IMPACT Wrestling 11 02 2023

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Joe Hendry vs Frankie Kazarian – Glasgow Cup Finals

Joe Hendry and Frankie Kazarian clash in the finals of the Glasgow Cup tournament! Hendry defeated Rich Swann in the opening round, while Kazarian toppled Leon Slater. Hendry puts his raw power on display with a delayed vertical suplex. Kazarian pushes Hendry off the top rope, sending him crashing to the floor. Kazarian hits a Guillotine Leg Drop on the apron, followed by a running clothesline. Hendry fights off a Chicken Wing attempt, then turns the tide with a Fallaway Slam. Kazarian counters the Standing Ovation into a neckbreaker for two. Hendry almost puts him away with a Trust Fall, cutter combo. Kazarian connects with Fade to Black but it’s not enough to keep Hendry down. Both men are down following a Superplex from Hendry. Following multiple pin attempts, Hendry rolls up Kazarian to win the match and the Glasgow Cup.

Joe Hendry def Frankie Kazarian – Glasgow Cup Finals

After the match, IMPACT/TNA President Scott D’Amore awards Joe Hendry the Glasgow Cup.

At Turning Point, it’s Deonna Purrazzo’s last chance to claim the Knockouts World Championship from Trinity, and Gail Kim will be the Special Referee! Tonight, she teams with Moose and Brian Myers in six-person tag team action against SUBCULTURE.

Joe Hendry sends a message to Simon Miller ahead of their match at Turning Point this Friday.

Moose, Brian Myers & Deonna Purrazzo vs SUBCULTURE (Mark Andrews, Flash Morgan Webster & Dani Luna)

Momentum is up for grabs in this star-studded six-person tag team showdown! Luna stands toe-to-toe with Myers in the early going. Andrews takes Moose off his feet with a dropkick. Andrews is perched on the top but Myers provides a distraction, allowing Moose to gain control. Purrazzo levels Andrews with a clothesline. Moose, Myers and Purrazzo employ quick tags as they begin to wear Andrews down. Myers goes for the Roster Cut but Andrews counters into an Enzuigiri. Andrews makes the tag to Luna as she brings the fight to Purrazzo. Moose blindsides Luna with a big boot and the match begins to break down. Webster sends Myers back-first into the barricade with a dive through the ropes. SUBCULTURE deliver a triple powerbomb to Moose but Myers and Purrazzo break the pin. Purrazzo locks in the Fujiwara Armbar on Luna but Andrews makes the save in time. Everyone is down following rapid-fire action from all angles. Andrews hits Moose with Stundog Millionaire. Moose spears Andrews to score the pinfall victory.

Moose, Brian Myers & Deonna Purrazzo def SUBCULTURE (Mark Andrews, Flash Morgan Webster & Dani Luna)

Despite their differences in the past, the dream team of Josh Alexander and Eric Young are on the same page as they prepare for action tonight and at Turning Point.

Grado vs Trey Miguel

Scotland’s own Grado battles Trey Miguel for the first time ever! Grado trips him up with a tabletop. Miguel delivers a shot to the throat, then rakes his back on the outside. Grado holds Miguel as the fans at ringside chop him in the chest. Miguel sends him into the steel ring post to gain control. Moments later, Grado turns Miguel inside out with a big clothesline. Miguel bounces back with a superkick, followed by a Moonsault for two. Grado avoids the double stomp, then plants Miguel with a Death Valley Driver. Grado successfully hits the Wee Boot to win.

Grado def Trey Miguel

After making a name for themselves in Japan, Eddie Edwards and Will Ospreay face off tomorrow night at Victory Road.

Knockouts World Champion Trinity vs Emersyn Jayne – Non-Title Match

Emersyn Jayne steps up to the Knockouts World Champion, Trinity! Jayne turns down Trinity’s handshake and the fight is on. Jayne catches her in mid-air on a crossbody attempt and transitions into a bridging suplex. Moments later, Trinity sends her face-first into the middle turnbuckle. Trinity builds momentum with a modified bulldog. Jayne bounces back with a sitdown slam for two. The end comes when Trinity connects with her signature Full Nelson Slam for three.

Knockouts World Champion Trinity def Emersyn Jayne – Non-Title Match

Motor City Machine Guns (IMPACT World Champion Alex Shelley & X-Division Champion Chris Sabin) vs Josh Alexander & Eric Young

Josh Alexander and Eric Young form an all-Canadian dream team as they face off against IMPACT World Champion Alex Shelley and X-Division Champion Chris Sabin! Alexander secures an early Ankle Lock on Shelley but Sabin quickly fights him off. Alexander sends Sabin to the outside with a big boot but the distraction allows Shelley to gain control with a Dragon Screw. Shelley locks in a Figure Four on Alexander while Sabin does the same to Young. Alexander creates some much-needed separation with a Fisherman’s suplex to Shelley. The pace quickens as Young is tagged into the match and he takes Shelley of his feet with a running forearm. Shelley counters the Piledriver into a back body drop, then drives him face-first into the turnbuckle. Alexander hits Sabin with a series of German suplexes. Sabin counters the C4 Spike, then connects with a running dropkick for two. Alexander locks in the Ankle Lock on Sabin, then transitions into a Sharpshooter. Sabin bounces back with the Cradle Shock. Young bites Sabin on the top rope, then soars with an elbow drop but he’s not the legal man. Sabin spikes Young with a tornado DDT, followed by the Cradle Shock. Sabin pins Young to score the victory for the Motor City Machine Guns.

Motor City Machine Guns (IMPACT World Champion Alex Shelley & X-Division Champion Chris Sabin) def Josh Alexander & Eric Young

IMPACT! goes off the air.