IMPACT Wrestling 01 19 2023

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Tonight’s episode is in memory of Jamin Pugh, known to wrestling fans as Jay Briscoe.

New Knockouts World Champion Mickie James Kicks Off IMPACT!

After defeating Jordynne Grace to become new Knockouts World Champion in the epic conclusion to The Last Rodeo, Mickie James is in the ring to thank the fans for their support. But then, the man who failed to capture the IMPACT World Title from Josh Alexander, Bully Ray, interrupts. Bully tells her to leave but Mickie stands her ground. Bully calls himself the true “main event” of Hard To Kill and credits himself with selling out Center Stage in Atlanta. Bully says that without him, Josh Alexander would be a nobody. Mickie fires back, saying that if Bully wants her out of this ring, he needs to make her leave. Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans are out next as Steelz reminds Mickie that she can’t beat her. Evans clobbers Mickie, leading to a two-on-one beatdown. Moments later, Frankie Kazarian and Jordynne Grace even the odds. IMPACT’s new Director of Authority, Santino Marella, is about to make a match when Ernest “The Cat” Miller arrives. Miller gives Marella some advice, leading to this huge bout to kick off IMPACT.

After the match, the new #1 Contender for the Knockouts World Title, Masha Slamovich, issues a death warrant to Mickie James.

Santino Marella informs Ernest “The Cat” Miller of his new match concept, the Golden Six Shooter. Six former IMPACT World Champions will collide to determine who will challenge Josh Alexander for the IMPACT World Title at No Surrender: Chris Sabin, Eddie Edwards, Rhino, Rich Swann, Moose and Callihan.

Steve Maclin confronts Santino Marella for putting Rich Swann in the Golden Six Shooter after he defeated him at Hard To Kill. Marella asks Dirty Dango for advice, and Dango wants to step into the ring with Maclin tonight.

Deonna Purrazzo vs Ashley D’Amboise

IMPACT newcomer Ashley D’Amboise goes one-on-one with former multi-time Knockouts World Champion Deonna Purrazzo. D’Amboise finds an opening in the early going but Purrazzo shuts down her momentum with a knee strike. Purrazzo drives her boots into the lower back of her opponent, then hits a snap suplex for two. Purrazzo has the match won following a backbreaker but decides to add insult to injury. Purrazzo may regret that decision as D’Amboise bounces back with a rolling neckbreaker. Purrazzo hits a powerbomb, followed by Queen’s Gambit to win.

Deonna Purrazzo def Ashley D’Amboise

Gia Miller attempts to interview PCO following his shocking return and subsequent attack on Eddie Edwards at Hard To Kill. An unhinged PCO scares her away.

X-Division Champion Trey Miguel erroneously gives Ashley D’Amboise advice on how she can improve in the ring. An argument breaks out as Mike Jackson comes to her defense. Jackson vows to teach Miguel a lesson in respect when he challenges him for the X-Division Title next week.

Taylor Wilde vs Killer Kelly

Dark forces collide as Taylor Wilde and Killer Kelly jockey for position in the Knockouts division! Wilde hits a vertical suplex, then transitions into a Guillotine submission. Kelly drives her into the corner turnbuckles to break the hold. Kelly follows up with a pump kick for two. Wilde begins to build momentum with double knees, followed by a running dropkick. Wilde drives Kelly head-first into the hardest part of the ring. Kelly delivers a series of headbutts before hitting a hesitation dropkick. Wilde connects with the Wilde Ride but it’s not enough to keep Kelly down. Kelly locks in the Killer Clutch, forcing the tap-out to win.

Killer Kelly def Taylor Wilde

Gisele Shaw tells Santino Marella that she deserves another Knockouts World Tag Team Title opportunity against the Death Dollz. The problem is, nobody wants to be her partner.

Steve Maclin vs Dirty Dango (former WWE Superstar Fandango)

Dirty Dango returns to the IMPACT Zone but standing in his way is a ticked-off Steve Maclin. Dango lays in a series of chops but Maclin shuts him down with a thudding clothesline. Maclin hits a thunderous backbreaker for two. Dango hits a back suplex to create some much-needed separation, then quickens the pace with a side Russian leg sweep. Dango hits the Dirtbag Shuffle, followed by the Falcon Arrow. Maclin retreats to the outside but Dango brings the fight to him on the ramp. Maclin counters a tornado DDT and has Dango Caught in the Crosshairs. Maclin follows up with the KIA to win.

Steve Maclin def Dirty Dango

Gia Miller interviews the Major Players after coming up short in the Four-Way Elimination match for the IMPACT World Tag Team Titles at Hard To Kill. Miller reveals their upcoming match with Ace Austin and Chris Bey. Moose interrupts and reminds both Matt Cardona and Brian Myers of their past issues with Digital Media Champion Joe Hendry. As the original champion of the internet, Cardona vows to reclaim the Digital Media Title after taking care of Bullet Club next Thursday.

Tommy Dreamer Sits Down With Busted Open Co-Host Dave LaGreca

Dave LaGreca interviews Tommy Dreamer about the ongoing issues with his former friend, Bully Ray. LaGreca admits that it has been difficult to co-host Busted Open with both Dreamer and Bully. LaGreca asks if their relationship can be repaired but Dreamer immediately turns down that proposition. Dreamer says that he may lose a match, but he will never lose the war – and he’s about to go to war with Bully Ray.

Kenny King vs Mike Bailey – Pit Fight

The heated rivalry between Mike Bailey and Kenny King will be settled in a Pit Fight. There are no pinfalls, no disqualifications and no ropes – the only way to win is by knockout or submission! King dumps Bailey to the outside and tosses him into the steel ring steps. King drops him face-first onto the ramp, then hits a pinpoint knee strike to the head. Bailey is busted open as King continues the assault. King remains in control with a vicious Dragon Screw leg whip. Bailey counters with a Sparta Kick as King tumbles to the floor. Bailey quickens the pace, laying in a flurry of kicks before locking in an armbar. King breaks the hold with a big powerbomb. King launches himself off the apron, connecting with a blockbuster on the floor. Bailey charges into the corner but King sidesteps, causing him to kick the steel post with full force. King secures the Figure Four Leg Lock but Bailey reverses the pressure as they roll to the outside. Bailey gets a running start from the top of the ramp for an explosive dropkick. Bailey climbs to the top of the ring post, then soars with a corkscrew to the floor. Bailey goes for Ultima Weapon but King cuts him off with a mid-air knee strike. King hits a spinebuster on the side of the ring, then locks in a submission. Bailey breaks it with a steel chair shot and hits double knees to the chest. Bailey places a steel chair over King’s head, then delivers one final superkick to win by knockout.

Mike Bailey def Kenny King – Pit Fight