TNA IMPACT 02 07 2013

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Manchester, England
Date: February 7, 2013
Commentators: Todd Keneley, Mike Tenay, and Taz

Impact Wrestling starts with a video package that starts with the Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan relationship. Hulk Hogan doesn’t approve but he finally gives in and walks Brooke down the aisle in the wedding. Aces & 8s spoil the party.

Hulk needs him now and reinstates Ray. It’s a Tag Team Tables Match tonight. It switches to Kurt Angle and his relentless attack against Aces & 8s. He fights Mr. Anderson in a Steel Cage. While Wes Brisco comes to the aid, Garett Bischoff reveals himself as a member of the faction and Wes joins him. Both turn their backs on Angle. The video ends and the camera shows the Manchester Arena. It is jam-packed with fans as they are on their feet while chanting, “TNA, TNA, TNA!” Aces & 8s music hits and they come through the crowd. It is led by a big masked man. After is Devon, Wes, Garett, Mike Knoxx, Doc, and Mr. Anderson. Devon gets on the mic.

He said a few weeks ago that they will dominate 2013. Well, not only are they dominating but they are kicking the front door in. After what they did last week to Kurt, he bets each and everyone of them would love to see it again. A video plays showing Kurt Angle’s relationship with Wes and Garett as well as their passion to fight Aces & 8s. They try to take them out, but at the end of the day, Garett and Wes turn on their mentor and join the group he was determined to destroy. Devon gets back on the mic. He turns to Anderson and said that he had a plan, which he told him a couple weeks ago, and the plan is going according to plan. He introduces the new members: Garett Bischoff and Wes Brisco. Garett gets the mic and thanks them. The crowd boos. Garett says he gets disrespected and now this is his new family as they do respect him. Wes grabs the mic. The reason why he did this was… because of Hulk Hogan. He didn’t answer his phone calls for two years. He said he will start on the bottom. Really, Brisco on the bottom? Then he gave him a GutCheck Match. Who gave Hulk his first boots? Wes’ father! This is Wes’ ticket to climb to the top of the ladder. Devon gets back on the mic and tells Kurt to not to come back to TNA. As for Hulk, he wants to put him in this tag match… well Aces & 8s always have a card up their sleeve. Their music plays and they walk around the ring.

Tara and Jesse are backstage. Tara asks if he sent her a message. Jesse did via Myspace. Tara starts to unbuckle Jesse’s shirt and then they walk through a door. They meet Brooke Hogan. Tara starts to complain about the weather and the Coach travel as well as the time zone. Brooke has had enough. Don’t mess with her. Tara will fight Ms. Tessmacher and Jesse will not be at ringside. Brooke tells Jesse to send her a copy and she leaves. Tara and Jesse walk away as she needs him there for her match.


The X-Division Championship logo appears. After is Christy Hemme as she introduces the stars. Kenny King comes out and shows his moves off while he makes his way to the ring. A replay of his match 2 weeks ago plays. Zema Ion now comes out and sprays hairspray on his head and chest. Rob Van Dam comes out with the title over his shoulder.

Kenny King vs. Zema Ion vs. Rob Van Dam (Champ) for the X-Division Championship

The three move around as they try to lock-up but then back off. Kenny and Ion go right after RVD. They put him in the corner and stomp away. They double whip him into the opposing corner. Ion runs to him but RVD kicks him in the face. Kenny grabs Ion, but RVD jumps on the ropes and knocks Kenny down. He tosses Ion out of the ring. Kenny closelines RVD out. He goes and hits a huge flip. Ion is able to get in the ring and jump over all three ropes for an amazing summersault on all three. Ion gets RVD up and on the corner. He takes him down to the mat but Kenny comes and gets rid of Ion. Kenny works on RVD, but RVD comes back with a back body drop. He goes for rolling thunder, but Ion trips him through the ropes. Ion gets in and takes RVD to the corner, but RVD reverses it. RVD does a monkey flip. RVD continues the attack as he goes for a pin, but Kenny stops it. Kenny takes out RVD and now goes for Ion. He lifts Ion up and drops him right down on his knee via back or shoulder. Kenny gets up and RVD comes back. He knocks Kenny down. Ion is up and RVD takes him out of the ring. He jumps over and lands right on him. RVD comes back in and works on Kenny. Ion comes back in but RVD reverses with a spin kick. Kenny comes back and takes RVD right down. He fights Ion but RVD gets right back in. Kenny closelines him over to get rid of him again. Ion dropkicks King and then stomps on him. Ion sets it up and does a moonsault from the corner, but Kenny puts his knees up. Both get up and Kenny does a running knee hit. Ion goes back into the corner. Kenny grabs him and hits the Northern Lights Suplex with a bridge. RVD gets to the top rope and hits a Five Star Frog Splash before the 3 count. He covers Ion and gets the win.

Winner and Still Champion: Rob Van Dam

Austin Aries and Bobby Roode are backstage. Austin tells Roode they have great momentum right now. They are going for the tag titles and they will get them. Of course as Roode is the longest reigning champion in history. Yeah, but Austin beat him. It doesn’t matter, Roode says, as they will get the gold tonight.


The show returns and we see a picture of Big Ben. A video plays describing the British Bootcamp series that aired in the United Kingdom. Whoever would win at the end would receive a TNA contract. Everyone worked and trained hard. One gets worked to the limit by throwing up… or did he just drink too much? It is a mix of women and men. Stars come like Sting, Hulk Hogan, and Kurt Angle to talk to them. Who will be the winner? It is Rockstar Spud!

A replay of Garett and Wes’ explains air from earlier tonight. They are now members of aces & 8s.

Bruce Prichard and D-Lo Brown are backstage. Bruce says he would have never thought Wes would be a member. D-Lo agrees. As well as Garett. Garett tried to carry the Bischoff name. Bruce is more focused on Wes. Wes asked for a GutCheck Match through Kurt Angle to get a contract. He helped Kurt and now turned on him. Wait until Kurt Angle comes back!


Jesse is in the ring. Surprisingly, Tara is not around him. Jesse has a mic and says he has something very disappointed. Brooke Hogan banned him from his girlfriend’s match tonight. Jesse will give the fans what they deserve as they paid to see him. This will be a “Pec”-tacular photo shoot. Jesse shows the muscles in his arm but James Storm’s music plays and he comes right to the ring. James grabs a mic and says has been listening to Jesse’s bottle sucker. He talked about taking pictures. These fans don’t want to take pictures. They want to drink beer and watch someone get beat up. Last week, Tara saved Jesse from getting super kicked. She isn’t there now. James will do all three tonight. James takes off his coat, hat, and sunglasses. James will super kick him, drink beer, and pick him up and show the crowd that he doesn’t have any teeth yet. James calls down the referee while he suggests that Jesse should call his dentist.

Jesse vs. James Storm

They go right after each other, but Jesse is able to turn the tides as he puts James right in the corner. He kicks him and then chokes him with his foot. He chokes him on the second rope and then puts him in another corner. He sends his knee right into James’ gut. Jesse brings him out and applies an abdominal stretch. James gets out of it and hits a side russian leg sweep. Both get up and Storm does several kicks and then lifts Jesse right up and hits the Eye of the Storm. Storm runs to Jesse, who is now in the corner, but Jesse lifts him up over the ropes. He lands on the apron and does a kick right to the back of Jesse’s head. He stumbles forward. Storm gets in and closelines him down. He then hits the double knee drop to the face. James gets ready. Jesse stands and Storm hits the Last Call Super Kick. He covers and wins. James gets a mic and kneels by Jesse. He pretends he is a dummy by saying that he is sorry about luck. James goes on to drink his beer.

Winner: James Storm


The TNA Tag Team Title logo appears on the screen while Christy Hemme follows as she introduces the tag teams. Roode’s music plays and he comes out while Austin Aries is by his side. Austin says something and then Roode turns his back and walks to the ring while Austin tries to cut him off. Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez come to the ring next. Chavo has the tag title around his waist while Hernandez has it hanging from his neck chain.

Bobby Roode and Austin Aries vs. Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez (Champ) for the TNA Tag Team Titles

Roode and Chavo start. Roode and Austin share the “I’m watching you” signal. Roode and Chavo meet and Chavo is able to switch out of the armlock that Roode has and turns it into a headlock. Roode pushes him off into the ropes. He comes back and Chavo is able to take the shoulder block without falling. They lock-up again but Chavo is able to get the most of him as he hits a dropkick. Roode gets up and Austin tags in. Roode gets upset. Chavo tags Hernandez in. Both lock-up but Hernandez pushes him right into the corner. Aries is able to flip up to the top rope and it makes Hernandez to step back. He isn’t happy. He goes and runs to him, but Austin applies a headlock. Hernandez pushes him away, but Austin does a handstand. Austin goes to tag Roode, but Roode doesn’t want in. He turns and Hernandez runs him right over. He brings Roode in. Chavo enters and they join to hit a double suplex to Aries and Roode. Both get out of the ring. Aries gets back in while Hernandez tags Chavo. Austin is able to send him out of the ring. Roode holds Chavo’s arms behind him. Austin goes for a suicide dive, but Chavo moves and he goes right into Roode who goes right into the steel guard rail.


Chavo slowly works on Austin in his corner with punches to the had. He tags Hernandez in. Hernandez brings him out and takes him right down. He covers but Roode breaks the count. Hernandez tags Chavo in. Chavo does a running low dropkick. He brings Austin up in the corner, but Austin turns it around and does a chop to the chest. Chavo turns it around and does a big uppercut. Chavo brings Austin face first into the corner and then tags Hernandez. Hernandez lifts Austin up for a body slam and then body slams Chavo on Aries. Hernandez does a big splash and covers, but Roode breaks the count. Hernandez tags Chavo. Chavo comes in and takes Aries down with a spinning elbow shot. He takes Roode down from the apron. Roode jumps right up and starts yelling. Aries gets up and Roode tags in. Roode works right on Chavo in the corner with punches and a snapmare. He goes to jump over Chavo to snap his head forward, but Austin tags him. He allows Roode to do the move. Austin gets in and continues to work Chavo down. Roode tags in and he slowly works on Chavo with a headlock. He reaches over and tags Austin. Austin chokes Chavo via the rope and his boot. He then pushes him out of the ring with his foot. Roode drops to the floor and pushes him back first into the apron. He then holds him while Austin climbs the corner. He flies and hits a double axe handle on Chavo. He brings him in and covers, but Chavo kicks out. Austin tags Roode in. Roode goes to work on Chavo but he fights back. He hits him and Austin as he goes back and forth!

He comes out of the corner, but Roode does a drop toe hold and then applies a chin lock. He spits on Hernandez and he is furious. He tags Austin in and Austin conintues with the chin lock. He jumps on his back and punches his face a few times and then applies the chin lock from behind. Austin goes to jump on the back, but Chavo turns around and knees Austin where the sun doesn’t shine… or close to it. He backs up and tags Roode. Chavo comes back with quick punches and kicks. Roode tries to take over with a whip in the corner, but Chavo runs up and moonsaults over Roode. Both run toward each other and hit a double closeline. Both slowly tag their opponents. Hernandez easily takes care of Austin and then goes after Roode as he tries to help. He lifts Austin up and drops him right down on his shoulder. He goes after Roode now. Hernandez gets on the apron and does the jumping shoulder tackle to both, but Roode pushes Aries in front of him. Roode goes after Hernandez but he does a battering ram. Hernandez tags Chavo. He enters and does the suplex to Aries. Roode tries to help, but Chavo pushes Aries into Roode for a double headbanger. Roode gets upset with Aries and leaves the ring. Hernandez gets in and goes for a crucifix. Chavo goes for a Frog Splash, but Roode returns and pushes Chavo off of the corner. Roode gets in the ring. Austin pushes Chavo toward him and hits the spine buster. Austin climbs the corner and hits the 450 Splash. He gets the pin.

Winner and New Tag Team Champions: Austin Aries and Bobby Roode

Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan are in the back with Sting. Ray asks if he remembers how to call it out. He yells, “Bully, get the tables!” Just then, Hulk Hogan comes on the screen. Sting and Ray share a few words and then leaves. Hulk says it is nice to see his brother-in-law in the right frame of mind. This tables match is his match and this is the end of the faction tonight. Also, we will see if Ray is a good guy. Ray says he is not a good guy. He doesn’t forget what Aces & 8s did to Sting, himself, Hulk, and his wife.


Another picture from Manchester, England is shown. Such a beautiful city! A video plays showing the recent career of AJ Styles. AJ has been accused of having an affair with Dixie and getting a drug addict pregnant. Daniels and Kazarian planted the seeds. AJ lost to Daniels and now says he will do his own thing. He walks out and hasn’t been seen since.
Christy Hemme is shown in the ring as she introduces the stars. Ms. Tessmacher comes out first. Tara follows after her.

Ms. Tessmacher vs. Tara

Tara turns around for a split second and Tessmacher goes right behind her for a roll-up. Tara kicks out. She grabs Tessmacher and bends her head backwards and then plants it right into the mat. She then applies a headlock while yelling, “Jesse!” Tessmacher pushes her into the ropes. She knocks Tessmacher down with a shoulder block. Tessmacher is able to trip Tara. Both get up and Tara whips her in the corner, but Tessmacher flip flops from her to the corner and then back. She is able to wrap her legs around Tara and turn it into a cover. Tara kicks out. She puts Tara into the corner. Tara, sitting down on the mat, allows Tessmacher to apply the stink face. Tara gets out of the ring and walks up the ramp. Tessmacher gets her and brings her back. Tara is able to grab Tessmacher and hit the Spider Web. She covers but Tessmacher kicks out. Tara continues to work on her. She lifts her up on her back just by pulling on the hair. She let’s go and Tessmacher falls. Tara applies a full nelson. Tessmacher gets out of it, but Tara takes her down and chokes Tessmacher with her hands. Tara gets up and does the booty dance right in Tessmacher’s face. Tessmacher grabs Tara and does a roll-up. Tara kicks out. Both get up and Tara works right on Tessmacher. After almost being out, she comes back with closelines and a irish whip to Tara in the corner. Tessmacher puts her crotch to Tara’s face and then hits the Tess Shot. She covers and wins.

Winner: Ms. Tessmacher

– Commercial

Jeremy Borash is in the ring. He wants to introduce a very special guest. Before he was just a gimmick, but now he is a leader of a country. He is Rockstar Spud… the 2013 British Bootcamp winner. He comes out and the crowd does a huge pop. He comes out with a rockstar style gimmick as he taunts to all of the fans. Borash tells him congratulations. He tilts the mic to him. He says Rockstar Spud is in the TNA building. This is where he always wanted to be. He is in the ring and in front of all of his fellow people. He is the winner and a TNA wrestler. Music hits and here comes Robbie E and Robbie T. They get in the ring and grab a mic. He tells Borash to go. Robbie E turns to Spud and stares right at him. He then applies a smile while he looks around. The fact that he earned a TNA contract is a tragedy, bro… unless they are hiring little people. He is not a rockstar… he is a delivery boy. Spud tries to get right up against Robbie but Mr. T stands in front of him. Robbie E stands behind Mr. T and then hangs on to Mr. T and says that he is holding him back. If Mr. T wasn’t, he would be all over Spud. Robbie E drops down and says Mr. T does whatever he wants him to do. Robbie T has had enough. He drops down to his knees and Spud punches Mr. E right in the face. He falls and rolls out of the ring. Spud thanks him. Robbie T goes to start pounding with the beat, but Spud stops him and changes his hand to the rock signal. Robbie T starts pounding and Spud joins him. Robbie T walks up the ramp while Robbie E looks from behind. He can’t believe it.

Bully Ray and Sting are walking backstage. They are about to go out there. They meet up with Brooke. She and Bully say their good-byes. Sting tells Ray that he needs to put his game face on. Ray turns his hat around and says he does have it on. Sting needs his game paint. Sting yells as he is ready. Let’s go! They continue through the back while Brooke says, “Go get them, tiger.” Brooke gets the tingles as she is excited.


Video plays from two weeks ago. It was Jeff Hardy vs. Daniels. Jeff retained but Taz confronted him only to have Jeff being hit with a ball peen hammer in the back of the knee. The MRI came back negative.

Christy Hemme is in the ring to introduce the tag teams. Aces & 8s come out to their music. Devon and Doc walk through the crowd. They look around and then comes through the guard rail. They get in the ring. Sting’s music plays and he comes out with Bully Ray at his side. Ray has the game face paint on. They get right in the ring.

Devon and Doc vs. Sting and Bully Ray in a Tables Match

Bully goes right after Devon with punch after punch. Ray puts him in the corner and continues with the punches. Sting goes after Doc and takes him right down. Sting whips Doc while Ray whips Devon and Devon and Doc bop into each other. They turn around and Sting and Ray closeline them down. Ray goes after Doc now. He puts him face first into the corner and then another face first into the opposing corner. Sting attacks Devon in the corner. Sting meets with Ray as they double whip him and double attack Doc. They grab Devon and do the same thing. They hit Devon with their elbows and he goes down. Sting puts Devon in the corner while Ray puts Doc in the opposing corner. Ray moves out of the way and Doc falls right down. Ray runs and does a big splash to Devon in the corner. Sting does the Stinger Splash. They meet and put Devon in the opposing corner of Doc again. They whip Doc into Devon and then run into both of them. Ray tosses Doc over the ropes. Sting grabs Devon and sends him out.


Doc and Bully Ray get in the ring. Doc attacks Ray and sends him into the ropes, but Ray kicks Doc in the chest and then does a big boot to the face. Doc goes down. Ray gets him up only to be knocked down as Doc takes him out. He goes to the outside. Doc grabs a leather band and chokes Ray. Devon and Sting come in and Sting easily closelines Devon. Ray is able to come back and take Doc out. Ray gets to the apron and tells Sting to open the legs. Sting opens Devon’s legs. Ray climbs the corner and does a diving headbutt to the groin of Devon! Ray pushes Sting and Sting pushes Ray. 1-2-3, “Get the tables!” Ray exits the ring and gets a table from under the ring. He brings it in and sets it up with Sting. Doc and Devon get up and attack them. Doc stamps on Sting. Devon calls the shots as he tells him to go after Sting. They go for a double suplex through a table, but Ray gets up and moves the table. Ray hits Doc and then sends Devon in the corner. He climbs and punches him one after another. Doc hits him in the back and Ray falls over the ropes to the outside. Doc and Devon set the table up and put Sting on. Doc climbs the corner. Ray trips Devon from the outside. They hit a double closeline. Sting gets up and climbs the corner. He goes for a superplex to through the table, but Mike Knoxx enters and moves the table. Bully Ray gets in and attacks the Mike while Sting gets up and goes after Doc. He sends him out. Devon gets in and punches Ray but there is no affect. Ray starts walking around as he is hulking up. Devon pushes him one more time and Ray points to him and then whips him in the ropes. He hits the big boot. He gets Devon up and does a chokeslam style move to Devon through the table!

Winners: Bully Ray and Sting

Sting gets in and hugs Ray. Hulk and Brooke walk down the aisle and get in the ring. They meet up with Ray and Sting. They celebrate with them. Ray hugs Brooke and Hulk follows with a hug to Ray. Sting and Hulk point to Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan as they are body to body. It is all about them. The show fades.