WWE Monday Night RAW 06 20 2022

WWE Raw Results
June 20, 2022
Lincoln, Nebraska (Pinnacle Bank Arena)

Commentary: Jimmy Smith, Corey Graves, and Byron Saxton
Results by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

In memory of Tim White: 1954 – 2022.

Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair makes her way to the ring.

Tonight, we’ll see the return of Brock Lesnar from this past Friday. The way they promoted this, it’s clear the live crowd thinks he will be on the show tonight. In a Money in the Bank Qualifying Match, Riddle will face Omos. Finally, Elias returns for a concert.

Belair welcomes everyone to Monday Night Raw. Belair talks about how she’s supposed to face Rhea Ripley at Money in the Bank with the title on the line. However, she’s not medically cleared to compete, so that match isn’t happening… yet. So who is she going to face at Money in the Bank with the title on the line? We’re going to have a Fatal 5-Way Match tonight to figure that.

Becky Lynch comes out to the ring. Lynch says she had the title won at Hell in a Cell, but Belair stole it from her. Lynch says she’ll gladly beat her at Money in the Bank. Asuka comes out and pretends to cry, mocking Lynch as a crybaby. Asuka asks if she’s still the Big Time Baby.

Liv Morgan comes out and says she’s in a great mood tonight. She’s already qualified for Money in the Bank, but she’d gladly trade that in for a shot at Bianca Belair at Money in the Bank. Carmella comes out and says she gets why she’s in the match, as well as the others except for Liv Morgan. Morgan only got into this match by riding Alexa Bliss’ coattails. Alexa Bliss comes out and says Carmella is name-dropping her, but she’ll drop Carmella if she continues to mess with Morgan.

Belair says the time for talking is over. It’s time for action.

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John Cena returns to Raw next Monday.

Fatal 5-Way Match
Becky Lynch vs. Asuka vs. Liv Morgan vs. Carmella vs. Alexa Bliss

The bell rings, and Asuka and Becky Lynch brawl out of the ring. Liv Morgan then dropkicks Carmella out of the ring. Alexa Bliss and Morgan lock up and trade some holds. Morgan rolls Bliss around the ring for a one-count. Bliss is dizzy as she gets to her feet. Morgan sends her into the ropes, but Bliss takes her down for a cover. There’s no count. Bliss and Morgan do an inside cradle and roll all around the ring. They whiff on some punches and wind up taking each other out. Carmella runs in and tries to cover each of them individually, but only gets two-counts. Asuka runs in and goes after Carmella, but Carmella avoids the kicks. Asuka finally catches Carmella, but Lynch pulls her out of the ring. Bliss takes Carmella down for a two-count. Lynch knees and kicks Bliss down before going to the top rope. Bliss avoids a diving leg drop and goes for Sister Abigail, but Lynch gets out. Bliss connects with a head-scissor takeover to knock Lynch out of the ring. Carmella attacks Bliss from behind and talks some trash. Carmella slams Bliss for a near fall. Morgan runs in and hits a whiplash on Carmella into the turnbuckles. Morgan goes to the top rope, but Carmella pushes her off onto the competitors on the floor.

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We come back from the break to see Lynch hit Bliss with a Bexploder. Morgan runs in and kicks away at Lynch. Morgan connects with a high knee in the corner before coming off the second rope with a missile dropkick. They botch a face-buster move, and Morgan picks up a near fall. Morgan sizes up Lynch, but Lynch pulls her into the turnbuckles. Lynch puts her feet on the ropes, but Morgan still kicks out. Carmella attacks Lynch and Morgan. Lynch is on the second rope. Carmella hits a head-scissor on Lynch onto Morgan and covers both, but Asuka breaks it up. Lynch almost landed on Morgan’s face.

Asuka attacks Carmella, but Carmella takes it to her. Asuka applies an Asuka Lock, but Bliss breaks it up. Lynch gets Bliss out of the ring. Asuka goes for an Asuka Lock on Lynch, but she fights it. Lynch pulls Asuka into a missile dropkick from Morgan. Bliss is shown on the top rope waiting forever. Lynch hits Asuka with a Manhandle Slam, but Bliss breaks it up with Twisted Bliss. Bliss covers, but it’s broken up.

Asuka kicks Bliss in the head, and Lynch gets Asuka out of the ring. Morgan runs in, but Lynch hits her with a Manhandle Slam. Asuka pulls Lynch out of the ring and takes her out. Bliss gets in the ring and goes to the top rope. Morgan gets the knees up on Twisted Bliss, and Bliss rolls out of the ring. Carmella superkicks Morgan and picks up the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Carmella

Carmella will face Bianca Belair for the Raw Women’s Championship at Money in the Bank.

Becky Lynch charges her way backstage and is arguing with WWE Official Adam Pearce.

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Becky Lynch is still complaining about how she was robbed from going to Money in the Bank. Lynch says she’s on the poster and isn’t on the card yet. WWE Official Adam Pearce says she needs to earn her way into the match. Pearce says she’ll face Asuka with the winner going into the Money in the Bank match. Lynch is flabbergasted.

Mr. McMahon makes his way to the ring! McMahon says this is the 1,517th edition of Raw, continuing its longest-running episodic streak. McMahon thanks the people. It’s been on for almost 30 years. 20 of the 30 years have been dominated by the greatest WWE Superstar of all-time. That man will return to Raw next week. It’ll be Mr. Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect John Cena. McMahon then walks off. McMahon looks like he’s having trouble on the steps and then leaps off.

Video Package: Roman Reigns retains the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship against Riddle this past Friday on SmackDown. Brock Lesnar then returned to WWE to challenge Roman Reigns once again.

Roman Reigns will defend the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship against Brock Lesnar in a Last Man Standing Match at SummerSlam.

Riddle makes his way to the ring. He’ll face Omos in a Money in the Bank Qualifying Match next.

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Riddle talks about Randy Orton nearly having his career ended by Roman Reigns. Riddle let himself, the fans, and Randy Orton down by not defeating Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. While he may not be able to challenge for the title again, he still will get a piece of him. Riddle turns to the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. So far, Sheamus, Drew McIntyre, and Seth “Freakin” Rollins have qualified. Riddle doesn’t like that Rollins hit his bro Cody Rhodes in the chest with a sledgehammer, so he’ll hit him in the bank with a ladder.

Omos and MVP come out to the ring. MVP asks what kind of stash Riddle has been smoking to make him so divorced from reality. MVP says Riddle will get high tonight right before Omos slams him down. Riddle says the only thing getting high tonight is his hand being raised.

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Money in the Bank Qualifying Match
Riddle vs. Omos w/ MVP

Riddle charges out of the gate and attacks Omos. His ribs are taped from his battle against Roman Reigns. Riddle kicks away at Omos in the corner and hits the ropes, but Omos flattens him with a sidewalk slam. Omos hits a running elbow in the corner. MVP talks trash from ringside. Omos whips Riddle hard into the corner, and he collapses in pain. Seth “Freakin” Rollins is watching from backstage. Riddle gets to his feet and tries to fight back, but Omos locks him in a bear hug. Omos puts him down and crushes him in the back with a forearm before reapplying the bear hug. Omos rag dolls him until Riddle begins the process of punching out of the hold. Omos goes for a choke bomb, but Riddle viciously knees him in the face. Riddle hits some running forearms in the corner, but Omos soon catches him and throws him across the ring. Omos charges, but Riddle kicks him in the face. Riddle hits a Floating Bro that knocks Omos back, but not off his feet. Riddle goes for an RKO, but Omos avoids it and hits a Choke Bomb for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Omos

Omos and MVP stand tall in the ring. MVP tells Omos to attack Riddle again. Omos hits a second Choke Bomb, and they leave the ring.

Seth “Freakin” Rollins makes his way to the ring. Rollins attacks Riddle and throws him out of the ring. Rollins laughs into the microphone, and the crowd is loudly booing him. Rollins says he doesn’t share airspace with losers. Riddle is the ultimate loser. First, he loses his buddy Randy Orton, then his title match against Roman Reigns. Now he’s lost his opportunity at the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. It doesn’t matter whether he qualified or not. No one on the planet can beat Roman Reigns except for one man, who has his number. You are looking at him. Reigns has been ducking and dodging him since he emotionally dismantled him at the Royal Rumble. In less than two weeks’ time, he’ll get the Money in the Bank contract. Reigns can run and hide, but he’ll find him. If you thought the first time he cashed in Money in the Bank was something, then you ain’t seen nothing yet. He is a visionary. He is a revolutionary. He is Seth “Freakin” Rollins.

Riddle attacks him from behind, but Rollins quickly kicks him back. Rollins connects with a Stomp and taunts Riddle. Rollins cackles as he walks off.

WWE United States Champion Theory makes his way to the ring.

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Replays are shown of Theory attacking Bobby Lashley after losing a pose-down last week.

WWE United States Champion Theory is standing on a platform in the center of the ring. Theory showed the world his physique and proved that “The All Mighty” Bobby Lashley cannot touch him. No one can. At this point in his career, he’s better than Lashley has ever been. Theory shouts at the crowd. Next year is a 20-year celebration of John Cena, but his time is up and Theory’s time is now.

Some people might think that’s unfair to say about Cena, but what’s really unfair was his pose-down loss last week. There are poses he didn’t get to do. Tonight, all the losers in the crowd will see his poses in the Invitational Theory Pose-Down. Theory starts to pose. Bobby Lashley gets in the ring, but Theory has no idea. Theory thinks the crowd is cheering for him. Theory takes a selfie and notices Lashley behind him. Theory turns around, and Lashley squeezes baby oil in his face. Lashley then spears him off the platform! Lashley says he’s coming for the United States Championship. Theory is irate.

Replays are shown of The Judgment Day viciously eliminating Edge from the group after Finn Bálor joined on.

Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos make their way to the ring. Angelo Dawkins will face Jey Uso next.

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Theory is wiping his face backstage when Kevin Patrick comes up to him. Theory asks where the interviewers come from. Theory says Bobby Lashley will have to compete in a Gauntlet Match. If he wins, Theory will defend the WWE United States Championship against him at Money in the Bank.

Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos are in the ring. Jey Uso says the people know who they are. Jimmy Uso says they have all the gold and are smashing everyone. Jey says Roman Reigns will smash Roman Reigns at SummerSlam again. They’ll beat The Street Profits again. They’re the twos, and they’re the ones.

The Street Profits make their way to the ring. The last time they faced The Usos, they beat them so bad that they couldn’t get back in the ring. They’re going to take the gold from The Usos.

Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champion Jey Uso w/ Jimmy Uso vs. Angelo Dawkins w/ Montez Ford

The bell rings, and Uso punches Dawkins back to the corner. Dawkins reverses a whip and avalanches him before hitting a big kick. Jey rolls to the apron and pulls the top rope down on Dawkins as he charges. Jey connects with a suicide dive and talks some trash. Jey clotheslines him over the barricade into the timekeeper’s area.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Dawkins make a comeback on Jey. Jey fights back and hits a back suplex neckbreaker for a near fall. Dawkins fights back and hits a double underhook neckbreaker for a near fall. Dawkins sends him into the ropes, but Jey knees him in the face. Dawkins still tries to fight, but Jey superkicks him down. Jey goes to the top rope, but he leaps into the Sky High from Dawkins for the win!

Winner by Pinfall: Angelo Dawkins

We see a shot of Elias’ hands playing the guitar. Ezekiel walks in and says he’s happy to see his number one fan. Elias is shown with a fake beard on. The two “brothers” talk about where Elias has been. Elias has been traveling the world and writing songs, but nothing beats performing for the WWE Universe. Ezekiel asks if Elias is happy to perform in Nebraska since he’s been hard on some towns. Elias says he’s a changed man and hopes the WWE Universe remembers him. Ezekiel assures him they do. Elias says he’s proud of what Ezekiel has accomplished and is rooting for him. Elias will perform next.

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“Ladies and gentlemen… Elias.”

Elias greets the crowd and plays a riff. Elias says it is great to be here in front of the good people of Nebraska. Elias thanks them for welcoming him back and taking care of his little brother. Elias is here for a few reasons. One of them is there is a universal truth that you cannot forget. That is that WWE stands for Walk With Elias. The crowd happily chants along. Elias says he’s missed that.

Elias has a song dedicated to his little brother. This is for ‘Zeke. Elias starts to play, but Kevin Owens makes his way to the ring. Owens is here to stop the charade immediately. No one wants this concert. Elias is a disgusting liar with no integrity. Elias might have the “wise” people of Nebraska fooled, but not Owens. He’s French Canadian. That’s as smart as it gets. Elias and Ezekiel are the same person. That video didn’t fool him. Special effects are amazing. He saw a dinosaur in a movie last week.

Ezekiel appears on the screen and says Owens has to accept that they exist and move on. Elias says they’re not lying to Owens. To make it clear, he’ll sing a song for Owens. Elias sings about being back for one night. Elias has the crowd sing, “KO is a liar.” Owens flips out. Owens takes the guitar and throws it out of the ring. Elias hits Owens with a high knee and smashes another guitar on his back. Owens stumbles off.

Kevin Owens is limping backstage when Kevin Patrick walks up to him. Owens is unconvinced. That video could have been prerecorded and Elias could have glued a beard on. Next week, he’s challenging him to a match. Ezekiel shows up and accepts the challenge. Owens is stunned and flips out.

Bobby Lashley makes his way to the ring. He’ll compete in a Gauntlet Match next.

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Gauntlet Match
Bobby Lashley vs. Chad Gable w/ Otis

Bobby Lashley will have to survive this Gauntlet to get a shot against Theory for the United States Championship at Money in the Bank.

They lock up, and Gable goes for a waistlock. Lashley gets out and wrenches the arm. Lashley hooks a side headlock and hits a takeover. Gable fights up, but Lashley hits a wild waistlock takeover. Gable fights out of a front facelock and wrenches the arm. Lashley twists out and twists Gable. Gable rolls out and kips up before uppercutting him. Gable shushes Lashley, so Lashley hits a neckbreaker. Lashley hits a shoulder tackle before hitting a single-leg takedown. Lashley then shushes Gable. Lashley puts Gable on the apron and forearms him down to the floor. Lashley throws Gable into the barricade and pats the ring post. Lashley puts Gable on his shoulders and drives him headfirst into the ring post.

Gable somehow gets on the apron, so Lashley hits a delayed vertical suplex back into the ring. Lashley held Gable up for a LONG time. That was awesome. Lashley sets up for a Spear, but Gable hits a drop-toe-hold and applies an Ankle Lock! Lashley fights out, but Gable quickly takes him down, scales the ropes, and hits a moonsault for a near fall. Gable goes for a German Suplex, but Lashley fights it. Lashley hits an overhead belly-to-belly suplex and goes for a Hurt Lock, but Gable gets out. Gable rolls, but Lashley catches him in the Hurt Lock for the submission victory.

Bobby Lashley eliminates Chad Gable via Submission.

Bobby Lashley vs. Otis

Otis immediately attacks Lashley from behind and stomps away at him. Otis stands on him. Lashley rolls out of the ring to recover, so Otis follows him out. Otis kicks Lashley in the ribs and sends him into the barricade. Otis sends him into the ring post a few times and gets in the ring for a count-out before thinking better of it. Otis knees Lashley in the face before backing up. Otis hits a big splash on the floor.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Otis dominating Lashley. Lashley fights up, but Otis rolls under a clothesline. Otis flattens him with a diving clothesline for a near fall. Otis drops an elbow and taunts the crowd. Otis clubs Lashley with his bear paws before hitting a short-arm clothesline. Otis goes to the second rope for a Vader Bomb, but Lashley moves. Otis rolls under another clothesline, but Lashley comes back with a flatliner. Lashley goes for a Hurt Lock, but Otis is too big. Otis elbows him, but Lashley keeps trying. Otis viciously elbows out of it. Lashley avoids an avalanche and spears him down. Lashley covers, but Gable breaks it up for the disqualification.

Otis has been eliminated by Bobby Lashley via Disqualification.

Alpha Academy destroys Lashley, sending him into the ring post. Gable hits a German Suplex, and Otis follows up with a big splash.

Bobby Lashley’s final gauntlet opponent will be United States Champion Theory.

Bobby Lashley vs. United States Champion Theory

Theory attacks Lashley and punches away at him. Theory stomps him down in the corner until the referee backs him up. Lashley fights back at Theory, but Theory kicks him. Lashley goes for a slam, but Theory slides off onto the apron. Theory connects with a rolling thunder dropkick. Theory goes for the A-Town Down, but Lashley counters into a roll-up for the win!

Winner by Pinfall: Bobby Lashley

Theory is irate. He will defend the United States Championship against Bobby Lashley at WWE Money in the Bank.

Footage is shown of Carmella winning a Fatal 5-Way Match earlier tonight to earn an opportunity at the Raw Women’s Championship.

Bianca Belair is asked backstage about facing Carmella. Belair says she’s always ready no matter what. Carmella attacks her from behind and says she’s taking the title because Mella is Money.

The Miz makes his way to the ring.

-Commercial Break-

Miz TV w/ special guest AJ Styles

The Miz is in the ring and is anxious for this next Miz TV to start. Miz introduces AJ Styles to the ring. Miz says AJ Styles has had a rough few months. Edge attacked him heading into WrestleMania and was defeated with help from Damian Priest. Then he couldn’t take out The Judgment Day. When he brought on Finn Balor, Balor turned on him. AJ Styles gets the crowd going with a Cornhuskers Country comment. Styles says Miz has popcorn-sized balls. Miz says his balls aren’t becoming a thing, but Styles says it is. Miz flips out and goes over his accolades.

Styles says things haven’t gone his way, but he’s been through adversity before. That’s how he got to be phenomenal. When he faces adversity, he doesn’t come on a show and complain. He does this. Styles attacks Miz, but he’s knocked out of the ring by Ciampa.

-Commercial Break-

AJ Styles vs. Ciampa

The bell rings, and Styles goes right after Ciampa. Ciampa fights back and takes it to Styles for a bit. Styles eventually fights back and takes out Ciampa with a Phenomenal Forearm.

Winner by Pinfall: AJ Styles

The Miz goes to attack Styles from behind, but Styles hits an overhead kick. Styles follows up with a Styles Clash on The Miz.

Replays are shown of Veer Mahaan defeating Rey Mysterio last week.

Kevin Patrick is with Veer Mahaan. Patrick says people have called his attacks disgusting. Veer says he loves carnage. No one knows how to stop him because he cannot be stopped. Veer speaks in his native tongue and says he cannot be stopped until there’s nothing left. My feed cuts out for a moment.

Asuka battles Becky Lynch in a Money in the Bank Qualifying Match next.

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Kevin Owens will face Elias or Ezekiel or Elrod next week.

Money in the Bank Qualifying Match
Becky Lynch vs. Asuka

Lynch attacks Asuka as she makes her entrance. Lynch beats her down the ramp and into the ring. Asuka agrees to start the match.

Lynch continues to take it to Asuka. Lynch beats her around ringside. Asuka fights back and knocks Lynch off the apron with a hip attack. Asuka soon goes for a superplex, but Lynch fights her off. Lynch dives off, but Asuka avoids her and hits a double knee facebuster for a two-count. Asuka kicks away at Lynch’s chest, but Lynch blocks one and forearms her back. Lynch sends her to the corner, but Asuka jumps to the second rope. Lynch forearms her off to the floor.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Lynch and Asuka going at it. Asuka fights back at Lynch and hits a big hip attack for a near fall. Asuka continues to fight her and applies an ankle lock. Lynch crawls to the ropes and rolls through to send her into the turnbuckles. Lynch picks up a two-count. Lynch puts her on the ropes for a diving leg drop, but Asuka avoids it and applies an Asuka Lock on the ropes. Asuka goes to the top rope and hits a missile dropkick for a near fall.

Asuka goes to the apron with Lynch. Lynch knocks her off and hits a leg drop as Asuka is draped on the apron. Lynch goes to dive off the apron, but Asuka knees her out of midair. Both Lynch and Asuka somehow make it into the ring before being counted out. They trade forearms from their knees. Lynch ducks a kick and counters a roll-up for a two-count. Lynch goes for a Dis-Arm-Her, but Asuka fights out. Asuka floors Lynch with a kick to the skull for the victory.

Winner by Pinfall: Asuka

Asuka will be in the Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Lynch flips out at ringside and rips apart the commentary table. Lynch desperately looks up at the Money in the Bank briefcases and puts her head down at ringside. Lynch begins to cry.