TNA IMPACT 08 02 2012

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Orlando, FL
Date: August 2, 2012
Commentators: Todd Keneley, Mike Tenay, and Taz

We start off with the participants in tonight’s featured tag match, the teams of Austin Aries & Kenny King and Bobby Roode & Zema Ion, fighting out of the entranceway and brawling around ringside. They started fighting backstage during the credits of the show before this, then after a lengthy altercation at ringside, Aries chases Roode into the ring to start our opening match.

World Champion Austin Aries & Kenny King vs. Bobby Roode & X Division Champion Zema Ion

Roode quickly tags out to Ion and bails to the floor as Ion jumps Aries from behind. Aries recovers and he tags in King so they can hit a double team airplane spin, followed by a springboard legdrop off the bottom rope by King for 2. King and Aries with the old catapult into a forearm/slingshot twisting elbow spot Aries used to do with Roderick Strong. Aries off the ropes with a pumping elbowdrop for 2, then he tags out to King so he can wear Ion out with chops. King with shoulderblocks to Ion’s breadbasket in the corner, then he whips Ion hard across the ring and covers him for 2. King slams Ion and tags in Aries so he can hit a slingshot twisting splash for 2. Pulling out all the old Aries & Strong spots! King back in with a snap suplex for 2, but King hits the ropes and gets a knee in the back from Roode. King slows down just enough for Ion to take a run at him, but King moves out of the way and Ion nails Roode off the apron. Roode quickly recovers and drags King out to the floor and rams him into the ring apron, allowing Ion to hit a big dive over the top rope and then cover King in the ring for 2. Roode whips King hard into the corner and unloads with hard right hands and a vertical suplex followed by a kneedrop out of the corner for 2. Roode takes a cheapshot at Aries and then Ion comes in for an illegal switch while the referee is occupied with Aries. Ion continues unloading on King in the corner as we go to commercial.

We’re back as King fights Ion off the top rope and goes for something, but Roode shoves him off the ropes and King tumbles hard out to the floor. Roode brings King back inside and rams him into the corner again before drilling him in the kidneys with a right hand. Ion back in and gets King in a front facelock, but King escapes and gets a high cradle suplex and makes the hot tag, but Roode had the referee’s attention and didn’t see the tag, so King gets double teamed again while Aries argues with the ref. King fights his way free a second time and takes Ion out with a twisting enziguiri for 2, Roode comes in to nail King but eats a missile dropkick from Aries. Aries goes for the dive through the ropes but Ion nails him, so Aries clotheslines Ion, hits the dive through the ropes, and King hits the Royal Flush on Ion for the win.

Winners: Austin Aries & Kenny King

We now go to what would normally be the opening video as we recap what happened on last week’s episode of Impact Wrestling. We then go backstage where the annoying pissant with the camera asks Sting for his thoughts on Aces & Eights and their relationship with James Storm, and Sting says he’s not going to jump to conclusions because he wants to hear it right from the horse’s mouth.

Sting comes out to the ring and…wait, was that Chubby Dudley in the front row? Nah. Anyway, Sting asks James Storm to come out to the ring, then says that he couldn’t believe when Bobby Roode pointed the finger at Storm with the Aces & Eights gang, but Sting shows us the footage of last week when A&E ran in and attacked AJ Styles, Sting, Aries, and Kurt Angle, but headed for the hills when Storm ran in to make the save. Sting wants to know if Storm has anything to do with A&E, but all Storm saw was a bunch of cowards heading for the hills when he came in to kick some ass. He and Sting have known each other for a long time and have fought each other many times, but Storm has never needed anyone to fight his battles. But then again, Storm was jumped from behind by Kurt Angle and he didn’t complain about it, he asked for seconds and he went on to beat the greatest wrestler in the history of TNA three out of four times, and one of those times was for the World Title, and he didn’t need a damn soul to do it. Hey, Kurt’s music hits and here comes the aforementioned greatest wrestler in the history of TNA. He says that he and Storm have been through a lot this year, but all he knows was that he was jumped before he came out to wrestle Storm, then AJ Styles and even the referee got laid out but Storm was left untouched. Then A&E came out later in the show and kicked everyone’s asses, and he comes running out and eight…count ’em, EIGHT guys ran away from Storm. Angle dares A&E to come out during his match tonight, and Sting says he hopes they show up because he’s going to be at ringside as well. Angle finishes by telling Storm that he’s going to make him tap out, but Storm says that we’ll see about that.

Speaking of AJ, he’s in Australia doing promotional work and we see photos from Twitter of him hanging out there before we look at a couple of weeks ago when Claire Lynch showed up with THE PHOTOS. Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian are backstage cracking jokes about AJ fleeing the country and undoubtedly sticking his shrimp in a Barbie. They plan to throw a little baby shower for Claire later tonight.

Mike Tenay and Taz talk about the three hardcore-themed four way matches that will take place at Hardcore Justice, with the winner of each picking up a big 20 points in the Bound For Glory Series, and then Bully Ray comes out to the ring and says he’s been here six years and he’s never trusted James Storm, so he’ll be watching his match with Kurt Angle later tonight.

Bound For Glory Series: Bully Ray vs. Robbie E

Robbie T blindsides Bubba with a cheapshot before the match starts, and E quickly tries to capitalize but only gets a 2 count. E gets a little too cute slapping Bubba around, but Bubba hits a Bubba Cutter out of nowhere to win the match.

Winner: Bully Ray

Much like in real life, New Jersey once again does a sixty second squash job to New York. We go backstage where Earl Hebner gives Madison Rayne candy, flowers and a teddy bear, and Madison says she doesn’t need any presents, just his affection. Gail Kim comes in to ask what’s going on, and Madison assures her that Earl is a professional and would never show bias, then wishes Gail luck.

Brooke Tessmacher comes out to join Mike and Taz at the announce table for…

#1 Contender Match: Tara vs. Madison Rayne vs. Gail Kim vs. Mickie James

Tara goes after Gail in one corner while Mickie and Madison go at it across the ring. Mickie goes to slug Madison, but Earl Hebner catches the fist and allows Madison to nail her. Mickie fires back and goes after Madison, but Gail takes her head off with a clothesline and Madison baseball slides her out to the floor and they turn their attention to Tara and double team her, but Mickie drags Gail out to the floor as Tara hits a spinning side suplex on Madison for 2. Gail sends Mickie into the ring steps and then short clotheslines Tara before locking her in a rear chinlock. Madison blatantly gouges the face of Tara and the referee does nothing to break it, but Gail misses a charge and hits the ringpost. Madison tries to cover Tara, but Mickie comes in and nails Madison from behind. Mickie with a neckbreaker as Mike Tenay reminds us that Brooke Hogan is the head of the Knckouts Division and poor Tessmacher is forced to act like she gives a crap about her. All heck breaks loose until Gail hits a huge superplex on Tara, but Madison is taking the referee’s attention and he doesn’t count the fall. Mickie tosses Gail to the floor and unloads on Madison with clotheslines and a flapjack, but Gail shoves Mickie off the top rope to the floor. Tara with the Widow’s Peak on Gail, Madison slips out and goes for her neckbreaker thing, but Tara rolls through into a leg cradle for 3.

Winner: Tara

Wait a minute, Madison’s music is playing and the referee is raising her hand! Wait, let’s look at the replay: Tara gets the cradle and Madison’s shoulders are clearly down while Tara’s left shoulder is up. Okay then, looks like we need to revise that outcome.

Winner: Madison Rayne

We go backstage to Bobby Roode who says that Storm’s behind Aces & Eights, and since Sting and Bubba are going to be out at ringside for the main event, he’ll be out there as well. Austin Aries wanders in and says it sounds like there’s going to be some kind of a party tonight, so he’ll be out there as well.

Sting’s in the office with Brooke Hogan and he says that he’s known her father for 20 years and he’s not going down without a fight, and he’s going to get to the bottom of Aces & Eights and find out what their deal is. Brooke says she’s never seen her father not able to get up and fight back, and she wants to know WHY THEY’RE PICKING ON THEM. Her words. Sting wants to make sure that she’s still able to run the Knockouts division (implying that she ever was), but then a deliveryman comes in with an envelope for Brooke, and I’m pretty sure you can guess what’s inside.

ODB is backstage with Eric Young and says that Brooke Hogan is on her ass about being the Knockouts Tag Team Champions because Eric is a man and they haven’t defended the title in two months. EY says he never knew Hogan had kids because he looks so young, but he’s got enough problems since his fishing show debuts this Sunday, then he takes the belts and runs. Okay.

Kid Kash vs. Chavo Guerrero, Jr

Kash has Gunner in his corner, while Chavo comes out with Hernandez. Oh, and Chavo’s grandma is at ringside. Kash tries to shoot a double leg, but Chavo goes behind, snapmares Kash, but Kash gets a headscissors and comes off the ropes with a shoulderblock to Chavo. Chavo with a double chop to the throat and an armdrag, then mounts Kash and bars the arm. Kash connects with several right hands, but Chavo with a kick to the gut and a pair of European uppercuts. Kash with a clothesline and then he sits on Chavo’s chest and drills him with right hands until the referee drags him off of Chavo. Chavo uses the opening to fire back with some right hands of his own, but he walks right into a spinebuster from Kash. Kash goes to the top rope for a moonsault, but Chavo moves out of the way and Kash hits hard. Chavo with a flying headscissors and a sweet dropkick for 2, a slingshot senton from the outside, but a distraction from Gunner allows Kash to nail Chavo. Chavo quickly recovers and hits the Three Amigos, then goes up top and hits the frogsplash for the win.

Winner: Chavo Guerrero, Jr

The dumbass with the camera is backstage asking Dixie Carter for her thoughts on the AJ-Claire thing, and she says she knows what it’s like because she’s been on the receiving end of blackmail and photos like that. Really? Photos like THAT??? Anyway, she says it’s way past time for AJ to step up and set the record straight. I dunno, it looks like Claire pretty much did that already!

Kurt Angle is backstage exchanging pleasantries with Wes Brisco, who wants to be a pro wrestler and wants Angle to put in a good word for him with Hogan. Devon and Garett Bischoff come in and say that they’re not going to let Aces & Eights attack Angle a third time and they’ll be at ringside as well. Angle says thanks, then asks Wes what his plans are for later and Wes says he’s off to the strip club. This episode is awesome.

Daniels and Kazarian are in the ring saying that AJ Styles is on the other side of the world and is undoubtedly impregnating someone, but right now they’d like to invite Claire Lynch into the ring for a baby shower. They give her a Person of Honor necklace as they sit her down, and Daniels knows how important it is to be pregnant because he’s got two beautiful children of his own. AJ’s treating her like crap, so they got her a bunch of presents and they want her to have them. Claire seems truly (and moronically) happy as they give her diapers, AJ Styles action figures, pictures of Uncle Chris, and championship belts like the ones Uncle Chris and Uncle Frankie have, and also a baby doll dressed like AJ Styles. Claire looks like she’s having the time of her life as Daniels assures her they just want to be there for her, then she looks into the camera and tells AJ that the baby is coming and to DO THE RIGHT THING FOR OUR BABY, AJ!! Okay, she’s crazy too. Great, can’t wait for her to become the new GM when Hogan can’t come back.

Joseph Park is backstage and he tells the dumbass with the camera that he’s done in the ring, but he’s been retained to represent several TNA talents. He sees Sting and tries to offer him his services as well, but Sting says he’s covered and instead wants to know how Park hit such a textbook Black Hole Slam. Park kayfabes him and gets Sting in on a photo op instead.

After taking a moment to run down the BFG Series matches scheduled for next week, its main event time!

Bound For Glory Series: James Storm vs. Kurt Angle

We see Wes Brisco sitting at ringside as Storm and Angle trade wristlocks and headlocks. Storm runs Angle over with a shoulderblock as we see a Tweet from Bobby Roode, who still insists that Storm is behind Aces & Eights. They go to the mat as Storm gets a hammerlock and Angle tries in vain to escape as Sting makes his way down to ringside. Angle gets a shoulderblock and comes off the ropes into a hiptoss and an armdrag by Storm, who again bars up Angle’s arm. Now Devon and Garett Bischoff come out to ringside as Storm hits a Thesz Press on Angle. Storm with a clothesline, Angle with a clothesline of his own and he blocks the Last Call and stomps Storm down and chokes him in the corner with his boot. Angle with an overhead release suplex as Bully Ray comes out of the crowd. Bubba shoots dirty looks at Devon as we go to commercial.

We’re back, and Storm is putting the boots to Angle and drags him into the ring over the second rope for an Orton DDT. Bobby Roode comes down to ringside now and is soon joined by Austin Aries, who looks around to scan his surroundings as he comes to the ring. Storm hotshots Angle on the top rope, then hits a leaping enziguiri and tries a clothesline, but Angle ducks under and comes around behind Storm for a series of rolling German suplexes. Storm counters the Angle Slam to an armdrag, but Angle hits his crappy superkick for 2. Angle takes the straps down and goes for an anklelock, but Storm rolls through and hits a Hacker Slam for 2. Storm tries a Codebreaker, but Angle blocks and counters to an anklelock. Storm tries desperately to escape, but Angle drags Storm back out to the middle of the ring and cranks on the hold. Storm is refusing to submit and almost makes the ropes, but Angle drags him right back out to the middle and Storm finally manages to kick Angle in the head to break the hold. Storm hits the Last Call out of nowhere and pins Angle.

Winner: James Storm

Everyone at ringside starts looking around for Aces & Eights to try and sneak attack but they’re nowhere to be found. Storm is now at the top of the leader board, and he and Angle shake hands as Storm takes the microphone and says that the gang is all here, and invites Aces & Eights out to the ring to get it on. They don’t show up, and Roode gets a microphone and says that they’re not showing up because he won his match and didn’t need them tonight. Roode insists that he knows Storm better than he knows himself, and to just admit that he’s behind Aces & Eights. This leads to Storm brawling with Bully Ray and Aries brawling with Roode as we call it a night.