IMPACT Wrestling 08 23 2018

Quick results from the 8/23 episode of Impact airing on Pop TV from Toronto.

* MOOSE returned, saving Eddie Edwards from a beatdown by Austin Aries and Killer Kross, setting up a tag match for next week.

* Matt Sydal def. Zachary Wentz after doing a vignette, saying he has found “enlightenment.”

* Fallah Bahh and KM (sporting Bahh’s style of tights) def. The Desi Hit Squad w/The Great Gama

* Ridculous backstage segment where Katarina finds Grado stripping for Scarlett Bordaeux and storms off angrily.

* Kiera Hogan def. Alisha Edwards, then after Allie congratulates her and then challenges Su Yung and Tessa Blanchard to a Triple Threat Match for the Knockouts Title next week.

* Vignette where Kongo Kong attacks Johnny Impact at a pool, but then Impact sends Kong into the pool.

* Rich Swann interview about why he signed long-term to Impact.

* The Cult of Lee loses to an enhancement team, then gets ripped on by Eli Drake.

* Controversial vignette airs of The OGz getting back at LAX from last week’s Street Fight by running over a 10-year old kid that was part of their family and they had let hold the Impact Tag Titles.

* Sami Callihan def. Pentagon Jr. in the main event in a Mexican Deathmatch with a Second Rope Piledriver through a table.