TNA IMPACT 03 19 2009


Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: March 19, 2009 (Taped: March 16)

The Main Event Mafia (Kurt Angle & Sting & Scott Steiner & Kevin Nash & Booker T w/Sharmell) + Jeff Jarrett + Mick Foley: Scott Steiner was there with a mask on, after he was supposedly assaulted by Samoa Joe with a Samoan tribal knife. Angle said everything he predicted at Destination-X came true, and said by the end of the night Sting showed his true colors. Angle said it was the biggest screwjob since Montreal. Angle said Sting tried to cover it up by having Foley hit him with a chair. Angle said he wasn’t falling for it, and gave Sting 10-seconds to explain himself before the Mafia does what they have to do. Angle counted down and Sting snatched the microphone away from him. Sting said Kurt has accused him of being disloyal for the last time. Sting said he has been true to the Main Event Mafia since day one, and it’s Kurt personally who he has a problem with. Sting said he owes Kurt NOTHING! Sting said if Kurt wants to continue the story, he hasn’t changed, he’s ALL IN. Kevin Nash took over and said he agrees that Sting owes Kurt nothing, but he does owe the other three members of the Mafia. Nash said the heat has been with Kurt, but two pay per views in row, Mick Foley has raised Sting’s hand – so he’s got something to prove to them. Sting did the Wolfpac sign and Nash accepted. Sting asked what he has to do to prove himself. Angle butt in and said he wanted Sting to be his parter tonight against Jeff Jarrett and Mick Foley! Jeff Jarrett came out and said Kurt doesn’t have the authority to tell anybody to do anything. Jarrett said Kurt was just a wrestler on the TNA roster, and only members of TNA management can book matches. Angle said Jarrett won’t book the match because he and Foley want to protest Sting. Angle said if he was going to screw Sting he was going to screw him to his face. Kurt said Sting was nothing more than a liar. Sting said he would love the match, but Mick Foley was not at active wrestler so it can’t be done. Foley came out and pointed out that Kurt kicked him in the nuts and said he was sorry for hitting Sting with a chair. Foley said Sting isn’t the decider on his future, and never said he had his last match in TNA. Foley said he is a good shareholder, but he’s not a businessman… deep down inside he is a WRESTLER. Foley said tonight he was ALL IN. Jarrett stopped Foley and said it wasn’t the reason he came to TNA. Angle cut them off and said it wasn’t what Jarrett wants. Jarrett said there was a locker-room full of wrestlers who would love to kick Kurt’s ass tonight. Kurt said he doesn’t want them, he wants Jarrett.. Kurt told Jarrett to MAN UP. Jarrett said if Kurt wants him, he’s got him, but one way or another, this ends tonight!

NO LIMIT w/Kiyoshi defeated The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin): The Motor City Machine Guns were carrying their IWGP Junior Tag Team titles, which they recently won from NO LIMIT at the Tokyo Dome in Japan. After the match, Beer Money Inc. (Robert Roode & James Storm) attacked NO LIMIT, and asked for the microphone…

Beer Money Inc. (Robert Roode & James Storm) + Team 3-D (Brothers Ray & Devon): Beer Money called out Team 3-D, who came out with their IWGP World Tag Team titles (this must be confusing for people who don’t know about New Japan wrestling). Roode praised Team 3-D, and said they were holding a very respected title. Roode said they (Beer Money) have proven themselves, but people still look at them like they are a joke. Roode said they would defend the titles against Team 3-D again at Lockdown in Six Sides of Steel in the city of Philadelphia. Roode said when they beat Team 3-D in their own backyard, then they will get the respect they deserve. Brother Ray said they would also defend the IWGP World Tag Team titles. Ray said Philadelphia was their backyard, the place where they became one of the most legendary tag teams in the world. Ray said it would be for WORLD TAG TEAM SUPREMECY!

Jeremy Borash & Mick Foley + Jeff Jarrett: Jeremy Borash plugged TNA Mobile news, a major celebrity wanting to come to Lockdown (Danny Bonaduce). Jeff Jarrett said in and said Mick Foley backed him into a corner and made him accept the match tonight. Foley said he didn’t get involved with TNA to be a three time guest special enforcer. Foley said they had the greatest organization in the world, and he just wants one taste of the pie, one ride on the roller coaster. Foley said he wanted to do the match because he loves it. Foley pointed out that they were all former World champions, so it will be good for business.

ODB & Taylor Wilde defeated Awesome Kong & Raisha Saed: They showed “Win a Date with ODB” contest winner, Cody Deaner, watching from the stands – cheering for ODB. The match ended with Taylor Wilde pinning TNA Knockout’s champion Awesome Kong! After the match, Kong destroyed Wilde, and gave ODB an Awesome-bomb. Kong went for a second Awesome-bomb, but Cody Deaner jumped the rail and protected ODB. Kong backed off by order of Raisha Saed.

Jeremy Borash & Kurt Angle: Jeremy Borash said he took notes at Destination-X and wanted to share them with Kurt. Borash said Angle knocked out special referee, and TNA founder, Jeff Jarrett and spit in his face. Borash said Angle gave special guest enforcer Mick Foley an Angle-slam and “kicked him in the nuts.” Borash said Angle tried to bash fellow Mafia member Sting’s face with a chair. Borash asked Angle if he still thought there was a conspiracy theory? Angle said yes, and that he had no other choice. It was like going to war with a cap gun. Angle said he was going to make sure that Sting knows who he’s dealing with because HE IS the Godfather of the Main Event Mafia.

Sheik Abdul Bashir defeated Samoa Joe by DQ: Samoa Joe immediately snapped and knocked out referee Rudy Charles. Joe then destroyed the Sheik and dragged him backstage in the crossface chickenwing..

Lauren Brooke & The Beautiful People (Angelina Love & Velvet Sky) & Madison Rayne: Velvet Sky said Cute Kip was put on probation and they will not speak of Cute Kip again! Angelina Love said that Madison Rayne is going to be tested by the Beautiful People tonight. Angelina said you don’t just walk in and become one of the Beautiful People. Angelina said not even God himself can touch them. Velvet said they weren’t interested in the 1-2-3, they just want to leave the mark of the Beautiful People on the Governor tonight. Angelina said this week, the Governor, next week, the BEAST. Lauren asked if they were talking about Awesome Kong, and they replied “who said anything about Awesome Kong?”

Jim Cornette + A.J. Styles + Booker T & Sharmell: Jim Cornette introduced the new TNA Legend’s champion, A.J. Styles! Mike Tenay pointed out that A.J. Styles was the first ever Grand-Slam champion of TNA (X-Division/World/Tag Team/Legends). Styles said it was a small step for him, but a giant leap for the TNA Frontline. Styles said the Mafia has ran all over them for months. Styles said the Mafia has taken a lot away from them, but now he has taken something back! Styles said the title wouldn’t represent the Mafia any more, it would represent hope, faith, respect.. it would represent TNA. Styles said as long as he is champion he will give any deserving competitor a shot at the title. Booker T & Sharmell came out and Booker said he payed a quarter of a million dollars for the Legend’s title. Booker T said Styles won’t defend the title against anybody until he gets the first shot. Styles said he would defend the title against any deserving “wrestler.” Styles called Booker T a paper champion. Sharmell said Booker T would get his title back and he will get it back in his own time.

The Governer defeated Madison Rayne w/The Beautiful People: The Beautiful People interfered throughout the match, but the Governer scored a surprise roll-up on Rayne! After the match, the Beautiful People attacked the Governer and gave her the lights out. Angelina pulled out a pair of scissors and gave them to Madison Rayne. Madison started chopping off the Governer’s hair in large clumps! How come they never test the scissors for sharpness before they do these angles. They barely cut through hair…

Samoa Joe & Sheik Abdul Bashir: Samoa Joe had the Sheik hanging upside down by the ankles and begging for his life. Joe said nobody wanted Bashir around TNA, and suggested he go back to where he came from. Joe told him to tell everybody if they get in the way of his nation of violence the same thing will happen to them. Joe forced the Sheik to hold his tribal knife in his mouth. Joe got a kendo stick and proceeded to whack the crap out of the Sheik with it!

ROUGH CUT: Brother Devon..

TNA Management (Jeff Jarrett & Mick Foley) defeated The Main Event Mafia (Kurt Angle & Sting): Suvivor: Amazon winner Jenna Morasca (Mick Foley’s “friend”) was shown sitting in the front row getting ready to watch the main event. There was a moment when Mick Foley started to mat wrestle with Kurt Angle, and actually got the upper hand on the Olympic champion. The Mafia security members interfered, until Team 3-D came out to get rid of them! During the melay, Angle gave Foley an Angle-slam on the floor! The story of the match was that Kurt Angle refused to tag in Sting and was on a mission to destroy Mick Foley. Sting wanted to tag in so he could protect Foley, but Angle just kept punishing him instead of going for the pin. Eventually Sting entered the ring illegally to confront Angle, yelling “that’s enough!” Sting stepped out of the ring and Angle knocked him down to the floor. Jarrett jumped in and went after Angle, but accidentally knocked out the referee. Angle went to get a chair, but Jarrett kicked him in the gut! Jarrett grabbed his guitar and prepared to smash Angle, but Sting pulled it away from him. Foley grabbed the chair and Angle backed out of the ring, but Foley turned around and knocked out Sting with a chairshot and covered him for the shocking 1-2-3!

Sting: Sting said if Mick Foley wanted back in the game, all he had to do was ask. Sting said he doesn’t know what inspired Mick, but now HE is inspired. Sting called out Foley. Sting said two weeks ago Mick said that he (Sting) “made” his career, and now he is going to “end” his career. Sting asked Foley to go back to school at Lockdown. It’s showtime, Mick!

Jeremy Borash & Mick Foley & Jeff Jarrett: Mick Foley said it was a gut decision, and is proud of his actions. Foley said that it was Sting who inspired him. Foley said he heard Sting telling Angle “he’s had enough, just pin him!” Foley got fired up and said he will be the one to decide when he has had enough! Foley accepted Sting’s challenge for Lockdown, and promised to tear him apart…. HAVE A NICE DAY!