TNA IMPACT 06 12 2014

TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Orlando, FL
Date: June 12, 2014
Commentators: Mike Tenay and Taz

What will happen on the go home show before Slammiversary Sunday? Find out as Impact airs at 9 EST!

9:00: We start things off with Eric Young, World Heavyweight Champion, coming down to the ring. He grabs a mic and states that in 3 days is the biggest match of his life. He then calls out MVP and posse. MVP assures that Carter and he are not friends and that she is not involved in this. EY then expresses his concern whether or not his buddies will get involved. MVP laughs at the fact that EY thinks he, MVP, cannot beat him on his own. EY asks for a fair fight on Sunday, but MVP says he can’t guarantee anything. EY says that he is willing to do anything to make sure he does get a fair fight. MVP goes on to say that if EY can beat all three of them tonight, he can pick the stipulation for their match on Sunday. Kenny King grabs the mic and says that EY couldn’t beat two of them, let alone three. Eric Young asks the Director of Wrestling Operations whether he’s got to beat two or three men tonight. Kenny, getting ahead of himself, blurts out two. MVP goes along with it, 2 out of 3, and announces that EY’s first opponent will be Bobby Lashley. Their match is after commercial.

TNA world heavyweight champion Eric Young vs. Bobby Lashley in a non-title match

9:13: When we return, Bobbly Lashley comes down hard on Eric Young. Young soon recovers and hits several forearms to Lashley. Young throws Lashley into the turnbuckle. He tries to throw Lashley in the opposite corner, but Lashley counters and throws EY instead. EY flips over the ropes and lands on his feet on the apron. When Lashley comes after EY, EY counters with a shoulder block. However, Lashley soon gains momentum as he throws Eric Young to the outside area. He rams EY in the steel steps and on the floor, rolls EY back in the ring, and goes for the pin attempt. Lashley gets EY up in the back breaker, but EY soon escapes. He bounces off the ropes, but Lashley knocks him back down with a strong clothesline. After a pin attempt, Lashley gets him into another back breaker. EY gets out of it, and rolls him up in a pin attempt. He hits him with a drop kick, pulls him up, and throws his face in the turnbuckle. Lashley throws EY into the corner and EY counters with a boot. EY jumps off the second rope, but Lashley catches him and hits him with The Dominator. 1-2-3 and Lashley wins. Hopefully EY can win his other two. Lashley, however, does not seem to be done. He continues to deliver a few right hands to EY’s head. Samoa Joe comes for the rescue and clears Lashley out of the ring.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

Willow says that he is bruised and beaten, but not broken. He’s learned how to take the pain from Bram and Magnus. We break for commercial.

9:25: Eric Young is hurt and is advised not to go back outside.

Samoa Joe says that Bobbly Lashley is his next victim. After he’s through with him, MVP will be next.

Magnus and Bram come down to the ring. Bram says that Magnus is the most brutal guy he knew growing up. Magnus says that Bram brought him back to what he used to be. He’s not going to be what anyone else wants him to be. He and Bram are unstoppable.
Bram addresses Willow and he, Willow, comes out with a mic in hand. Oh boy. Willow says he’s dangerous and he’s giving them a chance to run. He’s not responsible for anything he does because he is a part of Jeff Hardy‘s imagination. He cheers for himself (Jeff Hardy) and says where Jeff cannot go, Willow can. He then cheers for himself (Willow) again. He says that (we) will take you out. Magnus says he doesn’t have an alter ego, but he does have Bram. Bram says they are dangerous people, too. Willow says that “they” will take them out. He will have the Monster Abyss in his corner on Sunday during his match with Magnus. Abyss comes out and attacks Bram. Willow attacks Magnus.

EC III points to his Band-Aid on his head and says that nobody makes him bleed. He is going to expose Bully Ray for the heathen that he is. We go to commercial.

Robbie E (with DJ Z and Jesse) vs. Knux (with The Menagerie)

Knux tosses Robbie around the ring. Rebel stretches on the outside apron to put on a show for Jesse. The Freak then chases Jesse away. Robbie gets a few offensive moves, but soon gets distracted and freaked out with Crazy Steve coming up on the apron. Knux soon tosses Robbie some more before finally hitting the powerbomb for the win. Crazy Steve sticks the balloons in Robbie’s shorts. Robbie gets freaked out again and runs out with balloons in pants. Who writes this?

Winner: Knux

EC III asks Spud if everything is in order, especially the special guest. The guest is Brooke. We break for commercial.

9:53: Ethan Carter, along with Rockstar Spud (in the most colorful, crazy suit ever), come down to the ring. He says that they are there to deliver the truth. He calls out Brooke to reveal the truth of Bully’s past. When she enters the ring, they all sit in chairs set up. Ethan tells Brooke that they are all friends and can trust each other. Ethan asks Brooke if she had a relationship with Ray and if it is still going on. He asks Brooke if Bully had a drinking problem or had other women. She said no. He asked if Bully threatened to put her through a table. She said no. Spud lifted an envelope and said he has the results. He says that Bully is the “father”. He showed pictures of a baby with the same face as Bully. Brooke says she hasn’t had a baby. Spud calls her a hussy, which Brooke gets up and points her finger in Spud’s face. EC III threatens her which cues Bully Ray. Bully Ray chases Spud and EC III out. Ray tells Brooke she was an awesome girlfriend and that he’s sorry it didn’t work out. He gives her a hug. Carter comes back out and makes grotesque noises. He challenges a table’s match. He says that the only way that Bully would ever put Dixie through a table is over his dead body. Bully, because EC III said over (his) dead body, counter challenged EC III to a Texas Death Match. Ethan Carter accepts.

Kenny King is ready for his match with Eric Young. That match happens next.

TNA world heavyweight champion Eric Young vs. Kenny King in a non-title match

10:10: King and Young lock up and Young gets King locked in an armbar. King spins out and tosses EY. EY gets the armbar on King again, but King escapes again. Young hits a mid-way slam, but grabs his lower back in pain. They find their way on the apron. King tries to pick up Young for a suplex, but doesn’t get it. Instead, he hits EY with a kick to the mid-section. King continues to target EY’s lower back with kicks and slams, but EY soon comes back with a cross body off the top rope. EY hits a few flying forearms on King and scoop slams him. He climbs the ropes again, but King stops him with a kick to the face. He slams EY down again and laughs in his face. He climbs the ropes and goes for the springboard, but EY moves out of the way. EY picks King up and hits the spinebuster. EY gets the pin. He’ll face MVP later for a chance to pick the stipulation for their match Sunday.

Winner: Eric Young

Madison Rayne says she is not going to address the weird vibe she’s getting from Brittany. She’s only going to worry about beating her (Brittany) and Gail Kim for a shot at the title Sunday. This match is coming up next.

10:22: EY is still hurting, but he made a promise he’d do it. He says that he still thinks MVP isn’t man enough to beat him.

Brittany vs. Gail Kim vs. Madison Rayne for the #1 Knockouts contender spot

Rayne and Brittany point fingers at each other as Kim rolls Rayne up for a pin attempt. Rayne and Brittany take turns slamming Kim. Kim, however, drop kicks both girls and then knocks both of them out. The Beautiful People make their entrance as we break for commercial.

When we return, Rayne and Brittany make a comeback. However, Kim gets a hold on Brittany’s head with her legs, while Rayne does the same on Kim. They break it up and Brittany and Rayne hits a superplex on Kim. Rayne tells Brittany to go home. Brittany slaps Rayne and screams at her. Kim gets the figure four lock on Brittany off the steel post. The Beautiful People interfere, hoping to hit Kim with hairspray. It backfires and they hit Brittany instead. Kim hits the Eat Defeat on Brittany for the win. She will face Angelina Love at Slammiversary.

Winner: Gail Kim

MVP tells everyone that he told his ref to call it down the middle…after the bell rings. Who knows what could happen beforehand. We break for commercial.

TNA world heavyweight champion Eric Young vs. MVP in a non-title match

As EY makes his entrance, Lashley and King come from behind to attack EY’s lower back. When they are through, they throw EY into the ring. MVP signals the ref to ring the bell. This match is “official” with MVP running EY into the turnbuckle. We break yet again for commercial.

10:50: MVP has EY hanging over the ropes. EY tries to fight back as he bounces off the ropes, but MVP rams his knee into his lower section. MVP hits the snapmare and thrusts his shoulder into EY’s back again. He goes for a pin attempt, but EY kicks out. After several shots to the back, MVP hits the over the back suplex. EY kicks out again, and MVP puts EY in the camel clutch. MVP delivers more punches and goes for another pin. EY tries to fight again, but MVP stops him and slams him down with a powerbomb. He goes for the pin, but EY kicks out. MVP then picks him up again and throws EY into the corner. He goes for several pins, but EY keeps kicking out. Frustrated, MVP grabs a chair from the outside and sets it up in the ring. He sits down in it and trash talks EY. EY tries to get up while the ref tells MVP not to use the chair. MVP doesn’t listen and hits him with it. The ref calls for the bell and the match ends. King and Lashley, who brings in EY’s belt, join MVP in the ring. MVP says he doesn’t care what stipulation EY picks, because EY can’t win. He poses with EY’s belt as he and his posse leave the ring. EY grabs a mic and makes his way to his knees. He says he know it doesn’t look like it, but he did win. He says at Slammiversary it will be he and MVP in a steel cage.

Winner: Eric Young via disqualification