WWE Monday Night RAW 02 13 2012

WWE RAW – February 13, 2012 – San Diego, California
Announcers: Michael Cole & Jerry “The King” Lawler

Kane: The show started with a close up of Kane’s face/mask and him cutting a promo saying tonight John Cena WILL embrace the hate and someone is going to take a ride in this ambulance..

Jerry “the King” Lawler + Kofi Kingston & Chris Jericho & The Miz & Dolph Ziggler & R-Truth & C.M. Punk + John Laurinaitis & David Otunga: The King introduced the first ever Elimination Chamber debate, featuring the six participants in the RAW Elimination Chamber match this Sunday. The King introduced Kofi Kingston, Chris Jericho, The Miz, Dolph Ziggler (w/Vickie Guerrero), R-Truth, and WWE champion C.M. Punk. The first question was for Punk, but before he could answer he was interrupted by returning RAW G.M. John Laurinaitis (w/David Otunga). John was extra confident because he has the support of the WWE board of directors. John said his piece and left waving to the crowd. Punk promised that the debate would not end in violence. Punk congratulated John Laurinaitis on convincing the board of directors to let him keep his job. Punk suggested JL had naked pictures of board members. Punk said he would win this Sunday because he is the best wrestler in the world. Vickie did her “excuse me!” but and said there should be no booing allowed. Dolph said he was better than Punk and better than everybody else, and he backs it up every tonight. Truth said if he’s elected (what?) the first thing he will do is trade Vickie & Dolph to SmackDown! for Hornswoggle and a box of spotters (whats?). Dolph said they weren’t running for office! Truth continued blah blah blah cutting his crazy promo about how he was going to win the Elimination Chamber. The Miz said he was the main event at WrestleMania because he retained his title twice. Miz said Punk is 0-2 in the Elimination Chamber. Miz listed reasons why each participant will not win. The buzzer went off but Miz kept talking. Kofi said he has been overlooked far too long, and said he may walk into the Chamber is a so-called ‘afterthought’ but he might walk out as WWE champion. Jericho said he has been in more Elimination Chamber matches than anybody. Jericho said last time he was in an Elimination Chamber he walked out the World Heavyweight champion. Jericho said his accomplishments outweight the other five participants accomplishments combined. Jericho said Punk might as well give him the WWE title right now because the master is here to reclaim his prize. Punk took a shot at Jericho, reminding him that he finished seventh on Dancing with the Stars. Dolph said this has been 15 minutes of his life he can’t have back! Truth said he won’t be talked down to by a guy who was named after flipper! The King booked Kofi Kingston vs. Chris Jericho. Jericho pushed by Kofi and tried to pick a fight with Punk. Jericho turned around and got kicked in the head by Kofi!

Chris Jericho defeated Kofi Kingston:

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Shawn Michaels arrived at the building and was greeted by best friend Triple H..

HIGHLIGHT CLIPS: Kane brawling with John Cena at the Royal Rumble and then giving Zack Ryder a tombstone piledriver in the ring.

John Cena & Zack Ryder: Zack was there to see Eve and had flowers for her. Cena said every time Zack comes to RAW bad things happen. Cena said Ryder should stay in the locker room and he will bring Eve to him.

John Laurinatis & David Otunga: JL said he was excited to be back, and a lot of people were happy about it. Otunga reminded JL that the board of directors didn’t say he was the permanent G.M. of RAW. Otunga said he had an idea where JL could be the permanent G.M. of both RAW and SmackDown!.

The Big Show vs. Randy Orton ended in a No Contest: World Heavyweight champion Daniel Bryan sat at ringside for this match. The match was thrown out when Bryan entered the ring and bashed Orton with the title belt! Bryan then lined up and bashed the Big Show, too.

WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels + Triple H + The Undertaker (on screen): Shawn milked the crowd reaction and said he was nervous. Shawn said earlier today someone on Tritter asked him why he always comes around this time of year – it’s WrestleMania! At he’s honest. Shawn said he’s still the show-stopper! Shawn said he watched RAW last week and he was waiting for HHH to accept the challenge to the Undertaker. Shawn said he was shocked when HHH didn’t give it. Shawn said he called Laurinaitis so he could come out and talk to his best friend. Shawn said he realized that HHH is just playing the Undertaker. Shawn wanted HHH to come out and tell everyone he is going to end the Undertaker’s streat at WrestleMania! Triple H came out and they teased some DX stuff. HHH said it must have been hard for Shawn to take time out of hunting wabbits with Elmer Fudd. HHH said if Shawn just came to see him accept Undertaker’s challenge then he will be disappointed. HHH said in order to beat Undertaker, he has to end him, and he is not that guy any more. Shawn said that’s exactly who HHH is, he ends careers and has no mercy. Shawn asked if the suit is who HHH is now? Shawn said he never left HHH’s side, but is he telling him he married “that chick” and became one of ‘them’? Shawn asked if HHH was a corporate sellout? HHH said he wasn’t a sellout, he just made an investment in the future. Shawn said when a man challenges you and you back down, that makes you a coward. HHH tried to walk out on his best friend but Shawn pulled him back. Shawn said he doesn’t care how you dressed it up, or how much money you have, a coward is still a coward. The crowd began chanting for ONE MORE MATCH. HHH tried to walk away, but came back after being taunted. HHH said he has real life responsibilities, revealing that all of this (the WWE) is going to be his. HHH said that responsibility weights on his shoulders. HHH said for years he looks at Undertaker as an opponent but now he looks at him like a brand that is good for business – and he can’t let that brand end because it’s bad for business. Crowd started booing. HHH said he, Shawn, and Undertaker are the end of an era of a different breed. HHH said he will not be the one to end that era for no reason. HHH said he won’t do it to feed his ego, and won’t do it to feed Shawn’s ego, because he wants to live vicariously through him to get done the things that he couldn’t get done! Good speech. Shawn said awesome speech, and it might work on a lot of people. Shawn said he’s at peace with his life, where HHH has no peace. Shawn asked HHH to look him in the end and tell him he doesn’t want to end the streak. HHH tried to leave but Shawn pulled him back. HHH took off his jacket. HHH looked Shawn in the eye seething and said NO! Shawn looked disappointed and left the ring to walk backstage. HHH was about to leave when the lights went out and a video played from the Undertaker. The video showed Undertaker watching clips of last years match and audio of HHH saying he felt sorry for the Undertaker. Undertaker said it was not over, and “I will get what I want.” It also showed Taker cutting piece of his hair off. Back in the ring, HHH took off his tie and looked frustrated.

R-Truth defeated Dolph Ziggler w/Vickie Guerrero: Dolph was showing off for Vickie when Truth surprised Dolph with a roll-up for the 1-2-3!

Zack Ryder & Santino Marella: Santino said he heard Zack was in love with Eve. Santino said no one knows more about love than him. Zack asked for some tips. Santino gave Zack a breath mint, which Zack said was disgusting.

WWE SLAM OF THE WEEK: Tamina doing the Superfly Splash!

Tamina defeated Brie Bella w/Nikki Bella with a Superfly Splash: WWE Diva’s champion Beth Phoenix joined Michael Cole & The King on commentary for the match. They are no calling her Tamina Snuka.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson..

Josh Mathews & John Cena + Kane & Eve Torres + Zack Ryder: Josh asked for Cena’s reaction to the Rock. Cena heard a commotion in the background and ran to check it out. Kane forced Eve into an ambulance. Cena showed up and whacked Kane, then tried to get in and save Eve. Kane bashed Cena from behind and got in the drivers seat. Eve jumped out of the back of the ambulance into Cena’s arms as it drove away. Eve then kissed Cena passionately. The camera paned over and we saw Zack Ryder sitting there. After the commercial Eve tracked down Ryder and explained that it was just a heat of the moment thing. Eve said she does care about Ryder and really wants to be friends. Ryder wheeled off and left Eve crying.

WWE champion C.M. Punk defeated The Miz:

BACKSTAGE SEGMENT: Cameras showed the ambulance backing into the arena again.

John Cena + Zack Ryder + Kane: John Cena apologized to Zack Ryder for kissing Eve. Cena said this was Kane’s plan all along, to turn his friends against him and to turn the WWE Universe against him – and leave him alone with no other choice but to embrace the hate. Cena said it was a good plan and it would have worked if it was anybody else. Cena said he can tell there are some people who think he will snap. A small group of people started a “we all hate you” chant which surprisingly caught on. Cena said it has been six years and he is comfortable in his own skin and he RISES ABOVE HATE. Cena said he will continue to adapt, overcome, and win. Cena said this Sunday Kane will leave the arena in an ambulance! Cena said he had a message for the Rock about WrestleMania. Suddenly Zack Ryder came out to the stage, stood up from his wheel chair, and walked to the ring on crutches. Ryder yelled at Cena for going after Eve. Ryder tried to take a punch at Cena, who blocked it and pushed Ryder down. Ryder rolled out of the ring and limped back on the ramp. Kane came up on the big screen and said Cena was in denial. Kane said Cena stole the one true love of his only friend. Kane said Cena has finally embraced the hate; unfortunately he feeds of hate. Kane said Cena will not overcome, not adapt, and not win, this Sunday! Kane said Cena’s body and soul will leave in ambulance. Kane asked for a round of applause for John Cena. Cena went to find a microphone. Kane suddenly snuck out and pushed Ryder’s wheel-chair off the ramp down to the floor! Kane ran away. Cena ran down to Ryder’s aid with paramedics, soon joined by a crying Eve. Ryder was straped to a stretcher and taken away as the show faded to black.