TNA IMPACT 05 31 2016

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Orlando, FL
Date: May 31, 2016

Backstage Dixie Carter talks to someone about keeping control tonight and says that last week’s “May Mayhem” theme getting out of control. She says that tonight, for one night, the show is all his and she discussed it over with Billy Corgan and he “reluctantly agreed” when Dixie vouched for him. The person Dixie was talking to was never shown clearly.

Mike Bennett and Maria come down to the ring and Bennett says that according to Dixie things have gotten out of hand. He talks about the person that Dixie put in charge and says that he knows it isn’t he or his wife because Dixie has been ignoring him all week. Maria says that if anyone should be in charge it is her because she is already the Leader of the Knockouts. Bennett wants whoever it is to come out right now and EC3’s music immediately hits.

EC3 comes out wearing a suit and Matthews confirms that Dixie just tweeted out that EC3 is running Impact tonight. EC3 says that he and Bennett had a deal but Bennett reneged on that deal so now it gives him pleasure to be the bearer of bad news. He says that it is official at Slammiversary it will be EC3 vs. Bennett. EC3 says he is giving Bennett the night off because he wants Bennett at his best at Slammiversary so that the only thing he can do is feel defeat at EC3’s hands.

Bennett says that EC3 has already failed at running the show because ratings go through the roof when he is on the show but since EC3 is giving him the night off they will tank. EC3 says that he is giving him the night off from wrestling but not giving him the night off completely. Someone backstage walks out with a mop and bucket and EC3 says that Bennett’s job tonight is cleaning toilets and mopping floors. Maria tries to whine about but EC3 tells her to shut up and says that Maria has upset TNA management so much that they have put EC3 in charge of mediating between Maria and the Knockouts because a good leader doesn’t put their hands on the talent. He says that we are going to have a good old fashioned “job performance evaluation” and find out if Maria deserves the job or if she will be fired. EC3 tells Bennett to get out of the ring because he is done with him but EC3 gets in his face and says no.

EC3 says that unless Bennett wants to have Slammiversary right now and “throw down” he will get his ass out of the ring. Bennett says he will leave but only because he wants to. The fans sing the “good bye” chant to Bennett and he kicks over the mop bucket as he goes up the ramp.

Lashley comes to the ring and says that since EC3 always wants to stick his nose in his business so Lashley is going to stick his nose in EC3’s. He says that one day they are going to fight and he will Spear EC3’s ass just like last week. EC3 says that sounds like an awesome match but tonight he has relegated his power to both Lashley and Galloway to pick each other’s opponents tonight. Drew Galloway walks onto the ramp as we head to a break.


EC3 is with Bennett in the bathroom and is really trying to make him clean up the shitty bathroom.

Galloway says that he and Lashley’s opponent tonight sat up all night drinking beers with Drew last night and he would kick Lashley’s ass for free…BRAM!

Non-Title Match
“The Destroyer” Lashley vs. “The Chesterfield Plague” Bram

Lashley and Bram lockup with the two trading blows with each other rather than trading headlocks or holds. They take turns slamming each other’s heads into the turnbuckles and then trading more kicks and punches. Bram takes advantage of Lashley in the corner with some body shots but Lashley quickly turns it around with a series of knees. The brawl continues with the two going back and forth until Lashley pulls Earl Hebner between them, and as Bram backed away Lashley blindsided him and took advantage of the match. Lsahley whips Bram into the ropes but Bram explodes off the ropes with a clothesline. Bram hits a Running Back Elbow and then clotheslines Lashley to the floor. Lashley suckers Bram into coming to fight him on the floor and delivers a Spinning Back Kick to a charging Bram. Lashley throws Bram into the guardrail and then chokes Bram with his headband before putting it back on his head. Lashley rolls Bram into the ring and nails Bram with a Running Shoulder Block in the corner. Lashley puts the boots to Bram and then hits a Snap Suplex for the first nearfall of the match. Lashley slams Bram into the mat and covers him for another nearfall before putting him in a Chinlock while always burying his knee into the back of the Brit. Lashley whips Bram into the corner and charges right into a boot from Bram. Bram hits a Running Forearm Smash and then hits a second one followed by a Running Harley Knee for his first nearfall of the match. Bram hits a Spinning Heel Kick for another nearfall as Lashley attempted to charge out of the corner at Bram. Bram goes for the Brighter Side of Suffering but Lashley blocks it and shoves Bram into the ropes. Lashley leapfrogs Bram and then hits a beautiful Spinebuster! Lashley goes for the Spear but Bram catches him with a knee only for Lashley to bounce right back with a big Lariat. Bram talks shit to Lashley as he gets back to his feet but eats another Lariat. Bram continues to talk shit to Lashley and eats another Lariat. Lashley goes to the floor and grabs a chair and blasts Bram with it for a blatant DQ.

Winner: Lashley via DQ

Hebner takes the chair away from Lashley but that doesn’t stop Lashley from continuing the assault on Bram as he Spears him. Hebner smartly retreats out of the ring as Lashley Spears Bram again! Lashley sets up for another Spear but Galloway hits the ring with a chair and chases Lashley off. Galloway chases Lashley to the back with the chair.

Eli Drake’s music hits and he is cashing in his KOTM Title shot!

TNA King of the Mountain Championship
“The Chesterfield Plague” Bram (c) vs. Eli Drake

Drake covers Bram immediately but Bram kicks out and Drake freaks out! Drake tries to take back his title shot but Hebner says it is too late. Drake lays into Bram with some vicious shoulder blocks in the corner and then he hits a Cravate Knee Strike followed by a Spinning Lariat for the pin!

Winner & NEW TNA King of the Mountain Champion: Eli Drake via pinfall (Spinning Lariat)

Earlier today Bro-Mans talk about their new manage Raquel. They don’t understand why she is going to help them win but she is hot so they don’t care. She tells them that it is time to find out the real key to winning, focus. She starts tells them to focus on her as she starts walking around in a bikini and says they need to keep their eyes on the prize and stay focused. Jessie says, “focus… I get it” and Robbie E looks completely confused.

Bennett is still bitching about cleaning the toilets. Hebner comes out of one of the stalls and EC3 asks Earl if Bennett is a star. “A star? You’re an asshole,” Earl says. Bennett says that Earl thinks he is an asshole because he kicked Earl’s ass. EC3 says that this brings us to Mike’s next job, refereeing. EC3 tells Earl to teach Mike a little something about reffing because he will be the referee of the next match.


Backstage Eli Drake is celebrating his KOTM Title win with some champagne. Some random guy tries to share a glass with Drake but he slaps the glass out of his hands. He offers a glass to a couple more random people and slaps it out of their hands too. Drake then walks past an empty locker room where he says he will continue his “private party.”

At Matt Hardy’s home he says that he wanted this day documented because this will be “Brother Nero’s personal Armageddon” at Slammiversary.

TNA Tag Team Titles #1 Contenders Match
Rockstar Spud & Tyrus vs. The Bro-Mans w/ Raquel
Special Referee: Mike Bennett

Jessie and Spud start the match off with Jessie putting Spud into several holds. Spud breaks a hammerlock with an elbow but as he tries to whip Jessie into the heel corner he eats a big dropkick from Jessie. Jessie tags Robbie into the match and they whip Spud into the ropes and lift him way up into the lights with a Double Press Slam. Bennett reluctantly makes a two count but then Tyrus lays Robbie out with a clothesline to the back. Tyrus says he tagged Spud and Bennett just shrugs. Tyrus does pushups on the chest of Robbie and then hits a T-Bone Suplex. Spud tags back in the match and puts Jessie in a headlock. Robbie fights Spud off but as he hits the ropes Tyrus grabs Robbie by the hair and slams him to the mat. Tyrus tags in and then lays Jessie out on the apron. Tyrus hits a Side Slam on Robbie and sets up for the Heart Punch but Spud blind tags him and says the he has control. Spud climbs up top as Raquel starts to flirt with Tyrus at ringside. Spud screams at Raquel to leave him alone as Raquel keeps bending over showing her ass off to Tyrus. Jessie lifts Spud up and Press Slams him over the ropes onto Tyrus! Tyrus catches Spud but then Robbie dives off the top with a Plancha onto both Spud and Tyrus! Robbie tosses Spud back into the ring and they hit the Bro-Down followed by the Adonis Crab from Jessie! Spud taps out for several seconds before Bennett finally calls for the bell.

Winners & NEW #1 Contenders: The Bro-Mans via submission (Adonis Crab)

Backstage Maria is on the phone with Billy Corgan bitching about EC3 being in charge. EC3 walks up and takes the phone away from Maria. He tells Billy that she will have to call him back and EC3 says it is his show tonight. Maria wants Gail Kim fired for attacking her last week and EC3 says they will be figuring things out next.


Maria joins EC3 in the ring and brings Sienna and Allie with her. Allie says that Maria cannot do her job without them but EC3 tells them to get out of the ring and doesn’t care what they have to say. Maria says they are her people and he cannot talk to them like that but EC3 doesn’t give a damn and tells them to leave again. Maria says she did what she thought was right last week and EC3 asks if she honestly thinks she is doing a good job with the Knockouts. EC3 says he disagrees and that is also the opinion of Gail Kim.

Gail comes to the ring and Maria says that if every wrestling promoter did what the talent wanted there would be anarchy. EC3 says that Maria put her hands on Gail last week which is “kind of” grounds for dismissal but since Gail is good friends with him he is going to ask her what she wants out of this. Gail says what she wants is a match with Maria one-on-one at Slammiversary! Maria asks the fans if that is what they want and reminds Gail that she is her “leader” and the answer is NO! EC3 says he has the authority right this minute and says that the match will happen! Maria says that she is trying to build something in the Knockouts and make a future for the division and at Slammiversary it will be the worst night of Gail’s life. Maria says that she will submit herself in the Wrestling Hall of Fame when she kicks Gail’s ass. They get in each other’s face and EC3 gets between them and says that since he sees an “entourage of anonymous women that have no idea who are” and Gail looks to be dressed to compete tonight they should have a match. Allie and Sienna against Gail and her partner…JADE!

Sienna & Allie w/ Maria Bennett vs. Jade & Gail Kim

Allie is still wearing a skirt and heels and EC3 demands that Maria sit at ringside with him during the match. Gail grabs Allie by the hair and nails her with a series of forearms. Gail slams Allie into the turnbuckles repeatedly and then goes for a clothesline, but Allie ducks and tags Sienna into the match. Sienna lays Gail out and mounts her raining down right hands. Sienna tries to whip Gail into the ropes but Gail counters into a clothesline. Gail hits a Running Clothesline and tags Jade into the match. Jade whips Gail into a Flying Forearm in the corner followed by a Yakuza Kick from Jade and then a Bridging German Suplex for a nearfall. Gail tags back into the match as Allie screams at Allie. Gail dives off the shoulders of Jade with a Splash onto Sienna and then she slings Gail’s knees into Allie. Sienna takes down both Gail and Jade and then lays into Gail in the corner with some shoulder blocks. Sienna hits a Vertical Suplex on Gail for a nearfall. Sienna hits a series of forearms and then a huge Lariat! Sienna blatantly chokes Gail and tags Allie into the match and they both choke Gail. They lift Gail up in the air and slam her to the mat for a nearfall. Allie eats a Hook Kick and tags Sienna back in. Gail hits a Facebuster and then tags Jade into the match. Jade hits a series of wicked kicks and a big Palm Strike followed by a Running Dropkick. Jade hits a Pele Kick for a nearfall! Jade climbs up top and dives off with a Missile Dropkick for another nearfall before Allie breaks it up. Jade hits another Running Dropkick knocking her into the heel corner where Allie tags herself in. Allie tries to reason with Jade but eats a series of forearms followed by a Spinning Heel Kick! Sienna lays Jade out and goes for a Powerbomb but Gail nails her with the Eat Defeat! Jade hits the Package Piledriver on Allie for the pin!

Winners: Gail Kim & Jade via pinfall (Package Piledriver)

Jeff Hardy is shown arriving at Matt’s house and Reby Sky is leaving with the baby. Reby says that she is done with all of this and says that Matt has lost his mind. Jeff walks into Matt’s house and screams at him as Matt plays a piano awfully. Matt holds up the contract for their Full Metal Mayhem Match and Jeff asks Matt what he is so afraid of. Matt says he isn’t afraid of anything and Matt says, “this must end where it all began” and tells Jeff to follow him as Jeff looks massively confused.

Mike Bennett walks out to the ring and says that he is done playing EC3’s games. He says that he and Maria are superstars. He says that Maria is not a wrester, he is a wrestler and the best wrestler in the world. He says that he is done with all of this but EC3 says that he is a pathological liar so he lied when he said that Bennett had the night off. He says that Bennett has opponent tonight and it would be a miracle of his opponent shows up to this match sober. James Storm’s music hits and the Cowboy makes his way down to the ring in the Boozer Cruiser.


“The Miracle” Mike Bennett w/ Maria vs. “Cowboy” James Storm

Storm tosses Bennett across the ring and then lays into him with a series of rights followed by an uppercut. Bennett pokes Storm in the eyes and then hits a big Running Clothesline. Bennett whips Storm into the corner and hits a Running Clothesline followed by a Running Mafia Kick. Bennett gets a nearfall and then puts Storm in a chinlock. Storm fights Bennett off with a series of knees but Bennett takes Storm down by slamming him to the mat by his hair. Bennett chokes Storm in the ropes and then hits a Snap Suplex for a nearfall. Bennett knees Storm in the back repeatedly and locks a chinlock back on Storm. Storm tries to fight him off but Bennett beats him down in the corner. Storm fights out of the corner and connects with a Flying Forearm off the ropes! Storm hits an Atomic Drop followed by a clothesline. Storm charges Bennett in the corner but Bennett backdrops him over the top only to eat a Leaping Enziguri from the apron by Storm! Storm follows up with a Running Neckbreaker and then a Front Kick followed by a Russian Leg Sweep. Storm rolls Bennett backwards into an Eye of the Storm! Storm gets a nearfall but eats a Jawbreaker from Bennett as he tried to pick him up. Bennett goes for the Miracle Maker but Storm blocks it and hits a Calf Wrangler followed by Closing Time! Storm sets up for Last Call but Maria offers him a beer. Storm accepts it only to eat a slap from Maria and then a rollup for the pin from Bennett.

Winner: Bennett via pinfall (rollup)

EC3 comes out and says that the games are over now. EC3 says that Bennett calls himself God so he is his devil and he will come to Bennett’s church at Slammiversary and burn that bitch down! EC3 says that he is going to leave Bennett with a kick to the face tonight and Storm nails him with the Last Call!


A vignette airs hyping up the new team of The Tribunal and then Al Snow is shown in the ring. Snow says that he is taking professional wrestling and making it great again. Snow says that wrestling is boring now and thanks to he and his wrestling academy in London is going to change that. He says his academy is in London because he can’t find quality athletes in a “suck hole” like America anymore. He introduces The Tribunal to the crowd as they make their way to the ring.

Baron Dax is the one without a beard and Basil Baraka is the guy with the beard. These are the guys that attacked Shera and Grado last week. He says that he is taking the steering wheel of wrestling away from the stupid fans and putting it back in the hands of athletes. Dax says that they know about fighting and revolution and how to eliminate those that stand in their way. He say that The Tribunal fights for Snow now. Baraka says that they will be judge, jury, and executioner in TNA they will make sure they bring a true reign of terror in TNA. Snow says they are class and that is what he is bringing back in wrestling. He says this team doesn’t have to rely on weapons or gimmicks like that “big back of suck Grado.” He says that with all of the weapons Grado used last week it took just one actual wrestling move for him to beat Grado last week. Snow shows footage of him hitting the Snow Plow on Grado last week for the win.

Grado comes out alongside the other bag of suck Shera. Grado says that Snow is a liar and says that at least Grado is honest. Grado shows footage of The Tribunal ttacking Grado last week and Snow hitting Grado with a trashcan lid. Snow claims that Grado used “some fancy apps” to doctor the footage. Snow calls Grado a liar and says something about their parents not raising them right. Grado and Shera say they love their parents and Snow says that their moms love him. Shera and Grado hit the ring and fight with The Tribunal.

Snow hits Sher and Grado from behind with a chair. The Tribunal continue to beat Grado and Shera down as Snow cheers them on.


A vignette of Braxon Sutter, Pepper Parks, talking about his career. He says that the day he was offered a contract by TNA was one of the best days of his life and usually a guy doesn’t get a break this late in life as he has been wrestling for years. He says he was meant to do this and that he has always wanted to be a wrestler. He says it feels so good to finally be given a chance after being told “no” so many times. Pictures of his past in wrestling, including working for the NWA and Super 8 Cup. He talks about taking advantage of this chance.

Matt and Jeff walk into a building next to Matt’s house where Matt has a wrestling ring set up. Matt says their careers began in that ring, I would assume it is the ring they used in OMEGA, and he says this is the ring that will be the beginning of their end.

Lashley picks The Decay as Drew’s opponent in a Handicap Match.


TNA Champion “The Chosen One” Drew Galloway vs. The Decay & Rosemary

The Decay surrounds the ring and both Steve and Abyss attack him! Rosemary even joins in on it! They brawl with Galloway to the floor but Galloway lifts a charging Steve over the guardrail and into the crowd! Galloway chops both of Steve and Abyss and then Rosemary distracts him allowing Abyss to hit a Big Boot! Abyss tosses Galloway into the ring steps and then slams his face into them as Steve comes flying in with a Cannonball on Galloway. Abyss whips Galloway hard into the ring post! Abyss rolls Galloway into the ring and Steve puts Galloway in a Chinlock while slamming a series of crossfaces into him. Abyss tags into the match and beats on Galloway in the corner. Galloway tries to fight out with some chops but Abyss cuts him off and hits a Running Clothesline! Abyss taunts Drew and puts him in a chinlock. Drew fights him off only for Abyss to cut him off again. Steve tags in and Decay whip him into the ropes and attempt a Double Clothesline but Drew ducks it and hits one of his own! Drew hits a series of Running Forearms on both Abyss and Steve and then a Flying Clothesline off the top on Abyss! Steve charges into a Belly-to-Belly Overhead Suplex from Drew! Rosemary attacks Drew from behind and Drew grabs her and goes for a Future Shock. Steve dives off the top but Drew catches him in midair and hits a gorgeous Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker! Drew goes for the Claymore on Steve but Abyss catches him in mid-move and hits a Chokeslam! 1…2…NO Drew kicks out! Rosemary pulls out Janice which distracts the referee. Lashley runs in and goes for a Spear on Drew but he moves and Lashley Spears Abyss! Drew clotheslines Lashley to the floor but then Steve rolls him up. Drew rolls through and hits the Claymore! Drew follows up with the Future Shock and gets the pin!

Winner: Drew Galloway via pinfall (Future Shock)

Drew taunts Lashley on the floor with the World Title.

Matt signs the contract and says that Jeff wants a fight and he will get it at Slammiversary. Jeff challenges him to a fight and says that he wanted to end it where it all began so they can fight right now in that ring. Reby runs in and acts like she is tossing her baby at him. Jeff catches it and it’s a doll. The distraction allows Matt to hit Jeff with a bottle in the head. Matt then screams at Jeff that he told him it would end and then Side Effects him through a pretty stiff looking table that they used to sign the contract with at ringside. Matt says that he told Jeff it would be over and now it is done.

1) Bram def. Lashley via DQ
2) TNA KOTM Title: Eli Drake def. Bram (c) to win the title!
3) TNA Tag Team Titles #1 Contenders Match: The Bro-Mans def. Rockstar Spud & Tyrus
4) Jade & Gail Kim def. Sienna & Allie
5) Mike Bennett def. James Storm
6) Handicap Match: Drew Galloway def. The Decay

Slammiversary Lineup
– TNA World Title Knockout or Tapout Match: Drew Galloway (c) vs. Lashley
– Full Metal Mayhem Match: Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy
– Ethan Carter III vs. Mike Bennett
– Gail Kim vs. Maria
– TNA Tag Team Titles: The Decay (c) vs. Bro-Mans

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