WWE SmackDown 05 27 2011

WWE SmackDown – May 27th 2011 – Spokane, Washington


World Heavyweight champion Randy Orton + Christian + Sheamus + Mark Henry + Theodore Long

Randy told us his name and that he retained the title. Christian came out. Christian said he didn’t want to spoil anything but Sunday was one of the greatest matches of his career and he wanted to thank Randy. Christian said the match could have gone either way but it didn’t and Randy won. Christian said he knows he can beat him and issued a challenge for one more match. Sheamus came out. Sheamus said this was painful to watch. Sheamus said Christian reminds him of a sad pathetic gambling addict. Sheamus said it took Christian seventeen years to win his first championship and now he’ll have to wait seventeen more. Sheamus said he’s the star of the show so if anybody is going to become #1 contender it’s gonna be him. Mark Henry came out. Mark said Edge is on a golf course waiting for Christian and being the world’s strongest man means you don’t wait in lines, you butt in. Teddy Long finally came out and made a #1 contenders triple threat match.


Sin Cara defeated Chavo Guerrero

Sin won with La Mistica.


Daniel Bryan defeated Cody Rhodes

Cody said if he didn’t know better he’d be convinced there is no god. Cody said every town he goes to he prays that he will see at least one mildly attractive face. Cody got his assistants to give them paper bags. Cody said they all should be grateful. Bryan won with the LeBelle lock, Cody tapped immediately. Cody hit Daniel with the cross Rhodes after the match and put a bag on Daniel’s head.


Ezekiel Jackson defeated Heath Slater by DQ

Wade Barrett & Justin hit the ring causing the DQ. Ezekiel beat them all up.


Matt Striker & Christian

Matt said this might be his last chance at the world title. Christian said when he was a little kid he was

always the last one picked but he always hit more homeruns. Christian said he was the last kid to hit puberty but had the prettiest girlfriend. Christian said he was the last guy anyone thought would get to the top but he did, so tonight the odds might be against him but he will get the last laugh.


Kane defeated The Great Khali w/Runjin Singh

Kane won with a lariat off the top rope. After the match Jinder Mahal came down to the ring and freaked out at Khali. Khali went nuts and destroyed Runjin Singh.


Booker T & Michael Cole

Booker invited Michael Cole to get into the ring. Michael didn’t want to. Michael finally got in the ring. Booker said Michael lost the kiss my foot match at Over the Limit. Booker asked Michael the best way to get toe jam out and made fun of him.


Matt Striker & Sheamus

Sheamus said he’s sick of hearing about Christian’s title winning and Mark Henry has won nothing his whole career. Sheamus said they have a combined career of 33 years and only have one title win, yet he’s won the world title in 4 months.


Alicia Fox & Tamina defeated Kaitlyn & AJ w/Natalya Neidhart

There was a video of AJ saying her and Kaitlyn had come a long way since NXT which is a joke because they haven’t done a thing since NXT. Alicia defeated Kaitlyn with an axe kick.


Matt Striker & Mark Henry

Mark said Matt thinks he hasn’t been relevant in a long time. Mark said he is a stupid underachiever. Mark kept getting in Matt’s face.


Sheamus defeated Christian & Mark Henry

Randy was on commentary. Mark got in Randy’s face so he floored him with an RKO. Christian argued with the ref over a near fall and walked into a brogue kick, giving Sheamus the victory.