TNA IMPACT 09 16 2010


Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: September 16, 2010 (Taped: September 6-7th)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

Eric Bischoff w/Miss Tessmacher + Kurt Angle & Jeff Hardy + Dixie Carter: Eric Bischoff congradulated Mr. Anderson on making it to the finals of the TNA Title Tournament, to take place at Bound For Glory. Bischoff said his opponent will be either Kurt Angle or Jeff Hardy, who wrestled to a draw in their Semi-Final match. Bischoff praised Angle & Hardy for putting on such an intense match at No Surrender, and said it was an honor to be in the ring with them. Bischoff ruled that Mr. Anderson would face both Angle and Hardy in a triple threat match at Bound For Glory for the TNA World Heavyweight championship! Dixie Carter interrupted so she could tell Angle & Hardy that she was proud of them, but she knows neither of them were happy with the finish. Dixie said a few weeks ago, Hulk came out and overturned a decision she made. Dixie said she was going to overturn Bischoff tonight, and booked Angle vs. Hardy tonight with the winner facing Anderson at Bound For Glory!

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: The Pope was upset about something and said he had to go talk to Eric Bischoff. The Pope bumped into Kevin Nash & Sting and seemed to be on the same page with them for some reason.

VIDEO PACKAGE: An interviewer found Tommy Dreamer gassing up at a gas station somewhere, and asked him what was next for him and EV2.0. Tommy looked into the camera and said “I don’t know, maybe we go home!”

Kevin Nash w/Sting vs. Samoa Joe w/Jeff Jarrett ended in a No Contest: The match quickly broke down and when Sting and Jeff Jarrett got involved. The referee threw the match out and ruled it a no contest. TNA security desperately tried to separate the four men. The pull-apart went on for a long time!

Madison Rayne & Lacey Von Erich & Tara: Lacey was in a towel meeting with Madison Rayne & Tara. How many showers does that talentless hosebag have to take in a day? Madison said she got them a TNA Knockout Tag Team title match, and told Lacey to get dressed. Lacey wasn’t sure about her alliance with Madison as long as Tara was hanging around. I guess she still feels an attachment to Velvet, who is hanging out with Angelina Love (who was the one who knocked Lacey out of action last month) – ARE YOU FOLLOWING THIS?

Kevin Nash & Sting: Kevin Nash said at Bound For Glory there won’t be a match, it’s gonna be a WAR. Sting said NOW it’s starting to get FUN!

Jay Lethal defeated Douglas Williams to win the TNA X-Division title: Lethal shocked the world and won the X-Division title again! They dropped confetti from the ceiling.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: The Monster Abyss was shown dragging somebody, who was bound and gagged, across the floor somewhere backstage by a rope. Weird.

BACKSTAGE INTERVIEW: Kurt Angle talked about going the distance with Jeff Hardy..

Taylor Wilde & HAMADA defeated Madison Rayne & Lacey Von Erich w/Tara: Lacey Von Erich seemed to be an outcast hanging out with Madison & Tara. Lacey was terrible as usual and took the fall. After the match, Madison screamed at Lacey until she stood up for herself and shoved Madison down on her butt! Tara jumped in and pounded on Lacey until Angelina Love & Velvet Sky made the save! The Knockout Tag Team champions were totally overshadowed by the Beautiful People B.S.

BACKSTAGE INTERVIEW: Jeff Hardy talked about doing everything he can to beat Kurt Angle tonight and go on to face Mr. Anderson at Bound For Glory..

Tommy Dreamer + Fortune (Ric Flair & A.J. Styles & Frankie Kazarian & Robert Roode & James Storm & Matt Morgan) + Brian Kendrick: Tommy Dreamer came out wearing a suit. Uh oh looks like Tommy is going to retire again. Tommy said EV2.0 was not there, and asked Fortune to come to the ring. Fortune came out and surrounded Dreamer in the ring. Dreamer said he was tired of seeing his friends get hurt and wanted to call a truce. Dreamer said that TNA was so damn special and he has seen his company go away (in the past). Dreamer said Fortune was the future of TNA. Dreamer said this was his last chance, and he was happy to contribute. Dreamer said it was the house that you built (looking at Styles), but he’s just looking for a place to call home. Dreamer told James Storm that nobody has gone from a successful tag team like America’s Most Wanted and went to a bigger success with Big Money (Dreamer noted one exception in Stan Lane – going from the Fabulous Ones to the Midnight Express). Dreamer said Storm had more talent in his little finger than Sandman. Dreamer said he got Kazarian his first job in the WWE before he left because he didn’t like it. Dreamer said what was bad for WWE, worked out great for TNA. Dreamer reminded Kazarian that if he wasn’t in the business he would have never met his wife (just like him with Beulah). Dreamer remembered when Matt Morgan was a bouncer at a night club and was humbled by wrestlers who came through. Dreamer said when Morgan was in WWE, people said he could be the next Undertaker or the next Kane. Dreamer said when the next big goofy kid comes along they’re gonna say “there’s the next Matt Morgan.” Dreamer said Robert Roode’s first tryout with WWE was against him. Dreamer said he offered Roode a WWE contract but he declined so that he could stay in TNA. Dreamer continued his kiss-up crusade with Ric Flair. Dreamer started to choke up when he simple said thank you to Flair. Dreamer he knows Flair doesn’t “get” what hardcore wrestling is, but Flair did it every single night of his life. Dreamer said if there was ever a hardcore wrestler it was RIC FLAIR. The crowd erupted in chants of “thank you, Ric!” Dreamer said Flair calls himself the dirtiest player in the business, but he would call Flair “THE BUSINESS.” Dreamer addressed A.J. Styles next, saying he did something at the PPV that nobody has ever done . Dreamer said A.J. made him say I QUIT because he is better than him. Dreamer said A.J. helps people elevate their game, and said he was the best performer in the business today. Dreamer said he had to go to the hospital, but he wanted to do was shake A.J.’s hand because he was better than Tommy Dreamer. A.J. took the mic and said he can appreciate everything Dreamer just said about Fortune. Styles said if there was one thing that can be said about Tommy Dreamer it was that he was ALL HEART. Styles said Dreamer took a wrestling company in Philadelphia and turned it into a revolution. Styles said Dreamer never asked for respect but he always seemed to get it. A.J. said Dreamer has his respect and he will shake his hand. A.J. put down his belt and shook Tommy’s hand. Flair didn’t look too thrilled about that. A.J. then kinda rubbed it in Dreamer’s face that he was the only person to ever make him say I QUIT. A.J. said he didn’t need Dreamer’s endorsement or his praise, then suddenly attacked Dreamer. Fortune then all ganged up on Dreamer as Flair looked on with a big grin on his face. Brian Kendrick came down and threw himself onto Dreamer to protect him but he got stomped and beaten up too. Storm picked up Dreamer and held him up so Styles could knock him out with brass knux! Fortune made their exit, and Dreamer was helped backstage. Kendrick picked up the microphone and challenged anybody from Fortune to fight him right now. Matt Morgan returned to the ring in his suit and sweat-soaked shirt.

Brian Kendrick defeated Matt Morgan: Kendrick took a beating for a while until he turned the tables and scored a shocking upset victory! Morgan was furious and said it didn’t count because he was wearing an Armani suit. Morgan went ballistic demanding Kendrick to come back out but he was ignored.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: The Pope wanted to talk to Eric Bischoff but Miss Tessmacher said he was in an important meeting right now. The Pope tried to sweet talk Tessmacher and she said maybe she could squeeze him in. Seriously?

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Abyss had a couple guys tied up and he was torturing them screaming about “THEM” showing up at Bound For Glory. Abyss pulled out a new weapon and named it BOB, a red-hot branding iron. Abyss then branded one of the jobbers with the number 10 (in other words, he burned a 10 into the guys skin).

Mike Tenay & Tazz + Rob Van Dam: RVD talked about improving his condition. RVD said he was feeling good and he knows how to take care of himself. Taz asked RVD if he was upset about being stripped of the TNA title. RVD said he was a little upset but TNA had to do what they had to do. RVD said he still considers himself TNA champion and the TNA Universe feels the same way. RVD said he’s a tough guy and he’ll come back and do it again. RVD said he feels good enough, regardless of what the doctor says, so he will be in the iMPACT Zone next week!

Generation Me (Max & Jeromy Buck): Generation Me talked about what happened to RVD, and brought up the fact that if you don’t defend your championship in 30 days you get stripped. They hinted that the Motor City Machine Guns would have to be stripped because Alex Shelley won’t be able to wrestle again. They said it took the Guns five years to win the titles. They said they weren’t there to pay any dues. They said they know what they want, and they always get what they want. They said what they want is for Chris Sabin to come down and hand them the TNA Tag Team belts. Chris Sabin came out and attacked Generation Me, but the Bucks eventually overtook Sabin and beat the crap out of him! The Bucks destroyed Sabin’s neck with a hanging DDT.

Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy ended in a double-pin draw: Midway through the match, Mr. Anderson came out and joined in on commentary in order to scout his opponent at Bound For Glory. Time ran out on iMPACT and the match continued on ReAction right afterwards (why not just make it a 3 hour iMPACT y’idiots). A few minutes later they did a finish where both men’s shoulders were pinned to the mat at the same time with two referee’s counting. Eric Bischoff and Dixie Carter discussed the situation and declared that the match at Bound For Glory would be a triple threat match. Angle and Hardy hugged and went backstage.