TNA IMPACT 07 31 2008


Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: July 31, 2008 (Taped: July 29)

Jeremy Borash & Booker T & Sharmell: Booker T said he would give Samoa Joe a personal tour of his six sided ring of steel – a ring with steel and weapons. Booker T said he would invite another personal friend of his to be in the ring with he and Samoa Joe tonight. Sharmell poured some champaign and Booker excused Jeremy Borash from the room.

Beer Money (Robert Roode & James Storm w/Jackie Moore) defeated Christian Cage & Rhino: Beer Money earned a shot at LAX’s TNA World Tag Team titles thanks to interference from Johnny Devine & Team 3-D….. After the match, Christian & Rhino challenged Team 3-D to a New Jersey Street Fight at Hard Justice in Team 3-D’s “backyard.”

Lauren & The Rock & Rave Infection w/Christy Hemme: Christy Hemme said they sold their souls to Rock & Roll so bring on the cartoon wannabes. Christy said they don’t know where they are or where they are going but they are living the gimmick — wooooooooooow!

Jay Lethal (w/So-Cal Val) & Curry Man & Shark Boy defeated The Rock & Rave Infection (Lance Rock & Jimmy Rave w/Christy Hemme) & Johnny Devine: After the match, Jay Lethal got down on his knee to ask Val to marry him again. Lethal noticed that Val lost the ring he have her and said he doesn’t think Val ever wanted to marry him in the first place. Lethal will face Sonjay Dutt in a “Brawl & Chain” match at Hard Justice.

Jeremy Borash & ?????? + Super Eric: Jeremy Borash interviewed some pointless G-list celebrity until Super Eric came in for some much needed comedy!

Jeremy Borash & Samoa Joe & Kevin Nash: Samoa Joe was irate and said he knows that it was Sting who hit him last week. Joe said he hoped Sting would join him and Booker in the ring tonight, but only one man will be walking out. Kevin Nash threw his support behind Joe and agreed to do it his way.

Booker T + Samoa Joe + Kevin Nash: Booker T entered the ring with Joe’s TNA World title belt, surrounded by six sides of steel, which had various weapons attached to it. Booker T promised Samoa Joe that the light’s would not go out tonight. Joe came out and said if he gets into that cage he would beat the hell out of Booker and the light’s would go out on Booker T. Joe stepped into the cage and Booker T tried to sneak out the door but Kevin Nash was there to stop him. Joe attacked Booker T and kicked the crap out of him. Sharmell ran down but Nash picked her up and carried her backstage. Suddenly a baseball bat was lowered on a cable down to the ring, where Booker T grabbed the bat and knocked Samoa Joe out! Booker T looked up and said “Thank you, Sting!”

Sheik Abdul Bashir: Sheik Abdul Bashir (formerly known as Shawn Daivari) cut an extremely Anti-American promo and said if you don’t remember history you’re doomed to repeat it. Maybe the problem is you don’t have a history of your own.

A.J. Styles + Kurt Angle: A.J. Styles climbed into the side sides of steel to check on Samoa Joe. When the carnage was cleared, Styles stayed behind and had something to say. Styles called out Sting, saying he has defended him for three weeks. Styles said the people want to know what is going on with Sting. Styles asked why Sting’s bat keeps knocking Samoa Joe out? Styles asked why Sting is hiding, and suggested he was feeling guilty. Styles called Sting a coward. Suddenly the lights went out and when they came back on Kurt Angle was in the ring behind A.J. Styles. Kurt attacked A.J. and gave him an Olympic-slam! Kurt asked “you wanna sleep with my wife?” and then gave Styles a second Olympic-slam. Kurt taunted A.J. Styles and had to be bleeped repeatedly. Styles made it to his feet only to be taken down by a third Olympic-slam!

Jeremy Borash & Shark Boy & Curry Man & Angelina Love & Velvet Sky: Shark Boy & Curry Man accused the Beautiful People of stealing Jay Lethal’s ring and threatened to give them a full body cavity shirt. Angelina & Velvet claimed innocence and said they had a match to get ready for. Angelina & Velvet said they were ready, and that “she” was ready too. Jeremy Borash asked “who is she?”

Lauren & Petey Williams (w/Rhaka Khan): Petey Williams explained what he did to prepare for his match with Consequences Creed. Petey started acting foolish and Lauren suggested he wasn’t taking Creed seriously. Petey said to be somebody in the wrestling business you have to do something first.

Consequences Creed defeated TNA X-Division champion Petey Williams w/Rhaka Khan in a Non-title match:

Jeremy Borash & Shark Boy & Curry Man & LAX/Salinas: Shark Boy accused Salinas & LAX of stealing Jay Lethal’s ring. Curry Man tried to play peace maker and asked for the ring back but LAX denied having the ring and told them to get to stepping. Super Eric came in and said there was a big break in the case!

Lauren & A.J. Styles: A.J. Styles said sooner or later Sting will come out of hiding and he will be the first one there to greet him. Styles said a regular match was not good enough, and wanted a Last Man Standing match with Kurt Angle at Hard Justice.

Karen Angle & Kaz: Kaz talked about returning to TNA and waiting for his time to come. Kaz spoke about defeating Christian Cage in a Ladder match. Kaz said he feels guilt for letting down TNA in the Ultimate-X match at Victory Road. Kaz said it was better to burn out than it is to fade away (Neil Young lyrics). Kaz tearfully announced that he made the choice to burn out and as of now he has left TNA. Karen said she was sorry to hear that and hoped over time Kaz would reconsider. After the segment was over, Tomko showed up to physically harass Karen Angle.

Lauren & Kevin Nash + Samoa Joe: Kevin Nash said he doesn’t know what Sting is doing, but obviously something has dragged him over to the dark side. Samoa Joe limped in and said he would go up the rafters and drag Sting down himself.

Matt Morgan defeated Sal Rinauro with the Hellavator: After the match, Matt Morgan scolded Tomko for picking on Karen Angle and challenged him to come out and fight him. Tomko came out and pie-faced Morgan and then they had a short pull-apart brawl before Tomko slipped out of the ring and said it wasn’t worth it. As soon as Morgan turned his back, Tomko slipped back into the ring and attacked Morgan from behind! Morgan quickly regained the advantage with a big boot and nailed him with the Hellavator!

Jeremy Borash & Shark Boy & Curry Man & Super Eric: The Prince Justice Brotherhood reviewed footage of Sonjay Dutt stealing So-Cal Val’s ring right off her finger last week in the hospital!

Jeremy Borash & Team 3-D & Beer Money w/Jackie Moore: Brother Ray said Team 3-D and Beer Money are the best of friends now. Team 3-D said Roode & Storm were scumbags just like them! Brother Ray announced the four of them taking on Christian & Rhino & Homicide & Hernandez in an eight man no-DQ match next week!

Taylor Wilde: Taylor Wilde said she has always been the youngest and the smallest and feels she has conquered that. They had comments via phone interview from Bill Demott talking about Taylor (as Shantelle Taylor) taking Deep South Wrestling by storm. Tracy Brooks was also interviewed and said that Taylor now has a target on her back.

Gail Kim & Taylor Wilde defeated The Beautiful People (Angelina Love & Velvet Sky): After the match, the Knockouts continued to fight until Awesome Kong (with Raesha Saed) power-walked to the ring and destroyed both Gail Kim & Taylor Wilde with Awesome-bombs! ODB walked down to the ring and took a drink from her paper bag as she stood face-to-face with Kong. Roxxi Laveaux brought a chair to the ring and joined ODB, causing Awesome Kong to back out of the ring. Tracy Brooks was shown standing on the stage with her arms crossed. They are setting up Sky & Love & Kong & Saed vs. Kim & ODB & Roxxi & Wilde.

Samoa Joe: Samoa Joe went up to the rafters looking for Sting and found a black crow standing on the rail.