TNA IMPACT 01 06 2011


Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: January 6, 2011 (Taped: December 6-10)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

Immortal & Fourtune (Eric Bischoff & Ric Flair & Jeff Jarrett & Abyss & A.J. Styles & Kazarian & Robert Roode & James Storm & Rob Terry & Gunner & Murphy) + X-Division champion Jay Lethal + Tag Team champions The Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley) + Television champion Doug Williams + World Heavyweight champion Rob Van Dam: Bischoff began by wishing everyone a happy New Year. He indicated that Genesis would be the beginning of everything for everyone involved with TNA. He reminded us that they intend on capturing all the titles and that they would capture them fair and square. He was fairly bitter about that point mentioning the scrutiny of a judge in Dallas and some lawyers. Eric introduced the X-Division champion Jay Lethal who came to the ring. He stopped short of getting into the ring and Bischoff guaranteed his safety so Lethal stepped inside. Bischoff then introduced the World Tag Team champions the Motor City Machine Guns. After they arrived at the ring, Bischoff immediately introducted the TNA Television champion Doug Williams. Once everyone was settled Bischoff thanked them for trusting him enough to come down to the ring. Eric had a lot of great praise for all the champions. Eric announced that Jay Lethal would be facing Abyss later in the evening. Doug Williams would have to face Rob Terry and the Motor City Machine Guns would have to face A.J. Styles & Kazarian in a tag match. Eric then asked everyone to shake hands. There was a lot of open hostility until Immortal attacked. Bischoff began admonishing Immortal during the attack but what they were trying to portray was that Bischoff was intentionally losing control the situation, but if the matter came up to a judge or lawyers he could say that he was doing his best to control them. A fake loss of control. It was at that point Rob Van Dam’s music came on, as RVD ran to the ring. Gunner & Murphy jumped out to attack him but RVD dispatched them pretty quickly. In the ring the Machine Guns, Williams, & Lethal were turning things around and kicking Immortal out of the ring. RVD got inside the ring and grabbed a microphone. RVD demanded to know who his opponent at Genesis would be. Bischoff said he’d let RVD know when he was ready. RVD indicated that he would know one way or another by the end of the night even if he had to beat it out of Bischoff.

Bully Ray: Ray did a traditional backstage promo talking directly to the camera addressing Devon. He challenged Devon to meet him in the parking lot tonight.

Jeff Jarrett & Jeremy Borash + Jonathan Cruise + Kurt Angle: Jeff continues to use the Kurt Angle entrance, he also continues to be followed to the ring by an entourage of body guards. Jarrett was checked over by the referee and a trainer. Jarrett grabbed a mic but before he could begin talking the crowd began chanting, “You sold out!” Jarrett reminded us of the two tweaks he’s made to the Double M.A. Challenge. No entrant can be taller than Jarrett and the matches are just exhibitions. This is all in an effort to prevent the injury of the participants – or so he claims anyway. He has the waivers ready to sign by whoever participates. Jarrett asked the audience if anyone would volunteer to get involved but there was someone “famous” in the audience named Boo Boo Stewart. Jarrett got out of the ring to address Stewart. As per Jarrett, Stewart is in the junior blackbelt hall of fame. While Stewart was clearly not as tall as Jarrett, Jarrett asked Stewart’s father to stand up. The father towered over Jarrett. Jarrett disqualified Stewart because he would clearly be taller than Jarrett some day. Jarrett got back in the ring and picked someone out of the audience to participate again (a skinny mark with a TNA shirt). He got the participant to sign the waiver. The particpant’s name was Jonathan Cruise. Jarrett feigned as though he was going to ask another question of Cruise when he suddenly attacked. Jarrett had complete control until he put the ankle lock on and Cruise tapped out. Jarrett still wouldn’t release the hold. Kurt Angle came out of the audience but Jarrett scrambled out of the ring before Kurt could get to him. Angle grabbed a mic and challenged Jarrett to an exhibition match. Jarrett had left his clipboard of waivers in the ring. Angle grabbed it. Jarrett pointed out that Angle swore he’d never wrestle again. Angle reiterated that it’s not a wrestling match. It’s an exhibition match and he signed the contract/waiver. The exhibition will occur at Genesis.

TNA World Tag Team champions The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) defeated A.J. Styles & Kazarian + Eric Bischoff & Beer Money (James Storm & Robert Roode): The match began with the Guns taking control performing a lot of fast action and some high risk moves. A.J. Styles was able to reverse the situation and he and Kazarian kept Sabin in the ring for a couple minutes creating an opportunity for a hot tag for Alex Shelley. Shelley took on both Styles & Kazarian for a moment. Styles attempted Doug Williams’ finishing move Rolling Chaos but Shelley stopped it. A.J. attempted to use a tag belt as a weapon but missed and left an opening for Shelley to perform sliced bread onto him to get the win. Eric Bischoff came out to the top of the ramp creating a momentary distraction so that Beer Money could attack the Guns from behind. Taz said Bischoff was disappointed with A.J. Styles..

Pope D’Angelo Dinero: The Pope indicated that someone has been following him around and he intends of calling that person out to demand an apology from whoever that may be. He also said something about being falsley accused of something but didn’t specify what.

Eric Bischoff & Ric Flair & A.J. Styles: Bischoff was very upset that Styles has not been living up to their expectations. Styles defended himself and Flair indicated that Styles is the face of TNA and he wanted Styles to be all he could be. Bischoff reiterated that if Styles loses his match at Genesis then he is out of Immortal

Pope D’Angelo Dinero: The Pope called out whoever it was that was following him around and recording what he was doing. It was Samoa Joe that came out. Joe grabbed a mic and said that war is won with perception. Joe said the Pope isn’t spending time helping the community like he says he is when he’s not wrestling. Since he’s been shown collecting pit bulls and hanging out at strip clubs. Joe called Pope a scumbag. The Pope said he spent time at the strip clubs to try to talk the girls out of dancing. Pope said he gets the pitbulls to prevent them from being used in dog fights. Pope advised Joe not to falsely accuse him again or they would have a problem.

Brother Devon: Devon accepted Ray’s challenge and will be meeting Ray in the parking lot.

Sarita & Madison Rayne w/Tara defeated defeated Velvet Sky & Mickie James: The match began with Velvet taking control but it didn’t take long before Madison and Sarita got turned things around to control for several minutes until Velvet reversed things long enough to attempt a pin and then all four Knockouts got in the ring. While the ref was distracted trying to get Mickie back out of the ring Tara hit Velvet in the face with her elbow brace allowing Sarita to get the pin.

Rob Van Dam + Eric Bischoff: RVD attempted to find out who his upcoming opponent would be at Genesis so that he could get to Jeff Hardy. Eric indicated RVD should be worried about the match he has tonight. Though they didn’t say who the match would be with. RVD complained about how he’s never had to deal with so many head games before.

TNA Television champion Doug Williams defeated Rob Terry w/A.J. Styles by DQ: The match only lasted for a minute or so when Williams rolled outside the ring to be attacked by A.J. Styles. The referee called for a disqualification. Terry & Styles specifically targeted Williams’ hand while they continued to attack him.

Bully Ray + Brother Devon: The two of them were in the parking lot trying to fight each other but security was breaking it up preventing them from getting to one another. This gave Ray an opportunity to talk more trash on Devon. While security was holding Devon back Ray kicked Devon. Ray kicked him one more time for good measure and told him not to show up at Genesis.

Jeff Jarrett & Eric Bischoff: Jeff indicated that he has big plans for Kurt Angle at Genesis and can’t wait to implement them. Bischoff asked that Jarrett take care of RVD tonight. Jarrett hesitated since he’d already been in a match. Bischoff assured that he’d stack the deck somewhat by making it a no disqualification match ..

Jay Lethal defeated The Monster Abyss: Lethal did his best to wrestle Abyss but Abyss was simply too strong. Lethal attempted to use his speed and agility and this worked for a few minutes. Lethal managed to knock Abyss off his feet with a missile drop kick. Abyss hit the black hole slam and went for the pin but pulled Lethal’s shoulders off the mat. Abyss began choking Lethal in the corner and didn’t adhere to the ref’s 5 count and got himself disqualified. Abyss continued to beat up on him as Kazarian came out jokingly begging Abyss to stop so that Lethal would still be alive for the match Kazarian has with him at Genesis. Kaz asked Lethal to stand up. Abyss instead had to pick him up. Kazarian asked to shake Lethal’s hand and Abyss put Lethal’s hand forward for the shake and then threw him to the mat.

Mike Tenay & Matt Morgan & Ken Anderson: Tenay pointed out that Morgan left Immortal for Anderson’s health. Anderson pointed out that he’d already thanked Morgan. Morgan reiterated that Anderson is risking his health unnecessarily and he should be worried about his family. Anderson said his family is none of their business and that he has medical clearance to wrestle. Tenay stated that they haven’t seen the medical clearance. Tenay asked Anderson if there is any chance Anderson is working everyone about whether he’s healthy or not. Morgan indicated once again that once the bell rings the gloves are off.

Jeff Jarrett defeated Rob Van Dam: Jarrett continued to have his entourage at ringside. Once it became apparent that RVD was getting the upper hand Jarrett got out of the ring and ran laps around it. Once he got back in the ring Gunner tripped up RVD allowing Jarrett to take control. He put RVD in rear choke. After RVD got out of it and started to get the upper hand again Gunner & Murphy got in the ring and held RVD while Jarrett beat up on him. RVD started to attack back when Jeff Hardy got in the ring and hit him with the Twist of Hate. Jarrett pinned RVD. Jarrett and Hardy began attacking RVD more until Matt Morgan ran out to help RVD. Jeff Hardy was about to hit Morgan with a chair when Anderson ran in and grabbed the chair from Hardy. He swung the chair to hit Hardy, but missed and hit Matt Morgan instead. The announcers played it up like they couldn’t tell if he intentionally hit Morgan with the chair or not.