WWE Monday Night RAW 11 13 2023

WWE Raw Results
November 13, 2023
Washington, DC (Capital One Arena)
Commentary: Michael Cole and Wade Barrett
Results by: Mike Tedesco of Wrestleview.com

“Then. Now. Forever. Together.” The WWE video leads us into the show.

Video Package: 9 days ago, Seth “Freakin” Rollins defeated Drew McIntyre to retain the World Heavyweight Championship at WWE Crown Jewel. After the match, Damian Priest went to cash in Money in the Bank, but Sami Zayn thwarted the attempt. Two days later on Raw, Rollins thanked Zayn by giving him a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship. Rollins defeated Zayn by pinfall. After the match, the Judgment Day attacked Zayn and Rollins. Jey Uso and Cody Rhodes would make the save. This would lead to Raw General Manager Adam Pearce telling them that he’s seen enough. They will settle this at Survivor Series in Chicago inside WarGames!

The Raw video plays, and we go live into the Capital One Arena to see a big pyrotechnics display.

“Wrestling has more than one royal family.”

“The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes makes his entrance to a big ovation.

Tonight’s main event will see Rhodes team with “Main Event” Jey Uso to face Finn Bálor and Damian Priest of the Judgment Day for the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship. We’ll also see The Miz take on Ivar. Shinsuke Nakamura will go one-on-one against Otis.

Rhodes is in the ring. The crowd is giving him a heck of an ovation and chant his name. Rhodes says, “So… Washington, DC… what do you guys wanna talk about?” Rhodes knows what they should talk about. He has a lot of wonderful memories in this arena, and he wants to give them a memory tonight. He’ll do that when he and his tag team partner “Main Event” Jey Uso win the Undisputed Tag Team Championship tonight. Another “Cody” chant picks up.

That’s the immediate future on the horizon. Then we have the match beyond… WarGames. Without further adieu, he wants to introduce his team. “Main Event” Jey Uso is out first. Out next is Sami Zayn. Finally, we get World Heavyweight Champion Seth “Freakin” Rollins. The crowd loudly sings Rollins’ song. Rollins says DC is too kind to him.

Rhodes says they are all in the ring for one reason. That reason is the Judgment Day. The crowd boos the name. Whether he has gotten along with him his whole career (Sami Zayn) or recently (Jey Uso)… or… Rollins and Rhodes go face-to-face. They have a lot of history.

The Judgment Day, consisting of Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions Finn Bálor and Damian Priest and NXT North American Champion “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio, makes their way to the ring alongside JD McDonagh. Bálor tells the Judgment Day to look at the four clowns in the ring. They can’t even look each other in the eye. How on earth do they think they’ll beat the Judgment Day at WarGames? Priest says they’re a group of randoms thrown together, while they are a family. They don’t realize what they’re getting into with WarGames. When they step into that cage, the Judgment Day will finally be done with them.

Bálor asks Rollins how it feels to be World Heavyweight Champion but standing next to Cody Rhodes, the one man he could never beat. Priest cackles. Priest asks Rhodes how it feels knowing that he can beat these guys in any match he wants, but the one thing he can’t do is be a champion. Bálor says Zayn thinks of himself as a World Championship-level Superstar, but after his performance last week, his partners know, and Bálor knows, he’s nothing but a loser. Priest then calls attention to “Main Event” Jey Uso. Can the other three really trust him knowing that he screwed them all in the name of his Bloodline?

Dominik Mysterio goes to speak, but the crowd loudly boos him. They chant, “You suck,” at Mysterio. Zayn says the truth is no one wants to hear Mysterio talk. Zayn knows they’re trying to pit them all against each other, but they can put individual differences aside. This match is about power. The Judgment Day has managed to get a lot of power when they cheat and play the numbers, but at Survivor Series, it is WarGames! Zayn says they don’t know what they’re in for. Two rings, one cage… it’ll be the most brutal match of their lives. Zayn says they’ll find out the hard way that the power on Monday Night Raw lies with the four guys looking at them in the ring right now.

Rhodes says speaking of power, he’s shocked how they managed to get down here without Mami. She is their leader, right? Priest starts to speak, but Rhodes cuts him off and wonders when Rhea Ripley isn’t there if the orders then come from Dom. Priest says Dom isn’t the leader. Rhodes says that must mean JD McDonagh is the leader. Priest shouts, “Cody! I am the leader!” The crowd gasps. Jey says Rhodes has Priest heated up.

Rollins tells them to shut up. Rollins wants to fight. Four of them have a fight tonight, but four of them don’t. Rollins and Zayn are dressed to fight. Rollins challenges JD McDonagh and Dominik Mysterio to a fight. Priest accepts, which causes Bálor, Mysterio, and McDonagh to look in shock at Priest. Rollins wants Raw General Manager Adam Pearce to make it official.

Mike’s Thoughts: Good start to the show. I like how the heels tried to get the faces to start fighting amongst themselves, but the faces thwarted their attempts. It’s nice to see the faces be booked as if they’re smart every now and then. Great moment when Priest said that he was the leader of Judgment Day and the crowd audibly gasped. That means there is a lot of investment in that storyline.

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Tag Team Match
Sami Zayn and World Heavyweight Champion Seth “Freakin” Rollins vs. NXT North American Champion “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio and JD McDonagh

The bell rings, and Seth “Freakin” Rollins will start against JD McDonagh. They lock up, and McDonagh wrenches the arm. Rollins kicks him away and applies a side headlock. McDonagh whips him off, but Rollins shoulder tackles him down. Rollins hits the ropes, but McDonagh leapfrogs him. Rollins counters a hip toss with one of his own. Rollins sends McDonagh into the ropes and hits a back body drop. Rollins kicks him in the midsection and sets up for a Pedigree, but Mysterio pulls McDonagh out of the ring. Rollins goes outside and grabs Mysterio by the throat. McDonagh clubs Rollins in the kidneys and gets him in the ring. McDonagh punches Rollins and puts him in the corner. Mysterio tags in to loud boos. Mysterio punches Rollins down. Mysterio stomps away at Rollins. Rollins reverses a whip and connects with a back elbow.

Rollins wrenches the arm and tags in Sami Zayn. Zayn comes off the ropes with an ax handle to the arm. Zayn bounces Mysterio into the corner and does the 10 punches. Zayn comes off the second rope with a flying elbow to the head. Rollins tags back in and punches Mysterio in the ribs. Mysterio quickly tackles Rollins into his corner, and McDonagh tags in. McDonagh punches and stomps Rollins down before getting in the referee’s face. McDonagh drops a knee and tags Mysterio back in. Mysterio starts up the Three Amigos on Rollins. One amigo… two amigos… Rollins counters out of the third Amigo and hits a release vertical suplex. We lost Eddie Guerrero 18 years ago today. For me, it doesn’t feel that long ago. What a legend. He is missed. Rest in peace.

Back to the action, Zayn tags in and punches McDonagh off the apron. Zayn takes it to Mysterio and springboards over him before hitting a clothesline. Zayn attempts a Blue Thunder Bomb, but Mysterio fights it. McDonagh pulls Mysterio out of the ring and talks strategy with him. McDonagh and Mysterio go to walk off, so Zayn and Rollins chase after them. Rollins drops McDonagh face-first on the barricade.

In the ring, Zayn hits Mysterio with an exploder suplex in the corner. Zayn goes for a Helluva Kick, but Mysterio drops down and gets out of the ring. McDonagh runs in, but Zayn sidesteps him. Rollins then clotheslines McDonagh over the top rope. Zayn then hits a somersault senton on Mysterio as Rollins hits McDonagh with a suicide dive!

-Commercial Break-

Back from the break, Zayn takes McDonagh down and catapults him into the turnbuckles.

Rollins and Mysterio tag in. Rollins boots Mysterio down and hits a uranage. Rollins connects with a Sling Blade. McDonagh runs in, but Rollins kicks him before turning him inside out with a clothesline. Rollins dumps McDonagh over the top rope. Rollins hits a gutbuster on Mysterio before hitting a running boot to the jaw. Rollins goes for a Buckle Bomb, but McDonagh grabs Rollins. Zayn pulls McDonagh off the apron and sends him into the ring post.

In the ring, Rollins goes for a Pedigree, but Mysterio gets away. Mysterio hits a drop-toe-hold into the ropes. Mysterio goes for a 619, but Rollins superkicks him. Rollins hits a Buckle Bomb, and the crowd starts to sing Rollins’ theme. All of a sudden, Finn Bálor and Damian Priest run in through the crowd and pull Rollins out of the ring. The referee calls for the bell.

Winners by Disqualification: Sami Zayn and Seth “Freakin” Rollins

The Judgment Day, with Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley watching on, decimate Rollins and Zayn. Cody Rhodes and Jey Uso run down. A massive brawl breaks out. WWE officials and security run down to restore order. Jey gets Priest in the ring and superkicks him. Jey hits the ropes for a Spear, but JD McDonagh runs in and pushes Priest out of the way and takes the Spear.

Raw General Manager Adam Pearce gets in the ring and screams that he’s seen enough. It’s another night and another ruined match. They have an important title match, and this cannot happen again. The people deserve better. Pearce says everyone involved in WarGames is banned from ringside… only that’s not good enough. They are banned from the arena. Ripley is irate and gets in Pearce’s face.

Mike’s Thoughts: Good tag team match with a disappointing finish, but it was meant to be to lead to banning everyone in WarGames from ringside for the main event. Adam Pearce sounds like he’s going to blow his vocal cords out when he screams, “ENOUGH!”

-Commercial Break-

We return from the break to see Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley still in the ring chastising Raw General Manager Adam Pearce. Ripley says this is complete crap. Monday Night Raw needs the Judgment Day. Pearce cannot just ban them from this arena. Pearce asks if she doesn’t like it. Ripley says she doesn’t. Pearce says, “Frankly, my dear, I do not give a damn.” She doesn’t run Monday Night Raw, nor does the Judgment Day. Pearce runs Monday Night Raw. She may not like it, but she better not show her pretty little face during that main event because she is…

Zoey Stark’s music hits. Stark, who will face Ripley for the Women’s World Championship next Saturday at Survivor Series, says she knows Ripley isn’t as dumb as she looks. Ripley knows what Stark is doing out here. Pearce tries to stop this, but Ripley says she wants to hear what Stark has to say. Stark gets in the ring. Stark says she’s inside Ripley’s head. Ripley is spread too thin worrying about too many things. There’s WarGames, the Tag Title Match, little Dom-Dom, and now her title. Stark went through all those women last week. Ripley isn’t going to overlook her.

Ripley says she’s not overlooking her. She’s been watching Stark since NXT. Ripley knew it was only a matter of time before they were in the ring staring face-to-face. Stark has accomplished a lot in her first year. She sent the WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus packing. She beat “The Man” Becky Lynch. Stark has cemented herself as one of the top women in WWE. It’s funny, though, because now that she thinks about it, Stark reminds Ripley of herself. Stark is a future champion, but the only way she’ll win a title in this company is if she’s on the opposite brand from her because Mami is always on top. Ripley says she’s not overlooking her or spreading herself too thin. She can handle the Judgment Day, the Tag Titles, WarGames, Dom-Dom, backstage politics, and the Women’s World Championship because she’s Rhea “Bloody” Ripley. Now that Stark has said her piece, she can get out of the ring while she handles Judgment Day business.

Stark says she nearly took the title at Crown Jewel, but she WILL become champion at Survivor Series. Stark throws the microphone down and walks off. Ripley goes to attack her, but Stark pulls the top rope down to get her out of the ring. Stark goes for a dive, but Ripley backs off. Stark shouts at Ripley from the ring.

Mike’s Thoughts: Solid segment with Rhea Ripley and Zoey Stark. Stark isn’t strong on her promos yet, but there is some potential there. Still, the crowd isn’t really sure how to feel about her yet. Lucky for her, this title match will be in Chicago, a great wrestling town that is very forgiving to newcomers. I’m interested to see how this match goes. I’m wondering if Trish Stratus will interfere.

Shinsuke Nakamura Video Package

Shinsuke Nakamura is shown backstage. He says he is frustrated. This person is blessed with so much privilege. Nakamura says the distractions haven’t taken his focus off them. He will wait for his next battle… for now, because it all will end by his hands. It is not clear who he is talking about.

Alpha Academy makes their entrance. Otis will face Shinsuke Nakamura next.

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WWE promotes WrestleMania Week 2024.

Backstage Segment

World Heavyweight Champion Seth “Freakin” Rollins and Sami Zayn are walking backstage. “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes walks up to them. Rhodes asks Zayn to excuse them so he can talk to Rollins. Zayn walks off. Rollins wonders if he has a Tag Title Match to worry about. Rhodes says that the match is one step toward dismantling the Judgment Day. They can hate each other any other day of the year, but at WarGames, he needs Rollins and the team needs Rollins. Rollins says he doesn’t like Rhodes and doesn’t know if he ever will… but he respects him. If Rhodes needs him for one night, at WarGames, he promises, they are good. Rollins pats him on the shoulder and tells him to win the Tag Titles before walking off. Rhodes smiles.

Otis w/ Chad Gable, Akira Tozawa, and Maxxine Dupri vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

They lock up before quickly separating. Nakamura signals for a test of strength before kicking and punching Otis in the midsection. Otis absorbs it and head-butts Nakamura. Nakamura responds with some kicks to the midsection and a spin kick that makes Otis stumble. Nakamura wrenches the arm, but Otis counters by scooping him up and slamming him down. Otis hits a running hip attack in the corner and digs his boot into Nakamura’s chest. Nakamura rises up, and Otis avalanches him in the corner. Otis grabs Nakamura and clubs him a few times in the ear to take him down. Otis starts the Caterpillar, but Nakamura rolls out of the ring and waves him off. Nakamura yells at the crowd before turning into a clothesline from Otis.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Nakamura kicking away at Otis. Otis soon blocks a kick and powerbombs him down!

Both men are down. Otis gets up and runs through a clothesline and an elbow before connecting with a shoulder tackle. Otis elbows Nakamura to the corner before sending him to the opposite corner for a running back elbow. Otis clotheslines him down before ripping his shirt off. Otis connects with a Caterpillar Elbow Drop for a near fall. Otis puts Nakamura on the top rope and sets up for a superplex. Nakamura slips underneath and pulls his feet to rip him off the ropes. Nakamura connects with a spin kick to the head. Nakamura goes for a Kinshasa, but Otis counters with a World’s Strongest Slam for a near fall!

Otis goes to the ropes for a Vader Bomb. Nakamura gets a boot up and goes to the second rope for a diving knee, but Otis absorbs it. Otis gets fired up, but Nakamura avoids his offense and chop blocks the knee. Nakamura connects with a Kinshasa to the back of the head, but Otis starts to stir and get up. Nakamura hits another Kinshasa for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Shinsuke Nakamura

Alpha Academy gets in the ring to check on Otis. Nakamura shoves Chad Gable and challenges him, but Maxxine Dupri and Akira Tozawa hold Gable back. Nakamura tells Gable to shush and gets out of the ring before yelling at him, “Come on!”

Mike’s Thoughts: Just a match with Shinsuke Nakamura and Otis. I’m still curious if all these vignettes with Nakamura wanting a challenge were really all about him facing Alpha Academy. That’s kind of a disappointment if that’s the case, but I have a feeling there’s another challenger for him on the horizon.

Video Package: WarGames Preview

Backstage Segment

World Heavyweight Champion Seth “Freakin” Rollins is walking backstage when he sees Drew McIntyre. McIntyre says when Rollins told him that when he lost at Crown Jewel he’d have no one to blame but himself, Rollins was right. Rollins was also right when he said it might be the best thing that ever happened to him. There is something he’s been waiting to give Rollins since last Saturday. McIntyre extends his hand, and Rollins shakes it. McIntyre says Rollins represents the title well, and he’ll work his arse off to get another match. Rollins says he knows McIntyre will, and he walks off.

WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Piper Niven and Chelsea Green make their entrance. Niven will face Tegan Nox next.

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Video Package: Tegan Nox says she’s been defined by injuries for a while, but the last year of her career has been the craziest of her life. She’s shared the ring with some of the greatest WWE Superstars of all time. Nox learned she could hang with the best of them. Tegan Nox as a WWE Superstar has a nice ring to it.

WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Piper Niven w/ Chelsea Green vs. Tegan Nox w/ Natalya

The bell rings, and Nox immediately hits a dropkick and a back elbow. Niven doesn’t leave her feet. Nox knocks her back to the corner and hits an avalanche for a one-count. Nox punches Niven to the opposite corner, but Niven shoves her off. Niven drops her on the apron and punches her. Niven grabs Nox and suplexes her back into the ring. Niven connects with a senton splash for a two-count. Niven slams Nox’s left arm off the mat a few times and stands on it. Niven then splashes the arm. Nox clutches her arm in pain. Niven applies a seated cobra clutch. A light “Tegan” chant picks up. Nox fights up, but Niven takes her down with a short-arm clothesline for a two-count. Niven stomps Nox and head-butts her. Nox fights back with some punches to the midsection. Nox hits the ropes, but Niven scoops her up and hits a shoulder-breaker for a two-count.

Niven grabs Nox, but Nox stuns her with a kick to the temple. Niven comes to and grabs her in a double chicken wing, but Nox counters with a roll-up for a two-count. Nox hits a running knee to the face for a near fall. Green gets on the apron and distracts Nox. Niven clotheslines Nox down. Natalya gets in Green’s face and shoves her down on the apron. Niven then knocks Natalya off the apron. Niven goes for a basement cross-body block, but Nox moves. Nox hits the Shiniest Wizard, but Niven gets a foot on the bottom rope to break up the pin. Nox sets up for a maneuver, but Nox hits a back body drop. Nox tries to counter into a sunset flip, but Niven won’t go down. Nox avoids a cannonball and rolls Niven up for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Tegan Nox

Mike’s Thoughts: Pretty dull match with Tegan Nox and Piper Niven. I love the influx of new talent, but it’s hit or miss on the audience connecting with them. #DIY is an example of that, as is Tegan Nox. There needs to be a little more excitement surrounding her beyond some nicely produced video packages.

Replays are shown of The Miz winning a Fatal 4-Way to become the #1 Contender for the WWE Intercontinental Championship last week on Raw. After the match, Ivar viciously attacked him.

Backstage Interview

Jackie Redmond is backstage with The Miz. With pressure mounting for him to become a 9-time Intercontinental Champion, how is he preparing? The Miz says he got a bus. It took him a long time, but he got it. He wants this match to restore respect for the title and his legacy. The Miz isn’t happy that Gunther has been calling him names and imitates Gunther as if he is Arnold Schwarzenegger. Ivar walks up alongside Valhalla and says Miz is a joke. Miz cannot look past him and will not be making it to Survivor Series. “Big” Bronson Reed then walks up and says they’re both lucky to be standing here. The only person who is luckier is Gunther because he managed to escape him. Ivar says Reed had his chance and didn’t win the title. Reed warns Ivar to watch out, or he’ll send him back to his gods as a failure. Reed tells Valhalla to make sure Ivar smartens up.

Tommaso Ciampa makes his entrance alongside Johnny Gargano. Ciampa will face Ludwig Kaiser next.

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Replays are shown of Ludwig Kaiser costing #DIY a match against the Creed Brothers last week on Raw.

Tommaso Ciampa w/ Johnny Gargano vs. Ludwig Kaiser w/ Giovanni Vinci

Before the match begins, the referee holds both teams back. The bell rings, and Kaiser quickly gets out of the ring to make Ciampa wait. Kaiser gets in the ring and takes it to Ciampa, but Ciampa soon sends him over the top rope and kicks him. Ciampa goes outside and bounces Kaiser off the commentary table. Ciampa gets him back in the ring and hits a running chop. Kaiser rakes the eyes and rocks him with an uppercut. Kaiser stomps away at Ciampa before the referee backs him up. Kaiser sends Ciampa into the ropes, but Ciampa slides between the legs and hits a jawbreaker. Ciampa takes him down with a clothesline for a one-count. Kaiser soon fights back and hits a running boot to the chest. Kaiser taunts the crowd. Kaiser sends him into the ropes, but he lowers his head and eats a kick. Ciampa hits the ropes, but Vinci grabs the leg. Kaiser uses the distraction to clothesline Ciampa down. The referee deduces what happened and ejects Vinci from ringside. Kaiser is furious.

-Commercial Break-

Back from the break, Kaiser is applying a rear chin lock to Ciampa. Ciampa fights up and soon hits a Thesz Press. Ciampa punches and clotheslines him before hitting a reverse DDT for a near fall. Ciampa gets to his feet and is fired up. Ciampa pulls down his knee pad and sizes Kaiser up. Kaiser rocks him with a punch and a clothesline, but Ciampa stays standing. Kaiser lifts him, but Ciampa fights out. Kaiser manages to fight back with a rolling Death Valley Driver followed by a boot to the chest for a near fall. Kaiser cannot believe it.

Kaiser sets up for a swinging DDT, but Ciampa fights out. Ciampa grabs him, but Kaiser fights away. They trade punches until Ciampa avoids an enzuigiri. Ciampa puts Kaiser in the corner and lifts him onto the top rope. Ciampa chops the chest and punches him in the face. Kaiser fights him, but Ciampa counters with an Air Raid Siren attempt. Kaiser slides out and pulls Ciampa down. Ciampa comes back with a right hand that stuns him. Kaiser answers with an uppercut and comes off the second rope, but Ciampa knees him in the face out of midair. Vinci returns to ringside and kicks Gargano in the face to distract Ciampa. Kaiser rolls up Ciampa for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: Ludwig Kaiser

Mike’s Thoughts: Another blah match before a quiet crowd. There was nothing technically wrong with it, but it wasn’t particularly exciting either. I’m starting to get impatient with the Giovanni Vinci “is he in or out” storyline.

The Judgment Day Locker Room

The Judgment Day is in their locker room. Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley says they need to focus on the Tag Team Title match before suggesting they ask their “fearless” leader. Damian Priest says he got a little upset and said what he said. Ripley says it would be good for WarGames if Priest was in charge. Ripley then mentions that Priest could be sitting in the trainer’s room if it weren’t for JD McDonagh. They think it’s time to make McDonagh a full member of the Judgment Day. Priest says he is ok with it and will handle it himself.

Xia Li makes her entrance. She’ll face Indi Hartwell next.

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Replays are shown of Xia Li knocking Candice LeRae out with a kick to the head two weeks ago on Raw.

Xia Li vs. Indi Hartwell w/ Candice LeRae

The bell rings, and Hartwell immediately big boots her down for a two-count. Hartwell continues to attack and gets her to ringside. Hartwell lifts her, but Li slides off and sends her into the ring steps. Li gets Hartwell into the ring and kicks her in the corner. Li takes it to her and connects with a suplex for a two-count. Li whips her to the corner and knees her. Hartwell avoids another knee and fights back. Hartwell connects with a clothesline and a spinebuster for a two-count. Li quickly knocks her back and hits a spinning heel kick to the skull. Hartwell is rocked. Li hits the ropes, but Hartwell collapses. The referee checks on Hartwell and calls for the bell.

Winner by Referee’s Decision: Xia Li

Xia Li saunters around the ring. “The Man” Becky Lynch makes her way to the ring. Lynch says after that kick to the head, she’s no longer waiting to fight her on Xia Li’s time. It’s going to be on Lynch’s time now. The Man has come around to Washington, DC, and is looking for a fight. Lynch gets in the ring and goes for a Manhandle Slam, but Li escapes. Lynch says she can only run for the next seven days because she’ll face her next week on Raw.

Mike’s Thoughts: I love the idea of doing this type of finish. It’ll take some time to condition the fans to think this is a possibility. It would be helpful if it was done beyond a Xia Li match to reinforce it. That said, because it’s not an established match finish in WWE, it was another flat segment. This second hour has really been quite meh.

Backstage Segment

The Miz is warming up when WWE Intercontinental Champion Gunther walks up to him. Gunther calls him “Mike” and congratulates him on winning when no one thought it was possible. It wasn’t a decisive victory, but the time for fun and games is over. Miz tells him to watch his match to understand who he will be facing at Survivor Series. Gunther will learn the difference between “longest-reigning” and “greatest of all time.” Gunther says no matter what happens tonight will be nothing compared to the beating of a lifetime that awaits Miz at Survivor Series.

Ivar makes his entrance alongside Valhalla. He’ll face The Miz next.

-Commercial Break-

Replays are shown of Zoey Stark eliminating Shayna Baszler from the #1 Contender’s Battle Royal last week on Raw.

Women’s Locker Room

Shayna Baszler and Zoey Stark are backstage in the locker room talking about Stark’s title match against Rhea Ripley. Baszler says she should have been champion at Crown Jewel and should have won the Battle Royal, but she has been impressed with Stark lately.

Raquel Rodriguez walks in and says they both had to team up to get her out of the match. She does acknowledge that Stark has been on a roll. Nia Jax comes in and says she already squashed Stark. The three of them ganged up on her… Rodriguez wonders if Jax is so tough, then why isn’t she champion? Rodriguez isn’t afraid of her and will beat her the next time they meet in the ring.

Ivar w/ Valhalla vs. The Miz

The bell rings, and Miz ducks a right hand before hitting a jab. Miz goes for a waistlock, but Ivar fights out. Miz connects with another jab to the face. Ivar gets Miz in the corner and hits a flurry of back elbows to the face. Ivar sends Miz to the opposite corner, but Miz boots him back. Miz comes off the second rope with a flying hurricanrana. That’s new for him. Miz clotheslines him twice against the ropes, but Ivar doesn’t go over. Ivar fights back and hits the ropes, but Miz follows him in and clotheslines him over the top rope. Miz hits a baseball slide. Miz goes outside and grabs Ivar, but Ivar shoves him into the LED apron. Valhalla screams at Miz, and Ivar smashes him against the LED apron with a basement cross-body block.

Ivar gets Miz in the ring and kicks him in the face. Ivar sizes Miz up and grabs him for a right hand. Miz fights back and flips through a back suplex attempt. Miz boots him back and strikes away at him. Miz hits the ropes, ducks a clothesline, and hits a twisting DDT for a two-count. Miz signals for a Skull Crushing Finale. Ivar backs Miz into the corner and hits a spinning powerslam for a two-count.

“Big” Bronson Reed makes his way to ringside to watch this match closer. Miz grabs Ivar and scales the ropes for a bulldog to pick up a two-count. A “Let’s go Miz” chant picks up. Miz charges Ivar in the corner, but Ivar flattens him with a seated senton. Miz rolls out of the ring to recover. Reed grabs a steel chair and looks like he’s going to hit Miz with it, but he instead unfolds it and takes a seat.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Miz hit Ivar with his patented corner clothesline… only Ivar doesn’t feel it and slams him down. Ivar hits a sit-out Tiger Bomb for a near fall. Reed smiles at what he’s seeing.

Ivar signals for the end and goes for a Bronco Buster, but Miz moves. Miz connects with a kneeling DDT for a near fall. Miz gets to his feet and starts the IT Kicks. Miz kicks away at the chest before hitting a spin kick to the skull. Miz hits a second kick and hits the ropes, but Ivar rocks him with a strike. Miz stumbles into the ropes, and Valhalla grabs the ankle. Ivar then wipes Miz out with a spin kick for a two-count.

Ivar heads to the top rope, but Miz cuts him off. Miz climbs to the second rope for a Skull Crushing Finale, but Ivar fights it. Ivar hits a World’s Strongest Slam off the second rope! 1… 2… Miz kicks out. Ivar cannot believe it. Ivar heads to the second rope, but Reed gets up from his chair and distracts him. Miz powerbombs Ivar off the middle rope and gets his feet on the ropes as he rolls him up for the win.

Winner by Pinfall: The Miz

Ivar is irate and stares at The Miz. Ivar turns into an avalanche from Reed. Reed rips his shirt off and goes to the top rope. Reed connects with a Tsunami on Ivar. Reed celebrates his destruction of Ivar.

Mike’s Thoughts: Say what you want about The Miz, but he looks like a brand new performer with his flying ‘rana and rope-scaling bulldog. Miz has been around for quite some time. It’s nice to see that he still has the passion to want to update his repertoire and step up his game. Facing Gunther at Survivor Series, who is a true genius in the ring, gives Miz the opportunity to have one of the best matches of his career.

Video Package: The Rules of Engagement for WarGames at Survivor Series.

Backstage Segment

JD McDonagh is walking backstage when Damian Priest comes up to him. Priest tells McDonagh that he doesn’t think he’s ready and McDonagh really pisses him off. Still, McDonagh took one for the team and is someone Priest can go to war with. Priest welcomes him to the Judgment Day. McDonagh is elated.

Finn Bálor walks up and says the celebration needs to be put on hold since McDonagh and Dominik Mysterio have to leave the building. Bálor says it’s time to show that they are the best tag team in the world.

-Commercial Break-

The commentary team talks about WrestleMania 40 Week in 2024.

Backstage Segment

WWE Intercontinental Champion Gunther is with Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci. Gunther praises Vinci for a job well done. Kaiser thinks that Gunther is talking about him, but Gunther says he isn’t. Gunther praises Vinci and says he won the match for Imperium tonight. Gunther then turns and angrily stares Kaiser in the eyes before walking off. Vinci is overjoyed, and Kaiser sneers at him.

Weight Room

Otis apologizes to Chad Gable. Akira Tozawa and The Creed Brothers are there as well. Gable says he’ll take care of Shinsuke Nakamura next week on Raw. The Creed Brothers mentioned that they might need new training partners. Brutus Creed says they want to go after the Tag Team Titles. The New Day walks up and says you can’t talk about those titles without talking about them. They begin to argue. Maxxine Dupri and Ivy Nile are standing with each other and complement each other. Akira Tozawa shushes everyone and says he wants the Tag Team Titles before doing his dance. They’re all impressed with it.

Scheduled for next week’s Raw, the last Raw before Survivor Series:

— WarGames Advantage Match: One member of Team Judgment Day vs. One member of Team Rhodes
— Becky Lynch vs. Xia Li
— Raquel Rodriguez vs. Nia Jax

“The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes and “Main Event” Jey Uso make their respective entrances. The main event is next.

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Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship
“The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes and “Main Event” Jey Uso vs. The Judgment Day (Finn Bálor and “Señor Money in the Bank” Damian Priest) (c’s)

Jey Uso will start the match against Finn Bálor. They lock up, and Bálor hooks a side headlock. Jey whips him off, but Bálor shoulder tackles him. Bálor hits the ropes, but Jey floors him with a back elbow. The crowd chants, “YEET.” Jey slaps Bálor in the face, and Bálor slaps him back. The two teams are fully in the ring and begin brawling. Rhodes knocks Priest out of the ring.

Jey reverses a whip to the corner, and Bálor hits hard before collapsing to his knees. Jey wrenches the arm and tags Rhodes in. Rhodes comes off the ropes with an elbow to the arm. Rhodes hooks the head and executes a beautiful delayed vertical front suplex for a two-count. Jey tags back in and punches the midsection. Bálor stumbles to the corner. Bálor kicks Jey in the midsection and puts him in his corner. Damian Priest tags in and uppercuts Jey down. Priest talks trash to Rhodes and throws Jey to the corner. Priest punches and stomps Jey down. Priest taunts the crowd. Bálor tags in. Priest kicks Jey, and Bálor follows up with a beautiful scissor kick for a near fall.

Bálor applies a chin lock. Jey fights up, but Bálor takes him down. Bálor punches and stomps him. Rhodes gets in the ring and stops Priest from getting in the ring. Jey sends Bálor out of the ring. Rhodes knocks Priest out of the ring and bounces him off the commentary table.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Jey fighting back against Bálor with some punches. Jey tackles him into his corner, and Rhodes tags in. Rhodes sends Bálor into the ropes and turns him inside out with a knee to the midsection. Bálor wrenches the arm, but Rhodes cartwheels through and applies a side headlock. Bálor whips him off, and Rhodes lifts him up. Priest distracts the referee, and Bálor uses the distraction to rake the eyes. Bálor gets Rhodes in the corner and tags Priest in. Priest punches away at Rhodes and takes him down. Priest peppers him with some stinging left jabs. Priest drives his boot into Rhodes’s throat and releases before being disqualified. Priest kicks him in the shoulder and punches him. Rhodes fights back, but Priest kicks him and sends him out of the ring. Bálor tags in and goes to ringside to chop Rhodes. Bálor puts Rhodes in the ring and gets him in the corner. Bálor punches and chops Rhodes. Bálor sends him to the opposite corner, but Rhodes boots him back. Bálor comes right back with an abdominal stretch. Rhodes fights out and goes for an elbow drop, but Bálor moves. Priest tags in and stomps Rhodes. Rhodes gets up and punches back at Priest. Priest levels him with a strike before sending him into the ropes, but he lowers his head and eats a kick. Rhodes hits the ropes, but Priest turns him upside down and hits a cradle tombstone slam for a two-count. Priest clubs the back and goes for a back suplex, but Rhodes flips through. Rhodes punches Bálor on the apron and tags Jey in.

Jey comes in and punches away at Priest. The crowd says, “YEET” after each punch. Jey punches Bálor off the apron. Priest puts Jey on the apron, but Jey kicks him back. Jey comes off the top rope, but Priest catches him. Jey fights it. Priest punches Jey, but Jey responds with a kick to the head. Bálor blind tags in. Jey takes it to Priest and hits the ropes, but Bálor sweeps the feet. Priest knocks Jey out of the ring, and Bálor viciously clotheslines him on the floor. Bálor and Priest taunt the crowd. Bálor drives him into the apron and punches him in the midsection. Bálor then sends Jey over the commentary table.

-Commercial Break-

Back from the final break of the evening, Jey takes Priest down with an enzuigiri.

Rhodes and Bálor tag in. Rhodes punches away at Bálor. Bálor reverses a whip, but Rhodes hits a running forearm. Rhodes slingshots over him and hits a snap powerslam. Rhodes connects with a Disaster Kick and is fired up. Priest runs in, but Rhodes hits some stinging left jabs and his father’s Bionic Elbow. Bálor rolls up Rhodes for a two-count. Rhodes fights him and goes for a Cody Cutter, but Bálor catches him. Rhodes fights it and goes for Cross Rhodes, but Bálor fights out. Priest blind tags in. Jey also blind tags in. Rhodes avoids an avalanche from Priest. Jey kicks Bálor back and comes off the top rope with a cross-body block on Priest for a two-count.

Jey gets fired up and ducks an attack from Bálor. Jey superkicks Bálor down. Jey superkicks Priest, but he doesn’t go down. A second superkick takes Priest down. Jey goes to the top rope and hits an Uso Splash for a near fall!

Both men are down. The crowd is into this match. Jey gets to his feet and charges Priest, but Priest kicks him in the face before punching him down. Priest signals for the end. Bálor tags in. Jey gets out of South of Heaven and attacks Bálor. Rhodes gets in the ring and hits Priest with Cross Rhodes. Jey then hits Bálor with a Spear. Rhodes and Jey hit a flapjack/Cody Cutter combo. 1… 2… Priest breaks it up. Rhodes knocks Priest out of the ring and hits a suicide dive. Priest fights back and sends Rhodes into the LED ring post, which breaks into pieces. Priest then gives Rhodes the South of Heaven on the apron.

Jey takes out Priest and Bálor with a somersault senton. Jey puts Bálor in the ring and turns to see Drew McIntyre standing there. McIntyre angrily stares at Jey before leveling him with a Claymore Kick! McIntyre puts Jey in the ring and walks away. Bálor looks surprised by this and then covers Jey for the win.

Winners by Pinfall and still Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions: The Judgment Day

Replays are shown of Drew McIntyre giving Jey Uso the Claymore Kick to cost Jey and Rhodes the Tag Team Titles.

Drew McIntyre stands at the top of the ramp and stares down at the ring. Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley comes out and stands next to him. McIntyre looks over at her. Ripley extends her hand, and McIntyre shakes it! McIntyre smiles at her, and she smiles back. Rhodes and Jey do not look happy in the ring.

Mike’s Thoughts: As always, a really solid main event from these four. We’ve seen some combination of this match for months on end (with a one-week reprieve last week as Seth “Freakin” Rollins fought Sami Zayn in the main event), but it’s always good. It seems like things are starting to come to a head as WarGames approaches, so we’ll see how much longer we’ll continue to see this.

Super intriguing finish to the show with Drew McIntyre, who is still upset at the Bloodline costing him a World Title match over a year ago, taking out Jey Uso only to shake hands with Rhea Ripley. Is McIntyre part of the Judgment Day? Is this a one-night deal? This definitely piqued my interest, and I’m really looking forward to the follow-up with this. Maybe McIntyre winds up inside WarGames with the Judgment Day? Good cliffhanger to end the show.