WWE SmackDown 06 15 2012

WWE Smackdown
Location: Manchester, New Hampshire
Date: June 15th, 2012 (Taped: June 12th )
Commentators: Michael Cole & Booker T & Josh Matthews

VIDEO PACKAGE: Highlights of Raw when Big Show knocked out the returning Vince McMahon.

A.J. + Vickie Guerrero + Dolph Ziggler + CM Punk + Daniel Bryan + Sheamus: A.J. said there is a simple reason why she kissed Kane on Raw, she did it because until Vickie Guerrero came out. Vickie said everyone is talking about the winner of the fatal 4 way match which is Dolph Ziggler who came out. Dolph said after two weeks ago after a loss he said he was better than this and on raw he done it and stole the show. He won’t let a 95 pound take that. A.J. said she stopped listening, he won’t win the title and grandma as well, Vickie slapped her until CM Punk came out. Punk said no one listens to Vickie because there’s no justification why people should listen to her ,every week is the same with both of them he won’t win the title. Daniel Bryan came out said Punks A.J. knight in shining armour. Bryan said A.J. cost him the title at Wrestlemania and he will win it this Sunday YES YES, Sheamus decided to come out. Sheamus said D-Bry was talking out off his ass and he has proved it so many times wrong, he said Ziggler he had a impressive match Monday but hes going to win the belt Sunday, Del Rio injury gives him a  chance to beat him again. Sheamus decided to start the tag team match now. A.J. tried to attack Vickie but Punk blocked her.

Dolph Ziggler & Daniel Bryan ( W/Vickie Guerrero) defeated Sheamus & CM Punk ( w/ A.J.): Ziggler pinned Sheamus. After the match Vickie attacked A.J. Kane came out to carry A.J. but Punk attacked him, Kane chokeslammed both Punk and Bryan.

Brodus Clay  & Funkadatcyls + Heath Slater: was in the ring, he said he’s banned from Raw, if he touches Big Show he will be fired. He’s confident John Cena will take care of Big Show this Sunday. He said Johnny said Brodus will be on his back by tonight and asked who that was, Heath Slater came out.

Brodus Clay ( w/ Funkadatcyls) defeated Heath Slater:  While they were dancing David Otunga came out and attacked his knee.

Beth Phoenix defeated Alicia Fox: Layla was on commentary

RAW 1000TH EPISODE MOMENT: Hornswoggle favorite moment was when the Muppets hosted Raw on October 31st 2011.

John Laurinatius + Big Show: John Laurinitus came out. He said its his duty to make a public apology, Vince he is sorry and sad to see what happened last week on Raw. At Wrestlemania and Over The Limit, he put his job on the line and he won, but this Sunday he’s putting faith in the Big Show to destroy John Cena. Big Show said he’s going to tell the crowd the truth, even in WCW he could never show his potential because the faces of the company were ahead: Hulk Hogan, Sting, Ric Flair, so when he left people said to go to talk to Vince and the WWE. Vince changed his name to Big Show and for 14 years he did it Vince ways, people like Cena, Punk, Orton, Sheamus and he’s on the sidelines. He’s proud he is not John Cena and what he will do this Sunday will be deliberate, uncomfortable. He will be victorious. Michael Cole said John Cena will be here tonight. Big Show said he will be waiting for him.

Christian defeated Jack Swagger ( w/ Vickie Guerrero):

Ryback defeated Ari Cohen & Mike Testa:

Damien Sandow defeated Tyson Kidd:

John Cena: He was walking down the hallway and broke open Johnnys office door but no one was in there.

John Cena + John Laurinaitis: John Cena came out. He apologized for being late, saying he wasn’t even supposed to be there tonight but he got a call from someone saying Show called him out. He said he’s not hiding from Big Show, but in fact, he’s been looking for Show for a while. Laurinaitis came out to the ring. He said Show isn’t coming to the ring. He blamed Cena for what happened to Vince on Monday. The Board has said that Cena vs. Show will happen on Sunday no matter what, so to protect the competitors in the match, he sent Show home. Cena said he figured either he was going to get knocked out by Show tonight or he was going to knock Show out. So now Laurinaitis is next in the chain-of-command. Laurinaitis reminded Cena of who he was, and threatened to fire Cena if he touched him. Cena pointed out that the just said the Board demanded the match on Sunday take place no matter what, so he can’t be fired. Laurinaitis said he has no probably once again beating up Cena in front of his family and fans. Cena said what’s really embarrassing is Laurinaitis himself. Cena said he sees nothing but a pea-brained, scooter-riding chain-smoker. Cena went over the stakes of the match again on Sunday and was so confident he’d win over Show and Laurinaitis would be fired that he had no problem taking out Laurinaitis tonight. Laurinaitis said if Cena does what he plans tonight and loses Sunday, the first thing he’s going to do is fire him. Cena appeared to consider the ramifications of his actions and said Laurinaitis always has that ace up his sleeve. Cena said at No Way Out, someone will get fired. He punched Laurinaitis.