WWE NXT 04 22 2015

Location: Winter Park, FL
Date: April 22, 2015
Commentators: Rich Brennan and Corey Graves


Finn wins the first lock-up and drops him with a running dropkick, but runs into a hard elbow. Dillinger goes to work briefly with a beatdown in the corner, but Finn comes back with a Pele kick and the Slingblade. He connects with a corner dropkick and the double foot stomp off the top rope for an easy win.

Winner: Finn Balor

-Tyler Breeze cuts a backstage promo and calls Balor the “flavor of the month”, whereas he’s been dominating the NXT landscape since the start.

Dana Brooke cuts a heel promo, saying her debut was the “re-birth of the NXT women’s division”. She calls NXT her playground, and says “play time is over”. That doesn’t make any sense. So she wants to be the owner of an empty playground?

Kevin Owens is backstage. He gives Alex Riley credit for giving him a good fight a few weeks ago, but he won the match and tonight really isn’t going to be any different. He tells Riley to get a clue.


The two babyfaces go to work on Lynch and clear her from the ring, then lock up with each other. Charlotte controls Bayley and puts her in the Figure Four headlock, doing these amazing roll-through slams. Lynch back into it with a suplex as they go to commercial.

Charlotte is down on the outside as Bayley and Lynch go to work with a great technical exchange. Bayley is about to tap, but Charlotte comes back and hits Natural Selection to break it up. Everyone is down. Slow exchange as they build towards a top rope spot, but Flair gets Becky up in a powerbomb position and Bayley hits a big diving clothesline spot. She puts Bayley in the Figure Eight hold, but Lynch pins Bayley while she doesn’t have the positioning to kick out.

Winner: Becky Lynch


They lock up and Parker begs off into the ropes. Itami gives him a “come at me” taunt and they lock up again, with Parker begging off again. This time Itami cuts him down with kicks and strikes, until Parker yet again gets into the ropes and drops him with a cutter. CJ goes to work with rest holds and brings down the pace for a few minutes. Hideo builds it back up with kicks and chops and arm drags. He hits a hesitation dropkick in the corner followed by the Nakamura-esque one-legged kick to pick up the win.

Winner: Hideo Itami

Sasha Banks makes fun of Becky Lynch and tells her she doesn’t have a chance at winning the Women’s Championship. She makes fun of her accent and Lynch calls herself “kind of a big deal”.

-Rhyno is already in mid-entrance and joins an unannounced wrestler already in the ring. The match lasts about 30 seconds and ends with a Gore. I didn’t even realize there was a match happening until he was setting up for the finish. “Welcome back” chants. This whole segment lasts maybe 90 seconds from start to finish.


Probably a vision of things to come, Owens won the highly entertaining Twitter feud between the two, according to a Wrestlezone user poll last week. It wasn’t even close (81-19).

Kevin taunts his opponent and bails from the ring, baiting him a crash-and-burn on the entrance ramp. After a short break Owens is beating him down and gets in his face, mocking him, and Riley slaps him in the face for his only offense. The champ is back in control with power moves and rest holds for the next few minutes. Riley out of nowhere with a clothesline and a snap neckbreaker. He goes to the top rope and Owens crotches him. That’s followed by a cannonball in the corner, followed by the pop-up powerbomb for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Kevin Owens

After the match, Owens drags Riley out to the floor and sets up for the powerbomb on the apron. Sami Zayn comes out of nowhere and attacks the champ, followed by a heard of zebras to break them up. The crowd chants “let them fight” as Zayn gets into the ring and taunts Owens, before flying over the ropes and taking down the entire pile of guys. Owens crawls up the side entrance and retreats to the back as Sami taunts him from the ring.

Source: http://www.wrestlezone.com