TNA IMPACT 02 02 2016

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Orlando, FL
Date: February 2, 2016

We see EC3 walking out of a hotel and the TNA cameras follow him around. EC3 tells the camera man to meet him at 4pm for an interview to get his thoughts on losing the TNA World Heavyweight Title to Matt Hardy.

The Hardy Family, Eric Young, Bram and Kurt Angle In-Ring Segment: 

The crowd starts chanting for Jeff and Matt says that Jeff’s not going to be here tonight because he made the mistake of saying that Matt was tarnishing the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. That was a sin and karma came calling for Jeff in a pile driver through a table. Matt says that it looks like Jeff’s little broken leg couldn’t run away from his past with Eric Young fast enough. Reby says that it didn’t have to end this way, but for so many years everybody always said that Matt lived in the shadow of Jeff Hardy. Reby never saw it that way. Matt never believed that. Reby believes that Jeff is jealous of Matt becoming TNA World Heavyweight Champion and that jealousy lead to Jeff getting injured again. What happen to Jeff wasn’t personal it was just great business for the Matt Hardy Brand. Eric Young and Bram comes out to interrupt Matt. Young says that Jeff is never coming back because of him. Bobby Roode cost him the world title and now he took his belt. Jeff Hardy took his number one contendership now he took Jeff’s career. Young has no issues with Matt, but he reminds Matt that the world title goes through him. Tyrus and Bram have a stare off. Kurt Angle comes out. Angle says it looks like Matt’s business deal just blew up in his face. Matt has been degrading that world title ever since he won it. Matt tells Angle to not repeat that.

Kurt talked to a TNA official earlier today trying to find his next opponent in his farewell tour and he has some great news. Tonight Matt Hardy will defend his TNA World Heavyweight Championship against Kurt Angle. Matt says that it all makes sense now, Angle politic his way to another championship match. Matt said that he was enjoy the Farewell Tour, but if Angle keeps pushing his buttons it’s going to end prematurely. Angle says that he ends his career on his terms and he understands that right now he’s out numbered, but he will kick all of their asses when he wants to. Matt tells Angle to come into the ring right now. Beer Money comes out. Roode tells Matt to shove his brand up his ass. Roode says that tonight there’s going to be a fight. Storm says that in the business it’s about making money and kicking ass. Storm says that Angle will get a fair shot at Matt Hardy because they will take care of Bram and Eric Young. Beer Money, Eric Young and Bram begin to brawl. Abyss and Crazzy Steve joins the fray, but they get interrupted The Wolves. Roode says that not only will Kurt Angle become the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion tonight, but Beer Money and The Wolves will take on Abyss, Crazzy Steve, Eric Young and Bram in a Hardcore Match.

Drew Galloway & Tyrus Backstage Segment: 

Galloway says that he feels like he won the lottery with the Feast or Fired Briefcase. Galloway doesn’t care if he’s in the US, UK, Impact or even Xplosion he will become the next TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Tyrus comes in and tells Galloway to set his Feast or Fired Briefcase down and walk away. Tyrus says that the briefcase is a walking target. Galloway reminds Tyrus that he is the number one contender, but instead of advancing his career and becoming the man in TNA he’s too busy being everybody’s big bitch. Tyrus says that’s funny and reminds Galloway that he asked for this.

First Match: Bobby Lashley vs. Aiden O’Shea

O’Shea immediately goes after Lashley. O’Shea with clubbing blows to the back of Lashley. Raquel comes down to the ringside. O’Shea continues to ground Lashley. O’Shea with a knee to the face of Lashley. O’Shea goes for a suplex, but Lashley powers out. O’Shea rakes the eyes of Lashley and drives him to the corner. Lashley leapfrogs over O’Shea and sends him to the outside with a clothesline.

Raquel gets in the way of Lashley. O’Shea with a big right hand to the jaw of Lashley. O’Shea with a headbutt. O’Shea with a chin lock to Lashley. Lashley with an armdrag to O’Shea. Lashley with a bodyslam and multiple running clotheslines. Lashley with a delayed vertical suplex. Lashley with a spear to O’Shea to pick up the victory. After the match Raquel goes into the ring and tells Lashley that he will see her again. Raquel says that she can bring Lashley pain or pleasure and begins to walk away.

Winner: Bobby Lashley 

Maria Kanellis & Gail Kim In-Ring Promo: 

Maria is here to talk about something that’s really special to her and that’s women’s wrestling. Maria doesn’t think that women’s wrestling needs a miracle. What women’s wrestling needs is a leader, an arrow that will lead to the right direction? Maria Kanellis Bennett is the first lady of professional wrestling the arrow in women’s wrestling. Maria knows that a lot people feel that the Knockouts Division is just fine, but the Knockouts Division is broken and she’s the only one that can change it. Out with the old and in with the new. Gail Kim comes out to interrupt Maria.

Gail says that while she respects everything Maria has done in her career she questions the comments Maria just made. Maria says that she’s knows that Gail is a great wrestler, but that’s all she is a wrestler. Maria is a business woman that little girls can look up to. Maria says that she can help Gail become mainstream. Gail says that the Knockouts Division is about being strong and powerful. Gail tells Maria if she wants to become a name in the division she needs to get her boots on. Maria says that Gail is the problem with the division. Maria says that Gail stinks as the leader of the Knockouts Division and as Knockouts Champion. Gail tells Maria to fix the problem. Maria and Gail gets into a shoving match. Maria rolls out of the ring and heads to the back.

The Wolves & Beer Money Backstage Segment: 

Bobby Roode thanks The Wolves for having their back out there, and Eddie says that they’re on the same side tonight, but Davey says they know that Beer Money wants what’s theirs, and Storm says they’re here to solidify their legacy, not make it. This leads to an argument between the two sides, but Roode calms everyone down and focuses them on the match tonight.

Second Match: The Wolves & Beer Money vs. Eric Young, Bram and The Decay in a Hardcore War Match 

Richards and Crazzy Steve start off the match. Richards has a steel chair and Steve has a baseball bat. Richards with ten right hands to the face of Steve in the corner. Richards with a back bodydrop to Steve. Richards whips Steve face first to the top turnbuckle. Steve with a clothesline to Richards. Steve whips Richards face first to the corner. Steve bites Richards in the forehead. Steve grabs the steel chair in the ring. Richards hits Steve in the face with the baseball bat. Bram comes down to the ring. Bram has a turnbuckle. Bram with a chokeslam to Richards. Bram and Richards brawl at ringside. Bram bounces Richards head off the barricade. Steve with a running cannon ball to Richards. Bram and Steve continue to ground Richards.

James Storm comes down to the ring with a beer keg. Storm and Bram on top of the stage. Storm brings the keg down the stage. Storm with right hands to Bram. Storm puts the keg in between Bram’s midsection and Storm hits the keg with the steel chair. Storm strikes again with the steel chair to the keg in between Bram’s legs. Eric Young comes down to the ring with a kendo stick. Young knocks Storm and Richards down with the kendo stick. Young shoves the kendo stick down Storm and Richards’s throat. Young bounces Storm head on the steel ring steps. Bram puts a chair around Richards’s neck and whips him to the steel ring post. Edwards with chops to the chest to Bram. Edwards goes for a power bomb, but Bram back bodydrops Edwards onto the mat at ringside.

Abyss comes down to the ring with Rosemary with Janice. Edwards dives onto Abyss on the outside. Crazzy Steve attacks Edwards in the back with the kendo stick. Storm attacks Abyss stomach with the steel chair. Richards attacks Steve and Young with the kendo stick. Abyss with a chokeslam to Richards. Bobby Roode comes down to the ring with a hockey stick. Roode attacks The Decay and Young with the hockey stick. Young with a boot to the chest of Roode. Roode with a spinebuster to Young. Abyss with a chokeslam to Roode. The Wolves double team Abyss. Edwards with a Double Foot Stomp to the back of Abyss. Bram sends Edwards shoulder first to the steel ring post. The Wolves and Beer Money with a four way suplex to Bram, Eric Young and Crazzy Steve. Abyss with a double clothesline to The Wolves. Abyss with the Black Hole Slam to Edwards. Roode and Bram brawl on the outside. Young and Storm brawl on the ramp. The brawl with Beer Money, Bram and Eric Young heads to the back. Steve spits mist in the face of Richards. Abyss rams the title in the face of Richards to pick up the victory.

Winner: The Decay, Eric Young and Bram 

Kurt Angle & Drew Galloway Backstage Segment: 

Galloway says it was an honor taking him on during the farewell tour, and sometimes you never know how good someone is until you wrestle them, but Kurt is the best. Angle says that Galloway is a great athlete who is going to lead the company for years to come. Galloway says it’s a dream sometimes, but Kurt Angle has the chance to win the title again tonight, and when Kurt wins the title, he wants to tear down the house one more time for the World Title. Angle says that he hopes that happens, and Galloway wishes him luck tonight.

Third Match: Tyrus vs. Drew Galloway 

Tyrus attacks Galloway before the bell rings. Tyrus sends Galloway face first to the top turnbuckle. Tyrus with a bodyslam. Galloway chops Tyrus in the chest. Galloway with a running forearm. Galloway dives off top rope, but Tyrus counters with a headbutt. Tyrus with an elbow drop to Galloway. Tyrus with a big clothesline to Galloway. Tyrus launches Galloway to the corner. Tyrus with a T-Bone Suplex to Galloway. Tyrus goes for a running Stinger Splash, but Galloway ducks out of the way. Galloway fires up with chops to the chest of Tyrus. Galloway with boots to the face of Tyrus.

Galloway with a flying forearm off the top rope. Galloway goes for the Future Shock DDT, but Tyrus drives Galloway to the corner. Tyrus with a heart punch to Galloway. Tyrus goes for the Vader Bomb, but Galloway counters with a power bomb. Galloway sets up for the Claymore, but the lights go out. Maria comes out and says that Galloway’s miracle is here. The lights comes back on and Mike Bennett attacks Galloway with the briefcase to cause the disqualification. After the match Bennett asks Galloway if he believes in the miracle now? Bennett says that he’s the miracle that TNA needs.

Winner: Drew Galloway via DQ 

Kurt Angle & Bobby Lashley Backstage Segment: 

Angle says that it’s been an honor to be part of TNA for the last decade and having the opportunity to display his craft in the ring with the best performers in the world. Even with this farewell tour he gets another opportunity at the TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Lashley shows up. Lashley wishes Angles luck. Lashley tells Angle how fitting it would be if Angle won the championship tonight and their match in the UK will be for the title Angle took away from him.

Fourth Match: Tigre Uno (c) vs. Trevor Lee w/Shane Helms for the TNA X Division Championship 

Shane Helms tells Tigre Uno that he’s not ready to compete against him. Helms tells Uno that he will be fighting a man that’s been under his tutelage. Uno’s challenger is Trevor Lee. Lee hits a knee to the midsection and unloads with elbows. Tigre hits a dropkick, but Lee powders out to the floor to break the momentum. He comes back in and drills Tigre with a running forearm, then pummels Tigre with elbows and chokes.

Lee continues to brutalize Tigre like a miniature Bruiser Brody, and then pops Tigre over with a gutwrench, and Tigre rolls him up for a two count. Trevor dumps Tigre out to the floor, but Tigre trips Lee off the apron and springboards off the steps with a flying headscissors. Tigre reverses a German suplex attempt to a rollup for a two count, then hits an enziguiri and hits the ropes, but Trevor leaps straight up and hits a standing double stomp, hits a fisherman buster to pick up the victory.

Winner: New TNA X-Division Champion Trevor Lee

Ethan Carter III Promo: 

EC3 says that in today’s culture, when something bad happens to somebody, you expect them to go off the rails. He was undefeated for two years and expected the party to never stop, and he realizes he’s been a piece of shit, but it all came to a head when he suffered the worst beating of his life. He’s never been unbeatable, but he just wants to win the most because winning is an addiction that he wishes he could buy on the black market El Chapo style.

EC3 said that it all culminated when he won the TNA World Title, and he congratulates Matt Hardy for beating him, even though it took everything he had. No matter what Matt threw at him, he got up, and it ended up being the thing he loved the most, the TNA World Title itself, that finally kept him down. He doesn’t run from his problems, he faces them head on. He’s getting on a plane to the UK and will shadow Matt Hardy, and he’ll bring hell with him.

Fifth Match: Matt Hardy (c) w/Reby Hardy and Tyrus vs. Kurt Angle for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship 

Reby distracts Angle and Hardy attacks him before the bell rings. Hardy with a running clothesline and a bulldog for a one count. Hardy kicks Angle in the stomach. Hardy distracts the referee and Tyrus attacks Angle. Hardy with an elbow to the back of the head of Angle. Hardy with a chin lock. Angle with a multiples clothesline to Hardy. Angle with a belly to belly suplex to Hardy. Angle with three German Suplexes to Hardy. Angle with the Angle Slam to Hardy for a two count. Angle with the Ankle Lock and Hardy’s momentum whips Angle to the outside. Tyrus with a clothesline to Angle at ringside. Tyrus attacking The Pope. Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate, but Angle counters with an Angle Slam attempt.

Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate again, but Angle gets Hardy in the Ankle Lock. Hardy with the roll through for a one count. Hardy with a Side Effect to Angle for a two count. Hardy goes for a running clothesline, but Angle counters with the Angle Slam for a two count. Hardy and Angle exchange back and forth right hands. Hardy rakes the eyes of Angle. Angle with six consecutive German suplexes to Hardy. Angle goes for a seventh German suplex, but Hardy gets his hands on referee Brian Hebner. Hardy with the Twist of Fate to Angle for a two count. Hardy in frustration goes for another Twist of Fate, but Angle lands another series of German suplexes. Angle goes on top rope, but Tyrus and Reby distracts Kurt. Hardy with the Twist of Fate off the top rope to pick up the victory.

Winner: Still TNA World Heavyweight Champion Matt Hardy 

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