TNA IMPACT 05 17 2012

TNA Impact Wrestling
Location: Orlando, Florida
May 17, 2012 (Taped: May 14th)
Commentators: MikeTenay & Taz


VIDEO PACKAGE: Joseph Parks looking for his brother Abyss who returned last week. A.J.Styles dark secret being revealed and who will face Bobby Roode defend histitle against next.


Bobby Roode +Hulk Hogan + Kurt Angle & Bully-Ray & A.J. Styles & Robbie T &Devon & Mr Anderson & Eric Young & Crimson & ODB &AustinAries & Garret Bischoff & Samoa Joe & Robbie E & Magnus &Rob Van Dam &Jeff Hardy: Bobby Roodesaid people have said he’s a bad champion but he overcomes the odds every time,for example last week at Sacrifice Rob Van Dam had a chance in a ladder matchhis speciality but he, the it factor climbed the ladder and retained his worldtitle. In 7 days he will be the longest reigning world champion in the historyof impact wrestling and next week he is throwing a party that the business hasever witnessed, he called the ‘it factors celebration of domination’, he needsto make sure there are no hitches there is one man he has to speak to and hecalled out Hulk Hogan. Hogan came out. Roode said he had demands for his party:his private lockeroom needs to be redecorated, five bottles of champagne whichhave to be chilled, Green MnM’s, gold confetti flown from Canada for hisentrance. Hogan said he has seen some great champions in his time however whenRoode became champion he fixed everything as there were backstabbers in theback. However with regards to the list of demands he ripped it up and next weekis open fight night, so next week the TNA World Title will be defended.. Hesaid he did a poll backstage and there were a few guys who want a shot andasked them to come out. Kurt Angle, Bully-Ray, A.J. Styles, Robbie T, Devon, MrAnderson, Eric Young, Devon, ODB, Austin Aries, Garret Bischoff, Samoa Joe,Crimson, Robbie E, Magnus, Rob Van Dam and Jeff Hardy all came out to thestage. Hogan said he needed 4 men to qualify. Rob Van Dam will face Bully-Ray,Mr. Anderson versus Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle versus Samoa Joe and the 4thqualifying match is a wild card battle royal.


VIDEO PACKAGE: Abyss warning his brother to back off before he gets hurt.


Bully-Ray defeated Rob Van Dam: Bully-Ray won the match with a Bubba Cutter/RKO.


Bully-Ray + Joseph Parks: Bully-Ray said he’s pissed at theKardashians because they are against the anti-bullying crap. Joseph Parks cameand apologised for interrupting in the match, Parks said Abyss dais to stayaway from the fire and asked if Bully-Ray was that,Bully-Ray told him to stayaway and that’s a warning.

VIDEO PACKAGE: King Mosigning a deal with TNA/Bellator.


Gail Kim & Madison Rayne + Velvet Sky & Brooke Tesmocker:Gail Kim asked why Madison Rayne is being distracted all the time. Velvet andBrooke came up to Gail Kim and told them one of them tonight will beat her forthe title.


A.J. Styles won the battle royal: Eric Young and ODB eliminatedCrimson but went over the top rope as well. Aries eliminated Magnus and theyshowed Madison Rayne on the ramp smiling and watching someone. Robbie Eeliminated Robbie T, Devon eliminated Robbie E, Garret Bischoff eliminated Devon, A.J. Styles eliminated Garret Bischoff, Gunnereliminated Austin Aries and A.J. Styles eliminated Gunner.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Starting May 31stImpact goes live!

VIDEO PACKAGE:Daniels/Kazarian/A.J. Styles feud.


A.J. Styles + Christopher Daniels & Kazarian: A.J. Styles saidBobby Roode will be the longest reigning TNA Champion very soon. He said he willbeat Roode for the title next week. Daniels and Kazarian came out. Daniels saidA.J. is a great athlete but he wouldn’t be where he is at today only because ofthe photos. Kazarian said all this about exposing A.J. and him/Daniels havebeen left in the wake, Kaz asked what’s the deal with pictures? They wanted thetruth and they have a video. Which showed A.J./Dixie going into a hotel room.A.J. Styles walked off and Daniels bragged.

VIDEO PACKAGE: SamoaJoe/Kurt Angle feud going back to their Genesis match where Angle ended theundefeated streak.


Kurt Angle & Samoa Joe + D’Lo Brown & Devon & Eric Young & ODB& Crimson & Robbie E & Robbie T & Crimson & GarettBischoff: Samoa Joe told Kurt Angle, it’s a shame he has to gothrough him to get his title back. Angle said remember the headbutt? It’s allabout making the first move and slapped Joe, who attacked him but loads of TNAstars split them up.


Mr. Anderson: He said it was controversial at what happened last Sunday but tonight he has given him another chance but he will win and get his title back next week.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Slammiversary 24days away!

TNA FLASHBACK #7: Unbreakable2005: A.J. Styles versus Christopher Daniels versus SamoaJoe for the X-Division Title.


Jeff Hardy defeated Mr. Anderson:

VIDEO PACKAGE: Samoa Joe defeatingKurt Angle for the TNA Title at Lockdown 2008.


Gail Kim defeated Velvet Sky and Brooke Tesmocker to retain the KnockoutsTitle:

VIDEO PACKAGE: TNA Slammiversary,the 10 year anniversary of TNA, they showed clips of TNA’s greatestmoments.


Kurt Angle defeated Samoa Joe:Bobby Roode joined commentary. Roode after the match went onto the ramp, Anglewent into the ring, Hardy came through the crowd, Bully-Ray came through theside ramp and A.J. Styles came through the entrance, they all stared down oneanother all wanting Roode’s title.