TNA IMPACT 05 20 2010


Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: May 20, 2010 (Taped: May 5th)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

VIDEO PACKAGE: A video highlighting TNA Sacrifice started the show.

Eric Bischoff + Samoa Joe + Rob Terry + Desmond Wolfe + D’Angelo Dinero + Abyss + Mr. Anderson + Jeff Hardy + AJ Styles + Sting + Rob Van Dam: Bischoff talked about revealing the top ten rankings for TNA. Bischoff said Hulk Hogan, Dixie Carter, and himself are apart of the TNA Championship Committee. Bischoff mentioned that there was three factors in determining the rankings. First, the poll results from the fans voting on the internet. Second, championship records. Lastly, the overall win-loss records in TNA. Bischoff revealed the tenth ranked heavyweight as being Samoa Joe. The number nine heavyweight was Rob Terry. The number eight heavyweight was Desmond Wolfe. The seventh ranked heavyweight was D’Angleo Dinero. The sixth ranked heavyweight was Abyss. The fifth ranked heavyweight was Mr. Anderson. The fourth ranked heavyweight was Jeff Hardy. The third ranked heavyweight was AJ Styles. The second ranked heavyweight was Kurt Angle and the first ranked heavyweight was Sting! Sting cut a promo talking about injuring Jeff Jarrett and how he would do the same to Jeff Hardy. Eventually, Abyss came down to the ring but Sting hit Abyss with the bat. Jeff Hardy got involved as well when he took the bat away from Sting. Sting kicked Hardy in the groin and that’s when RVD came down to the ring. RVD distracted Sting to allow Hardy to chop block Sting’s knee and Hardy planted Sting with a reverse Twist of Fate. Sting was able to avoid a Swanton Bomb.

Eric Bischoff + Hulk Hogan + Matt Morgan: Morgan told Bischoff that he knows how he felt when Joe attacked him and nobody did anything to help him. Hogan tried to tell Morgan to lay off. Morgan wanted a rematch and Hogan told him to find a partner. Morgan left the area, Hogan said that Sting needed to disappear.

Roxxi defeated TNA Knockouts champion Madison Rayne: Roxxie picked up the win following the Voodoo Drop.

Chelsea + Desmond Wolfe: Chelsea was complaining about having to be by Abyss’s side for the next thirty days.

VIDEO PACKAGE: A video package paying tribute to Kurt Angle was shown..

Kurt Angle: Angle basically talked about the additions to TNA and how he may be going through a midlife crisis or something. Angle mentioned that he had accomplished everything in the wrestling world. Angle announced that he was removing himself from the Top 10 Rankings. Angle said he would now wrestle all the guys in the top ten, starting at number ten and ending at the number one ranked wrestler. Angle promised that the TNA fans would be getting some great matches.

Christy Hemme + Ric Flair + Beer Money (James Storm & Robert Roode) + Kazarian: Flair said he didn’t care about who could be Jay Lethal’s mystery partner for the evening. Flair reminded Hemme there was only one Ric Flair. As the interview ended, Kazarian came into the room and said he needed to talk to Ric Flair. Flair would ask Hemme in a funny moment if she “really got married without living the legend”.

“The Freak” Rob Terry: Rob Terry said he found out that he injured his knee in four places, but that will not stop him from beating Orlando Jordan up tonight.

Orlando Jordan defeated TNA Global champion “The Freak” Rob Terry: Jordan was able to win the match as the referee stopped the match as Jordan had Terry in a knee lock.

Jay Lethal + Rob Van Dam: Lethal talked about Ric Flair misunderstanding what his impression was suppose to mean. Lethal grew up loving Ric Flair. RVD walked into the room and suggests he partnered up with Lethal. Lethal accepted the idea.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Jeff Hardy was getting ready for his match against Sting.

Shannon Moore + Jesse Neal + Brother Ray + Brother Devon: Moore tried to prevent Neal from talking to Team 3-D but Neal bypasses that and goes into Team 3-D’s locker room. Neal asked Ray why he attacked him at Sacrifice. Ray tried to calm Neal down and gave Neal a reality check. Neal believed that Ray was jealous but Ray reminded Neal that he is apart of the greatest tag team in the world. Neal warns Ray to keep away from him. Ray tries to go after Neal but Devon held him back. Devon tells Ray that he told him this would happen with Neal.

Rob Van Dam & Jay Lethal defeated Beer Money Inc (Robert Roode + James Storm): Lethal forced Roode to tap out to the figure four.

POST MATCH SEGMENT: Ric Flair attacked Jay Lethal and Sting attacked RVD as he (Sting) was disguised within the crowd underneath a Sting mask.

Jeff Hardy: Hardy talked about idolizing Sting when he was younger and how he is with Sting in TNA now. Hardy dared Sting to figure him out within the next hour.

Chelsea + Desmond Wolfe: Wolfe followed Chelsea, who was with security, as she has to be by Abyss’ side.

Abyss + Desmond Wolfe + Chelsea: Abyss insulted Wolfe by saying he was taking Chelsea who he referred to as a “bitch.” Wolfe proceeded to kick Abyss in the groin and knocked out the security guys. Wolfe worked on Abyss for a few moments. Wolfe actually grabbed a bottle and threatened to cut Abyss with the bottle. Wolfe ended up slicing Abyss arm and Chelsea begged Wolfe to stop doing that. Abyss would end up slapping the bottle out of Wolfe’s hand and hitting the Black Hole Slam. Abyss dragged Chelsea away from the ring,

Kevin Nash + Scott Hall + Eric Young: Young told the fans that he has everything and they had nothing. Young considered Nash and Hall to be his brothers. Young talked about being in TNA to make big bucks and not being there to entertain the fans. Young claimed that no one could stop them.

Eric Young defeated Shannon Moore: Young got the win following a piledriver.

POST MATCH SEGMENT: Brother Ray attacked Jesse Neal and had a argument with Brother Devon about doing so.

Kazarian won the battle royal to earn the #10 ranking: Kazarian last eliminated Brian Kendrick to win the match. The match also featured Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Max Buck, Jeremy Buck, Homicide and Amazing Red.

Jeff Hardy defeated Sting: Hardy picked up the win following interference from Mr. Anderson. Anderson planted Sting with a Scorpion Death Drop. After the match, Anderson raised Hardy’s arm and clapped for his victory. Hardy shoved Anderson away. Anderson was going to talk but was attacked by Sting. Sting closed out the show by hitting Anderson and Hardy with a baseball bat several times.