WWE Friday Night SmackDown 11 15 2019

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results
November 15, 2019
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Commentary: Michael Cole and Corey Graves
Results by: Roy Nemer of Wrestleview.com

WWE Smackdown kicks off with clips of last week’s show. We see a clip of Baron Corbin insulting Roman Reigns and their match from last week.

Back in the arena, the show kicks off with Baron Corbin’s music playing. Corbin is sitting on a thrown which is being held by six men bringing him down to the ring. Standing in the ring are Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode, who helped him defeat Roman Reigns.

Baron Corbin tells everyone that before he begins but just as he speaks, the fans boo him. Corbin says they need to respect their king and they should be like their brave and wise superstars who pledge their loyalty to his kingdom. Corbin says he wants to talk about the responsibility of being a king and a great leader. And that is to tell everyone the harsh truth but when it is necessary to hear the truth. He came out last week and told everyone that their hero Roman Reigns isn’t the man he used to be. He’s still an all time great but a shell of a man he once was.

Corbin says Roman refuses to believe that just like most of them but he proved it. He proved it is no longer Roman’s yard, it is his kingdom. And as their king, he declares that he is team captain of team Smackdown at Survivor Series. A graphic shows Corbin leading Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman, Ali and Shorty G for their Survivor Series fight.

Dolph says Roman has been a step behind as he has attempted to undermined his leadership. The only reasoon Shorty G and Mustafa Ali made it on the team is because they were running with Roman and everyone knows they don’t deserve it and it should have been them.

Robert says that is right and tonight they rectify that mistake. They saw how their locker room leader was doing things. Ali and Shorty G were given participation awards and hand outs but that won’t fly under King Corbin’s rules. Dolph says tonight they will do what they were born to do and that is to beat up on G and Ali. They will take their spot on team Smackdown.

Corbin says he will invited Roman Reigns out right now and if they are team mates at Survivor Series, they should be able to co-exist in the ring right now. Roman’s music hits and his video tron has been modified and it’s a small cartoon dog as someone dressed up in a dog costume wearing a Roman Reigns vest walks down to the ring.

The dog gets into the ring and they tell the dog to take a knee and bow which the dog does.

-Commercial Break-

We see a clip of WWE Backstage where CM Punk made his debut on the show.

Shorty G and Mustafa Ali vs. Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler

The bell rings and we are under way. Shorty and Roode are in the ring and a shoulder block by Roode takes G down. Shorty G with an acrobatic take down followed by a shoulder block. Shorty G with an arm lock take down but a right hand by Roode. Dolph is tagged in.

They double team Shorty G. Dolph with the cover but Shorty G kicks out. Dolph runs to the ropes and an arm bar by Shorty G as Ali is tagged in. Ali with an arm bar but Dolph reaches the ropes and kicks Ali. Dolpg sends Ali to the ropes but Ali with a hurricanrana. An uppercut by Ali followed by right hands. Ali goes for the cover but Dolph kicks out. Dolph throws Ali in the corner and Roode is tagged in.

Both men double team Ali as Roode sends him into the corner. Right hands by Ali but Roode with a chop to the chest. Roode throws Ali onto the ring apron Corbin distracts Ali as Roode pushes Ali off the ring apron into the announce table.

Roman’s music hits and out comes Roman Reigns.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Ziggler is in the ring with Ali. Roode runs towards Ali but Ali moves and Roode hits shoulder first into the ring post. Ali goes for the tag but Ziggler hits him with the Famouser. He goes for the cover but Ali kicks out. Ziggler goes for the super kick but Ali lands a super kick of his own. Shorty G is tagged in as is Roode. Shorty G lands a spinning neck breaker. Shorty G with a moon sault. He goes for the cover but Roode kicks out.

Shorty G pushes Roode into the corner as Ziggler is tagged in. They double team Shorty G. Ziggler goes for the cover but Ali breaks it up. Ali knocks Roode out and Ziggler takes Ali out. Shorty G grabs Ziggler and goes for the ankle lock. He locks it in. Roode hits Shorty G from behind. Corbin is about to interfere but Reigns with a drive by on Corbin. Roode attacks Reigns and Ali with a suicide dive takes Roode out. Corbin runs towards Ali but Roman hits him with a spear.

In the ring, Ali is tagged in. Shorty G with a German suplex on Ziggler. Ali with a 450 on Ziggler. He goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winners: Shorty G and Mustafa Ali

After the match, Roman Reigns gets in the ring as he celebrates with Shorty G and Mustafa Ali.

We see a clip of last week’s Smackdown involving Sami Zayn and Daniel Bryan where the lights went out and The Fiend Bray Wyatt appeared and attacked Bryan.

Firefly Fun House

We see Bray Wyatt looking at the WWE Universal championship. He dresses up as a magician and the Universal title turns into blue. Wyatt says there’s still Miz TV with an extra special guest, Daniel Bryan and he will be watching. And he will be watching too.

-Commercial Break-

We see Dolph, Roode, Corbin and the dog backstage. Corbin says he will take care of things.

Braun Strowman, The B Team and Drew Gulak

Before the bell rings, Gulak says The B team want to learn. And he made things simple for him to understand. If he were to replace Braun on team Smackdown, here is what would happen. We see a graphic of the referee raising Gulak’s hand with the text winners on it. Gulak says Strowman has a lot of lessons left to learn. Strowman grabs Gulak but all three men attack Strowman. They get him in the corner but Strowman fights back. Strowman beats The B Team up as Gulak leaves the ring.

Kofi Kingston and Big E are backstage. They are asked about their match tonight. Kofi says even if Woods isn’t there physically, he is with them in spirit. They won the title in honor of Woods and they will retain tonight in his name.

-Commercial Break-

We see Daniel Bryan walking backstage. He is approached by Zayn and Nakamura. Zayn tells him he has extended his offer for him to join them but after finding out that Wyatt will be watching them, Bryan needs to give them an answer tonight. And after what The Fiend did to him last week, it’s obvious that he needs them and they want him. He asks Bryan if he is with them. Bryan says after the attack, he’s been thinking about it all week. Why did Sami run away when The Fiend attacked him? Zayn says he ran because he thought he was running with him. And only reason he ran is to get Nakamura and Cesaro to help him.

Bryan says he doesn’t need his help and he won’t join them. Bryan says they do need someone else and Braun Strowman is their guy. Zayn says Strowman is not an artist, he has nothing to offer. In comes Strowman from behind as Bryan walks away and Zayn tells Strowman they will find him as he is scared.

WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match The New Day (c’s) vs. The Revival

The bell rings and Woods is in the ring with Wilder as Wilder runs to the ropes and Dawson is tagged in. They double team Kofi. Dawson goes for the cover but Kofi kicks out. Dawson with a suplex and another cover but Kofi kicks out again. Dawson places Kofi on the top rope. He goes for a suplex as Kofi fights back and knocks Dawson down. Kofi with a drop kick off the top rope. Wilder is tagged in and he grabs Kofi with a powerslam. He goes for the cover but Kofi kicks out.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Wilder is in the ring with Kofi but Kofi with an arm drag take down. Dawson is tagged in and he goes after Kofi and lands a swinging neck breaker. Dawson climbs the top rope and jumps for an elbow drop but misses. Big E and Wilder are tagged in. Big E with a belly to belly. He runs to the ropes and goes for a big splash but Wilder blocks it with his knees. Dawson is tagged in.

Dawson with right hands but Big E drops Dawson. He goes for the cover but Dawson kicks out. Big E goes for the Big Ending but Wilder is tagged in. A tornado DDT by Wilder. He goes for the cover but Big E kicks out. Wilder lifts Big E on his shoulder and tries to tag Dawson but Big E lands on his feet. A double clothesline as both men are down. Dawson is tagged in and as is Kofi who flies off the top rope with a drop kick. In comes Wilder but Kofi throws him to the outside. Kofi runs to the ropes and flies over the top rope landing on The Revival.

Kofi throws Dawson into the ring and Big E is tagged in. They go for the Midnight Hour but in comes Wilder to interfere. Dawson with a DDT on Big E. He goes for the cover but Big E kicks out. Big E on the ring apron as Wilder is tagged in. They got for a DDT but Big E throws them to the outside. Kofi runs and Big E throws him to the outside. The Revival catch Kofi and they throw him face first into the post. They grab Big E and throw him onto the announce table. They throw Big E back in the ring. They land the Shatter Machine. They go for the cover but Kofi with a big splash off the top rope breaks it up.

Undisputed Era from NXT storm the ring and attack everyone.

Winners: No contest

Out come members of the Smackdown locker room but Undisputed Era leave the ring.

-Commercial Break-

Heavy Machinery vs. Kevin Tibbs and Kip Stevens

Otis throws Stevens down and Stevens tags Kevin into the ring. Tucker is tagged in and they land a double suplex on both men. Tucker is kicked in the face but Kip is tagged in. A cross body by Tucker takes out Kevin and Kip. Tucker runs into Kip and Kip falls to the floor. Otis is tagged in and lands the caterpillar. The Compactor on Kip. Otis goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winners: Heavy Machinery

Kayla is backstage with Bayley and Sasha Banks. She asks Bayley about her attacks on Lynch and Shayna. Bayley says they will never think of her as an afterthought ever again. And lately, it’s all been personal because it’s all about her. She competes for herself and herself only. Sasha says Nikki Cross doesn’t deserve to be on team Smackdown and Bayley has beat her countless times. Tonight, Bayley will go out alone and lay the Smackdown on Nikki Cross. Bayley says after she beats Nikki, maybe she will join team Smackdown.

-Commercial Break-

If Nikki wins, she joins Team Smackdown at Survivor Series – Nikki Cross vs. Bayley

The bell rings and Nikki throws Bayley to the outside. She goes to grab Bayley but Bayley throws her into the ring steps. In comes Shayna Baszler who gets in the ring and Bayley runs away. Behind her are members of the NXT women’s roster who attack Bayley. Sasha Banks attacks Baszler in the ring. Members of the Smackdown locker room come out as the NXT members leave. Sasha grabs a microphone and asks where they are going. If they want the spotlight, she will give it to them.

-Commercial Break-

Sasha Banks, Nikki Cross, Carmella and Dana Brooke vs. Rhea Ripley, Tegan Nox, Mia Yim and Dakota Kai

The bell rings and we are under way. Dakota Kai is in the ring with Nikki Cross. A cross body by Cross but Kai tags Mia Yim in the ring. An arm bar by Cross who tags Carmella in. Carmella with an arm bar but Yim reverses it. A chop to the chcest by Yim as she throws Carmella in the corner.

Yim goes for a kick but Carmella moves out of the way. A kick by Carmella who knocks Tegan Nox down off the ring apron. Yim grabs Carmella and tags Nox in. She beats up on Carmella and Kai is tagged back in. They double team Carmella.

Kai goes for the cover but Carmella kicks out. Nox is tagged back in and they double team Carmella. A snap mare by Nox onto Carmella followed by an elbow to the spine. She goes for the cover but Carmella kicks out.

She goes for a right hand but Carmella ducks and Sasha Banks is tagged in. Sasha with a knee to the face as Nox falls in the corner and Ripley is tagged in. They square off as Sasha slaps Ripley in the face. Ripley lifts Sasha and hits her with a suplex. She lifts Sasha up but Sasha reverses it into the Banks Statement. Ripley gets out of it. All eight women get in the ring.

-Commercial Break-

Cross is in the ring with Ripley as Ripley throws Cross in the corner. Cross hits her away and a cross body off the second rope. Cross with a splash and goes for the bulldog but Kai is legal as she tags herself in. All eight women get involved in the match. Sasha with the double knees on Ripley but Kai knocks Sasha out of the ring. Kai with a spinning kick on Cross takes her down. Kai goes for a suplex but Cross reverses it into a neck breaker. She goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winners: Sasha Banks, Nikki Cross, Carmella and Dana Brooke

After the match, more members of the Smackdown locker room storm the ring as the NXT women leave through the crowd.

-Commercial Break-

Miz TV with The Miz and Daniel Bryan

The Miz gets in the ring and welcomes everyone to Miz TV. He recaps that The Fiend attacked Daniel Bryan last week and he will find out why. He introduces Daniel Bryan to the ring. Out comes Bryan to the show.

Miz asks Bryan why he thinks The Fiend attacked him. Miz asks why out of everyone would The Fiend attack him? Bryan stays silent. Miz says he thinks The Fiend sees that he is mentally unstable and he isn’t the same as he was 10 years ago. No one knows who Daniel Bryan is. Miz asks if he is the new Daniel Bryan or the one that says yes? The truth is he thinks The Fiend sees that he is washed up and he wants to be the one to end Daniel Bryan.

As he says that, Bryan stands up and says the reason he was silent is because Miz TV sucks. And Miz TV has always sucked. But he is right. He is not the Daniel Bryan he was 10 years ago, the leader of the yes movement. And he is mentally unstable but one thing that’s the same as it was before. And that is passion. Bryan says the passion that lead him to overcome the odds to main event Wrestlemania. Miz tries to cut him off as Bryan tells him to shut his mouth. Bryan says no one understands the passion combined with the mental instability. The same one that caused him to kick someone in the balls to win the WWE championship or the one that ended the yes movement. Bryan says Miz doesn’t understand it but Bray Wyatt does.

Bryan says Wyatt is mentally unstable and we’ve never seen anything like him. We don’t know if he is Bray Wyatt or the Fiend. He is unstable. Mentally unstable. But so is he and there is nobody better and as he is talking, the Firefly Fun House starts. Wyatt says it is rude to talk about someone when they are present. Being confused is scary but maybe that is why he did it, to scare him. Or maybe he did it to remind him about what he did. Wyatt says Bryan remembers because he really think he does.

Wyatt opens a box and he starts throwing objects out from the box. He grabs the WWE Universal championship. He asks if he wants to come play and all he has to do is say that one magical word. Wyatt tells him to say it, he knows he wants to. The fans chant yes as Bryan says no. The different characters in the Funhouse say yes as Bryan says no.

Bryan says no, he is not going to play with him and his puppets. He is trying to manipulate him and the people but he is not a puppet. And it’s clear he has a problem with him and if he wants to fight, to fight. But if they are going to do it, to do it for the Universal championship. He asks Bray what he thinks. Bray says to that he has to say yes. He starts chanting yes until it cuts.

In the ring, The Miz says it will be Daniel Bryan against The Fiend Bray Wyatt for the Universal championship at Survivor Series.