trent Seven, The Butcher, and The Blade

The bell rings and the Trents are in the ring. Both men exchange elbows strikes and chops. Baretta attempts to kick Seven and all men then enter the ring as the action spills to the outside. In the ring, Cassidy and Sabin are in the ring. Sabin rolls out and Cassidy goes after him. Back in the ring it’s Trent Baretta taking out The Butcher, but The Blade comes back in a nails Baretta from behind.


Back from the break, its Cassidy and he tags in Rhodes who powerslams Seven and then takes out The Butcher and The Blade and then Seven with powerslams. Rhodes nails Seven with a big elbow and covers Seven for the pin, but Seven kicks out! Baretta nails The Butcher and The Blade with a double missile drop kick. Baretta then takes out the heels on the outside. The action is all over the place! The Bunny enters the ring and Cassidy drops down acting like he was kicked by The Bunny when the refs back was turned. Danhausen then acts the same way as the ref then kicks out The Bunny and sends her to the back. Danhausen is then lowblowed. Seven on the top rope drops on Baretta and covers him for the pin, but Baretta kicks out. Now in the ring, its Sabian and Rhodes, who hits Sabian with a Canadian Destroyer, but the commentary team calls it the Texas Destroyer. Cassidy then hits Seven with an Orange Punch, followed by a bulldog by Rhodes who then covers Seven for the pin to get the win for his team. The faces celebrate in the ring as the show goes off the air.