WWE NXT 07 20 2010


WWE NXT on the Sy-Fy Network
Broadcast Announcers: Josh Mathews & Michael Cole
NXT Hosts: Ashley Valance (ring announcer) & Matt Striker
Location: Little Rock, Arkansas | Date: July 20, 2010

Montel Vontavious Porter + “Showtime” Percy Watson + Matt Striker + “Dashing” Cody Rhodes & Husky Harris : MVP said normally he would have the champagne flowing but tonight things are serious because he has an issue he needs to address with his guest, Percy Watson. Percy came dancing down to the ring like he was on a lot of drugs. MVP said what Percy tried to do last week didn’t take guts or spirit, but it did take initiative. MVP said he wanted to smash Percy’s glasses, but as he thought about it they’re actually a lot alike. MVP said he would have done the same thing back when he debuted, but he learned a lot. Percy said he respects and admires MVP a lot but his go getter mentality took over and he apologizes. MVP asked Percy if he learned a lesson and Percy said yes, so they shook hands. Matt Striker’s theme he hasn’t used in years hit and Matt came out asking MVP why Percy should be ranked #1 next week. MVP said if Percy wants to be a superstar he needs to have the appearance, verbal skills, charisma, and physicality, and he has all those things. Percy said he’s a heavy hitter, non quitter, go getter. Percy said he knows what it’s like to scratch and claw to get what you want. Matt cut off Percy and then Cody and Husky came out, cutting off Matt. Matt asked Cody why Husky should be #1. Cody said Husky could use some grooming advice, but he’d be a great representative for the fans. Cody mocked the fans a bit and said Husky was an army tank with a Ferrari engine. Husky said WWE has been full of body builders and 6 packs. Husky said he doesn’t sing or dance and isn’t a message, all he is; is real. MVP called Husky fat and Matt said there would be a match next.

Husky Harris & “Dashing” Cody Rhodes defeated Montel Vontavious Porter & “Showtime” Percy Watson : Husky and Percy started off. Husky was aggressive but Percy took him down with an arm drag. MVP tagged in and took over on Husky. Percy tagged back in and Cody, who’s lower body looks even more like a diva’s, tagged in. Percy took down Cody with an arm drag and Husky tagged back in. Percy drop kicked Husky out of the ring and they started brawling. MVP and Cody broke it up but MVP smacked Cody. Back from commercial Cody was stomping a mudhole in Percy. Cody took down Percy with a Gordbuster and tagged in Husky. Husky tackled Percy in the corner. Percy finally got the hot tag to MVP who exploded on Cody and hit ballin’. MVP kicked Husky in the side of the head but then ran into an elbow and springboard enziguri from Cody. Husky tagged in and landed on MVP with a running senton for 3, Percy barely tried to break the tag.

Alex Riley w/Mike “The Miz” Mizanin defeated “Lucky” Cannon: Matt asked Cannon why he should win. Cannon said he’s not going to waste anyone’s time, he then proceeded to waste our time by saying that he’s been having the time of his life entertaining us. Cannon said this was a dream and he didn’t want it to end. Cannon thanked the fans. Matt asked Alex Riley the same question. Alex took the mic from Miz and said he doesn’t like the fans but the competition isn’t about that; it’s about who should run the company. Alex said if the fans do care they should do the right thing and vote for Riley. Miz said the WWE Universe has no idea what they want. Miz said only he knows what they want. Miz said they should vote for Riley because the future WWE champion told them too. Alex started in control but Cannon dodged a corner splash and took over with some clotheslines. Cannon kicked Alex in the face for 2. Cannon missed a flying cross body and Alex hit a TKO for 3. After the match Miz attacked Cannon with the briefcase. Miz hit Cannon with the skull crushing finale right into the briefcase.

Matt Striker & John Morrison & Eli Cottonwood & WWE Women’s champions Michelle McCool & Layla & Kaval : Matt asked John why Eli should be #1. John said the other week he sitting in the airport when the NXT roster walked by and some kids stopped eating and noticed Eli Cottonwood. Probably because he looks like a predator, John didn’t say that part. Eli asked Matt who he would vote for and got really scary so Matt said he would vote for Eli. Matt asked Lay-Cool why Kaval should be #1. Lay-Cool said Kaval has the skills, the heart, and the passion, and he has them so he is almost flawless. Kaval thanked Lay-Cool and said they should vote for him because he has confidence. Kaval said he has the ability and the fans have the power.

Michael McGillicutty won the obstacle course: The course involved running through tires, jumping over hurdles, a balance beam, and pushing a cart up the stage. Matt asked why Michael McGillicutty should be #1. Kofi said Michael is the hungriest. Kofi said Michael was born to do this, and most importantly he has the support of the fans, which are now known as the McGillibuddies. Michael said he is the most talented rookie and he is undefeated. Michael did the course in 26.7 seconds. Alex Riley completed it in 40.3 seconds and then freaked out at a ref for making him do the balance beam again (he didn’t do it properly the first time). Eli Cottonwood went next and screwed up on most of it, causing him to be disqualified. “Lucky” Cannon completed it in 28.2 seconds. Kaval completed it in 29.1 seconds. Percy Watson completed it in 31.5 seconds. Husky Harris ran through one of the hurdles and completed it in 50.3 seconds. Michael McGillicutty won and receives immunity next week.