WWE SmackDown 09 05 2008

September 5, 2008 – St. Louis, Missouri
Announcers: Jim Ross & Tazz

DARK MATCH: Jimmy Wang Yang defeated Go Shiozaki..

WWE Champion Triple H + Shelton Benjamin + Montel Vontavious Porter + Brian Kendrick & Ezekiel Jackson + Jeff Hardy: Triple H said the Championship Scramble at Unforgiven might be the most difficult challenge he has ever faced. Triple H said Joey Styles and his team of nerds at WWE.com have told him the odds of him losing on Sunday is 80%. Shelton Benjamin interrupted and said he is the Gold Standard and he plans on adding a little more gold to his collection. Benjamin showed video of himself knocking Triple H out with a belt-shot at the end of SmackDown! last week. Triple H challenged Benjamin to come to the ring but Montel Vontavious Porter quickly pressed the pause button on that. MVP said he was better than everyone else involved in the Championship Scramble match. MVP and Benjamin started arguing at ringside until Triple H cut them off. Triple H said he was going to be champion for the next century. Brian Kendrick tried to sneak attack Triple H from behind but HHH caught him and knocked him out. Ezekiel Jackson entered the ring and distracted Triple H long enough for Kendrick to get a piece of him! Kendrick, Jackson, Benjamin, & MVP all jumped on Triple H until Jeff Hardy came to the WWE champion’s rescue. Triple H whacked Ezekiel with a chair, and Kendrick had to drag him from the ring. Triple H & Jeff Hardy were left in the ring to watch the heels retreating.

R-Truth defeated Bam Neely w/Chavo Guerrero: R-Truth is now making his entrance through the fans doing his “what’s up?” rap routine. It’s absolutely amazing to me that WWE is allowing Ron Killings to do the exact gimmick that he did for TNA. Seriously, the only thing that they changed was his name.

The Undertaker: The Undertaker said that anticipation of death is far worse than death itself. The Undertaker said at Unforgiven he was coming for Vickie Guerrero‘s soul. It’s terrible that she, of all people, is stuck in this storyline. The Undertaker told Vickie Guerrero to think about what is going to happen at Unforgiven in two days. The Undertaker talked about putting Vickie into a coffin and setting it ablaze. The Undertaker said “that earthly inferno will discend you to the firey bowels of hell where you can rejoin your accursed husband…. Edge!” There was an awkward gasp from the crowd when Undertaker took a breath right after saying “husband.” Gezz. The Undertaker promised Vickie an endless agony and an eternity in hell. The light’s went out for three seconds and the Undertaker disappeared.

WWE United States champion Shelton Benjamin defeated Montel Vontavious Porter:

Maryse Ouellet & Maria Kanellis: Maryse insulted Maria’s outfit and said she would take it easy on her so that we don’t have a wardrobe malfunction.

Maryse Ouellet defeated Maria Kanellis: After the match, Divas champion Michelle McCool met Maryse on the stage as Maryse was making her way backstage for a brief staredown.

“THE” Brian Kendrick w/Ezekiel Jackson defeated Jeff Hardy: Thanks to interference from Ezekiel Jackson, THE Kendrick scored an upset victory over one of the WWE’s most talented wrestlers!

General Manager Vickie Guerrero: Vickie Guerrero arrived in a limosine and scolded a crew member for bringing her a wheel-chair. Vickie walked under her own power into the arena screaming orders and people – obviously in a BAD MOOD!

Super Crazy defeated Ryan Braddock: If you missed his debut a few weeks ago, Ryan Braddock is WWE developmental wrestler Jay Bradley, formerly known as Bradley Jay in Deep South and Brad Bradley in IWA Mid-South. He’s a big ungle ass-kicker! He really should have squashed Super Crazy but for some reason they are knocking some humility into him first.

Vladimir Kozlov + The Big Show: Vladimir Kozlov walked down to the ring and kicked Super Crazy out of the ring and demanded some competition! The Big Show came down smiling from ear-to-ear and joined Kozlov in the ring. Big Show and Kozlov were about to square off when General Manager Vickie Guerrero came down and screamed for Vladimir Kozlov to “get out of my ring!” to address the Big Show directly.

Vickie Guerrero & The Big Show: Vickie Guerrero told the Big Show not to interfere with her show any more, and said she has some business to take care of so “why don’t you get out and go home!” Vickie threatened to fine and suspend the Big Show, adding that it was not going to be an oversight. The Big Show tucked his tail between his legs and bolted from the ring looking like a BITCH.

Vickie Guerrero: Vickie Guerrero told the Undertaker that she would not be intimidated and she will not be scared. Vickie said she will no longer live her life in fear of the Undertaker. Vickie said she may join her husband, Edge, in hell but she is okay with that because it will be like a vacation. Vickie said she will no longer be a victim of the Undertaker’s psychopathic blood-lust and perverse fantasies of revenge. Vickie said at Unforgiven she will get what she wants…. an apology from the Undertaker!

Brie Bella defeated Victoria: Late in the match, Brie Bella climbed under the ring and reappeared on the other side quickly. Back inside the ring, a refreshed Brie rolled Victoria up for the 1-2-3 to win for the second straight week! Keep an eye on this Brie Bella, because I garantee this storyline is going to get interesting.

Josh Matthews & Mickie James & Mr. Kennedy: Josh Matthews & Mickie James & Mr. Kennedy at the Republican National Convention hyping the SmackDown! Your Vote campaign..

Eve Torres & WWE Champion Triple H: Triple H said his greatest concern at this point is global warming or the economy in general. Triple H said tonight was just another day at the office for him. Jeff Hardy popped in and said Triple H will have a huge problem this Sunday, and that problem is HIM! Triple H said Jeff knows a lot about problems, adding that Hardy already has two strikes against him. Triple H looked Hardy in the eye and said “three strikes and you’re out of the game.”

WWE Champion Triple H defeated The Great Khali: The team of Lumberjacks consisted of Jeff Hardy, Montel Vontavious Porter, Shelton Benjamin, and Brian Kendrick (w/Ezekiel Jackson) – all of Triple H’s opponents for the Championship Scramble at Unforgiven. Midway through the match, Shelton Benjamin and MVP grabbed Jeff Hardy and rammed him head-first into the safety barrier. Every time Triple H was thrown out of the ring; MVP, Benjamin, Kendrick, and Jackson would attack him! Jeff Hardy recovered and did a suicide dive over the top rope onto the pack of wolves! Triple H recovered, but failed to connect with the Pedigree on the Great Khali inside the ring. They grappled for a few more minutes before Triple H made good on his second attempt at a Pedigree on Khali for the win! Jeff Hardy got in the ring and clapped for Triple H, but kicked HHH in the gut and dropped him with a Twist of Fate!