GFW / IMPACT Wrestling 08 24 2017

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With Destination X in the rear-view mirror, what will happen next on GFW Impact?

After chaos erupted last week with American Top Team, Lashley is seen arriving to the Impact Zone with them. Jeff Jarrett approaches Lashley and asks him to speak but American Top Team wants none of it!

Jim Cornette is seen giving the roster a pep talk before tonight’s show begins. He says there will be no free rides, everyone has to earn their spot on the roster and that starts tonight in the Gauntlet for the Gold where the winner will become the new GFW Global Champion.

oVe (Dave & Jake Crist) def. The Heatseekers (Elliot Russel & Sigmon)

oVe look to continue their momentum tonight after a successful debut at Destination X. oVe go on the offense early as they connect with a double team aerial assault to the outside. oVe connect with double superkicks to win in impressive fashion.

Backstage, Eli Drake apologizes to Jim Cornette for running his mouth last week, all in an attempt to be removed from the number one spot in tonight’s Gauntlet for Gold. Cornette agrees to give Drake a new number – two!

After costing Gail Kim the GFW Knockout’s title at Destination X last week, Taryn Terrell is in the ring with Jeremy Borash to explain her actions. Taryn says she is sick of Impact being the Gail show and she’s going to help Gail in her journey to retirement! Gail interrupts and charges at Taryn but Jeremy Borash stops the two from getting physical!

The stars of GFW and the fans talk about the great experience that is GFW Impact live!

Competitors in tonight’s Gauntlet for Gold match speak on why they’re going to become the new GFW World Heavyweight Champion tonight.

Lashley and Dan Lambert approach Jim Cornette in his office. Cornette asks them why American Top Team’s Colby Covington attacked referee Brian Hebner last week. Lashley says Bruce Prichard was going to award him the GFW World title after it was vacated and he wants Cornette to do the same. Cornette tells Lashley he has to earn the title in tonight’s Gauntlet for Gold – Lambert tells Lashley he has to make a choice.

Taya Valkyrie is coming soon to GFW Impact!

Tonight is Grado’s last night in America. After being unsuccessful in persuading Laurel Van Ness to marry him, thanks to Kongo Kong, he is now facing deportation. Grado and Joseph Park are in the ring so he can say his final goodbyes. As he’s about to leave, Laurel Van Ness comes out but she’s no longer in her wedding dress from months ago! She’s been restored to her normal self and informs Grado it’s all thanks to him. Laurel gets down on one knee and asks Grado to marry her! Grado says yes and can now live in the United States of America! Then, Kongo Kong interrupts but he’s met on the ramp by Mahabali Shera who causes him to retreat!

Eddie Edwards is having a conversation with Jim Cornette in his office. Cornette tells him that Anthem would be proud to have a world champion like him.

At the LAX hideout, Konnan prepares Low-Ki for tonight’s Gauntlet for Gold.

Gauntlet for the Gold Match for the GFW Global Championship

Every minute, a new competitor will enter the match. You are eliminated by going over the top rope. Once it’s down to the final two, the match will end by pinfall or submission.

Eddie Edwards and Eli Drake start out the gauntlet.

Mario Bokara is entrant #3. Drake and Bokara double team Edwards but Drake quickly turns on Bokara after the work is done.

Kingston makes his return to GFW Impact and is entrant #4.

Braxton Sutter is entrant #5.

Stand By Wrestler, Richard Justice is entrant #6. He tries to assist the other competitors in eliminating each other but no one wants his help!

EC3 is entrant #7, immediately hits Justice with a low blow and throws him over the top rope for the first elimination!

Kongo Kong is entrant #8 and quickly eliminates Bokara and Kingston. Everyone else teams up on Kong and tries to wear him down.

Suicide is entrant #9. Eli Drake escapes to the outside to take a breather.

Mahabali Shera is entrant #10 and goes to work on Kongo Kong! He charges at Shera in the corner but Shera pulls down the bottom rope and eliminates the big man!

Chris Adonis is entrant #11 and assists Drake in eliminating Shera.

El Hijo del Fantasma is entrant #12.

Johnny Impact makes his GFW Impact debut as entrant #13. He eliminates both Chris Adonis and Suicide!

Garza Jr is entrant #14. He hits Sutter with an Enzuigiri Kick, sending him over the top rope for the elimination.

Fallah Bahh is entrant #15. Everyone except Eli Drake and EC3 band together in an attempt to eliminate him but it’s not enough.

KM is entrant #16.

Taiji Ishimori is entrant #17.

Lashley is entrant #18. He quickly eliminates KM, Fallah Bahh and Taiji Ishimori as American Top Team watches on from ringside.

Moose is entrant #19. He throws Garza Jr over the top rope to eliminate him!

Low-Ki is the final entrant at #20. Johnny Impact catapults him into the corner but he lands on his feet and hits the double foot stomp!

EC3 eliminates Fantasma with a TK3 to the outside. Moose and Edwards hit EC3 with in-sync kicks to eliminate him.

Lashley throws Low-Ki off the back of Moose and over the top rope for the elimination. Lashley hits Moose with the Spear but gets taken out with a springboard kick from Johnny Impact.

Lashley is perched on the top rope but Moose knocks him to the floor for the elimination.

Edwards flips Moose over the top rope to eliminate him. Johnny Impact kicks Drake to the outside but his feet don’t touch the floor!

Drake is once again on the outside but isn’t eliminated. Johnny Impact goes to the apron and Drake pulls him down from outside the ring for the elimination!

Your final two competitors are Eddie Edwards and Eli Drake, the two men who started this match! It will now be decided by pinfall or submission. Edwards kicks it off with a huge suicide dive to the outside. Drake rolls up Edwards with his feet on the ropes but it’s not enough to put him away. Edwards flies off the top rope but Drake catches him and hits him with White Noise to win! Eli Drake is your new GFW Global Champion!

Winner and new GFW Global Champion: Eli Drake

After the match, Colby Covington attacks an Impact referee at ringside as chaos erupts once again!