WWE SmackDown 08 06 2010

WWE SmackDown

August 6, 2010 – Laredo, Texas
Announcers: Todd Grisham & Matt Striker

Rey Mysterio + Drew McIntyre: Rey said last week when he was chokeslammed by Kane into the Gulf of Mexico he went about 15 feet under water with the wind knocked out of him. Rey said he couldn’t catch his breath and started to freak out. Rey said as he struggled to reach the surface he saw the face of his accuser; Kane. Rey said he’s been through a lot of things in his career but he has never been accused of something he didn’t do. Rey said he still can’t believe Kane accused him. Rey said he’s always been honest. Rey said he didn’t have anything to do with attacking The Undertaker. Rey said in his opinion Kane has always been very delusional. Rey said he doesn’t like caskets because they’re a symbol of loss and heartbreak. Rey said when he does die it’s not going to be Kane who judges him, the only person who can judge him is God. Rey said God knows who attacked Taker and so does he. Before Rey could tell who it was Drew McIntyre came out. Drew said they have names for people who wear masks where he’s from. Drew said Rey lurks in the shadows trying to gain trust from the masses. Drew said they call people like Rey criminals. Drew said Rey has been pulling the wool over people’s eyes for decades now. Drew said at the expense of The Undertaker, the truth has finally come out. Drew asked how Rey could do such a thing. Drew said Rey is supposed to be a hero to all those people. Drew asked if a hero would do nothing while Punk was falsely accused. Rey said it wasn’t his business. Drew asked if a hero would stand idly by while Jack was falsely accused and had to watch his father get hospitalized. Rey said that wasn’t his business either. Drew said it was okay because he admires what Rey did. Drew said he wish he had taken out Taker himself. Drew said there’s a difference between them. Drew said if he did it, he would have done it alone, but Rey needed help. Drew said someone like Rey isn’t capable of taking out someone like Taker but he is. Drew said he is capable of taking out anybody he chooses. Drew said he destroyed Christian’s arm so badly that doctors say he’ll never be the same again. Drew said after that match he had an idea to do the exact same thing to Rey tonight. Drew said he’s already spoken to Teddy and if Rey agrees Teddy will make it official. Drew asked Rey what kind of man he was and dared him to do the same thing to him that he did to the Taker. Rey asked Drew how he could dare to come out and disrespect him. Rey agreed to the match.

“Dashing” Cody Rhodes defeated Matt Hardy: Cody stomped a mudhole in Matt immediately but was met with a flurry of punches from Matt. Matt clotheslined Cody and followed up with a running bulldog, but Cody rolled out of the ring to dodge a kick. Back from commercial Matt was twisting Cody’s arm. Matt tripped Cody and hit a double leg drop to the crotch. Cody pulled Matt from the middle rope and hit a springboard kick. Cody put in a cross face. Cody stayed in control with a gord buster and put the cross face back in. Matt managed to make a comeback and hit the side effect. Cody went for a school boy and followed up with a side Russian leg sweep. Cody went for an Alabama slam but Matt wouldn’t let go of the ropes so Cody stunned Matt on the turnbuckle and hit the CrossRhodes for 3.

VIGNETTE : Alberto Del Rio talked about how people are mentally constipated; I’m pretty sure this exact video played last week too.

WWE SmackDown! General Manager Theodore Long & Rosa Mendes + WWE Women’s champions Lay-Cool (Michelle McCool & Layla El): Rosa was talking to Teddy when Lay-Cool came in and told Rosa to keep exercising. Lay-Cool said it wasn’t fair that they couldn’t both be champions. Teddy said there would be only one Women’s title. Michelle said Layla owed her and gave Teddy her title. Michelle said the title fit her better and they began arguing. They ripped the belt in half like one of those friendship bracelets and ran off laughing saying there was still only one title.

Dolph Ziggler w/Vickie Guerrero defeated Kofi Kingston to become new WWE Intercontinental champion: Kofi kicked the crap out of Dolph causing him to escape from the ring. Kofi put in a gut wrench but Dolph elbowed him in the face but Kofi exploded on Dolph with punches and hit a clothesline on the outside. Back in the ring Dolph booted Kofi in the knee to take control. Kofi regained control quickly once again and drop kicked Dolph out of the ring, following up with a suicide dive. Back from commercial Dolph had an arm bar in. Dolph worked on Kofi’s arm and shoulder. Vickie got on the apron to wish Dolph luck and he wound up taking a TIP to the face because of it. Vickie got in the ring and distracted the ref so Dolph could get up and hit the ZigZag to win! After the match Dolph celebrated before Kofi snapped and attacked him. Kofi body slammed Dolph through the announce table and beat him up a bit more before leaving.

Straight Edge Society (C.M. Punk & Serena & Luke Gallows & Joseph Mercury): Punk said he’s accomplished a great many things in his life. Punk said he’s accomplished things the fans couldn’t even grasp, like sobriety and being the only 3 time straight edge champion. Punk said competing in back to back MIIB ladder matches at WM and winning. Punk said the closest the fans come to WM is buying a ticket. Punk said he’s never been more proud than last week when they toppled Big Show. Punk said he wanted to watch the footage. They rolled the footage of Punk destroying Show’s hand. Punk said because of him Show has 2 severed tendons in his hand. Punk said there’s a fifty fifty shot if Show ever signs another autograph. Punk said this is all because of what they did. Joey Mercury said Show looked ridiculous. Punk asked them if they were happy and they all said yes. Punk stopped being happy and said he didn’t remember telling any of them that they could be happy. Punk made everyone get on their knees. Punk said he’s come to learn that their happiness is his weakness. Punk said when they let him down they slip and if they show weakness for even one second they mine as well be falling off the wagon. Punk said he will not tolerate them falling off the wagon because of they do they will be packing their bags. Punk got them all to stand up. Punk said from now on they will be better than everybody. Punk said they’ll be happy when he says they’ll be happy. Punk said satisfaction is the death of desire.

Straight Edge Society (C.M. Punk & Luke Gallows & Joseph Mercury w/Serena) defeated Montel Vontavious Porter & Chris Masters & JTG: They completely isolated MVP and squashed him for the pin.

DCR GROOMING TIPS: “Dashing” Cody Rhodes talked about grooming your eyebrows.

World Heavyweight champion Kane: Kane said he could smell Rey’s fear. Kane said the stench of lies is turning his stomach. Kane said he saw it last week right before he chokeslammed Rey into the Gulf. Kane said the casket strikes a dread so ominous in his soul that soon there will be nothing left to fight. Kane said his vengeance will revive Rey from his paralyzed state only to be destroyed when he gets stuffed in the casket and the darkness consumes him forever.

Rey Mysterio defeated Drew McIntyre: Drew clotheslined Rey down and began punching him. Drew remained in control until Rey tripped him and nearly hit the 619. Drew escaped from the ring so Rey jumped onto him and began kicking him. Rey went for a springboard move back in the ring but Drew ducked it and hit a clothesline. Drew stomped on Rey’s face. Rey took over again and managed to hit a hurricarana outside. Back from commercial Drew was in control again. Drew powerbombed Rey right into the turnbuckle for 2. Drew slammed Rey down onto the announce table. Drew put in a modified key lock but Rey kicked out of it and went for the wheelbarrow bulldog but Drew slammed him down. Drew kneed Rey in the midsection hard for 2. Rey managed to hit a big DDT to level Drew. Rey hit the seated senton and followed up with the flying cross body for 2. Rey ran into a tilt a whirl back breaker for 2. Drew finally got ready for the Futureshock but Rey got out of it and nearly hit 619. Rey went for a springboard sunset flip and pinned Drew for 3. After the match Rey said something in Spanish after the match but Kane came out with a casket. Kane opened the casket and got in the ring. Drew knocked down Rey from behind and ran away. Rey ran to the top of the stage. Rey said it wasn’t him who took out The Undertaker; it was Kane! Kane had a bit of a breakdown in the ring.