TNA IMPACT 12 02 2010


Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: December 2, 2010 (Taped: November 22-23)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

Ink Inc. (Shannon Moore & Jesse Neal) defeated TNA World Tag Team champions The Motor City Machins Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) and Beer Money (Robert Roode & James Storm) and Generation Me (Max & Jeremy Buck): This match was joined in progress as the show began. Ric Flair joined Mike Tenay & Taz on commentary, with Kazarian & A.J. Styles standing behind him. Flair talked at length about what Eric Bischoff & Hulk Hogan were doing to prepare for their legal battle with Dixie Carter. The action in the ring was off the hook as usual. In a major shocker, Ink Inc. scored the victory over Beer Money!

Jackson James & Fortune (Robert Roode & James Storm & A.J. Styles & Frankie Kazarian) & Ric Flair (on stage) + Matt Morgan: After the match, Beer Money (joined by the rest of Fortune) confronted referee Jackson James and said that was strike three for him! Flair shouted orders from the stage as they proceeded to rough him up. Matt Morgan came out behind Flair and put him in a choke-hold, demanding that Fortune back off of “that poor referee.” Morgan told Flair that if he or his boys screw with the kid again they will rip off their heads and shove’em down all of their throats! Morgan threw Flair down and Fortune came running as Morgan left with referee Jackson James. Flair got up and cut a promo, saying Morgan was going down tonight!

Mickie James + Eric Young & Orlando Jordan: Mickie James was doing an interview about performing with her band on iMPACT tonight when Eric Young & Orlando Jordan showed up. Eric pulled out a cowbell and said he wanted to be in Mickie’s band tonight and started marching around clanging on the bell. Mickie hoped that Eric was not being serious (but for some reason I think he is!)

ON STAGE: Mickie James and her band performed “Hardcore Country.” The song might be good but the production was pretty bad. Eric Young made good on his promising coming out to play the cowbell wearing his underwear and chaps. Tara showed up during the song and bashed Mickie from behind. Eric Young tried to get involved so Tara knocked him out! The girls started brawling on stage and Mickie came really close to having a wardrobe malfunction.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Referee Jackson James approached Matt Morgan and begged him to let him be the referee for the title match at Final Resolution. Morgan said that would be great to screw Immortal like that but those guys can easily push him around. Morgan advised Jackson to have patience and added that he was doing a great job. Morgan said he would make his decision and let him know.

BACKSTAGE INTERVIEW: Ric Flair cut a promo on Matt Morgan for putting his hands on him earlier!

BACKSTAGE PROMO: Douglas Williams cut a promo on Frankie Kazarian..

Douglas Williams defeated Frankie Kazarian: Douglas Williams used his famous Rolling Chaos Theory finisher to defeat Kazarian..

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Matt Morgan talked with Douglas Williams when Fortune showed up and attacked both of them. TNA agents including Al Snow, D-Lo Brown, and Terry Taylor broke up the fight.

Brother Devon + Brother Ray + Taz: Brother Devon called out Brother Ray saying they should settle it once and for all. Devon got frustrated pacing back and forth, demanding that Ray come out and talk NOW. Devon said the problem was he was standing there and Ray was being the coward. Ray slowly walked towards the ring but stopped at the bottom of the ramp. Devon said for 11 years Ray has been nothing but a bully and a coward. Devon said if it wasn’t for him there would be no Team 3-D. Devon pointed at Taz and said he was the man who gave them the opportunity to wrestle for ECW. Ray said Taz was a washed up loser just like Devon. Devon said Taz was the one who gave them a chance. Taz stood up and said he hates to get in the middle of family business, but he couldn’t help but notice Ray calling him washed up. Taz said they’ve known each other for a long time and it sucks to see them deal with each other this way. Taz told Ray that his brother told him to get in the ring, so cross the line and get your ass in the ring! Taz admitted that he was washed up, but said Devon was NOT. Ray climbed the steps but dropped down and said he would get in when he’s ready. Devon said Shannon Moore had it right a couple months ago when he said Ray was a douchebag. Devon said every company they were in nobody liked Ray, and it was because of him why they lasted so long anywhere they went. Devon said he was the one that busted his ass to get the team over. Devon said Ray was a peice of crap and he always will be. Devon said Ray hit him from behind a few weeks ago, and dared him to do it again right now. Ray shouted that he was the star of Team 3-D and that Devon was weak. Devon pretended like he was going to jump out of the ring and Ray started to run away. The crowd chanted “he’s a chicken!” Devon said it was obvious that the fans aren’t feeling Ray. Devon said he wanted to get some, so he went after Ray, but Ray shoved So-Cal Val in the path of Devon so he could make his escape. Devon caught Val and made sure she was alright “are you okay? I’m sorry.”

Samoa Joe & Pope D’Angelo Dinero: The Pope asked Samoa Joe if they were going to give Immortal exactly what they want tonight and fight amongst each other or are they going to work together? Joe promised to fight the Pope, so the Pope called him stupid. Joe cut a rebellious promo proving that he is stupid and the Pope said he would see Joe out there. Why are the writers making Joe look like an idiot?

Sarita defeated TNA Knockout champion Madison Rayne and Angelina Love: Madison Rayne came out on the back of a motorcycle driven by Tara. Mickie James showed up and reignited her brawl with Tara. Sarita pinned TNA Knockout champion Madison to win the match!

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Ric Flair was talking to someone off camera about their future..

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Winter appeared out of thin air and consoled Angelina after losing again. Winter said “there’s nothing wrong with you Angelina, in fact, you’re perfect!” Winter said now that they were together they would never have to lose again. Winter garanteed that “WE will never have to lose.” Angelina wanted Winter to explain “WE” and she responded by saying they had to talk. Winter took Angelina’s hand and they went off together..

Matt Morgan defeated “The War Machine” Rhino by DQ: Rhino busted Matt Morgan’s forehead open, sending a message to Rob Van Dam (whom he faces in a First Blood match this Sunday). Morgan fought back and regained the advantage. Rhino set up for a GORE but Morgan dodged it and flatted Rhino with the Carbon Footprint! Morgan went for the pin but it was broken up by Fortune (A.J. Styles & Frankie Kazarian & Robert Roode & James Storm) running down to destroy Morgan for the DQ! All five men beat-down Morgan until Rob Van Dam hit the ring to fight Rhino. Fortune continued to assault Morgan in the ring. TNA World Heavyweight champion Jeff Hardy made his way to the ring and was about to purposely whack Morgan in the back of the head with a steel chair (just like he did to Mr. Anderson) but suddenly Anderson showed up with a steel pipe to chase the heels away from the ring!

Mr. Anderson & Matt Morgan: Mr. Anderson said he’s been in the business 11 years and he’s going to do something he’s only done about a handful of times in his career. Anderson looked at Matt Morgan and said “thank you” for having his back, and thusly having everybody else’s back too. Anderson talked about the “unspoken code” between wrestlers, but stated that Jeff Hardy just does whatever the hell he wants. Anderson said he’s been gone for a month recovering from a concussion, but he can’t even remember what he’s been doing for the last month. Anderson said it was wrestling and he got an owie, but he wanted Jeff Hardy to know what was coming to him. Anderson said it might be in the ring and it might be in the grocery store. Anderson said he heard Morgan needed somebody to referee his match this Sunday. Anderson thought about it sarcastically and then realized that he would be the perfect referee! Morgan wanted to shake hands, but Anderson said since he was an impartial referee maybe they shouldn’t be seen shaking hands. Anderson said he thinks on Sunday that the bigger man will win.. Editor’s Note: I’ll put four hundred million dollars on Anderson turning heel because it makes no sense.

PARKING LOT SEGMENT: Mickie James & Tara were still fighting. It went on for a long time and ended with Tara back-dropping Mickie into the flatbed of a truck.

Jay Lethal vs. Robbie E w/Cookie: New Jersey Fist Pump WTF? All time low. They talked about how Cookie would be locked in a cage and hanging over the ring at Final Resolution. Robbie said Lethal was an disgrace to New Jersey. Rpnnoe E went first and did his douchebag fist pump dance. Jay Lethal said Robbie E makes him embarrassed to say he was from New Jersey. Lethal said everyone knows that Robbie would not be X-Division champion without Cookie. Lethal said at Final Resolution he would not have to worry about cookie because she would be suspended above the ring inside of a cage. Lethal turned his hat side-ways and started to dance but he fist pumped Robbie E right in the face! Robbie bailed out of the ring and they brawled around the iMPACT Zone into the interview area. Robbie grabbed onto Christy Hemme‘s leg and Cookie got jealous and attacked her. Christy dragged Cookie over and locked her inside of a cage. Robbie got the door open and bashed Lethal’s face with it. Robbie taunted Lethal with the belt and they smashed him with the cage door again. Cookie bent over and screamed “see you Sunday, Jay!”

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Abyss told Jeff Jarrett that the casket will be The Pope’s final resting place!

Jeff Jarrett & The Monster Abyss defeated Samoa Joe & Pope D’Angelo Dinero: Immortal members Jeff Jarrett & Abyss were on the same page, but you couldn’t say the same for The Pope & Samoa Joe. Late in the match, Jarrett tried to smash a guitar over Joe’s head but he kicked it instead. Joe picked up the big piece of the broken guitar and taunted Jarrett, but the referee saw this and disqualified Joe for using it as a weapon. Jarrett put Joe in the Rear Naked Choke while Abyss destroyed the Pope on the floor. Jarrett called Abyss into the ring to “get” Joe. They tried to drag Joe towards the casket but suddenly the lid opened and Kurt Angle stood up! Angle took out Abyss and Jarrett bolted through the crowd to escape!