TNA IMPACT 05 03 2012

TNA Impact Wrestling
Location: Orlando, Florida
May 3, 2012 (Taped: April 18th )
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz


VIDEO PACKAGE: Eric Bischoff versus Garett Bischoff feud which culminated with Bischoff being put in a potty.


Ric Flair + Hulk Hogan: Ric Flair said Hogan plays with him and he is a pond, he is going to be under the thumb and the bigger star. He doesn’t buy it because he is Ric ‘GOD’ Flair. Last week he said Garett and Hogan pushed Bischoff out, he said they are gonna talk, he is pissed off and you don’t want to piss of a man who is wearing a $1000 shirt, $2000trousers,$500 belt and wearing 2 HOF rings. You don’t want to piss of the nature boy. Hulk Hogan came out. Flair said good and he’s evil, the baddest man on the planet, Flair is tired off this does he have to take Dixie back to Hard Rock. Hogan said he’s not here to fight him. Hogan said Bischoff was evil and he has hang up his boots, because they are both here to make TNA big. Hogan asked Flair to be a gut check judge because them two can make the next star because of there legacy. Flair said hes using him as usual because Hogan is using him again, Flair said he will do it. Love Ric Flair!


Velvet Sky & Brooke Tesmocker: Velvet said Gail Kim has cheated every time and Brooke said no one gave her chance but she beat her twice.


Velvet Sky & Brooke Tesmocker defeated Gail Kim & Madison Rayne:  Brooke got the pinfall on the champion again.


Rob Van Dam on his way to the ring.

TNA FLASHBACK: Jeff Jarrett defeating Raven to retain the NWA World Title in 2003.  Sabu’s debut.


Rob Van Dam + Bobby Roode: Rob Van Dam said he knows theylove him, the fans have been entertained by him for years because he is a great wrestler as he is RVD, whole effin show, Mr PPV and he will be the next TNA Champion. Bobby Roode came out; he said he knows RVD is high most of the time and was on a hiatus. He is Bobby Roode, it factor of professional wrestling,leader of the selfish generation and he is your world champion, not any champion he is the most dominate in TNA history. He done this by beating people like: A.J. Styles, Jeff Hardy, Sting, James Storm and Rob Van Dam will be added to that list. As for tonight they have pick their poison matches, Roode asked RVD who his opponent is tonight, RVD said Mr. Anderson. Roode said his opponent is Jeff Hardy a good friend of his.


Devon defeated Robbie T ( w/Robbie E) by disqualification to retain the Television Title: Robbie E just smashed Devons head with a clipboard.


Ric Flair & Al Snow + Bruce Prichard: Ric Flair spoke toAL Snow about the gut check., Al Snow introduced Bruce Prichard as the 3rd judge. Flair asked for a raise. They watched a highlight video of Alex Silva.They discussed his match and future in the business.


Hulk Hogan & Mr. Anderson: Hulk Hogan told Mr. Anderson he is facing Bobby Roode tonight, gave him a pep talk and it’s a no disqualification match for him only.


Rob Van Dam defeated Jeff Hardy: Good friends? didn’t Hardy turn heel on RVD to join Immortal or do TNA forget these things? Roode came out and hit Hardy with the title by mistake.


Bully-Ray + Joseph Parks: Joseph Parks asked Bully-Ray that he didn’t give him answers. Parks said he knows Abyss disappearance was because of him and he’s going to prove it. Bully-Ray said don’t ever touch him and do you know who he is. He does things to people like his brother and told him to back off.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Eric Bischoffs humiliation last week.


Jeremy Borash + Bully-Ray: JB said Bischoff is a prick and put up with him, people are being treated like assholes. He couldn’t deal with it no more. Bully-Ray came in and said continue, he wanted to know every thing he wants to say about him, Bully-Ray dragged JB to the ring.


Jeremy Borash & Bully-Ray + Austin Aries + TNA Security:Bully-Ray said JB is so tough because of what he did last week. Bully-Ray said look what he did last week, he is sick of anti-bullying crap, they should start a stick up for yourself campaign, he is a poster boy who bullies take the mic out off. Bully-Ray said JB wants to hit him but he can’t because he is a wussy.Austin Aries said he is big bad bully-Ray who picks on lawyers, Bully-Ray threatened him to come in the ring and he did. Aries said Bully-Ray called him out on his size and called him fat. Bully-Ray said playtime is over, but he can’t stand up for yourself and he represents the x-division which is small men, he spat on him, Aries snapped and attacked Bully-Ray, security took Aries away and Ray kicked him in the nuts and left.


Kazarian & Christopher Daniels & Kurt Angle: Kazarianand Christopher Daniels discussed there tag team title match and the truth willbe revealed about A.J. Styles. Kurt Angle said he doesn’t care what they have but he will make A.J. tap at Sacrifice.


Bobby Roode said he can beat Anderson just like last time, if Hogan has a problem he should ask Sting what happened to the last authority figure.


A.J. Styles & Samoa Joe & Magnus defeated Kurt Angle & Christopher Daniel & Kazarian: Daniels and Kazarian screwed their team.   Angle was pissed off. Daniels said he is going to un reveal the photos next week.


Al Snow & Ric Flair & Bruce Prichard + Alex Silva: The three judges were in the ring. Al Snow said tonight they will find out if Alex Silva achieves his dream. Alex Silva came out. The judges had some last thoughts on him. Flair said no, Al Snow said yes and Prichard said yes. Silva celebrated and cried.



Bobby Roode defeated Mr. Anderson: Jeff Hardy came out and attacked Roode, but was given a mic-check by Anderson. Roode then hit Anderson with a chair and fishermens suplex for the win. After the match Roode hit both men with a steel chair until RVD came out to make the save and Roode bailed. RVD turned his back and Roode hit RVD with a chair and gave him a DDT onto a steel chair.