TNA IMPACT 12 30 2010


Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: December 30, 2010 (Taped: December 6-10)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

Mick Foley + Mr. Anderson + Matt Morgan + TNA World Heavyweight champion Jeff Hardy: Mick Foley wished everyone Happy Holidays and then called out his friend Mr. Ken Anderson. Foley remembered a story about he and Anderson touring a military base with a former Miss America. Foley then talked about the biggest lie he ever told over and over and over in his career and that was “I’m okay.” Foley said he needed somebody to get in his face and say NO YOU ARE NOT OKAY. Foley told Anderson that he was NOT OKAY, and as someone who shares a bond with him, he’s asking him to think twice about competing against Matt Morgan. Anderson thanked Foley for his concern, and he respects his opinion, however, he finds it offensive that he’s calling him a liar! Anderson claimed to have been checked out and cleared to compete in the ring. Foley said he’s not calling Anderson a liar, it’s just that he lacks the foresight to make the right decision. Foley said he lives with the effects of diving off things and has to wear special shoes to help him walk, but there are no special shoes for the brain. Anderson got heated and said if you can’t get along, then GET IT ON! Matt Morgan came out and joined them in the ring. Morgan asked if they would have a great match at the PPV or is it going to be another Anderson con-game. Morgan made it clear come Genesis, when the bell sounds, it’s gonna be on, and it didn’t matter if he was 50% or 100% – he has no choice but to go through Anderson to get to the World championship. Anderson said Morgan has forgotten he’s an ASSHOLE and he will do whatever it takes to get through Morgan to get to Jeff Hardy. Anderson said nobody is hearing him, so they don’t have to wait until Sunday. Jeff Hardy came out to the stage to stir the pot. Hardy said he gave Anderson a concussion with a chairshot to the head, and claimed he didn’t end his career because he is a professional. Hardy said Morgan and Anderson would face each other in a tag team match with mystery partners tonight!

Eric Young & Orlando Jordan: Eric Young (dressed as Father Time, but acting like Moses) recited some bogus 10 commandments. Orlando Jordan was there dressed as Baby New Year, and said it was their first New Year as a couple. Eric said “yeah the best tag team ever!” More silliness.

Robert Roode w/James Storm defeated Chris Sabin w/Alex Shelley: Beer Money gets a title shot at Genesis.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Rob Van Dam walking around backstage talking about going through whoever Eric Bischoff puts in front of him to get to Jeff Hardy.

Eric Young & Orlando Jordan + Shark Boy: Eric Young sitting on Orlando Jordan’s lap saying he already sent Santa his wish list and doesn’t know how this is going to help. Shark Boy showed up and asked Eric Young if he can get him back on iMPACT more in 2011. Shark Boy is still doing his Stone Cold gimmick, too!

Rob Van Dam defeated Robbie E w/Cookie: RVD said it was painly obvious that Eric Bischoff was in charge of the company, and that is why he’s out there waiting for his mystery opponent. RVD said after he crushes his next obstical, there will be no stopping him until he’s in the ring with Jeff Hardy. RVD then squashed Robbie E. After the match, Jeff Hardy came up on the big screen saying if RVD passes his test at Genesis he will get a match with him – but only if he survives.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Sarita saying how dare Velvet Sky challenge her, and threatening to whip her ass in a strap match tonight!

Frankie Kazarian + Jay Lethal: Kazarian talked about defeating three people to become the number one contender to the X-Division title. Kazarian said Eric Bischoff has put a bounty on all the titles in TNA and that is why he’s going to take the title away from Jay Lethal. Kazarian made fun of Lethal’s family, and had blamed it all on Lethal’s mother. Kazarian said she was so fugly and disgusting that she fits in with everyone at the impact zone. Jay Lethal sprinted to the ring but he was immediately knocked out by Kazarian swinging a retractable baton!

Eric Bischoff & Ric Flair + Mick Foley: Eric Bischoff & Ric Flair were showing mutual appreciation for each other when Mick Foley came in and protested that they were playing around with Ken Anderson’s mind. Foley wanted to know who they were wrestling tonight so they can prepare. Flair & Bischoff blew him off and threatened to lock Foley in jail. Foley said he would be at ringside to make sure everything is on the level. Flair told him to try not to get hurt!

Sarita defeated Velvet Sky: After the match, Sarita continued the assault until Angelina Love made the save! Velvet was upset and screamed “I Hate You!” at Angelina and stormed off.

Eric Young & Orlando Jordan + Shark Boy + Brian Kendrick: Goofy. Dumb and goofy.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Angelina Love found Sarita and attacked her. Sarita turned the tables and bashed Angelina until Winter showed up and pulled her off. Winter consoled Angelina.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Doug Williams said he has a tag team match tonight and he’s going in without a tag team partner. (Brutus) Magnus showed up and said Doug has been there for him since he entered the business so he’ll be there for him tonight!

Amazing Red’s “baby brother” defeated Jeff Jarrett by DQ: Jeff Jarrett came out with his entourage and bragged about making Amazing Red tap out pretty quick last week. Jarrett said Amazing Red claimed to have a baby brother who wanted to face him. Red came down to the ring, and Jarrett said baby brother probably has a case of stage fright. Jarrett said if baby brother came out he would give him the first shot. Jarrett turned his back and got down on his knees. Red’s baby brother came out and he was a jacked up monster. Jarrett saw his size and got freaked out. The bell rang and they circled the ring. After some grappling, Red’s brother got Jarrett in the anklelock. Gunner & Murphy ran down and pulled Jarrett out of the ring. Red went after Gunner & Murphy. Jarrett grabbed his guitar and set up to smash it over his opponents head, but Red jumped in and pulled it away. Red then smashed the guitar into pieces on the mat. Jarrett then backed off along with his entourage…

Eric Bischoff & Jeff Jarrett: Jeff Jarret talked about tweaking the Double J MMA challenge saying his opponents have to be his size or smaller. Jarrett said it has to be known as an exhibition and the opponents have to sign a release form.

A.J. Styles & Big Rob Terry defeated Doug Williams & MAGNUS:

Eric Young & Orlando Jordan + Shark Boy & Brian Kendrick + Tara & Generation Me: Orlando Jordan started dancing with Tara and Generation Me attacked him. Brian Kendrick yelled from them to STOP because he was receiving a message…. no it’s just gas!

TNA Knockout champion Madison Rayne + Mickie James: Madison Rayne came out in an evening gown, carried by a team of studs in tuxedos. Madison freaked out at the fans to “SHUT UP!” Madison said she had to come out to her adoring fans and show them how beautiful she is. Madison said she knows that the people want a champion that is beautiful, full of class, elegant, and perfect – and not some backwoods cornfed frumpy hardcore country SLUT! Mickie James then showed up and Madison made fun of her with a southern accent. Mickie punched Madison in the face and they started fighting until Mickie ripped the dress right off Madison’s sexy body!

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: The Pope talked about starting a campaign to get donations for the “kids” this Holiday season. He wanted to get some puppies to give to kids, and specifically asked for Pitbulls.

Matt Morgan & Brother Devon defeated Mr. Anderson & Brother Ray: Mick Foley came out to joined Mike Tenay & Taz on commentary for the match (even though he said he would be at ringside). Mr. Anderson’s mystery partner was Brother “Bully” Ray. Matt Morgan’s mystery partner was Brother Devon. Moments into the match, Gunner & Murphy came out to force Mick Foley backstage. Foley stood up and attacked the goons, but they quickly turned the tables and knocked him out with a night stick! They hand-cuffed Foley and dragged him out of the iMPACT Zone. Devon spent a lot of time trying to get Ray, but he was always avoiding him. The finish saw Matt Morgan swing at Ray, but missed him and knocked Anderson in the back of the head for the WIN! Anderson was upset and thought possibly Morgan did it on purpose!