IMPACT Wrestling 03 02 2023

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Ace Austin and Chris Bey, now known as ABC (Ace & Bey Connection), are in the ring to address their big victory at No Surrender. Alongside KENTA, Bullet Club defeated Time Machine, pinning one half of the IMPACT World Tag Team Champions in the process. Ace and Bey brag about their accolades at Sam’s Town Las Vegas before calling themselves the best tag team in IMPACT Wrestling today. The Motor City Machine Guns interrupt and claim that they’re the best tag team in IMPACT, hence why they’re not only the IMPACT World Tag Team Champions, but the NJPW STRONG Tag Team Champions as well. Bey lays out the challenge for a match at Sacrifice but Shelley wants to do it later tonight. Both teams agree and it’s on!

Gia Miller interviews Shane Haste ahead of IMPACT debut match against Mike Bailey tonight. Haste declares victory as the stage will be set for Multiverse United: Only the STRONG Survive on March 30th.

After coming up short in his IMPACT World Title opportunity at No Surrender, Rich Swann sends a warning to Raj Singh after being interrupted during his interview with Gia Miller.

After coming up short in his IMPACT World Title opportunity at No Surrender, Rich Swann sends a warning to Raj Singh after being interrupted during his interview with Gia Miller.

Shane Haste vs Mike Bailey

Rising stars from IMPACT Wrestling and New Japan Pro-Wrestling collide! Bailey delivers a flurry of kicks, sending him to the outside. Bailey dives through the ropes but Haste cuts him off in mid-air and drops Bailey back-first on the apron. Haste remains in control with a Saito Suplex for two. Moments later, Haste hits a Falcon Arrow for another near fall. Bailey soars with a missile dropkick, followed by a running corkscrew. Both men exchange shots in the middle of the ring with Bailey gaining the upper-hand. Haste regains control with a modified back suplex cutter. Bailey hits a springboard Moonsault to the outside. Haste hits a running dropkick, followed by the Dynamic Bomb but it’s still not enough. Bailey spikes him with the Poison Rana, then hits Ultima Weapon to win.

Mike Bailey def Shane Haste

After Callihan inadvertently cost Kon his match against Frankie Kazarian at No Surrender, Angels is convinced that he is trying to destroy The Design from within. Rhino confronts Deaner and says that he won’t stand by while The Design mess with Callihan’s head, just like Violent By Design did to him. Deaner tells Callihan that step six in his initiation process has been revealed.

Kenny King vs Kevin Knight

Kenny King looks to turn his luck around against one of New Japan Pro-Wrestling’s most promising young talents, Kevin Knight! It doesn’t take long for Knight to take flight, diving over the top rope and crashing into King on the outside. Moments later, King trips him up on the top rope, then gains control with a vicious clothesline. King catches Knight in mid-air, then hits a twisting backbreaker for two. Knight uses his quickness to his advantage, hitting a springboard crossbody for a near fall of his own. King shuts down his momentum with a Spinebuster. King hits the Royal Flush to win.

Kenny King def Kevin Knight

Josh Alexander has a tough road ahead of him as he must defend his IMPACT World Title against #1 Contender Steve Maclin at Rebellion – that is, if he can get by KUSHIDA in another World Title defense at Multiverse United: Only the STRONG Survive. In an interview with Gia Miller, Alexander praises KUSHIDA and challenges Time Machine to a six-man tag team match at Sacrifice. Maclin interrupts and begs him to hold on to that title because he wants to defeat the longest reigning IMPACT World Champion of all time at Rebellion.

Dr. Ross provides an update on Tommy Dreamer after Bully Ray threw hot coffee in his face during the first-ever LIVE Busted Open at No Surrender. Ross says that Dreamer suffered minor burns and retinal damage, and will be recovering at home for the time being. Bully Ray interrupts and claims that if Dreamer is going to live, he can make sure that he doesn’t. Bhupinder Gujjar steps up to Bully but when security breaks them up, Bully takes a cheat shot and slaps him across the face.

Knockouts World Champion Mickie James is in the ring to celebrate her hard-fought victory over Masha Slamovich at No Surrender. James turns her attention towards Jordynne Grace, who has been telling people that James tapped out in their match at Hard To Kill. Gisele Shaw interrupts and claims that she’s the #1 Contender for the Knockouts World Title after defeating Deonna Purrazzo on Countdown to No Surrender. James reminds Shaw that she already defeated her on during The Last Rodeo. Shaw says that she hasn’t faced this version of “The Quintessential Diva”, who now stands alongside Jai Vidal and Savannah Evans. Shaw isn’t prepared to challenge for the title right now so James lays out the challenge herself. Gail Kim comes out and makes the match official for next week.

Moose proposes a plan to Brian Myers about how they can humiliate Digital Media Champion Joe Hendry.

Director of Authority Santino Marella grants Jordynne Grace her contractually obligated rematch for the Knockouts World Title at Sacrifice – whoever the champion may be.

Johnny Swinger complains to Santino Marella about his loss to Barry Horowitz. Marella allows Swinger to pick his own opponent in his quest to 50 wins for an IMPACT World Title opportunity.

X-Division Champion Trey Miguel vs PCO

After running his mouth at No Surrender, X-Division Champion Trey Miguel must face the wrath of PCO! The early advantage goes to PCO as he hits a backbreaker on the outside. PCO crashes and burns, diving through the ropes but only hitting the exposed ramp. Back in the ring, PCO sits up and hits a pop-up powerbomb, followed by double knees in the corner. PCO soars with a leg drop off the second rope. Eddie Edwards attacks PCO with the shovel he used to bury him, causing the disqualification.

PCO def X-Division Champion Trey Miguel by Disqualification

PCO brings the fight to Edwards, hitting him with a devastating chokeslam before security hits the ring. PCO breaks free and takes out security with a PCO-Sault to the outside. Edwards escapes through the crowd in the IMPACT Zone.

Following their victory at No Surrender, Bullet Club challenge the Motor City Machine Guns for the IMPACT World Tag Team Titles! Ace uses his playing card to slice Shelley’s hand while the referee’s view is obstructed. Shelley knocks Ace off the apron, then joins Sabin for a double team attack on Bey. Shelley hits a sliding dropkick, sending Bey into the steel guardrail. Shelley locks in the Motor City Stretch but Bey makes it to the bottom rope. The fight spills to the outside where Bey causes both of the Guns to inadvertently chop the steel ring post. Shelley creates separation with a kick to Bey’s head, allowing him to make the tag to Sabin. The match begins to break down as everyone gets involved. Bey launches himself over the top rope, colliding with Sabin on the outside. Sabin hits double crossbody on both of his opponents, followed by a tornado DDT to Ace. Bey counters the Cradle Shock from Sabin into a pair of cutters. The Guns hits the Doomsday Device on Bey, but Shelley can’t put him away with the follow-up Shell Shock. The action is fast and furious, leading to The Art of Finesse on Shelley, followed by The Fold for a Bullet Club victory.

Bullet Club (Ace Austin & Chris Bey) def IMPACT World Tag Team Champions Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley) – NEW IMPACT World Tag Team Champions

Ace and Bey celebrate their championship victory as IMPACT! goes off the air.