WWE Monday Night RAW 11 03 2008

November 3, 2008 – Tampa, Florida
Announcers: Michael Cole & Jerry “The King” Lawler (plus Jim Ross)


DARK MATCH: Mike Knox defeated D-Lo Brown..

Randy Orton: Randy Orton said he gave Shane & Stephanie McMahon an ultimatum last week; either they fire Mike Adamle as General Manager or he will quit. Orton said he was not leaving until Shane & Stephanie come out and address this issue. Orton took a seat at ringside and waited…….

The Hardy Boyz (Matt & Jeff Hardy) defeated Montel Vontavious Porter & Brian Kendrick w/Ezekiel Jackson: What an odd couple MVP and THE Kendrick make. Despite interference from Ezekiel Jackson, the Hardyz still managed to electrify the crowd with a big victory!

HIGHLIGHTS: The first episode of RAW!

HIGHLIGHTS: Episode #17, featuring the 1-2-3 scoring an upset victory over Razor Ramon!

William Regal (w/Layla El) won a Battle Royal!: Participants included; Gene Snitsky, Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase Jr., Manu, Shad Gaspard, JTG, William Regal and Jamie Noble. What’s the point? Why not make it a 20-Man Battle Royal and throw in some more guys. Before the match, WWE Intercontinental champion Santino Marella & WWE Women’s champion Beth Phoenix came down and joined in on commentary. Rhodes & Manu dumped Snitsky, but then DiBiase dumped Rhodes! Noble was eliminated and then dragged Regal out (not eliminated) and repeatedly punched him! DiBiase was the last guy and Regal jumped back into the ring and tossed DiBiase over the top to win the match and earn a shot at the Intercontinental title next week in Manchester, England! What a coincidence!!

Shane McMahon & Stephanie McMahon: A limo pulled into the building and Stephanie McMahon got out, followed by big brother Shane. Stephanie said Shane knows what to do, and suggested he go out there alone.

HIGHLIGHTS: Episode #409, when Shane McMahon “purchased” WCW from Time-Warner without Vince’s blessing. This of course led to the infamous failed Alliance Invasion angle.

Randy Orton + Shane McMahon + Randy Orton: Randy Orton, who had been sitting at ringside all night, jumped back into the ring and called out Shane McMahon to address his demands. Shane came out and Orton said that Shane’s father (Vince) would make sure that his top star was happy. Shane said he was not his father, and proceeded to address Mike Adamle. Adamle suddenly interrupted and campaigned to Shane for letting him keep his job as RAW General Manager. Adamle said he let Randy Orton get the best of him last week and he slapped Orton in the face. Adamle said the job corrupts, and he doesn’t want to let it happen to him – and that’s why he was resigning as the General Manager of RAW. Adamle, who was getting a bit emotional, thanked Shane and shook his hands before leaving the ring. Orton demanded an apology from Adamle, but Shane said Orton owes Adamle an apology. Shane said he found out that Orton has been cleared to compete for weeks but he hasn’t told anybody. Orton suggested he return at Survivor Series, but Shane said tonight was a better idea! Shane McMahon said Randy Orton will be competing in the ring tonight. Orton said he would love more than anything to wrestle tonight, but he did not bring his wrestling gear. Shane said he has taken care of everything for Orton, and informed him that he will be facing C.M. Punk – the man that he kicked in the head at Unforgiven.

HIGHLIGHTS: Highlights from the time Barack Obama and John McCain appeared on RAW.

Vladimir Kozlov defeated Bret “The Hitman” Haas (impersonating Bret Hart): I thought this was going to be a nice little tribute to WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart, who was a big part of the early years of RAW. SmackDown! monster Vladimir Kozlov destroyed Bret Haas in a total squash match.

Todd Grisham & Batista: World Heavyweight champion Batista said it took him a long time to win the title back and he’s not about to give it up. Batista said there will be no excuses and Jericho will be going home empty handed.

HIGHLIGHTS: EPISODE #257 when Degeneration X (Triple H, X-Pac, Billy Gunn, Roaddog, and Chyna) showing up outside of WCW Nitro in an army tank.

Degeneration-X (Triple H & Shawn Michaels): Triple H asked the fans “are you ready?” and Shawn Michaels stopped him and said he was not ready. They showed footage of Miz & Morrison making fun of them on ECW and beating up a pair of imposters. Michaels said dressing people up and beating them up is revolutionary. Michaels poked fun at Triple H’s big nose, and H said it wasn’t his fault because the camera adds 10 pounds. Michaels said you can make fun of his kids and punch his wife, but mocking his chaps is crossing the line! Triple H said the part that got him mad was when they talked about Shawn losing his hair. Michaels put his hat back on and said he doesn’t remember them saying anything about that. Triple H said when they were revolutionizing the industry, the Miz & Morrison were in high school. Next they showed geeky high school pictures of Miz & Morrison. Triple H said they looked like they got beat up every day in high school and tonight will be no different. Triple H asked again, “are you ready?” and Michaels said “I’m ready!” They showed video of a blindfolded Miz getting a lap dance from Big Dick Johnson a few years ago. HHH & HBK then did their “let’s get ready to suck it!” thing, implying that Miz & Morrison were a gay couple.

Degeneration-X (Triple H & Shawn Michaels) defeated John Morrison & Mike Mizanin:

Shane McMahon & John Bradshaw Layfield: JBL said with the Mike Adamle era coming to an end he wanted to become the new General Manager of RAW. Shane said he will talk to Stephanie about it and take it under consideration. Shane said he wanted to put JBL into a high profile match tonight. JBL suggested he make the Steel Cage match later tonight a triple threat match. Shane instead booked JBL against the Undertaker tonight!

HIGHLIGHTS: EPISODE #243, the announcement of “Iron” Mike Tyson signing on to be a guest enforcer at WrestleMania 14.

Beth Phoenix & Jillian Hall & Katie Lea & Maryse Ouellet & Natalya Neidhart & Victoria & Layla El & Lena Yada defeated Mickie James & Candice Michelle & Kelly Kelly & Michelle McCool & Brie Bella & Eve Torres & Tiffany & Mae Young: Lilian Garcia noticed that the sides were not even, so WWE Hall of Famer Mae Young came down and joined the babyface side! Mae Young was tagged in and she started taking down the heel divas with forearms before tripping over her own feet and falling backwards! Four of the heel Divas jumped in to gang up on Mae but four babyface Divas jumped in and speared them! Beth Phoenix ended up rolling up Mae Young for the 1-2-3 to win the match!

HIGHLIGHTS: EPISODE #456, when the Rock challenged Hollywood Hulk Hogan to a showdown at WrestleMania 18.

C.M. Punk defeated Randy Orton by DQ: The match ended in a DQ when Ted DiBiase Jr. (with Cody Rhodes & Manu) attacked C.M. Punk. In a shocking turn of events, Randy Orton punted DiBiase in the head and walked past Rhodes & Manu on his way out of the ring.

Cody Rhodes & Manu + Randy Orton: After Ted DiBiase Jr. was fitted with a neck brace and stretchered out of the ring, Cody Rhodes & Manu confronted Randy Orton backstage. Orton scolded the second generation stars for costing him a victory in his first match back. Orton said if they didn’t like it then do something about it – I dare you!! Rhodes & Manu did nothing, and Orton said there may be hope for them after all.

HIGHLIGHTS: EPISODE #772, when the Big Show got into a physical confrontation with Floyd “Money” Mayweather and his entire posse.

Stephanie McMahon & Mike Adamle + Shane McMahon: Mike Adamle said every time he came up with a good idea, Stephanie called and changed it. Adamle said motherhood hasn’t done Stephanie a bit of good. Stephanie told Adamle not to blame his inadequacies on her and said controlling RAW is her birthright. Adamle left and Shane McMahon came in and told his baby sister that she will enjoy what he’s going to do next.

HIGHLIGHTS: EPISODE #475, featuring an epic Ladder match between the Undertaker and Jeff Hardy… one of the greatest Ladder matches of all time!

RINGSIDE: “The Voice of Monday Night RAW for over 600 episodes” Jim Ross & Tazz, came out to do commentary the next match.. Not sure why TAZZ is there?!

The Undertaker defeated John Bradshaw Layfield by Countout: The Undertaker threw JBL out of the ring and JBL was smart enough to get himself counted out. Shawn Michaels ran down and pushed JBL back into the ring so that the Undertaker could give JBL a Tombstone Pile-driver! The Undertaker cast his eyes over to Shawn Michaels after the match.

Chris Jericho & Shane McMahon: Chris Jericho wanted to know what Shane McMahon’s big announcement was, assuming it concerns the World Heavyweight champion – which will be him by the end of the night. Shane said that the winner of tonight’s cage match will face John Cena at Survivor Series.

HIGHLIGHTS: EPISODE #304, Stone Cold Steve Austin drives a beer truck down to the ring and sprays the Corporation with a beer hose!

Kung Fu-Naki + Hornswoggle + The Boogeyman + Goldust + Jesse & Festus + Dusty Rhodes + Sgt. Slaughter + Jim Duggan + Lilian Garcia + Ron Simmons: Kung Fu-Naki came out to do some karate stuff and was joined by Hornswoggle for some dancing. Then the Boogeyman showed up and did some strutting. Goldust came to the ring and made friends with the Boogeyman. Jesse & Festus, Dusty Rhodes, Sgt. Slaughter, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, and Lilian Garcia joined in for a big funky dance. Michael Cole went in and started dancing with Lilian Gacia, but Goldust wanted to cut in so he started dancing with Cole! The music suddenly stopped and Ron Simmons came out to the stage and yelled “DAMN!”

HIGHLIGHTS: EPISODE #775, for Ric Flair‘s Farewell Address and subsequent Appreciation Ceremony thrown by everybody in the WWE.

HIGHLIGHTS: EPISODE #630, for the wedding of Edge and a scantily clad Lita – which was interrupted by KANE!

Kane & Mark Henry defeated Rey Mysterio & Kofi Kingston: It feels weird that Kane & Mark Henry are forming a tag team at this point. After the match, Kane brutally tossed Rey out of the ring. The Great Khali showed up and chopped Kane on the skull! Khali then went after Mark Henry and pounded on him, setting up for Mysterio to connect with the 619! Khali & Mysterio on the same page???

Shane McMahon & Stephanie McMahon: Stephanie McMahon said she loved Shane’s idea to give John Cena a title shot at Survivor Series but asked him to keep her in the loop next time. Shane said he wished dad was there to see it, and Stephanie said that dad would be very proud of them.

HIGHLIGHTS: EPISODE #761, the 2007 WWE Tribute to the Troops Christmas special.

Chris Jericho defeated Batista to recapture the World Heavyweight title: After a long back-and-forth match, Jericho climbed up to the top of the cage and Batista gave chase. Jericho pulled a metal piece off of the structure and used it as a weapon to smash Batista in the forehead. A bloodied Batista tried to recover, but Jericho kicked him through the cage and dropped to the floor to win the match and recapture the World Heavyweight title!!!!