TNA IMPACT 06 09 2011

Location: Orlando, Florida (Universal Studios)
Date: June 9, 2011 (Taped: May 31)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

XPLOSION: XPLOSION TITLE TOURNAMENT: Brother Devon defeated Anarquia
XPLOSION: XPLOSION TITLE TOURNAMENT: Douglas Williams defeated Amazing Red

VIDEO PACKAGE: Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan revealing the documents which terminated Mick Foley’s position as a network executive.

Immortal ( Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff) + Mr. Anderson + Sting: Hulk Hogan welcomed us to Impact Wrestling and the rules are the same, the network have realised him and Eric are running the show correctly and Mick Foley was evil. Eric Bischoff took the microphone said he had just spoke to the network, they said they love the fact its Impact Wrestling and wrestling matters, but they also want the X-Division and its high on there agenda, so they will continue to push it. Eric Bischoff said at Slammiversary 3 days away, it will be Sting versus Mr. Anderson for the TNA title and welcomed Mr. Anderson out. Then Sting immediately followed. Hulk Hogan promised the network that the title match the next PPV will be one winner and one loser, and the network have the Hogan word. Hogan said if they have anything to say, say it now. Mr. Anderson took the mic and said he has mocked Sting for the last three weeks because everything what Sting stands for is a joke. Sting said that’s fine but he won’t beat him for the title because the title is the difference between what Bischoff and Hogan making a mockery of TNA as a company. Sting said he will beat Anderson and then remove either Hogan or Bischoff. He questioned Hogan at why he threw it all away with the stars respecting him and said history can bread and grow a slow death and pointed at Bischoff. Sting told Hogan to get rid of the cancer Bischoff and said you have a choice.

A split screen of Tara/Mickie James versus Angelina Love/Winter of, they face each other next.

Angelina Love & Winter defeated Mickie James & Tara: Mickie wanted to tag Tara but Madison Rayne came down knocked Tara of the apron and Irish whipped her into the steel steps. Angelina Love hit a inverted backbreaker for the win and choked her out after.

Robert Roode & Gun Money ( Alex Shelley & James Storm): Robert Roode wished Gun Money luck and James Storm promised the titles will be back with him after this Sunday.

Mexican America ( Hernandez & Anarchia & Sarita & Rosita): Mexican America promised they will be getting the tag gold soon.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Crimson and Samoa Joe bar fight.


Jeff Jarrett arrived and ignored the interviewer

Mexican America (Hernandez & Anarchia w/ Rosita & Sarita) defeated Gun Money ( James Storm & Alex Shelley) w/Bobby Roode: I was more interested in Brutus Magnus Commentary because he was that good at it. Storm had the win but the ladies distracted the ref,he sprayed them with beer but Shelly superkicked Storm and Anarchia got the pinfall.

Gunner & Mr. Anderson: Mr. Anderson cleared the air with Gunner and they are willing to tag with each other tonight

Kurt Angle walking around.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Impact Wrestling..Wrestling Matters…AGAIN!

Mexican America ( Hernandez & Anarchia & Sarita & Rosita) + Hulk Hogan: Mexican America complained to Hulk Hogan about why they are not allowed a tag title shot and is it because they are Mexican, Hogan threatened them to back off the word racists and Hernandez warned Hogan they will get revenge when he least expects it.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Slammiversary Hype for the last battle: Jeff Jarrett versus Kurt Angle.

Jeff Jarrett + Kurt Angle: Both rivals came out one after another. Jeff Jarrett said Karen Angle wouldn’t be there this Sunday so it would be just them one on one for the first time ever. He said Karen was his rock and he misses her. Jeff told Kurt he brought him into TNA because his old employees were making a mistake. Jeff Jarrett said Kurt Angle was the greatest wrestler ever and instead of praise, he got a self proclaimed ego mad son of a bitch who wasn’t happy with the company around him. Jeff said he took Angles wife, kids, integrity and this Sunday he will take his medals. Jarrett promised he will be victorious this Sunday and will be the better man. Kurt Angle said all he wanted is Jeff one on one and he will get it this Sunday.

ODB: ODB said makeup, eyeliner is crap and its about wrestling, she is going to show Velvet wrestling tonight..booom!

Rob Van Dam defeated Bully-Ray: Bully-Ray grabbed the mic and called Christy Hemme a bimbo, useless and her playboy cover sucked. Bully-Ray said 3 days A.J. Styles Last Man Standing Match, if it was a last boy match A.J. the redneck will win. He issued a challenge to anyone except Devon. RVD got the win after A.J. Styles appeared in the crowd and distracted Bully-Ray.

Velvet Sky: Velvet Sky said ODB’s character was weird, because all she mentions is her big boobs and weird obsession with her crotch, she told her to get some ointment.

Kazarian & Brian Kendrick + Abyss: Abyss said the X-division is dead and it is called the Xtreme title, he challenged Kaz and Kendrick to a triple threat match this Sunday. Kendrick said they have to win or they have no purpose.

COMMENTATORS BOOTH: Mike Tenay & Taz gave us the lo-down for this Sundays PPV: Slaimmiversary.

Velvet Sky defeated ODB:

Eric Young & Sting: Eric Young was talking rubbish and Sting told him to let the stupidity go away and become a real competitor.

Mr. Anderson & Gunner defeated Sting & Eric Young: Gunner pinned Sting after the F5. Yes this was not a typo.

Sting & Eric Young: Sting was pissed and told Eric Young stop trying to be funny.

A.J. Styles + Bully-Ray & Kazarian & Simon Diamond & Jackson James: A.J Styles said the plan is working and Bully-Ray is scared, Bully-Ray said he wasn’t scared A.J was, Scott D More, Kazarian and Jackson James separated them so nothing occurred.

Mr. Anderson + Sting: Mr. Anderson was talking trash when he saw Sting and tried to run, but Sting got hold of him and beat the crap out of him in the lockeroom and put paint on him.