IMPACT Wrestling Hard To Kill 2023

IMPACT Wrestling Hard To Kill
January 13, 2023
Center Stage in Atlanta, Georgia
Results by: Jerome Wilen of

The show opened up with all the talent on the ring entrance area with a very emotional tell bell salute to Don West who recently past away. We then went to a video package hyping the show.

We go live to the sold out Center Stage in Atlanta, Georgia!

Bully Ray’s music hits and we have our World Title Match First! Tom Hanifan and Matthew Rehwoldt are on commentary.

Full Metal Mayhem Match for the IMPACT World ChampionshipJosh Alexander (c) defends against Bully Ray

Bully Ray nails Josh Alexander from behind with a steel chain as he came down the ramp as the fans yell you suck! The ref is checking on Alexander. Bully is setting up a table in the ring. The bell has not been rung yet to make the match official. Alexander is busted open as Bully assaults Alexander. Bully is calling for the Bell. Alexander gets powerbombed through the table and Bully covers him, but only gets a two count! Bully grabs a cheese grader. Bully Ray is nailed by Alexander across the face! Alexander tosses the tables out of the ring. Alexander has a trash can as Bully is busted open. Alexander hits Bully twice across the head with a trash can lid!. Alexander has a table sent up. Alexander has Bully back in the ring and a chain in his hand. Alexander then grabs a cheese grader a grades Bully’s forehead with blood just pouring from Bully’s forehead. Alexander is on the outside and gets a black bag filled with thumb tacks which pours onto the mat. Bully rushes out of the ring. On the entrance ramp, Alexander hits Bully with multiple chair shots to the back and then jams the chair in his throat. Alexander sets up a table and sets up a ladder. Alexander puts Bully on the table. Alexander climbs the ladder with blood pouring from his head. Bully gets up and tips the ladder as Alexander falls backwards onto the thumb tacks in the ring! The fans go crazy! Bully and Alexander reverse each others moves. Alexander hits Bully with a German Suplex. Alexander picks up Bully and slams him partially into the tacks! Alexander hits Bully with a knee strike with the chain from the second rope. Alexander has Bully in and ankle lock and puts the chair wrapped around his throat. We get outside interference from. John Skyler and his tag team partner who’s name I could not make out. As they hit Alexander with a 3-D on the tacks. Bully covers him and only gets a two count. John Skyper comes in and grabs tables and zip Alexander to the ring ropes. Bully has a trash can but Tommy Dreamer comes down and drops Skyler. Dreamer and Bully stare each other down. Dreamer grabs the trash can and he appears like he going to hit Alexander but he hits Bully instead! Bully spears Dreamer into the table. Bully then hits Alexander with trash can shots to the head! Alexander’s wife is in the ring as she pleads with Bully to stop. Bully makes Alexander’s wife beg as she cries out for Bully to stop. Alexander’s wife low-blows Bully and then she drops Bully on the tacks. Alexander’s wife free’s him as she grabs a chair and tosses it to Alexander who nails Bully in the head! Bully is set up on the table. Alexander grabs a ladder and climbs to the top and drops on Bully. He covers Bully for the pin, but Bully kicks out! Alexander then puts Bully in the ankle lock as Bully eventually taps out!


We go to a backstage segment with Mickie James and Victoria who talk about the girls and the Knockouts and hug. Raven comes in and hugs Mickie and then walks off. The segment closes with both Victoria and Mickie saying they love each other.

IMPACT World Tag Team Championship Elimination Match: The Motor City Machine Guns (c) vs. Major Players vs. Heath & Rhino vs. Ace Austin & Chris Bey for the Impact World Tag Team Championship

We have a big brawl by all the teams to start. MCMG clean the ring. Shelley and Sabin double team Chris Bay. Cardona comes in and then Brian Myers takes out the MCMG, Rhino and Heath. Finally the bell rings. Rhino tags Heath who works on Myers. Heath clotheslines Myers who comes back and kicks Heath in the head. Myers tags in Cardona. Myers and Cardona do quick tags and work on Heath. Myers goes for the pin on Heath, but he kicks out at only two! The quick tags continue as Myers and Cardona work on Heath. Myers covers Heath again, but only gets a two count. Myers nails Heath with a flatliner and goes for the pin, but Heath kicks out! Heath comes back and hits Myers out of nowhere with powerslam! Heath tags in Rhino who takes out Cardona, Myers, Bay and Austin Ace. Myers hits Rhino in the eyes and then Cardona rolls up Rhino and covers him for the pin as Heath and Rhino are eliminated.

Cardona hits Bay with a huge belly to back suplex. Mayers then is tagged in and covers Bay, who kicks out at two. Cardona tags himself back in and nails Bay with a knee strike. Cardona then hits Bay with a series of neck breakers and then has Bay in a headlock. Bay hits Cardona and tags in Ace and then Cardona tags in Myers as both men go at it. They are the only ones in the ring. Ace nails Myers and then Shelley is tagged in and Shelley takes out Ace’s knee. Shelley tags in Sabin. Both men double team Ace. Sabin is the legal man who works on Ace’s knee. Shelley comes in as both men again double team Ace. Shelley has Ace in a figure four leg lock. Ace grabs the bottom rope to break the hold. Ace gets up as Shelley grabs Ace’s leg. Ace kicks Shelley to the back of the neck. Shelley tags in Bay and Ace tags in Cardona. Myers and Cardona drop Bay who gets back up as Ace and Bay double team the Major Players as Myers gets pinned. The Major Players are eliminated.

Bay and Ace kick Sabin. Sabin comes back and kicks Ace as he goes to the outside. The MCMG hits Bay with a magic killer. Sabin covers Bay but the pin is broken up by Ace. The MCMG take out Ace. Bay then spins kicks Shelley to the face. Ace comes back in and kicks Sabin in the face. Cardona and Myers come out to interfere in the match. The ref sends them to the back. Bay is getting double teamed by the MCMG and drop Bay with a dirt bomb for the win to retain.


Post Match as the Guns celebrate out comes Frankie Kazarian who goes to the ring as his music plays. He has mic. The fans chant his name. He says he is happy to see the fans and says it’s great to be back in Atlanta, Georgia. He says that last year he had the opportunity to come back to IMPACT as he won the X-Division Championship and then he went back to where he was and it didn’t feel right. He says he he had decision to make a sit and shut up or does he bet on himself and walk away. He says that earlier today he signed a long term contract with AEW as the fans chant his name and chant welcome home! He say Frankie Kazarian is back! He says that he wants to rock and roll and wants to rise to the top and that Frankie Kazarian is back home as the fans chant his name.

IMPACT Digital Media Championship Match: Joe Hendry (c) defends against Moose

Moose comes out first. Hendry is out next as the fans boo him. Most fans in Center Stage don’t care for him, so it will be interesting to see if they are behind Moose. Hendry has a mic as the fans chant Moose! As Hendry begins to talk, Moose slaps the mic out of Hendry’s hand. Moose then slaps Hendry as the bell ring. Hendry drops Moose with a hip toss and then Hendry picks up Moose and slams him down. Moose then grabs Hendry’s face as he slaps Moose and slams him down, but Moose gets right back up. The action spills to the outside. Hendry picks up Moose with a walking suplex and then drops him down after several steps. Hendry tosses Moose back in the ring. Hendry works on Moose in the corner and then Moose comes back with a drop kick on Hendry and follows up with more kicks on Hendry who goes down. Moose grabs Hendry’s nose and pulls on it. Moose stomps on the fingers of Hendry. Moose then tosses Hendry against the turnbuckle. Moose then trash talks Hendry as the fans chant for him. Moose slaps Hendry, but it has no effect. He picks up Moose and tosses him over the top rope and onto the floor! Moose gets back in the ring and gets up. Hendry charges at Moose and hits him with a series of clotheslines followed up by a cutter. Hendry covers Moose, but only gets a two count! The Atlanta fans continue to chant for Moose and boo Hendry. Hendry is on the top rope and Moose grabs him and takes him down with a sky high and then covers Hendry, but NO! Hendry kicks out at two! Moose and Hendry are on the ropes. Hendry drops Moose who gets back up and superplexes Hendry as the fans cheer! Both men are down as the ref begins the ten count. Moose gets up at eight and then Hendry is up. Both men exchange blows to the face. Moose then puts Hendry in backslide for the pin, but NO! Hendry kicks out at two! Hendry clotheslines Moose and then hits in with a powerbomb and cover him – 1, 2 NO! MOOSE KICKS OUT AT TWO! The fans continue to chant for Moose. Moose gets back up and Moose then picks up Hendry and slams him down and cover him – 1, 2 NO! Hendry kicks out! Moose nails Hendry, who covers Hendry again, but NO! Hendry kicks out at two! Moose then grabs the title belt and goes to hit Hendry as the ref grabs the belt and with his back turned, Moose kicks Hendry between the legs and then follows up with a spear on Hendry and covers him for the win!

After the match music hits and Santina Marella comes out! The fans love it! Santina Marella says he is the brand new Director of IMPACT Wrestling. Marella has a badge around his neck with DOA for Director of Authority on his shirt.. He says he was backstage and doesn’t like cheaters. He says he is the Director of Authority and in his first move he is restarting the match. The ref rings the bell and Hendry attempts to cover Moose. Hendry picks up Moose for a standing ovation and drops him and covers Moose and gets the win!


We get a backstage promo on Kenny King who trash talks Mike Bailey and says he went to his wrestling school and pissed on some of his students. He talks about the Fight Pit Match coming up on IMPACT television next Thursday.

Knockouts No. 1 Contenders Match: Deonna Purrazzo vs. Taylor Wilde vs. Killer Kelly vs. Masha Slamovich

All four women are in the ring. Slamovich unloads on Wilde as both women go to the outside. In the ring its Killer Kelly and Purrazzo. Kelly slams Purrazzo and attempts a pin, but only gets a two count. Slamovich grabs Kelly to the floor as both women fight it out as Wilde leaps through the ropes onto both Slamovich and Kelly on the floor. Purrazzo then leaps on the women from the top. Slamovich the climbs the ropes and leaps onto the women on the floor. Wilde drops kicks Slamovich and Kelly from the top rope as the fans applaud for Wilde. Purrazzo rushes in back in the ring as goes after Slamovich. Purrazzo nails Wilde from behind. Kelly is back in the ring as tries to set up Purrazzo with an angels wings, but Purrazzo has Kelly in and ankle lock. Wilde breaks the hold and Slamovich then kicks Wilde and Purrazzo in the face as both women go down. Slamovich then grabs Kelly and kicks her repeatedly to the face. Kelly gets up and smiles and then nails Slamovich with a forearm. Wilde picks up Slamovich from behind and drops her with a German Suplex. Kelly picks up Wilde into the bottom of the turnbuckle. She recovers and drops Kelly. Purrazzo picks up WIlde and drops her down and cover her, but WIlde kicks out at two! Purrazzo was going for a piledriver, but Slamovich comes in and breaks it up. Kelly drives all the women out, but Wilde. Kelly goes for the killer clutch, but Purrazzo has Kelly in an armbar. Wilde breaks it up and Kelly has Wilde in an armbar. Slamovich then picks up Wilde and drops her with a snowplow and covers her for the win!


Rich Swann vs. Steve Maclin in a Falls Count Anywhere Match

Raven is on commentary for this match. The fans cheer on Raven. He calls Tom Hanifan and Matthew Rehwoldt Tom and Jerry. We go backstage to an interview with Swann, but Maclin comes in and attacks Swann. The ref comes in and calls for the bell. The action spills to the outside of the outside of Center Stage. Maclin goes after Swann but as Swann moves he runs into the dumpster. Maclin pulls out a piece of table and nails Swann in the face as the action is still on the outside of Center Stage. Both men are on the loading ramp behind the building. Both men are now on the sidewalk. Swann nails Maclin and covers him, but only gets a two count! Both men continue to fight as a car comes up the ramp area in the loading area. Both men fight in front of the car. Maclin spears Swann through a barricade and cover Swann, but he kicks out at two! Swann then grabs a shovel and hits Maclin in the back. Both men make their way back to the loading area as Maclin then bites Swann in the head. Both men make their way back into the arena. Maclin hits Swann with a chair repeatedly. Maclin covers Swann who kicks out at two! Maclin tries to toss Swann into the ring, but he catches himself on the ropes and kicks Maclin into the barricade. Swann then dropkicks Maclin and sends him across the ring. Maclin comes back and nails Swann and then covers him, but Swann kicks out at two. The action spills out to the floor. Swann then hits Maclin with a cutter from the steel steps and covers him – 1, 2 – NO! Maclin kicks out at two! Swann then grabs a camera cord and chokes out Maclin. Both men go back in the ring. Swann chops Maclin and then follows up with kicks. Swann charges at Maclin as he is scooped up and goes over the top rope onto the ramp! Maclin attempts to picks up Swann who comes back and kicks Maclin who falls to the floor from the ramp. Swann then hits Maclin with a splash from the entrance ramp. Maclin picks up Swann who gets himself back in the ring and kicks Maclin s the action continues on the floor. As Swann charges at Maclin, he picks him up and slams him down on the floor! Maclin goes on the apron and tells a fan to shut his mouth. Swann then nails Maclin with a kick as he goes down. Maclin then hits Swann with a metal bar and drops him with a huge DDT on the side ramp and covers him for the win.


Eddie Edwards vs. Jonathan Gresham

The bell rings and here we go! Both men lock up as they break the hold. The fans start to chant Eddie sucks! Both men lock it up again as Edwards has Gresham in a head lock. Gresham gets out of the hold as Edwards goes to the outside. Edwards gets back in the ring. and puts Gresham in an armlock. Gresham gets out of it and puts Edwards into a wrist lock. Edwards breaks the hold and rolls out to the floor again. Gresham has a big smile on his face. Edwards rolls back in the ring. Edwards drives down Gresham who gets up as Edwards rolls to the outside and Gresham follows up with a dive through the ropes and then drops Edwards onto the floor with an arm drag. Edwards and Gresham are back in the ring as Edwards kicks Gresham in the knee. Edwards has Gresham in the corner and hits with with a huge chop to the chest. Gresham comes back and takes down Edwards with an armdrag on the injured left arm of Edwards. Gresham has Edwards in an armbar as twists and turns his arm. Edwards drops to the mat and Gresham twists Edwards’s hand and arm. Gresham attempts a few pins, but Edwards kicks out. Edwards gets up and powerslams Gresham. Edwards then hits Gresham with a swift punch in the nose as he goes down. Edwards covers Gresham who kicks out at two! Edwards then chops Gresham who goes down. As Gresham gets back up, both men exchange blows. Edwards then thumbs Gresham in the eyes as the fans boo loudly. Edwards then drops Gresham with a neck breaker. Edwards then rips on the face of Gresham who is on the ropes. The ref calls for the break. Gresham comes back as both men slap each other on the face. Gresham chops Edwards as Edwards chops Gresham. Edwards again chops Gresham and he drops to the mat. Edwards picks up Gresham who then chops Edwards on the chest. Both men who have each others wrists, are in a chopping battle. Gresham hits Edwards in the side of head with a huge kick. Gresham covers Edwards, but he kicks out at two! Edwards is down and Gresham gets up. Edwards is up and Gresham chops Edwards who comes back with a huge blue thunderbomb on Gresham. Edwards covers him but he kicks out at two! Both men are up as Edwards puts Gresham on the top turnbuckle but Gresham pushes Edwards. Gresham is back the top rope. Edwards climbs up and picks up Gresham who reverses it into a sleeper hold on the top rope! Edwards drops as Gresham goes face first into the turnbuckle! Gresham is holding his mouth as both men then exchange pin attempts. Edwards picks up Gresham and drops him with a huge powerbomb and covers him, but Gresham kicks out!

Both men are down. Edwards is up as Gresham attempts to get up. Gresham ducks a Boston Knee Party and hits Edwards with a forearm shot! Edwards then his a forearm shot of his own on Gresham and then connects with a Boston Knee Party and covers Gresham and as the referee counts to three for Edwards to get the win.

Post Match the lights go out as the we hear thunder and lights in the arena flash. The fans begin to chant PCO. The lights come back on and PCO is in the ring. PCO spits sand in Edwards face and then nails him with shovel.

An add airs for the next main pay-per-view Rebellion for April 16 in Toronto. Tickets go on-sale on Friday, January 20.

The IMPACT Knockouts Championship vs. Career Match is next.

IMPACT Knockouts Championship vs. Career Match: Jordynne Grace (c) defends against Mickie James. If Mickie James loses she must retire.

Mickie James recognizes her Indian Heritage with an Indian type entrance theme before her main music plays. Her family, minus her husband Nick Aldis is at ringside. The fans are behind James. Mickie is dressed in an Indian outfit and not her usual ring attire. As Jordynne Grace comes out the fans boo her.

Dave Penzer makes the introductions.

It was noted by the commentary that Grace has held the belt for 208 days. The fans begin to chant Mickie. The bell rings and here we go. Grace puts out her and as both women shake hands. Victoria as Tara is shown at ringside crying as the match now starts between Grace and James. James locks up Grace who counters with what was going to be a slam as Mickie blocks it. Grace comes back and trash talks Grace and shoves her. Both women exchange slaps. James has Grace in the corner and slaps Grace. James comes back and kicks Grace and takes her down. James blocks a boot to the face, but Grace comes back and clocks her in the face. Grace has James in the corner and takes her down. James comes back but Grace is just too much. Grace covers James, but she kicks out at two! Grace picks up James and hits her with an elbow. Grace trash talks James in the corner as the fans boo loudly. Grace smashes James face first into the top turnbuckle. Both women are on the top rope. James drops Grace with huge bulldog off the top rope! James and Grace are down as the ref begins the ten count. Grace gets up first, then James. Grace hits James with a back elbow and a chop. James then comes back with rapid fire blows to the face of Grace. James takes Grace off of her feet with a huge kick. James is on the top rope as Grace is on the apron. James has a hold of Grace’s hand and walks the rope and then takes down Grace on the ramp. James tosses Grace back in the ring and covers her, but Grace kicks out! James has Grace locked up as Grace pushes her to the corner. Both women are on the top rope. Grace suplexes James and then hits her with a jackhammer. Grace cover James – 1, 2 – NO! James kicks out! The fans get louder and chant lets go Mickie! Grace pushes James into the corner but James sends Grace across the ring! Grace is down as James climbs to the top and hits Grace with a senton. James covers Grace but only get the two count. Grace is up and tosses James into the corner. Grace picks up James and drops her with a spine buster. Grace covers James, but James reaches deep and gets her shoulder up! Both women are up and exchange blows. Grace picks up James, picks her up and slams her down. Grace makes two pin attempts, but James kicks out and won’t stay down!

Grace clubs James in the back of the head. James out of nowhere drops Grace on her head and covers her 1 -2 – NO! Grace kicks out. James then kicks Grace in the face, but Grace gets up and James hits Grace with the Mick kick in the face. Grace picks up James for a muscle buster, but James counters as both women make unsuccessful pin attempts. Grace goes for her finisher, but Mickie rolls her up only for a two. Mickie then drops Grace with a DDT and covers Grace 1 -2 – NO! Grace kicks out! the fans can’t believe it and neither can James. James rolls up Grace but Grace counters with a sleeper. Mickie gets out of it and kicks Grace, but Grace comes back with another sleeper! James attempts to get to the bottom rope but can’t. Grace has the hold on James as her eyes close, but she gets her right arm up and both women get back up. Grace picks up James and drives the shoulder and neck of James into the top turnbuckle. James then drives Grace into the top turnbuckle. James then slams down Grace with a tornado DDT and covers her – WE HAVE NEW KNOCKOUTS CHAMPION! The fans go crazy! James’s family loves it! Tara comes in the ring to celebrate with James. Tara starts crying. James’s son Donovan comes into the ring as does James’ family to celebrate They all hug as James picks up her son with the belt. James celebrates with the belt on the ropes as the show goes off the air.