WWE NXT 06 10 2015

Location: Winter Park, FL
Date: June 10, 2015
Commentators: Rich Brennan and Corey Graves


Rawley yells about being hyped and does some ridiculous dance moves, while Ryder has the “WTF are you doing?” look on his face. Eventually Ryder tags in and does the job for the heels for the bulk of the match. Mojo makes the hot tag and cleans house. Zack puts it away with a pretty cool tag team finisher – Mojo puts Rallis in the powerbomb spot, and Ryder comes off the top rope with the Rough Ryder. The two celebrate in the fans after the match like they just won the WWE title.

Winner: Mojo Rawley & Zack Ryder

-They air a “Finn Balor Arrives” vignette for the July 4th Sumo Hall title match against Kevin Owens. It’s very simple, and very very good. Go out of your way to find it on the Network.


Leva gets a “Blue Pants Rocks” chant to the beat of the “New Day Sucks” chant. Emma dominants her for 3-4 minutes. Nothing outstanding; mostly basic heel work with a lot of rest holds. Old Blue gets a brief bit of momentum but is caught in the Dil-Emma for the submission. The announcers didn’t call the move by name, so that could be an indication they’re looking for something a bit less gimmicky for her heel character.

Winner: Emma

-Enzo, Cass and Carmella do a great backstage promo on Alexa Bliss and the tag champs. Enzo calls Bliss the “girl on fire” because of her new highlights, and tells her she wouldn’t last one day in the Hunger Games. He tells the “Sweet Boys” if they grew up where he grew up; he’d send them to live with “Uncle Phil”. Big Cass calls them cowards and claims they’ll take care of business next week. One of the best segments the trio has done together yet.


A “Bull is Gorgeous” chant breaks out. Bull dominates for a couple minutes, squashing all of Tyler’s momentum, until Prince Pretty rolls out of the ring to avoid the top rope headbutt. A chase around the ring ensues and Bull gets winded – the crowd chants “cardio” at him, and they do the spot again to lots of laughs. Breeze attacks him from behind while Bull is catching his breath, and then hits him with the Beauty Shot for the win. The whole thing last about 3 minutes, and was a fun bit of comedy, but I have no idea what’s going on with either right now. Is Tyler a babyface working heel spots?

Winner: Tyler Breeze


Jessie is an Australian developmental Diva making (I believe) her in-ring debut here. Lynch gets some love from her Takeover performance, so it’s Jessie who works as the heel here. Becky controls early but runs into a big boot. Jessie works a side headlock and builds heat for a few minutes, and they end up getting into a nice submission exchange. Lynch catches her in a pretty crazy crucible-type slam, into the Fujiwara Armbar for the win.

Winner: Becky Lynch

-Backstage William Regal announces Samoa Joe’s in-ring debut for tonight, and that Kevin Owens would be at commentary. Bull Dempsey interrupts him, crunching down on a bag of Doritos. He makes excuses about being tired and losing his match to Breeze – they’re playing it up like he’s fat and out of shape, and can’t go more than a minute without blowing up in the ring. Regal takes his chips and tells him to get his act together, so Bull takes out a chocolate bar.


Corbin is over as a heel, so of course he doesn’t give the fans the 15-second victory this time, and eventually they stop counting and chant “Corbin Sucks”. Total dominance throughout the still-short match. Dawkins gets in a few punches at the end, but runs into a massive lariat, followed by the End of Days for the win.

Winner: Baron Corbin


Joe controls about 70% of the action, but it still takes him 4-5 minutes to put away Dawson. The crowd was relatively dead for most of the match, but did pop for the Muscle Buster set-up (which is still actually called the Muscle buster). Owens was on commentary for the match, making fun of every move Joe hit, saying he does it better.

Winner: Samoa Joe

-Owens leaves commentary and tries to make his way to the back, but Samoa Joe gets on the microphone and calls him a coward that likes to run away from a challenge. Owens says “I don’t really run anywhere” which gets a few laughs, and says it wouldn’t be decent to drop Joe on his head after his very first match. KO mocks his own debut, saying Joe can’t just come in and get a title shot after one match, and calls Joe an “NXT rookie” and gives him some veteran advice.

-William Regal comes out and announces Samoa Joe vs. Kevin Owens for next week.

Source: http://www.wrestlezone.com