WWE Friday Night SmackDown 02 25 2022

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results
February 25, 2022
GIANT Center in Hershey, PA.
Commentary: Michael Cole and Pat McAfee
Results by: Roy Nemer of Wrestleview.com

WWE SmackDown kicks off with clips of Roman Reigns winning the WWE championship at Day 1. That is followed him him losing the championship against Bobby Lashley at the Royal Rumble. We see Lesnar winning the Royal Rumble and winning the Elimination Chamber match to become the new WWE champion.

Live in the arena, Michael Cole is in the ring and he introduces Ronda Rousey to the ring. Cole asks her why she decide to return at the Royal Rumble. Ronda told him that main eventing WrestleMania in 2019, she broke her hand. While in rehab, she broke her other hand. And after that she got pregnant. But she knew that four months after giving birth, she would be able to go to the Royal Rumble, win it and go to WrestleMania.

Ronda says she did it because her mom was the first American to win the championship in jeudo as a single mother while working and studying for her PhD. She wanted to set the example for her daughter. Cole runs through her UFC and Olympic achievements. He asks her how it felt to finally win the Royal Rumble. She tells him it felt great in the moment but she is already looking forward to WrestleMania where she will tap out Charlotte Flair.

Cole says she got a taste of Flair at the Elimination Chamber but she competed with one arm behind her back. We see clips of Flair attacking Ronda during their tag team match at the Elimination Chamber.

Charlotte Flair’s music hits and out she comes to the ring.

Flair tells Ronda that last Saturday she gave her a taste of being back and it was so much fun. She said she felt sorry for her because of her one hand tied behind her back but it won’t be like that at WrestleMania. She says for the first time in Ronda’s life, she will scream for mercy and tap out when she puts her in the Figure Eight. Flair tells her and she will remain the SmackDown Women’s champion. And the silver lining for Ronda is she gets to go home and work on baby number two.

Sonya Deville attacks Ronda Rousey from behind in the ring. Flair slams Ronda’s right knee into the ring post. Sonya grabs Ronda but Ronda goes for an arm bar as Sonya rolls out of the ring.

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Adam Pearce and Sonya are backstage. Adam tells her because of her actions, next week, she will go one on one against Ronda Rousey.

The New Day vs. Los Lotharios

Before the start of the match, there is the Los Lotharios Kiss Cam where Humberto and Garza kiss a female standing at ringside. The New Day come out on an ATV.

The bell rings and we are under way. Humberto and Kofi start the match. Kofi trips Humberto up as he goes for the cover but Humberto kicks out. Big E is tagged in as they double team Humberto. Big E goes for the cover but Humberto kicks out. Big E with an abdominal stretch but Humberto with an elbow as he gets out of it.

Big E with right hands knocking Humberto down. Kofi is tagged back in as they double team Humberto. Kofi goes for the cover but Humberto icks out. A second rope drop kick by Kofi. He gets on the ring apron as Angel distracts him and Humberto knocks Kofi off the ring apron. Los Lotharios knock Big E off the ring apron. Los Lotharios slam Kofi into the ring apron.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, Los Lotharios double team Kofi in the ring. Garza with a modified half crab but Kofi kicks him away. Kofi with a double stomp. Big E and Humberto are tagged in. Big E with a belly to belly. Big E runs to the ropes and a big splash. He goes for the Big Ending but Garza distracts Big E and Humberto with a super kick. Garza is tagged in but Big E slams him onto the mat. Kofi is tagged in. Kofi with a top rope bull dog with the Midnight Hour. He goes for the cover but Garza breaks it up. Humberto with a right hand onto Big E and Kofi with a drop kick onto Humberto. Garza pushes Kofi to the outside and a suicide dive by Garza. He throws Kofi back into the ring.

Garza looks at the ATV that is parked at ring side. Kofi jumps off the ring steps onto Garza. He throws Garza into the ring. Big E with a belly to belly onto Humberto. Kofi on the top rope, he jumps but a kick by Garza. He goes for the cover but Kofi kicks out. Garza climbs the top rope as Big E is on the ATV. He tells Garza that he will run Humberto over. Garza gets down off the top rope and Kofi with a knee to the face. Big E is tagged in and they hit him with the Midnight Hour. Big E goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winners: The New Day

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Sam Roberts is backstage with The Usos. They tell Sam Roberts that tonight’s contract signing is for the biggest WrestleMania match of all time. The Viking Raiders attack The Usos as they tell The Usos that they want their tag team championship match.

Megan Morant is with Xia Li. She asks Li about her match against Natalya tonight. Li says she worked hard her entire life for this match. She worked hard in NXT for this match but she is confident. She is the protector and Natalya will need protection.

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Xia Li vs. Natalya

The bell rings and we are under way. A right hand by Natalya as she stomps on Li in the corner. Natalya throws Li to the ropes but Li with a drop kick. She goes for the cover but Natalya kicks out. Li goes for a bodyslam but Natalya lands on her feet and hits Li with a clothesline. She goes for the cover but Li kicks out. A snap suplex by Natalya.

Right hands by Natalya followed by an abdominal stretch. Elbows to the knee by Li followed by an arm drag. Right hands by Li followed by knees to the face. A suplex by Li as she goes for the cover but Natalya kicks out. Li grabs Natalya but Natalya trips her out and goes for the sharpshooter but Li kicks her away. Li with a spinning kick. She goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winner: Xia Li

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Sami Zayn Intercontinental championship celebration

Zayn sings happy days in the ring. He says finally, justice is served. Sami says it’s true what they say, you can’t keep a good man down. He says they have tried everythnig, he was a victim of a massive conspiracy which robbed him of his title. He says if he is being honest, it’s not what he asked for. The balloons tied to the ring post are blue and white. He says the old Zayn would have said this is part of the conspiracy.

He asks f there was ever a conspiracy targeting him and the answer is yes. He says they will persecute him any chance they get but no matter what they throw at him, he can overcome all of it. Zayn says he wants everyone to know he is happy to give Shinsuke Nakamura a rematch but he is still picking up pieces of his knee cap after their match last week. He says Nakamura is not available but unlike Nakamura, he is happy to defend his championship against anyone.

Out comes Johnny Knoxville.

The fans chant Johnny as Zayn introduces him. Knoxville says Zayn crashed his premier and celebration and he thought he would do the same. Zayn says he is doing great and it is great to have him but they can catch up later. Zayn says he is respectfully telling Johnny to get out of the ring. Knoxville says Zayn threw a challenge to anyone brave enoguh to fight him for the title.

Zayn says Knoxville he doesn’t learn. He tells him he doesn’t belong in the same ring as him. He is trying to get under his skin but Zayn sees through him. It is not going to work. Knoxville asks him if he wants to be a fighting champion or is it that he doesn’t have enough balls. Both men go face to face and Zayn tells him he won’t knock him down because he is not worth it.

Knoxville turns his back and Zayn with a right hand. Zayn hits him with the Helluva Kick. WWE officials get in the ring but Zayn hits him with a second Helluva Kick.

-Commercial Break-

Zayn is backstage with Adam and he apologizes for taking it too far on Knoxville. In comes Ricochet, he tells Zayn that he overheard him about being a fighting champion. Adam says next week it will be Ricochet against Zayn for the Intercontinental championship.

Sasha Banks vs. Shotzi

Naomi is on the commentary team. The bell rings and we are under way. A suplex by Banks as she goes for the three amigos but Shotzi picks her up and throws her onto the top rope. Shotzi stomps on Sasha. She goes for the cover but Sasha kicks out. Shotzi goes for a suplex but Sasha lands on her feet. Sasha with the meteora off the top rope. Sasha with the double knees to the face. Sasha with the Backstabber and into the Banks Statement as Shotzi taps out.

Winner: Sasha Banks

Naomi gets in the ring after the match. She says they are looking at the next WWE women’s tag team champions.

Megan is backstage with Madcap and Happy Corbin. She asks Corbin about his match against Drew McIntyre tonight. Corbin says Drew has to deal with him. Happy Corbin against Drew McIntyre is a WrestleMania caliber match and it will happen on SmackDown. He says Drew tried to take his head off with a sword at Elimination Chamber and you don’t do that and get away with it. He says tonight, he will show Drew McIntyre who the real warrior is.

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Happy Corbin with Madcap Moss vs. Drew McIntyre

Corbin tells Drew before the match that this is a WrestleMania caliber match and if he wants to get embarrassed tonight in Hershey Pennsylvania. Corbin says the fans are pathetic and nothing would make him happier than stomping him into a pulp. He says Madcap is as tough as nails. Corbin tells Madcap to get on the apron and to show everyone how great he really is.

Madcap gets on the apron and celebrates. Corbin tells Madcap to get in the ring and to fight Drew. Corbin tells him it’s only Drew McIntyre. Madcap gets in the ring as he and Corbin double team McIntyre.

Corbin leaves the ring as the referee calls for the bell. Macap with a spear in the corner onto Drew. He grabs Drew but a Glasgow Kiss by McIntyre. He goes for the Alabama Slam but Madcap grabs the ropes and goes to the outside of the ring.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, right hands by both men and a clothesline by Drew. An overhead belly to belly by McIntyre followed by a neck breaker. Drew goes for the Claymore but Corbin distracts Drew. Madcap with a thumb to the eye and he throws Drew shoulder first into the ring post. Madcap with a DDT. He goes for the cover but Drew kicks out. Madcap runs to the rope but Drew with a Claymore. He goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

Megan is backstage with Ronda. She asks her about her match against Sonya next week. Ronda says for all the time that Sonya ambushed her and bullied Naomi, she will show her what happens with authority gets out of line.

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WWE Universal champion Roman Reigns with The Usos and Paul Heyman walk down to the ring. Adam Pearce is in the ring with several security guards, a table and chairs. Roman tells Hershey, Pennsylvania to acknowledge him.

Heyman says that they have come to a point in history where there is no way to exaggerate the enormity of the main event of WrestleMania. Heyman says they have the single biggest match in history. The biggest main event, on the biggest WrestleMania of all time. Bigger than Hulk Hogan vs. Andre The Giant. Bigger than Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The Rock. Bigger than the night he conquered the Undertaker’s undefeated streak at WrestleMania and to be fair, he will give half credit to Brock Lesnar for that.

He says that WrestleMania Sunday will be main evented by Roman Reigns solidifying his GOAT status against Brock Lesnar. He says the match will be a title vs. title, winner take all, title unification match. He says now they sign the contract.

Heyman says the security are there to protect Brock Lesnar from his own impulsiveness and to protect Brock Lesnar from his tribal chief, Roman Reigns. Heyman says and that is what they call a cliffhanger.

-Commercial Break-

Out comes the WWE champion Brock Lesnar to the ring. He places the belt on the table as the fans chant suplex city. Lesnar calls Roman, Mr. Acknowledgement and Heyman, Mr. Dick. He introduces himself as the new reigning, defending, WWE heavyweight champion of the world, Brock Lesnar. He says he has to contain himself because impulsiveness, he is.

Lesnar says if they think for one second that these security guards will stop him from jumping across the table and kicking all of their asses, they have another thing coming. Lesnar says the only thing stopping Lesnar from jumping that table and kicking their asses is Brock Lesnar. And the contract. Lesnar says he will sign the contract and at WrestleMania he will kick their asses and he will get paid for it. Lesnar signs the contract and throws it to Roman who is sitting on a chair.

Heyman says he has had it with his disrespect. If he wants it to be personal, he says Lesnar will not make it to WrestleMania as champion. He will lose the title next Saturday at Madison Square Garden. Roman looks at Lesnar and signs the contract. Roman tells Lesnar he must be confused. Roman tells him the WWE title is his title and he is going to beat him at WrestleMania. And it’s not Brock’s fault, he doesn’t have a chance. This is his show, his ring, his camera man, these people are his people because they acknowledge him.

Roman leave the ring. He says Cole and McAfee work for him. That WrestleMania sign is his because he is WrestleMania. Roman says he is this show, he runs this show and everyone works for him. Including the security in the ring.

The security circle Lesnar but he beats them all up. He throws a chair at one of them and hits them with the table. He hits one of them with an F5. He hits a German suplex on another one of them. Roman, The Usos and Heyman leave the ring as Lesnar stands tall.