TNA IMPACT 03 22 2016

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Orlando, FL
Date: March 22, 2016

Welcome to our Live Impact Viewing Party.

Drew Galloway opens the show. He talks about his 15 year journey to the WHC. He calls it a fresh star for TNA and wants people to look at the company differently now. Matt Hardy comes out. He accuses Drew of committing felony robbery. Drew is defiant and says he was simply making the most of his opportunity. Matt demands Drew gives him a rem-match or he’ll destroy him right now. Jeff Hardy then appears. Jeff thinks he deserves a shot at the belt. Drew seems open to the idea. Matt is going mental at this. Then Bram and Eric Young show up and attack Jeff. A big brawl breaks out and it doesn’t look good for the faces.

Carter comes to help, armed with a steel chair. He tells Drew he deserves a title shot. Then Maria and Mike Bennett arrive. Note: everyone in the world is appearing in this opening segment to demand a title shot. Galloway says he doesn’t care and will fight them all. He’s Finlay and he likes to fight! Then Dixie appears. She trashes Matt and says he’s childish. She announces a gauntlet match later on tonight. Winner gets a shot the the belt.

Borash interviews Mike Bennett and Maria. Bennett vows to win the gauntlet match and go on to get the belt.

Beer Money issue an open challenge. The BroMans answer.

Beer Money vs Robbie E and Jessie Godderz

Beer Money won with DWI on Robbie. Decent enough TV match. Roode will be missed if he really is leaving.

Winner: Beer Money

The Decay challenges Edwards to a NODQ match. Young picks his number in a backstage segment. We see Willow for a brief moment.

Eddie Edwards vs. Crazzy Steve

Eddie picked up the win with the roll up. Rosemary tried to get involved but it backfired and Steve ended up crashing into her.

Winner: Eddie Edwards

Maria confronts Gail and says she’s going to be new star of the KO division. Borash talks to Jeff Hardy and EC3. Carter threatens Bennett. They both pick numbers. Carter is at No. 1.

Maria comes out. She says being the first lady of wrestling is better than being the worst lady of wrestling. Maria was supposed to face Gail, but she said it changed nothing if she faced and defeated Gail. So she brought out the Dollhouse instead. She says it’s time for them to break up and fight each other. She announces that the winner gets her title shot.

Rebel vs. Marti vs. Jade

Jade won with the STO to become the No.1 contender. I guess the Dollhouse is over then.

Winner: Jade

Matt complains about how there’s a big conspiracy against him. He, Tyrus and Spud pick the numbers. Matt swaps with Spud because he disliked his number. Grado and Sheera plan a party.

Drew is out and says there is way too much talking. The fans agree and start a “No More Talking” chanting.

Lashley is the first guy in the gauntlet. He says he respects Drew, but Drew is still irate and how he treated Angle and isn’t really feeling it. He wants to fight Lashley. Then Carter is out.

Gauntlet match

Lashley and Carter are starting. Spud is No#3 and Bennett is #4. Young is #5. Tyrus is #6. They all ganged up on Carter for a bit. Spud was the first to get thrown out as we headed to commercial. Tyrus is gone next. Lashley gets rid of Bram then Pope gets rid of him out of revenge. Jeff Hardy is out at #7. Bennett is eliminated by Carter, then Carter is sent out. It’s Matt and Jeff now. Matt gets eliminated by a reversal back body drop. The crowd goes wild. Drew claps for Jeff as they stare each other down.

Winner: Jeff Hardy