WWE 205 Live 11 20 2020

Bollywood Boyz versus Ever-Rise

Samir and Sunil distract Ever-Rise by dancing, then jump them to take the early advantage. Parker manages to swing the momentum back his way…he goes for a quick-pin on Sunil but only gets a two. Martel comes in and drives Sunil into the corner. Sunil tries to bounce over Martel but Martel catches him…Sunil shifts his weight and applies an armlock to slow the action down. Samir tags in…he drives an axe-handle onto Martel’s arm. Sunil comes right back in with an axe-handle of his own. Parker gets the tag…he runs right into an arm-drag. Parker grabs the Bollywood Boyz camera, then slaps Samir across the face…Samir chases him…Ever-Rise jumps him when he comes back in. Martel whips Samir hard into the corner, then follows up with a backbreaker for a nearfall. Parker tags back in…big right to Samir’s gut. He lays Samir out with a single-leg dropkick. Samoan drop from Parker for another close two count. Ever-Rise with some tandem offense to keep Samir grounded.

Samir gets a boot up and creates separation to make the hot tag to Sunil. He rocks Parker with a top rope axe-handle and transitions right into attacking Martel. Spinning heel kick drops Parker off his feet. Samir comes back in for the Bollywood Blast…they hit it but Parker breaks up the pin at the last second. Ever-Rise connect with their finisher…the referee’s back is turned…Sunil smashes the camera off Martel’s head. Samir gets the pin for the victory.

The Bollywood Boyz win by pinfall

The Bollywood Boyz celebrate at the top of the entrance ramp…Ariya Daivari comes out and yells at them because they couldn’t do that last week. He joins the commentary table to call the action for Tony Nese and Ashonte Adonis.

Commercial for WWE shop.

Footage of last week’s headliner is played, when Curt Stallion became the new number one contender to Santos Escobar and the NXT cruiserweight championship.

Cut to Stallion backstage. He says that last week he proved that he belongs in the division, but wonders why he wasn’t congratulated by Escobar for his efforts. No word on when the match will take place.

Main event time. Tony Nese is out first. Ashante “Thee” Adonis is second. Here we go.

Tony Nese versus Ashante “Thee” Adonis

Both men begin by feeling each other out…Nese slides to the outside and gets on headset to talk some trash. Adonis approaches Nese and slaps him right in front of Daivari, who then taunts Adonis from the sidelines. The temporary distraction allows Nese to get the heat on Adonis, and level him with all of his signature offense, including a spinning kick to the face, and a springboard moonsault for a close two count. Daivari gets off headset and grabs a chain, which he prepares to use on Adonis…Adonis rolls Nese up and sends him into the ropes…Daivari nearly hits Nese, but stops at the last second. This allows Adonis to drop Nese with a dropkick. Daivari runs in but Adonis catches him with a spinebuster. Since no contact was made the referee doesn’t call fo the bell. Adonis then nails Nese with the Long Kiss Goodnight (superkick) to secure the victory.

Ashante “Thee” Adonis wins by pinfall

credit wrestlinginc.com