TNA IMPACT 05 22 2014

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Orlando, FL
Date: May 22, 2014
Commentators: Mike Tenay and Taz

What is next in the feud between Director of Wrestling Operations MVP and World Heavyweight Champion Eric Young? Find out as Impact Wrestling airs at 9 EST!

9:00: Kenny King and Bobby Lashley walk toward the arena with MVP. Kenny King attacks someone in the back while they make their way to the front.

MVP starts by saying that you can’t get anywhere by “asking” for things, but you have to take it. It isn’t enough to be a wrestler with an amazing career, but you have to be a politician as well. He is in control.
Kenny King says everything between he and MVP before was all a part of the plan. Bobby Lashley says that MVP is a visionary. The Wolves interrupt and ask for answers on everything that happened. MVP says that the reason the Wolves were not involved in the plan was because they didn’t have the stomach for it. Davey Richards says that he is right that they do have a heart and haven’t forgotten who made them. MVP says he could take away their contracts and send them back where they belong. The Wolves go for the attack, but Lashley and King gain the upper hand. MVP, with Richards outside the ring, says it isn’t about wrestling, but power. He takes Richards up to the stage as Lashley spears him off.

Eric Young is in the building and he doesn’t look happy. We break for commercial.

9:18: EC III and Dixie Carter make their way in the building. Davey Richards is put in an ambulance.

EC III angrily (and with a limp) makes his way to the ring. He starts to address MVP and he (MVP) comes out and interrupts him. He says EY has to speak to him on his terms. EY tells him to shut up and listen, but MVP calls his two buddies out. EY tells MVP that people trusted him and he’s ashamed. EY tells King that he’s a scumbag. He asks Lashley what he will tell his son when he asks him why people call him a sellout. MVP says that they are motivated by money and power and that is why they did the things they did. EY attacks them, but the numbers game came into play. Austin Aries came out for the save and he cleared the ring. Aries grabs the mic and says he is one of the few who saw MVP for what he really is: a fake. He challenges MVP for a match tonight. MVP accepts and directs his attention on Eric Young. He will let him know when his match when he is ready.

Bram tells Magnus he talked to MVP and set up a match. Magnus vs. Willow in a Falls Count Anywhere match tonight. Magnus tells Bram he’s sick of him and pops him in the mouth. Bram laughs and says he’s glad Magnus has found himself. Magnus doesn’t look so sure.

Angelina Love offers an open challenge for her title. Kim tries to accept, but Love tries to tell her she isn’t allowed to. Kim attacks her. Security breaks them up as we break for commercial.

TNA Knockouts champion Angelina Love vs. Brittany

9:33: Beautiful People clarify that the open challenge excludes former champions. Brittany accepts. While Brittany tries to play to the crowd, Love attacks her from behind. Love keeps Brittany down, but Brittany soon gains momentum with clotheslines and a snapmare. She sets up Love in the corner, but Love counters with an elbow to the face. She climbs up the rope, but Brittany kicks her in the face and throws her off. She goes for the pin attempt but fails. She soon rolls her up, but Sky distracts the ref. Brittany knocks Sky off the apron, but Love gets her with the Botox Injection followed by a “make over”. Gail Kim runs down and clears the Beautiful People out of the ring.

Winner: Angelina Love

MVP tries to ban Dixie Carter from the building. She says she is going to address him directly tonight. A lot of MVP tonight.

9:48: Mr. Anderson and James Storm in a drinking contest. This can’t be too good.

Austin Aries vs. MVP

As MVP is entering at ringside, he turns to talk to a fan. Aries climbs a turnbuckle and jumps on him. MVP fights him off and throws him in the ring. When MVP gets back in, Aries gets in a couple right hands. MVP comes back though and runs Aries’ face in the guard rail outside the ring. He gets Aries set up in the corner, but Aries moves out of the way. After a clothesline, he goes for the brainbuster, but MVP counters. Aries knocks MVP out with a strong forearm and gets in a couple drop kicks. He climbs to the top rope, Lashley pushes him off and disqualifies his boss. Lashley and King enter the ring and beat down Aries. EY tries to come in for the save, but he gets beaten down as well. Lashley power slams Eric Young and then MVP tells him (EY) that Lashley is his opponent for tonight.

Carter interrupts the party as we break.

10:00: Carter begins a conversation with MVP saying it isn’t about what she wants but what she can do for him. However, Ray interrupts and drives away the Carter’s. After they leave, Ray directs his attention on MVP. He reminds MVP that he is standing in the ring because of him. However, while talking about EY, Kenny King attacks Bully Ray from behind and they all start beating down on him. When they are finished, Dixie Carter and EC III come back. EC III brings in a table and tries to put him through it. However, Ray counters and directs his attention to Dixie Carter. EC III attacks again and puts Ray through. Dixie Carter says she fears no one. We go to commercial.

Winner: Austin Aries by disqualification

10:12: EC III and Carter run to their limo and drive off as Bully Ray tries to catch them.

Magnus (accompanied by Bram) vs. Willow – Falls Count Anywhere

Magnus starts it off, but Willow sends him over the rope. Willow kicks him, but Magnus gets in a shot as Willow exits the ring. Magnus throws Willow in the steel steps and goes for a pin attempt. Bram tries to hand Magnus a crowbar, but Magnus refuses. Magnus sets up Willow, but Willow counters with his own suplex. He gets Magnus in the ring. He knocks Magnus down again and climbs up for the Swanton, but Magnus rolls out of the way. Magnus runs at Willow in the corner, but he counters. Willow climbs up and lands the corkscrew and attempts a pin. They move to the outside and Willow goes for the Twist of Fate, but Magnus counters. Bram hands Magnus a weapon and he hits Willow in the mid-section. Bram tells him to hit Willow in the head with it, but Magnus refuses. Willow hits the Twist of Fate and wins.

Winner: Willow

Gunner is at the looney bin with Shaw. He tells him he knows what he is going through.

Eddie Edwards, who went to the hospital with Richards, is back as we break.

10:27: Gunner tells Shaw a story of his buddy in the marines that suffered trauma and they found peace. Shaw asks how he can trust him. Gunner suggests taking Shaw’s straight jacket off.

Edwards marches down to the ring and challenges one of the three guys that attacked Richards. King comes out and Edwards attacks at the ramp. He drags King down to ringside and gets in more shots to the face. Edwards throws King in the ring, but King gets back at Edwards. He uses the mic as a weapon and throws Edwards out of the ring. When he rolled out, Edwards gets in more shots to the face. Edwards goes to throw King in the ring, but King counters by jumping on the apron. He flies backwards at him, but Edwards scoots into the ring out of the way. When King gets back up, Edwards dives on top of him. King eventually counters and slams Edwards on the guard rail. King sets up steel steps, but Edwards counters and chokes him with his tape. King comes back and hits him with a back suplex. He walks away from Edwards lying on the ground to the backstage area.

Mr. Anderson and Storm’s beer contest is still going. Anderson winks at the camera as he orders more. There’s something fishy going on.

10:38: MVP talks to ref Brian. He apologizes to Brian for King attacking him by putting him in the main event. He also tells Brian to “not let him down.” I’m sure we all know what that means.

Mr. Anderson wasn’t drinking real beer. He got Storm drunk and then he attacked him.

EY tells MVP he will learn from his mistake of trusting him. He tells Lashley that Lashley will learn from his own mistakes as well. He’s going to show Bobby Lashley just how crazy he can be.

10:46: TNA world heavyweight champion Eric Young vs. Bobby Lashley in a non-title match

Bobby Lashley gains momentum in the beginning. Eric Young tries to battle back, but Lashley continues to dominate with fists, elbow shots, and a reverse chin lock on EY. Eric Young is struggling when we break.

10:53: Bobby Lashley is still inflicting pain on Young when we return. Lashley hits a vertical suplex and goes for a pin. Eric Young gets on his feet, but Lashley brings him back to the mat with a back body drop. He goes for the pin again and Young still kicks out. Lashley locks in the bear hug and Young escapes. EY hits a big boot to Lashley in the corner and knocks him down with a flying forearm. He climbs to the top and executes the front dropkick. EY then hits him with the pile driver and climbs to the top. King and MVP interfere but the ref does nothing. Lashley hits the spear and then the Dominator. The ref counts the three count for Lashley. Aries runs down with a kendo stick, but the trio attacks him as well.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

TNA goes off air with MVP and co. standing tall.