TNA IMPACT 10 22 2014

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Bethlehem, PA
Date: October 22, 2014
Commentators: Mike Tenay and Taz

Welcome to IMPACT wrestling, tonight’s episode is being brought to you from Bethlehem, PA. A video package aired featuring Bobby Roode. And highlighting his win last week a video hyping the tag team tournament featuring the Wolves.

TNA IMPACT opens with Mike Tenay and Taz. Matt Hardy comes to the ring. Matt Hardy Calls out his partner for the tournament which was Jeff Hardy.

DJ Z comes out and introduces his partner as Jesse

Tag Team Tournament: The Hardyz vs. The Bromans

DJ Z and Matt Hardy start the match with a lockup in the middle of the ring. Hardy pulls DJZ hair and throws him to the ring and Jeff comes in and double team DJ Z. Jeff gets tagged in, and utilize another double team move. DJ tags in Jesse and matt tags in Jeff. Jesse hits a dropkick on matt. DJ Z gets tagged back in.DJ Z and Matt exchange punches until matt turns one into a side effect. Both men tag their partners. After a few drop kicks Jeff goes for the pin Jesse kicks out at 2, Jeff goes for another pin DJ Z breaks it up. Matt gets the tag hits swinging neck breaker, hardy hits the Swanton bomb from the top and gets the pin

Winners: The Hardyz

Back from the break Bran comes to the ring. Highlights of Bram attacking Devon last week airs. Bram says the sound of the human body does something for him. He speaks to Abyss saying his body made the same as when he drove Janice’s head into his chest. Bram calls himself the king of hardcore; he has a new victim Devon. He tells Devon he will kick his head in, tells the fans they will all know his name and fear it.

Out comes Devon, Devon and Bram brawl in the center of the ring. They got to the outside and Bram is slammed in the ring barrier.  Back in the ring they continue brawl. A good 3 minutes in a referee and security show up. Out comes Kurt Angle. He ask Bram if he wants to be remembered, and says tonight Devon can do whatever he wants there will be a hardcore match with Bram and Devon.

A backstage segment aired with Samuel Shaw and Brittany.

Were back as Low Ki comes to the ring. Low Ki grabs the microphone to pick his partner, Low Ki announces his partner as the X Division Champion Samoa Joe, Joe makes his way to the ring. Tazz question if they can work as a unit. Out comes Samuel Shaw, he announces his partner as Gunner after saying he looks up to Gunner as a brother.

Tag Team Tournament: Low Ki/Samoa Joe vs. Samuel Shaw/Gunner

Samuel Shaw and Samoa Joe start in the ring. Joe throws Shaw into the turnbuckle and kicks Shaw and goes for the pin Shaw kicks out at 2, Joe tags Low Ki, Shaw tags Gunner, Gunner and Low Ki exchange chops. Gunner nails Low Ki with a clothesline. Out comes Brittany to talk to Shaw. In the ring Gunner goes for a pin and gets 2, Shaw is tagged in and gets another 2 count on Low Ki. Gunner is tagged back in and hits the high Vertical. Low Ki hits a drop kick tags Joe. Snap slam by Joe he goes for the pin Gunner get a 2 count, another kick by Joe another 2 count. Brittany hooks Gunners leg, Low Ki hits a drop kick and Samoa Joe gets the win with a rear naked choke,

Winners: Samoa Joe/Low Ki

After the match Brittany and Gunner exchange words, Samuel Shaw hits Gunner with a chair, continues to beat Gunner with the chair as Brittany laughs and watches. Brittany and Samuel Shaw roll in the ring kissing

Backstage EC3 asks Tyrus to join him in the tag tournament. He challenges Rockstar Spud to find a friend to enter the tournament as well.

Commercial Break 9:42

Were back backstage with Lashley and MVP, there saying Angle is trying to get vengeance. Kenny King says MVP and him need some gold and are entering the tournament.

Rebel vs. Angelina Love

Rebel enters the ring first; Havoc comes out instead of Angelina Love. Havok attacks Rebel. She destroys Rebel in the center of the ring. Out comes Gail Kim, she attacks Havok. They fight outside the ring. Gail is thrown up the ramp. Gail comes back as security comes out.

No contest.

Commercial Break

Back from the break a Bobby Roode video airs; hyping this is his last shot. Backstage Kurt Angle Is asked about the contract signing and says his announcement will raise the stakes.

We recap the incident between Bram and Devon

Bram vs. Devon – hardcore match

Bram meets Devon outside the ring they quickly move into the ring then back out. Devon hits Bram with a cup of something. They continue to brawl outside the ring. Bram is thrown into the guardrail. Bram gets thrown in the ring steps by Devon. Bram is thrown into the ring post and then out back into the ring. Devon puts Brams head between a chair and trash can cover then slams it with a chair. Bram avoids the clothesline and hits Devon with the trash can lid. Bram places a trash can between the ropes. Low blow by Devon and Bram is thrown into the trash can that was setup by Bram. Devon Places trash can on Brams mid-section and climbs the ropes but get nailed by Magnus with a kendo stick. Bram gets the pin

Winner: Bram

Ken Anderson backstage asks Chris Melendez to be his partner tonight vs. Kenny King and MVP

Commercial Break

Back after break out comes Mr. Anderson then announces Chris Melendez. Kenny King and MVP make their entrance.

Tag Team Tournament: Mr. Anderson/Chris Melendez vs. MVP/Kenny King

The match begins with Melendez and Anderson knocking King and MVP out of the ring. Kenny King and Anderson start in the ring. Anderson executes a shoulder block and arm drag. Kenny king gets a kick to the head when Anderson is held by MVP. MVP is tagged in, MVP continues to punish Anderson. MVP hits a massive kick in the head and goes for the pin and Anderson kicks out at 2. Both hit with a clothesline and try to make it to their opposing corners. Kenny King and Chris Melendez get tagged in. Melendez hits a suplex gets the 2 count on King. MVP enters and attacks Melendez. Kenny comes from behind holds the trunks and gets the pin on Melendez.

Winner: MVP/Kenny King

Backstage Eric Young talks to Rockstar Spud, He tells Spud to get in the ring with him and fight EC3. Young says if Spud isn’t going to realize it on his own he will have to show him and heads to the ring alone

Commercial break

Back from the break the Wolves are talking about the hunt, Davey is approached by James Storm. He says Davey is good, he offers salvation and glory. In comes Manik to talk about the beauty of a revolution.

Outcomes EC3 and Tyrus. Eric young comes out with no partner and a microphone. He calls EC3 pink pants and Tyrus his ugly boyfriend. He calls out Rockstar Spud. EC3 grabs a microphone, says Spud isn’t coming. The fans chant you can’t wrestle EC3 says “I disagree, yes I can, I’m very good”. EC3 calls the fans losers. Outcomes Spud.

Tag Team Tournament: EC3/Tyrus vs. Eric Young/Rockstar Spud

Commercial Break

Back from the break EY and EC# start us off in the ring. Before they start EY tags Spud then EC3 tags Tyrus. Spud attacks Tyrus, he hits a few kicks then Tyrus head butts him down. He heart punches Spud. A reference to Ox Baker from Tenay. In the ring Spud tries a sleeper hold and is thrown to the mat. Tyrus continues to manhandle Spud in the ring; Tyrus takes out EY before he can get the tag. Tyrus tags EC3 in, he slaps Spud in the face twice, Spud hits a massive slap. Spud tags Ey Dropkicks Tyrus on the outside. EY hits an elbow from the top goes for the pin gets a 2 count. EY flies thru the ropes takes out EC3 and Tyrus, then Rockstar Spud flies outside taking out EY, EC3, and Tyrus. In the ring Tyrus hits a chokeslam and EC3 takes the pin

Winner: EC3/Tyrus

Angle is seen walking to the ring Bobby Roode and Lashley contract signing is next

Commercial Break

Back from the break

Next week’s impact is hyped by Tenay.

Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring, he brings out Bobby Roode and Lashley, and he is joined by MVP and Kenny King. MVP says he was disrespected by Angle but is use to it because Angle isn’t the man he used to be, Roode takes the microphone, he tells Lashley the last time they fought he was the better man, and Lashley knows he was this close to beating him and next week he will have doubt, asks Lashley where his priorities are. He says Lashley is stronger and faster but he will fight him with heart, passion, and determination. He says MVP has held Lashley down. He says Lashley isn’t just a destroyer he is just a man. He is interrupted by MVP who says Lashley is a machine, whoever he faces he destroys. He says anyone and anything Lashley faces he destroys. Angle says the match needs a decisive winner and he has decided to have a special guest referee. MVP says he is getting EY, but Angle says he is wrong, and names himself as the special referee. Roode signs the contract MVP tells Lashley not to but he does, a stare down between Roode and Lashley. Next week’s championship match his hyped by a video.

That’s all for this episode of IMPACT, thanks for following.