TNA IMPACT 02 12 2009


Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: February 12, 2009 (Taped: February 9)

Team 3-D (Brothers Ray & Devon) defeated The Main Event Mafia (Sting & Kurt Angle): TNA World champion Sting was still playing the babyface, while Kurt Angle was the heel as usual. Team 3-D were carrying their IWGP Tag Team title belts to the ring. Sting wanted to co-exist with Angle, but Kurt’s jealously was coming to the surface. Mid-way through the match, Booker T had to come down to prevent Sting & Angle from fighting each other. Scott Steiner & Kevin Nash also came down to support Sting & Kurt Angle. Angle was being difficult, and purposely dropped down to the floor every time Sting wanted to tag him in. A few minutes later, Sting slapped Angle’s shoulder and sling-shotted him into the ring! Sting shoved Angle right into a roll-up by Brother Devon for the 1-2-3! Sting and Angle started brawling as the rest of the Main Event Mafia tried to break it up!

The Main Event Mafia (Kurt Angle & Sting & Kevin Nash & Scott Steiner & Booker T) + Jeff Jarrett: Kurt Angle said he has kept his mouth shut for four days for the benefit of the Main Event Mafia. Angle said he can’t keep his feelings in check any more, and cally Sting a fake, a hipocrite, and a disgrace to the family! Angle said he clearly would have won the title at Against All Odds and yelled at Sting for not following the plan. Angle said they made a pact in Vegas that Family was FIRST. Angle said he has every right to kick Sting to the curb, but he’s not going to do that. Angle said the Mafia needs Sting and Sting needs the Mafia. Angle then said that Sting would lay down for him tonight and give him the TNA World Heavyweight title before getting up and respectfully shake his hand! TNA founder Jeff Jarrett interrupted Angle’s furious rant and went straight to the ring. Jarrett said he would not allow what Angle planned to happen. Jarrett said Sting was the TNA champion because he won on Sunday and Angle lost. Angle said this has nothing to do with Jarrett, and Jarrett said as long as TNA was his company it has to do with him. Jarrett said there would be a time and a place to get his closure with Angle, but not right now. Jarrett declared Sting the TNA World Heavyweight champion. Sting grabbed the microphone and said he would take Angle up on his offer and he will see him later.

BACKSTAGE INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash asked Booker T (w/Sharmell) to comment on what happened between Kurt Angle & Sting and if it was the beginning of the end of the Main Event Mafia. Booker T said the boss made a decision and Sting will do what has to be done. Borash asked if Sting would lay down and hand over the title tonight. Booker T said Angle was a family man and Sting has no choice. Booker T then cut a promo on A.J. Styles and said Styles was going to jail for stealing the Legend’s title belt at Against All Odds… Booker T then entered his dressing room and was attacked by A.J. Styles, who was hiding inside! Styles went bonkers assaulting Booker T and destroying his specially decorated dressing room. Styles picked up the Legend’s title and yelled “I AM LEGEND!” at the fallen Booker T..

BACKSTAGE INTERVIEW: Lauren Brooke interviewed Scott Steiner about what is happening to the Main Event Mafia tonight. Steiner said Sting & Kurt are men and they will settle it like men. Steiner said he was brought into be a hitman, and then cut a promo on Samoa Joe and insulted his new “look.”

“Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner defeated “Maple Leaf Muscle” Petey Williams: The infamous mesh headdress was hung from a poll and only the winner will be able to wear it from this point forward. Petey took a lot of punishment and Steiner was the one to grab his trademark headdress for the win. This would be Petey’s final TV taping with TNA. After the match, Samoa Joe’s music played and Joe’s face came up on the screen. Joe warned Steiner, “you don’t know where, and you don’t know when, but my nation of violence is coming… and when it does, JOE IS GONNA KILL YOU!”

BACKSTAGE INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash asked Mick Foley about the idea of Sting handing the TNA World title over to Kurt Angle tonight. Foley said people think a real controversy exists but Foley claims there is no controversy. Foley then plugged his new segment which will debut later on the show.. Foley brought up the movie “The Wrestler” and said “it kinda makes ya think.”

Sojourner Bolt wins!: Angelina Love & Taylor Wilde were the first two entrants in the match… two minutes later Velvet Sky entered the match… two minutes later Sojourner Bolt entered the match… two minutes later Roxxi entered the match… two minutes later Madison Rayne (aka Ashley Lane) entered the match… two minutes later Raisha Saed entered the match… Angelina was tossed over the top but Cute Kip caught her and pushed her back into the ring (the second time he did that)… two minutes later Rhaka Khan entered the match… two minutes later ODB entered the match… no eliminations yet… Khan was eliminated by ODB… Saed was eliminated by ODB… Angelina was tossed but Cute Kip saved her for the third time! Angelina & Taylor fell over the top rope at the same time… Velvet was eliminated by Roxxi… Roxxi was eliminated by Bolt… ODB was eliminated by Bolt… Sojourner Bolt pinned Madison Rayne in a singles match to win the Gauntlet and earn a shot at Awesome Kong‘s TNA Knockout’s title!

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Kurt Angle was preparing for his match when he took a picture of Sting off the wall and smashed it into pieces!

Lethal Consequences (Jay Lethal & Consequences Creed) defeated The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin): After the match, the Machine Guns offered to shake hands with Creed & Lethal. They accepted the handshake, but moments later the Guns kicked them in the crotch and gave the double middle finger salut to the fans!

BACKSTAGE INTERVIEW: Jeremy Borash said that an international known tag team was coming to TNA. Borash was going to find Sting in the rafters but found Jeff Jarrett coming down. Jarrett said answered all of Borash’s questions by saying “we’ll just have to wait and see!”

ODB: ODB said she was single and told fans to send in videos to to win a date with her on the night of Destination-X… ODB introduced her guest, Brutus Magnus – from the UK. Brutus Magnum talked about his open challenge to anybody in TNA to step up and face him. ODV cracked open her flask and Magnus said that is why he was reluctant to come to America. Magnus ended up walking off the set and ODB plugged the “Win a Date with ODB” contest again..

BACKSTAGE INTERVIEW: Lauren Brooke asked Kevin Nash about what was going on with the Main Event Mafia tonight. Nash made a bunch of Sopranos references and said Kurt made it clear that he was the boss from day one. Nash said that Sting will get what’s coming to him. Nash said in the long run it will made the family stronger. Nash said he had to go see Johnny Sax, and Lauren went crazy asking “wait, who is Johnny Sax?”

Dr. Stevie & Abyss: Abyss was shown talking to his therapist, Dr. Stevie (who is clearly Stevie Richards) making references to his favorite tv show, Family Guy. Abyss talked about his addiction to violence and talked about the latest episode of LOST. They didn’t show Dr. Stevie’s face but it was pretty obvious who it was..

Beer Money Inc. (Robert Roode & James Storm w/Jackie Moore) defeated Abyss & Rhino to retain the TNA World Tag Team titles: James Storm tried to smash a beer bottle over Abyss’ head but Abyss caught him with a choke-slam (accidentally on the bottle). Abyss picked up the bottle, but Matt Morgan came down and smashed Abyss with the chair – allowing Beer Money Inc. to win and retain their championships! Beer Money held back Rhino while Morgan whacked Abyss with one more chairshot!

HARDCORE HISTORY 101: Mick Foley talked about his famous no-ropes barbed wire death match with Terry Funk in Japan on PPV.

TNA World champion Sting vs. Kurt Angle ended in a No Contest: Mike Tenay cited the Andre The Giant Twin Referee and Montreal Screwjob to highlight referee Earl Hebner’s history of controversy. Angle said he wanted to just get this over with and asked Sting to lay down now. Sting asked if this was what Kurt really wanted, and Angle said Sting has given him no other choice. Sting said he would lay down for the good of the family. Sting asked where Kurt’s integrity was, and whatever happened to a man losing like a man. Sting said Kurt won an Olympic gold medal and that meant he was the best in the world. Sting asked if Kurt lost in 1996 would he ask for a rematch and tell him the lay down? Sting asked where Kurt’s honor was. Angle had a hard time looking Sting in the eye. Sting proceeded to “lay down” but said the loss at Against All Odds was his most insignificant loss ever. Sting said it pales to losing his wife, his family, his honor, his respect, because nobody around here respects Kurt. Sting said Kevin, Scott, and Book know Angle for who he really is. Sting said it’s always been about Kurt, and added that Kurt has tarnished everything he’s ever earned – from his gold medal to his dignity. Sting said what could have been is now nothing. Sting said there was nothing left to do, and proceeded to lay down for Kurt. Sting told Kurt to go ahead and steal his 13th title. The crowd chanted YOU SUCK as Angle thought about it. Angle got pissed off and said he was going to take the title but he will take Sting’s ass with it! Angle and Sting started fighting until Scott Steiner & Kevin Nash pulled them apart! Angle screamed “you want a war? you got a war! this ain’t about the title any more, this is personal! next week, it’s you against me!” Angle said the Main Event Mafia would clean out the arena and it would be an empty arena match. Angle broke free and they continued to brawl as iMPACT went off the air.