TNA IMPACT 04 24 2015

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Orlando, FL
Date: April 24, 2015
Commentators: Josh Matthews and Taz

The show opens with a determined-looking Kurt Angle walking to the ring. Angle notes he’s scheduled to defend his World title against Eric Young tonight. He calls out Young to the ring. Young comes out. Angle notes his foe’s erratic behavior in recent weeks and asks which Eric Young he is facing tonight. Young says the people who call him crazy probably have a point. He admits his career has had a few “wild turns” over the years. But he says Angle makes him want to do the right thing, like last week. Young says tonight he will be the “real Eric Young” and hopes the best man wins.

Austin Aries then comes to the ring and calls Young a “ticking time bomb.” He says he can’t be trusted. Aries notes he still has his title shot…and he wants it tonight! So Young is out of the match with Angle. Young does not look happy.

Josh Matthews notes on commentary that someone in the BDC will take on a member of The Rising tonight.

We see a backstage promo with Taryn Terrell. She makes a passionate speech about needing to prove she is the best TNA Knockout in the company.

We then see Brooke attacked by Madison Rayne on the ramp, while Gail Kim and Angelina Love fight too. They brawl as their match starts and the show cuts to commercial.

Madison Rayne vs. Brooke vs. Angelina Love vs. Gail Kim in a No. 1 contender’s Knockouts match.

The show come back from commercial as Kim is dropkicking Rayne and Love. Brooke manages to fight her way out of a double suplex spot, but gets knocked down while on the apron and sent to the floor. Rayne hits a Northern Lights suplex on Kim for the two count. Rayne and Love double team Kim for a while, with Rayne hitting her with several vicious, nasty-looking kicks. Brooke then comes back into the match and hits the X Factor for the three count, but Love stops the count. The women brawl some more, with Kim and Brooke scrapping with each other. The match concludes when Brooke hits the facebuster on Rayne to become the new No. 1 contender for the women’s title. An impressive showing for Brooke.

Winner: Brooke

A cool video package for The Rising airs.

Eric Young is interviewed about losing his title shot tonight to Austin Aries. Young is furious and says he has now lost everything.

The BDC come out first, quickly followed by The Rising. MVP gets on the mic and strongly hints at wrestling, but it turns out to be Kenny King instead. He attacks Mica out of nowhere. So it’s Mica vs. King tonight!

Mica vs. Kenny King

King dominates for a few minutes thanks to his surprise attack. The referee ejects The Rising after Galloway is caught trying to trip up King. Mica is then sent to the floor and attacks by other members of the BDC, although King is smart enough to distract the referee so he can’t spot it. Mica manages to fight through the pain and get King back in the ring. King then regains the advantage and puts him in a chinlock. Mica manages to fight out of it and hit a suplex then a splash into the corner. MVP stages a distraction and Mica is then tripped up by King. King goes for the pin but only gets a two. Mica then avoids a Royal Flush and hits a Samoan Drop from the springboard for the win.

Winner: Mica

The Rising return to the ring and brawl with the BDC in the aftermath of the bout. Homicide then storms to the ring and hits members of The Rising with his baton to help The BDC gain the upper hand.

We see The Rising backstage, helping Galloway get back on his feet. Galloway notes that next week is Hardcore Justice and challenges Low Ki to a pipe on a pole match at the show. (Is Russo back?)

A Dollhouse promo airs. Belle screams at Christy Hemme as she enters the ring and berates her for not saying “The Dollhouse” name properly. Matthews jokes about Christy never pronouncing anything correctly.

Jade with Marti Belle vs. Laura Dennis.

Dennis performs well in the early stages and hits several good arm drags. Jade throws some punches and hits a suplex, but Dennis once again gets the advantage and dominates her. Marti and Jade confer at ringside. The referee tries to send Marti to the back after he catches her interfering. Marti looks to be going but then attacks the official, ending the short bout.

Winner by DQ: Laura Dennis.

Dollhouse then continues to attack Dennis. They get mad at Christy after she announces the DQ result and trap her at ringside and attack her too, shoving her into the steps then forcing a jawbreaker in her mouth. Good segment.

We see Angle and Young backstage. Angle tells Young he’s sorry about what happened and he had no idea Aries intended to cash in tonight. He says he still sees Young as the No. 1 contender and vows to give him a title shot in the near future. Young sounds deeply disillusioned at constantly losing his World title opportunities and says he doesn’t know if he even wants to be here anymore.

We see Magnus in the ring. He thanks the fans for all the support they have given him, but he says this evening isn’t about him, it’s about Mickie James. He calls her one of the best women’s wrestlers of all time. Tonight she will address her future in the industry.

Mickie comes out to a ton of “Mickie” chants from the fans in attendance. She’s near tears as she says that while she loves wrestling, it’s time for her to fully concentrate on being a mother to her son.

James Storm then heads out to the ring and says there shouldn’t be any crying in wrestling. He reminds Mickie that he’s known her for a while, they have a ton in common and says he sees her as the “female version” of him. He says Mickie can’t retire. Magnus thanks him for his support, but says the decision has already been made. Storm disputes that and insists Mickie should be a wrestler. Mickie reaffirms she wants to be a full-time mom. Storm then suggests she have one last match, which the crowd goes crazy for. Mickie seems pleased with the idea and appears to commit to one more match. Magnus is disgruntled.

As we return from commercial, Mickie and Magnus talk backstage. Magnus thought they had an agreement, but Mickie says it’s just one more match and he should be happy for her. Davey Richards appears and warns Magnus that Storm is “the devil” and will tear apart his family if given the chance. Magnus looks very worried.

Manik vs. Davey Richards

The two lock up to start with and have some fun exchanges, particularly the headlock reversal. Davey delivers a fantastic running boot outside the ring that sends Manik flying. Richards’ then rolls him back in the ring and brutalizes him some more with headbutts. Manik manages to fight through and hit a great-looking arm bar but Richards gets to the ropes.

The two brawl some more while we see James Storm talking to Abyss and Khoya backstage. Josh Matthews raises doubts about Storm’s intentions towards Mickie and wonders what he’s up to.

Manik hits a fantastic hammerlock back suplex for the two count. Manik goes back to working on Richards’ arm some more. Richards fights back with some mean-looking kicks and hits a German Suplex for the two. Richards finally picks up the win when he counters the Codebreaker with a roll up and then hits the Creeping death.

Winner: Davey Richards

Abyss and Khoya then come out and attack Richards, with Abyss hitting him with a chokeslam. He looks like he’s about to do even more damage when Matt and Jeff Hardy arrive for the save.

ECIII and Tyrus are backstage. Tyrus has balloons and is all dressed up and looks ridiculous. Carter says he has a major announcement to make tonight.

ECIII and Carter arrive in the ring where a podium and American-themed decorations are set up. He quotes presidents and says 2015 will be his year and that he will be the TNA World Champion soon. Carter says he’s beaten all the company’s big names and claims he will be the one to carry TNA in the future. He says he will defend the title anywhere, on the moon or on Mars. “Martians take note!”

Ken Anderson comes out and Carter asks him to leave. Anderson refuses and tells some jokes. He says Carter talks so much nonsense and tells so many lies he should run for President. He makes a joke about Anthony Weiner. He then destroys the podium and brawls with Tyrus. He tries to hit the mic check on Carter, but he manages to escape from the ring just in time.

A nicely produced Taryn Terrell/Awesome Kong video package airs. Taryn says the bout should be No DQ to give the fans the best match possible. Kong concurs.

TNA Knockouts champion Taryn Terrell vs. Awesome Kong in a No DQ match for the Knockouts title.

Taryn makes a few frenzied attempts to take down Kong after the bell rings, but Kong throws her around with relative ease. Kong attacks Taryn with some stiff-looking kendo shots. Taryn manages to escape from an Awesome Bomb on the steps and counter with a stomp. The two women get back in the ring and Kong attempts a running splash, only to miss it. Taryn then fights back with some punches and a high cross body for the two count. She goes to get a table and grabs a kendo stick, as the crowd cheers on wildly.

Suddenly the Dollhouse appears. Kong looks to be recovering and about to hit a Vader Bomb for the win when the Dollhouse attack her with kendo sticks. They then help Taryn hit a triple power bomb on Kong through the table. Taryn covers her for the victory.

Winner and still KO Champion: Taryn Terrell.

Taryn gets on the mic and brags about how she defeated Kong even when no one thought she could. She says you don’t mess with her or her new friends. She then celebrates with the Dollhouse to end the segment.

Austin Aries says that tonight he has to win the belt and that he doesn’t want any outside BS “clouding” things. He then runs into Young. The two have a brief staredown and Aries apologizes for taking his match. He promises Young a title shot in the future. Young still looks furious and appears to be about to leave the building with his bags.

Magnus is backstage and is asking crew members to follow Mickie around. This is every bit as creepy as it sounds.

Aries walks to the ring for his main event match but is attacked by Eric Young out of nowhere. Young piledrives him on the floor then brawls with some security guards. Then he brutally piledrives Aries on the steps. Angle comes out to help and Young attacks him too. He rips off Angle’s knee brace and relentlessly goes after his leg. Angle is now hurt and bleeding. Young applies the Figure Four to Angle as Angle tries frantically to escape. Young went on quite the rampage here.

The show ends with a video package for Hardcore Justice.