TNA IMPACT 05 29 2014

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Orlando, FL
Date: May 29, 2014
Commentators: Mike Tenay and Taz

What is next in MVP’s reign of terror? Find out as Impact Wrestling airs at 9 EST!

9:00: Bully Ray with mic in hand is out first. He tells everyone that he will continue to keep fighting. He is more motivated now than ever. He is obsessed with getting back at the six people he is after. There are six tables and each one has a name on them. He swears to put Bobby Lashley, Kenny King, MVP, EC III, Rockstar Spud, and Dixie Carter through a table. He enters the ring and calls out MVP and posse. MVP comes out and says that nobody is going through any tables. He calls out his buddies, but before they make it to the ring, EC III and Rockstar Spud attack Bully from behind. Bobby Lashley holds Ray and MVP punches him in the face while EC III and Spud grabs one of the tables. They get the table in the ring, but before they can put him through it, EY, The Wolves, and Austin Aries come for the rescue. Everyone gets away but Spud. Aries suggests a 6 man tag. Bully Ray puts Spud through his table. We break for commercial while we wait whether or not MVP will accept the challenge.

9:16: MVP accepts the challenge.

MVP, Bobby Lashley, and Kenny King vs. TNA tag team champions the Wolves and Austin Aries

All 6 men (Austin Aries & Wolves, MVP, Lashley, and King) are outside beating each other up. Lashley throws Aries in the ring. While Lashley dominates Aries, The Wolves knock out MVP and King on the outside. They all find their way inside the ring and Aries and the Wolves send the others over the rope to the outside again. All three dive at their opponents while we break for commercial yet again.

When we return, the match seems to be more organized. Aries and The Wolves tag each other in as they each take turns keeping Kenny King down in their own corner. Both Wolves are in the ring for double team moves. Richards goes to bounce off the ropes, but MVP kicks him in the back. Lashley drags him out of the ring to inflect more pain. King tags in MVP and his team continues to dominate over Edwards. MVP delivers a running boot and a falling release suplex on Edwards and goes for the pin attempt. MVP tags in King who puts a hold on Edwards. Edwards tries to fight out of it, but King delivers some shots to the back. King throws Edwards for a German Suplex, but Edwards lands on his feet. Edwards makes his way to Aries. However, Lashley gets a running powerslam on Aries. Aries comes back, though, and delivers the brainbuster on Kenny King. Aries tags in Richards and he hits the double flying foot stomp on King. Lashley comes out of nowhere and hits Richards with a spear. MVP gets the three count and the win.

Winners: MVP, Bobby Lashley, and Kenny King

Bram says he’s done talking to Magnus. He has a match against a mystery opponent and he wants Magnus out there with him.

9:34: EC III tells Dixie Carter everything that happened earlier. She says she has business with MVP that she needs to finish. She wants EC III with her when she does.

Bram vs. Tigre Uno

Tigre Uno dodges Bram’s attempts, but soon catches him and power bombs him. He rubs Uno’s face in the mat, but the ref stops him. After a couple knee shots to the gut, Bram gets Tigre up in a choke hold. Tigre tries to battle back, but it is to no avail. Bram hits him with a hard DDT for the win. He punches him in the head a couple times before grabbing a ring hook from under the ring. He goes to hit Tigre Uno with it, but Magnus stops him and asks him what is wrong with him. Bram says the old Magnus would rip Uno to pieces and is wondering what happened to him. Magnus says Bram might need to prove himself against a more worthy opponent. He suggests a match between Willow and Bram.

Winner: Bram

Anderson asks Gunner why he’s talking to Shaw. He says Shaw is a creep who lives in his mother’s basement. Gunner assures Anderson that they, Gunner and Anderson, are on the same page for their match tonight.

9:46: Brittany asks Madison Rayne if she’d be her partner against the Beautiful People. Rayne tells her she isn’t ready for dealing with them and makes Brittany promise she won’t have the match tonight.

Bromans vs. Anderson and Gunner

DJ Z distracts Gunner and Anderson while the Bromans take advantage. Jesse and Robbie take turns keeping Gunner down in their own corner. Robbie goes for the pin, but Anderson interrupts it. Robbie climbs up the rope, but Gunner gets out of the way. He grabs Robbie for a fall away slam. Anderson gets the hot tag and knocks both down one at a time. Robbie gets the tag on Jesse, but Mr. Anderson hits him with the Mic Check. Anderson tags in Gunner who delivers a flying headbutt for the win.

Winner: Anderson and Gunner

After the match, with all three members of the Bromans standing in the ring, The Menagerie then come out and beat up on The Bromans.

We will hear from Dixie Carter after the break.

10:00: Brittany seems to be going back on her word. She asks Gail Kim to be her partner who obliges.

Dixie Carter asks MVP to come out so they can finish their conversation. He, along with his posse, makes their way down to the ring. Carter says that MVP just might need her. MVP reminds her that he is in control and he faces Eric Young at Slammiversary. Carter then says she could either mind her own business or she could go to the Board of Directors and let them see how he abuses power. However, EY and Bully Ray interrupt with chain and pipe in hand. MVP, after some words towards them, says Eric Young and Bully Ray will face each other tonight with EC III as the ref. Ray tries to refuse, but MVP says he will be fired if he doesn’t. Ray says he isn’t quitting until he puts everyone in the ring through a table. Will Bully Ray face his friend EY?

The Beautiful People say they are going to “slay” Brittany and Gail Kim. We break for commercial.

10:15: A video of Kurt Angle recovering from knee surgery. He thanks his fans for their support.

The Beautiful People vs. Gail Kim and Brittany

Brittany and Angelina Love start things off. Love rams her knee in Brittany’s gut and her elbow in her face. She bounces Brittany off the ropes, but Brittany counters with a kick to the face. After a few forearms to the face, Brittany bounces in front of Kim, but Love trips her and drags her away before she could make the tag. Love tags in Velvet, but Brittany battles back with a snapmare and a pin attempt. Brittany bounces in front of Kim without tagging her in again and Velvet drags her away again. Beautiful People keep her away from her own corner with forearms and a Russian Leg Sweep. Brittany gets away and gives the hot tag (finally) to Kim. Kim gets a couple shots and a dropkick to Sky. She sets Sky up for Eat Defeat, but Sky moves out of the way. Kim gets her down once again, but Brittany tags herself in when Kim tries to climb the rope. Brittany tries to summersault herself onto Sky, but Sky moves out of the way. While the ref’s back is turned, Angelina Love hits the Botox Injection on Brittany. When he turns around, Sky covers Brittany for the win.

Winners: The Beautiful People

10:32: Brittany is still in the ring and requests Madison Rayne to join her. When Madison Rayne comes down and asks why she refused to be her partner. Madison says that the problems between her and The Beautiful People run deep and she doesn’t want to be responsible with involving Brittany in that. Brittany says she is a big girl and can handle it. She just wants to be “with her.” Madison shuts Brittany down and Brittany asks why she won’t accept her. Beautiful People come out and they say they made Madison that heartless. Madison tells them they need to worry about the Knockout’s Title because she is cashing her rematch clause next week.

MVP and posse tell EC III they have his back and that they are going to be close by.

TNA world heavyweight champion Eric Young vs. Bully Ray in a non-title match

10:42: Christy Hemme starts to introduce the main event, but Kenny King interrupts and informs her that he is the special guest announcer. He “announces” the opponents (who try to get a shot at him) and then EC III. After Carter enters, King announces the “special guest enforcer” Bobby Lashley and the “special guest time keeper” MVP. Every time Carter tries to enter the ring, Bully Ray runs after him. However, being distracted by MVP, Carter finally gets in the ring to start the match. Ray gets an arm drag. They lock up and Ray gets the hip toss. They lock up once again and Bully Ray hits a scoop slam. After a couple arm drags by EY, he hits a drop kick. Bully Ray gets knocked out of the ring, but Kenny King attack Bully Ray. EC III of course doesn’t call it but rather begins the 10 count. We break for commercial.

10:55: When we return, Bully is back in the ring. Bully knocks EY out of the ring, and this time MVP attacks EY. Bully has a few words with MVP as he and EY reenter the ring. Bully and Eric Young exchange shots to each other, but EC III tries to stop Bully by saying he can’t do elbows. Bully Ray hits the big boot on EC III. MVP, King, and Lashley enter the ring and start beating on EY and Bully Ray. However, a returning Samoa Joe clears MVP and Lashley out of the ring. He hits the Muscle Buster on King and the show ends with he and MVP sharing an evil stare down.

Winner: No contest