TNA IMPACT 10 06 2011

TNA IMPACT  –  Knoxville, Tennessee
October 6, 2011 (Taped: September 28th)
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

VIDEO PACKAGE: Hulk Hogan announcing his retirement last week

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff arrived.

Beer Money (Bobby Roode & James Storm): James Storm said its about time Hulk Hogan takes a backseat, so him Roode and everyone else can go entertain the fans. They are going to tear the roof down apart. Bobby Roode said to James Storm welcome home. Bobby Roode said he has had some physically exhausting matches against Kazarian and A.J. Styles, they are family and tonight James Storm needs to give him his best and everything he has got. James Storm said when they met four years ago they both fought they were TNA Champions. He’s going to bring it and tonight I might just be a bit better than you, they are the best let the best man win tonight.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Sting walking around

VIDEO PACKAGE: January 4th 2011 Hulk Hogan’s debut for TNA ( Remember that anyone?)

Kazarian defeated Gunner by reverse decision: Gunner originally won but continued the attack on Kazarians arm, so the referee revered the decision.

Mr. Anderson + Bully-Ray: Mr. Anderson came out, he said he is apologising for joining the devil in Immortal, turning his back on his assholes. He learnt one thing Bully-Ray is a big douschbag, which brought out Bully-Ray himself. He said to shut, he wanted to go to the stadium and take a piss on the big giant T. Mr. Anderson asked did he hit him with a huge chain because of something else, he has always got the upperhand. Bully-Ray agreed saying he has beaten him, demoralised him, bladed him in front of all his jack off’s. Mr. Anderson challenged him to a Philadelphia street fight match at Bound For Glory.

Beer Money warming up for their match later. ( Split screen)

Eric Bischoff: Eric Bischoff said he is upset Hulk Hogan is retiring.

Brian Kendrick + Kid Kash: Brian Kendrick said people like Austin Aries are the reasons why Kid Kash beats up a young star in Jesse Sorenson. Kid Kash came from behind and attacked Kendrick, leaving him lying.

Winter ( w/ Angelina Love) & Madison Rayne defeated Mickie James & Velvet Sky:

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Jeff Hardy arrived

VIDEO PACKAGE: Hulk Hogan making his in ring return on iMPACTs first live Monday night show. March 8th 2010. Himself and Abyss versus A.J. Styles and Ric Flair.

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Kurt Angle told Eric Bischoff he was livid Jeff Hardy arrived. He wanted to take care of him, but Bischoff said he needed the rest so he would do it.

Eric Bischoff + Jeff Hardy + Immortal ( Bully-Ray & Gunner & Jeff Jarrett & Scott Steiner): Eric Bischoff told everyone to sit down, shut up and make notes. He told Jeff Hardy to come out, he got a loud pop. Bischoff told Hardy he was worked with some of the greats like Verne Gargne, Nick Bonwinkel, Hulk Hogan, Kurt Angle ,men who gave them the opportunity so they could feed there families and take care of friends. He took advantage, he never let anyone down (WCW?). Hardy however drops the ball like a freaking art-form. He is a big screw up, begging for forgiveness, he’s out of chances with him and officially he’s done with TNA. He let everyone down and told him to go away. Jeff Hardy said he has one thing to say to the people and Bischoff, he kicked Eric Bischoff and gave him the twist of fate, he shouted screw you. Immortal came running out and he bailed through the crowd.

BACKSTAGE INTERVIEW:  Jeff Hardy said people have said a lot, but if he is leaving he’s leaving on his own terms.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Hulk Hogan telling Dixie Carter he owns 100% of TNA. This was back in February in North Carolina.

Crimson defeated Samoa Joe: They treat Joe so badly I hate it.

BACKSTAGE INTERVIEW: Bully-Ray said Mr. Anderson has big balls, because forget the street fight he is from New York City.

BACKSTAGE INTERVIEW: James Storm said tonight’s about one on one. Sorry about your damn luck.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Bobby Roode’s past.

Bobby Roode defeated James Storm: Kurt Angle came out and threw James Storm to the steel steps. Great match.

Hulk Hogan + Sting: Hulk Hogan said the crowd made him feel the love again, thanked the crowd it like his first day. He thanked everyone for the support on twitter, facebook and the Knoxville crowd. The crowd started a ‘thank you Hogan’ chant. He said let the celebration begin but Sting came out dressed as Hogan. Sting said he is here to talk about his celebration and the cameras in every corner of the building, and this one they are in right now, nothing is sacred, he has some footage of him. The video was him and Bischoff faking the retirement. Hulk Hogan got pissed and accepted the Bound For Glory match. Sting said got what he wanted ta ta for now.