WWE NXT UK 10 15 2020

NXT UK results courtesy of WWE.com.

WWE NXT UK results, Oct. 15, 2020: Dragunov pins WALTER in Tag Team action

Ilja Dragunov became the first NXT UK Superstar to pin WALTER, scoring a victory in Tag Team action alongside Pete Dunne against the NXT United Kingdom Champion & Alexander Wolfe. Elsewhere, “The Bomber” Dave Mastiff advanced in the Heritage Cup with a knockout victory over Joseph Conners and Piper Niven defeated Isla Dawn.

“The Bomber” Dave Mastiff def. Joseph Conners in a Heritage Cup First Round Match

Two of NXT UK’s hardest hitters clashed in exactly the fashion one would expect, exchanging hard strikes throughout, though no falls were scored until the third round. Dave Mastiff became the first Superstar to win a Heritage Cup bout via knockout, as he blasted Joseph Conners with a massive right hand to put him on dream street and advance.

Piper Niven def. Isla Dawn

Isla Dawn nearly scored an upset, landing several near-falls against Piper Niven, including a breathtakingly close instance following a top-rope Meteora. Niven fought out of a modified Dragon Sleeper, dropping The White Witch with a high-angle back suplex before connecting with a running corner cannonball and planting her with a Michinoku Driver for the victory.

Ilja Dragunov & Pete Dunne def. WALTER & Alexander Wolfe

The NXT United Kingdom Champion and Ilja Dragunov gave the NXT UK Universe a sneak peek of their highly anticipated title bout in two weeks, punishing each other with signature offense. WALTER seemingly grew frustrated with his inability to put The Mad Russian away, netting only a two-count after a massive release German suplex. He took out his frustration by delivering blistering chops, making mincemeat of Dragunov’s chest.

But Dragunov fought his way out of WALTER’s sleeper with relentless strikes of his own, and somehow summoned the strength to hit a Gotch lift suplex on the much larger champion. Pete Dunne, competing in his first NXT UK bout in more than a year, neutralized Alexander Wolfe on the outside by splaying his fingers, giving Dragunov an opening to connect with Torpedo Moscow on The Ring General.

Becoming the first NXT UK Superstar to pin WALTER, Dragunov’s victory left everyone wondering if he’ll be able to repeat this unbelievable feat come Oct. 29 in a one-on-one setting with the NXT United Kingdom Title on the line.