TNA IMPACT 12 09 2010


Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: December 9, 2010 (Taped: December 6-10)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

Eric Bischoff & Immortal and Ric Flair & Fortune: Rhino confronted Eric Bischoff about the contract he was promised. Bischoff wrote “NO” on a piece ofpaper and handed it to Rhino, who flipped out and had to be restrained by Immortal/Fortune. I guess that’s the end of him.

Eric Bischoff & Jeff Jarrett & The Monster Abyss & Ric Flair & A.J. Styles & Frankie Kazarian & Robert Roode & James Storm & TNA Security (Gunner & Murphy) + TNA World Heavyweight champion Jeff Hardy + Matt Morgan: Eric Bischoff said it was with great honor that he, Ric Flair, and the rest of Immortal introduce (insert embellished introduction) Jeff Hardy! Bischoff said there was a reason Hulk Hogan chose Jeff Hardy to carry the banner, because he can only remain great when he is challenged by greatness. Bischoff said at Final Resolution, Hardy beat a man that was a man that was a worthy opponent. Bischoff asked Matt Morgan to please come down to the ring. Matt Morgan came out with a large steel pipe in his hand and entered the ring with the entire Immortal group. Bischoff told Morgan nothing was going to happen to him tonight. Bischoff said from this point forward, TNA was about fair play. Bischoff said he watched the tape from Final Resolution, and realized that Morgan could have beaten Jeff Hardy. Bischoff continued to praise Morgan, and pointed out that he only lost because he had a crappy referee in Mr. Anderson. Bischoff said he, Hardy, Flair, and someone else (Hogan), agreed that Morgan should get a rematch, but only if he can defeat Mr. Anderson. Morgan said Anderson was still not cleared to wrestle. Bischoff said Anderson will compete tonight or he is damaged goods and he will be fired. Bischoff said the match will be made.. HIT MY MUSIC!

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Mr. Anderson was shown watching on a monitor backstage..

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Brother Ray said anybody could have been his tag team partner, anyone could have been Devon…. and tonight he is going to prove it. Ray brought in a new partner who looks like a young version Devon, and he did the “oh my brother, TESTIFY!”

VIDEO PACKAGE: Velvet Sky doing outtakes for

ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to “passport issues,” HAMADA has been stripped of the TNA Knockout tag team titles along with Taylor Wilde. In reality, TNA just released one of the best in-ring workers they have in the Knockout division.

Ink Inc. (Shannon Moore & Jesse Neal) defeated Brother Ray & a fake Brother Devon: The new Devon did all of the old Devon’s stuff. Wouldn’t it be funny if the real Devon found a fake Ray and they squared off. Unfortunately Ink Inc. managed to put away Devon V2 to win the match and prove Ray wrong. After the match, Ray went nuts and attacked his partner until the real Devon ran down and chased Ray away from the ring. Ray hid behind So-Cal Val like a coward.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Tara was tuning up with Generation Me for a singing performance (to upstage Mickie James). Tara wanted Generation Me to be her backup dancers but she wanted them shirtless.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Matt Morgan asked Christy Hemme where Mr. Anderson was and she didn’t know. Hemme went back to texting on her phone.

Tara & Generation Me + Mickie James + Eric Young: Tara performed her son “Broken” on the TNA stage.. actually she was lip-syncing very poorly, and spent more time grinding with the shirtless Generation Me punks. Of course, Mickie James showed up and smacked Tara from behind. The song continued. Generation Me grabbed Mickie and Tara got to her feet and they bullied her. Eric Young showed up and took care of Generation Me, while the girls brawled down to the ring where they were separated by security. Mike Tenay called it the most physical rivalry between any two Knockouts they have ever seen. The loud music just kept playing which was kind of annoying. Mickie made it into the ring and said she was sick of this. Mickie said there was only one way to settle it, and that is inside of steel cage! Mickie said only one of them is walking out, and she didn’t want to wait for Genesis, when they can do it tonight!

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Beer Money ordered TNA Security (Gunner & Murphy) to go out and rough up the Motor City Machine Guns tonight.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Jeff Jarrett talked about the Double J Challenge tonight..

The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) defeated Immortal’s Thugs (Gunner & Murphy) by DQ: James Storm (with Robert Roode standing behind him) joined Mike Tenay & Taz on commentary and insulted the Machine Guns the entire time. The Immortal Thugs introduced billy clubs into the match so they were disqualified. The Guns grabbed the clubs and started whacking the Thugs, showing their violent side – which made Beer Money a little nervous.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Angelina Love & Velvet Sky were preparing for their TNA Knockout tag team title shot when Winter showed up. Finally someone other than Angelina saw her. Winter wished Angelina luck in her match tonight and said she would be watching. Velvet was like “why haven’t I ever met her before?”

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Matt Morgan asked Mr. Anderson what his plan was tonight, and Anderson said that he was going to wrestle because he doesn’t have a choice. Morgan was upset because he chose to turn his back on Immortal to stick up for guys with concussions. Anderson said they were wrestlers, this was what they do, and every once in a while they get a little owie on the back of their head. Anderson said he’s been sitting at home for two month. Morgan asked if Anderson wanted to wake up every morning throwing up for the next two years? Anderson said he had a doctor who was going to clear him tonight. Morgan called it B.S. and called Anderson a stubborn son of a bitch, and he’s going to get himself hurt. Anderson asked if Morgan was gonna hurt him, and Morgan walked out in disgust.

The Beautiful People (Angelina Love & Velvet Sky) defeated Sarita & Daffney: The Beautiful People were dressed in pink and “looking phenomenal as always” (quote Taz). Before the match, Sarita taunted Velvet, saying that she beat her twice in a row and she went running to hide behind Angelina. Sarita was doing well but once she tagged in Daffney, the Beautiful People dominated and eventually won the match. Afterwards, Sarita said it was okay because Velvet still hasn’t beat her and that makes HER (Velvet) a LOSER!

VIDEO PACKAGE: Hyping Mickie James vs. Tara in a steel cage match tonight (you read that right… who cares about hyping it for a week or two so maybe they can get a respectable rating for a change)..

VIDEO PACKAGE: Hyping The Monster Abyss vs. Pope D’Angelo Dinero in a Casket Match..

Pope D’Angelo Dinero: They wheeled out a casket with some depressing funeral music and they brought out a dancing choir to sing “this little light of mine.” The Pope’s voice came over the sound system talking about having a spiritual awakening. The Pope said he would lead his congregation to new heights, and tonight they will start by helping those in need. The Pope talked about some children who were not fortunate enough to have a Christmas. The Pope asked for donations from the congregation. Seriously? The Pope didn’t show his face the whole time..

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: A.J. Styles was pissed off about having his championship stolen last week and ordered Abyss to punish Douglas Williams and bring the TNA Television title back to Immortal..

BACKSTAGE INTERVIEW: Mickie James cut a promo on Tara to hype their steel cage match!

Douglas Williams defeated The Monster Abyss to retain the TNA Television title: Douglas Williams went for a Rolling Chaos Theory, but Abyss held onto the corner pad until he ripped it off. Abyss charged after Williams, who moved out of the way, sending Abyss crashing into the corner with the exposed metal turnbuckle. Williams pinned Abyss to retain his championship! After the match, A.J. Styles attacked Williams and gave him a Styles Clash on the stage!

BACKSTAGE INTERVIEW: Tara cut a promo on Mickie James to hype their steel cage match! Generation Me came in and showed their support for Tara and issued a challenge to Eric Young & Orlando Jordan next week. Tara told her boys to watch tonight because there will be so much blood!

Jeff Jarrett + Jeremy Borash + Mike from Brooklyn, New York: The crowd changed “you sold out!” and Jarrett got upset screamed “for the last time, I didn’t sell out, I BOUGHT IN!” Jarrett said that at Final Resolution the wrestling world found out that he is the most feared athlete in the world! Jarrett bragged about making Samoa Joe tap out. Jarrett said he was in a giving mood, so he was going to give someone in the iMPACT Zone an opportunity to make something of themselves. Jarrett threw out the first ever Double J MMA challenge, saying he would fork over $100,000 to anybody who can make him submit. Jarrett asked for volunteers, and a whole bunch of hands went up at the same time. Jeremy Borash wanted to pick a big guy out of the front row but Jarrett passed. Borash found another big guy but Jarrett passed again. Of course Jarrett picked the plant out of the audience who was kind of a scrawny mark. He was Mike from Brooklyn, New York. Jarrett slapped the poor guy and asked for a referee. Jarrett distroyed the guy with knee strikes, punches, and kicks to the head before making him tap out to the Rear Naked Choke.


Mickie James defeated Tara: Mickie won the match after a Thesz-press off the top of the cage! Tara was legitimately hurt during this match..