TNA IMPACT 06 28 2016

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Orlando, FL
Date: June 28, 2016

EC3, Drew Galloway, and Lashley are all shown arriving earlier today as they get set for their Triple Threat tonight.

A video package recaps last week’s event and then we cut to the ring where Mike Bennett is raising the X-Division Title in the air. Maria says that she wants to thank Billy Corgan for being a gracious and fear leader in the absence of the evil Dixie Carter. Maria says that Impact is “her show” tonight and Bennett says that with Destination X right around the corner he has a golden ticket to the World Title while holding up the X-Division Title. He says that he will cash in “Option C” and he will not only be known as the world’s greatest X-Division wrestler but also the world’s greatest Heavyweight Champion of the World. Lashley says that Lashley is carrying something he wants and he may be big and bad but he will never be half the man that Bennett is.

Lashley comes to the ring and he says that Bennett calling out his name isn’t a good thing for him to do. Lashley points out their size difference and says that it looks like Bennett is actually half the size of Lashley. Bennett says that Lashley cannot intimidate him but Lashley says he isn’t attempting to do that because when he attempts to intimidate him he will know. Lashley points to all of the people he has “destroyed” and dismisses Bennett as just an afterthought. Bennett says to look past the X-Division Title and to look him in the eyes because he is “The Miracle.” He says that he hopes Lashley, EC3, and Galloway tear each other apart because he doesn’t care which one of them he has to face at DX because he is taking that World Title.

The lights go out and EC3’s music hits. The former World Champion comes to the ring and says that as much as he would love to just watch Lashley and Bennett beat the hell out of each other the thing that matters is the World Title. He says that they all want that title but Lashley is the one that has it. He says that he has been planning his return to glory like the Invasion of Normandy and tonight he gets his title back. Lashley says it will be a fight tonight and he will make the fans realize that EC3 is not half as tough as he wants them to believe he is.

Bennett says it doesn’t matter what either of them say because he will take the title from them at DX. EC3 says that Bennett got that title in the first place by being a conniving, cheating weasel and using Corgan to bullshit his way into a title shot and he can’t even congratulate him on winning that title because he is a such a piece of shit.

Billy Corgan steps onto the stage and Corgan asks if EC3 is really questioning his integrity. Corgan says it is because of what Dixie did that put them in the situation in the first place. He says that Bennett make a good case at getting his title shot so he granted it. EC3 suggests that everyone in the X-Division should get a chance to Main Event at Destination X, not just Bennett and they should get that chance tonight. Bennett freaks out at that thought but Corgan says he likes that idea because Bennett can’t just talk his way to Destination X. Corgan makes a match for tonight where Bennett will defend his title against the winner of an X-Division Battle Royal tonight! Bennett attacks EC3 and then Lashley clotheslines EC3 as he starts t make a comeback.

Galloway runs out and nails Bennett with a Claymore and then goes after Lashley as well! Galloway goes for the Claymore again but Lashley sidesteps him and Galloway levels EC3!


Backstage EC3 and Bennett bicker about what just happened. Galloway says he was trying to help EC3 but Ethan is having none of it and they end up getting in each other’s faces as other wrestlers try to separate them.

Allie congratulates Gail on being inducted into the Hall of Fame as she and Sienna come to the ring. Allie mocks Gail and says that Gail has been wrestling for a very long time. She says that the next step for Gail should be retirement and says that Sienna will put her into forced retirement tonight.

TNA Knockouts Championship
Sienna (c) w/Allie vs. Gail Kim

Gail ducks under Sienna as she went for a lockup and gets Sienna in a side headlock. Gail then connects with an armdrag but as she went for another one Sienna blocked it. Gail then rocked Sienna with a Forearm Smash followed by a gorgeous Spinning Headscissors. Gail attempts to whip Sienna into the ropes but Sienna reverses it and sends Gail into the corner. Gail kicks a charging Sienna in the gut and then clotheslines her for a quick nearfall. Gail hits a series of forearms and then attempts a Crucifix Rollup but Sienna blocks it and slams Gail hard with a Samoan Drop for a nearfall of her own. Sienna takes control of the match beating Gail down in the corner. Sienna argues with the referee while Allie chokes Gail in the ropes. Sienna puts Gail in a Straight Jacket Choke but Gail fights back to her feet only for Sienna to back her into the turnbuckles. Sienna lifts Gail to the top but then eats a forearm from Gail followed by a Blockbuster off the top! Jade runs out attacks Allie. She attempts a Package Piledriver on the floor but Marti Belle attacks her from behind. Allie attempts to hit Gail with the Knockouts Title but Gail ducks only to turn around into The Silencer (think Monty Brown’s Pounce finisher) from Sienna for the pin.

Winner & STILL TNA Knockouts Champion: Sienna via pinfall (The Silencer)

Backstage Matt Hardy is shown arriving in a wheelchair with Reby. Matt says that Jeff confined him to that chair but he says he will not stop coming until he gets what he wants and this will not ever be over.


Drew Galloway approaches Bennett backstage and says that Bennett just can’t help himself by running his mouth and ruining everything. Bennett says that he could beat every X-Division wrestler if they were lined up for him and he says he can beat Galloway too. Galloway warns Bennett not to take the X-Division guys lightly and says that if Bennett ever gets a shot at the World Title he will be facing him not Lashley. Bennett reminds Galloway that he has beat him before but Drew says if it wasn’t for his “witch of a wife” he never would have.

Eli Drake is in the ring for another “Fact of Life.” This guy is getting more and more over the top each week. He was actually hiding behind the “Fact of Life” table while introducing himself. He tells the fans to do a “dummy yeah” chant with him but when they start he tells them to shutup because he was talking to himself not them. Drake says that he took a break from defending his title all over the world to sit down for a dinner with his family and friends. He talks about how awesome his fathers mashed potatoes are and says that Drake’s do two things in life: make great mashed potatoes and kick ass. Drake introduces his guest tonight, James Storm, who he says is jealous of Drake.

Drake says that he is happy that Storm decided to “walk it off” instead of driving his “stupid cooler” to the ring. Drake says that Storm has been in TNA since day one and he was one pretty much every title in TNA, but he has been going through a drought recently. He asks if Storm is jealous seeing a guy like Drake winning the KOTM Title. Storm says he has been watching Drake and calls him “Eli Dork” which causes an “Eli Dork” chant to start. Drake gets pissed and starts calling all the fans “dummy” and says that he would like to make Drake’s “dummy” button into a drinking game and says that everytime Drake hits that button they should take a drink. Drake pulls out a jug of water and agrees. Drake says he is the greatest television host ever and he is also the KOTM Champion and asks Storm where his title is! Storm says that he is the guy that has paved the way for punks like Drake to come to TNA. He says that he has busted his ass for the fans and the company and that is his title. Drake makes fun of Storm for being a redneck and says he has a beer belly. He says that Storm couldn’t even win the Knockouts Title and says he better watch his tongue when he standing in front of Drake. Storm says they should change the drinking game up and everytime Drake hits the Dummy Button he is going to slap the piss out of him. Storm and the fans taunt Drake to hit the button but he refuses and says that Storm can’t come on his show and call the shots. He tells Storm to walk away because no one wants to see him anymore and Storm agrees but says there paths will cross one day and he will beat Drake’s ass. Drake throws Storm’s beer out of the ring which pisses Storm off and causes him to hit Drake with a Last Call!

Backstage Jeff Hardy says he assumed Matt would show up tonight and they will find the solution that Matt wants to this whole thing.


Earlier tonight Bram is shown being attacked by Decay during an Xplosion taping.

Backstage Rosemary gets in Bram’s face and says that he can fight it but everything comes to Decay in time. She says that some come willingly but others need to be coerced as she sits in Bram’s lap. She tells Bram to just let Decay happen.

Matt Hardy comes to the ring being wheeled out in a wheelchair by Reby. Footage of Jeff Hardy’s wild dive off the cage last week is shown. Reby tries to help Matt into the ring but Matt says his injuries won’t let him do it. He wants Reby to wheel Matt around ringside so he can see the “despicable creatures” and force them to see what their hero (Jeff) did to him. Matt says he is the one that is responsible for all of Jeff’s success and he detests all of his creatures. Matt talks about being broke and calling Jeff a monster. Matt says he needs Jeff to come out and look him in the eyes so he can tell Jeff what he needs.


Jeff comes to the ring and asks Matt what he wants. Matt says he wants this to be over but Jeff is a resilient creature. He says that he will never stop pursuing Jeff until he gets what he needs. Jeff asks Matt what he needs to end this feud and Matt says that he needs one more match to end it. He says that he needs to win and he must do it so he can have his salvation and redemption. He wants Jeff to give him six weeks to recover from his injuries so they can have their “Armageddon.” Matt suggests a match where the winner gets to control the Hardy name and Jeff accepts it. Reby says she is so sick of this whole thing and she calls Jeff the worst brother ever. She tells Jeff that he broke Matt and he needs to fix this. Jeff tells Reby to jump on her broom and fly away. Jeff says that he will take care of their son since they are obviously both nuts which causes Matt to attack Jeff from behind. Matt drags Jeff into the ring and starts laying into him with a chair. Matt places the chair around Jeff’s neck and hits a Twist of Fate on Jeff while holding the chair around Jeff’s neck!

Matt says he doesn’t need six weeks because their “Armageddon” will happen in one week. He says that their match will not happen in the Impact Zone but they will have their “final battle” will take place in their “home” in Cameron, North Carolina and it will be the “final deletion.”


TNA X-Division Title #1 Contenders Battle Royal
“DJ Z” Zema Ion vs. Braxton Sutter vs. “The Skywalker” Andrew Everett vs. “The Carolina Caveman” Trevor Lee w/Shane Helms vs. Eddie Edwards vs. Rockstar Spud vs. Mandrews

Bodies go flying all around the ring as the match starts. Edwards tosses Spud over the top to eliminate him first and then The Helms Dynasty starts double teaming Mandrews. Mandrews hits a series of kicks to them and then a beautiful Rey Misterio Jr. like Wheelbarrow Bulldog. Lee tosses Mandrews over the top but he lands on the apron and hits Lee with a Leaping Enziguri. He then dives over the top of Every right into a Superman Forearm from Lee! Lee and Everett toss Mandrews over the top to eliminate him only to walk into a Double Rana from Edwards! Lee comes back with a nasty High Knee to Edwards and then Zema starts shining o both of them. He hits a DDT/Neckbreaker combo on the Dynasty and then goes for a Springboard move but the Dynasty shoves him over the top to eliminate him. Sutter clotheslines everyone and starts throwing elbows. Sutter hits a gorgeous Powerslam on Lee and then tries to eliminate Lee. Eddie and Everett brawl with each other on the apron exchanging strikes. Bennett grabs Eddie’s leg and then Lee comes flying out of nowhere with a Flying Knee sending Eddie to the floor to eliminate him. Everett hits a Springboard Missile Dropkick on Sutter and then they both go for a Double Clothesline, but Sutter ducks and then clotheslines Everett over the top. Everett lands on the apron and sets up for a springboard move but Sutter ducked a charging Lee at the same time causing Lee to go crashing into Everett sending Everett to the floor. Sutter clotheslines Lee over the top to win the match!

Winner & NEW #1 Contender: Braxton Sutter

Helms attacks Sutter immediately after the match and then the Helms Dynasty beat him down.

TNA X-Division Championship
“The Miracle” Mike Bennett (c) w/Maria vs. Braxton Sutter

Bennett demands that the referee start the match right now and Bennett taunts Braxton for a minute before Sutter shocked him with an inside cradle! 1…2…NO Bennett kicks out and immediately hits the MIP for the pin.

Winner & STILL TNA X-Division Champion: Mike Bennett via pinfall (MIP)

Shera and Grado talk about their match tonight with Snow and The Tribunal. I don’t understand half of what Shera says. Grado says that he has their partner covered and says they have a guy paid off to help them.


The Tribunal & Al Snow vs. Mahabali Shera, Grado, & Tyrus

Snow and The Tribunal attack Shera and Grado before Grado could announce their partner. Tyrus then hits the ring and immediately sends The Tribunal out of the ring. Tyrus then chases Snow to the floor into a clothesline from Baraka. Tyrus shrugs the clothesline off and tosses Baraka into the ring where a waiting Shera Scoop Slams him. Grado tags into the match and the two whip Baraka into the ropes and connect with a Double Clothesline followed by a Double Elbow Drop. Dax tags into the match and runs into a series of jabs and an Atomic Elbow from Grado. Snow knees Grado from behind and Grado is floored with a clothesline from Dax. Snow tags into the match and puts the boots to Grado before connecting with a Snap Suplex. Baraka tags back in and hits a Shortarm Clothesline on Grado for a nearfall. Dax tags in and immediately hits a Shortarm Clothesline of his own before tagging Baraka back in. Grado ducks another clothesline and makes the hot tag to Tyrus! Tyrus lays everyone out and caps it off with a T-Bone Suplex on Baraka and another one for Dax! Tyrus hits a Double Splash on The Tribunal in the corner. Snow attacks Tyrus from behind but Tyrus shrugs him off and beats him down in the corner. Baraka attacks Tyrus from behind only to eat a Front Slam for the pin.

Winner: Tyrus, Shera, and Grado via pinfall (Front Slam)


Backstage Bennett mockingly says he just had the hardest match in his life but he is still the X-Division Champ. Bennett says next week right when Impact starts he is calling Billy Corgan to the ring and cashing in Option C.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Triple Threat Match
“The Destroyer” Lashley (c) vs. Ethan Carter III vs. “The Chosen One” Drew Galloway

EC3 and Galloway start shoving each other as the match starts but then they realize Lashley is just chilling on the outside watching them. They both go after Lashley and chase him into the ring. Galloway hits a Big Boot on Lashley followed by a clothesline from EC3. EC3 and Galloway argue over who gets to stomp on Lashley and then EC3 hits a Stinger Splash on Lashley followed by a Forearm Smash from Galloway. Galloway hits a Flying Clothesline off the top on Lsahley and then EC3 hits an STO. Galloway pulls EC3 off of the cover and more bickering always Lashley to come back and lay into EC3 with a series of strikes. Galloway just watches Lashley destroys EC3 in the corner with a series of shoulder blocks. Lashley offers to whip Galloway into a spot on EC3 but Galloway headbutts Lashley. Galloway charges Lashley in the corner but Lashley moves ands Galloway slams into the ring post and falls to the floor. Lashley counters a charging EC3 with a Spinning Neckbreaker for a nearfall. Lashley then immediately goes for the Arm Triangle only for EC3 to quickly get to the ropes. EC3 kicks a charging Lashley and then dives off the top with a Cross Body but Lashley catches him in midair! Galloway runs in and German Suplexes Lashley as Lashley Fall Away Slams EC3 at the same time! Galloway lights Lashley up with some Flair Chops and then Lashley leapfrogs a charging Galloway and hits a Dominator! 1…2…NO Galloway kicks out! Galloway floats over a charging Lashley and then catches him with a Belly-to-Belly Overhead Suplex. Galloway and EC3 hit a Double Delayed Vertical Suplex on Lashley and then EC3 hits a Spinning Clothesline sending Lashley to the floor. Galloway hits a crazy Tope Con Giro through the turnbuckles onto Lashley on the floor. EC3 dives off the top with a Plancha onto Lashley on the floor as well! Galloway actually moved out of the way at the last minute or EC3 would have crashed into both of them. Galloway dares EC3 to get in the ring which the former champ obliges. They exchange some stiff strikes to the point where Galloway actually breaks the skin of EC3 with some chops. Galloway catches a charging EC3 with a Big Boot and then goes for the Claymore only for EC3 to catch him with an Enziguri out of nowhere! Galloway comes back with a series of sickening chops and then he hits the ropes only to run right into a Flapjack from EC3! EC3 attempts the One Percenter but Galloway counters into the Future Shock! 1…2…NO Lashley breaks it up and hits a nasty Spinebuster on Galloway! 1…2…NO Galloway kicks out! Lashley hits the Delayed Vertical Suplex on EC3 and then goes for the Spear, but EC3 catches him in midair with a knee! EC3 hits the TK3 and then goes for the One Percenter only to eat a Claymore from Galloway! Lashley Spears Galloway! Lashlye hits the Spear on EC3 and gets the pin!

Winner & STILL TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Lashley via pinfall (Spear)

1) TNA Knockouts Title: Sienna (c) def. Gail Kim to retain the title!
2) X-Division #1 Contenders Battle Royal: Braxton Sutter def. Trevor Lee, Andrew Everett, Eddie Edwards, Mandrews, Rockstar Spud, & Zema Ion
3) TNA X-Division Title: Mike Bennett (c) def. Braxton Sutter to retain the title!
4) Tyrus, Mahabali Shera, & Grado def. The Tribunal & Al Snow
5) TNA World Title Triple Threat: Lashley (c) def. EC3 and Drew Galloway to retain the title!

Scheduled for Next Week:
-Final Battle: Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy

Destination X Lineup:
-TNA World Title: Lashley (c) vs. Mike Bennett