WWE NXT 06 15 2016

Location: Orlando, FL
Date: June 15, 2016

On commentary tonight, at Full Sail University, are Tom Phillips and Corey Graves.

Opening Segment

A video package of nXt Takeover: The End is shown.

This is followed by Tom Phillips and Corey Graves telling us that we will hear more from nXt champion Samoa Joe and former champ Finn Balor, later in the show.

The show proper begins with the debut of a new tag team, Authors of Pain, accompanied by the famous manager, Paul Ellering. These are the two guys who beat up American Alpha after the Tag Team Championship match at Takeover: The End.

Singles Match: Authors of Pain vs. CJ O’Doyle & Sean Swag

Both big guys beat up on the local talent to begin the match but it quickly settles with author #1 tossing around both O’Doyle and Swag. A tag is made and the onslaught continues, with author #2 not too concerned with who is tagged or not on the other team. A very neat double team move is executed, with author #2 holding Swag sideways to get a kick in the head from author #1. Author #2 follows through with a spinning sidewalk slam. A final double team move is made, which is basically a giant clothesline/Russian leg sweep type finisher….which finished the squash match.

Winner: Authors of Pain via pinfall in 1 minute

Post-match, the tag team, accompanied by Paul Ellering stare down at the ring and walk back up the ramp.

Backstage, it’s Cathy Kelley with Andrade “Cien” Almas…but he gets interrupted by Tye Dillinger who says that Takeover: The End was a fluke. Cien won’t make a name for himself off of him. He’s nowhere near a perfect 10. So we have a match coming up between them later tonight.

Coming Up: TM61 vs. Blake & Murphy

Up Next: Carmella is in action

One cool point for the statement the Authors of Pain gave with this squash match. They’re big, they’re bad and they’re ready to brawl. The double team moves they displayed seem to be unique to the Tag Team Division, and that’s good for any future feuds…not sure if American Alpha will be their first major match, but it’d be interesting to see their styles collide.

Second Segment

Backstage, Cathy Kelley tries to get a word with the Authors of Pain, but they walk right by her. It’s their manager, Paul Ellering, who stops. Cathy asks what they’re doing. Paul says, “In due time.” Alright then.

Singles Match: Carmella vs. Tessa Blanchard

The ladies lock up. Blanchard sends Carmella to the corner. She charges. Carmella lifts herself up on the ropes to avoid it. Hurricanrana! Side headlock from Carmella to wear down Blanchard for a few moments, but Blanchard retorts with punches and mockery of Carmella’s “how you doin?!”. Carmella takes exception to it, sweeping Blanchard’s legs out and sending her to the mat. A moonwalk by Carmella impresses the crowd. It doesn’t impress Blanchard and she throws Carmella to the mat after the latter does a back roll.

Out from the turnbuckle, a modified abdominal stretch by Blanchard gives the crowd an opportunity to cheer Carmella out of it. Off the ropes, Carmella with a nasty left hand and a high kick to the chest on Blanchard, sending her down into the turnbuckle. This cues up the Broncobuster. Carmella follows it with an arm twist and a facebuster, easily transitioning into her modified figure-four headscissors submission.

Winner: Carmella via submission in 3 minutes

One cool point for Carmella’s moonwalk, which is pretty slick. Whether she’s talking, dancing, or wrestling, Carmella is definitely over with the fans. I really like her set-up and finishing hold, which effectively stun her opponent and disable them from much of a defense. I’m not sure if she’s ready to take on Asuka yet, though I know there will be those who disagree.

Promo: It’s a post-match interview with Samoa Joe from nXt Takeover: The End. Samoa Joe asks what sacrifice is necessary to win the nXt championship. He had to hunt his brother, the demon, to take it and answered all questions about who is the undisputed nXt champion. The victory marks the beginning of the Samoa Joe era.

Backstage, Cathy Kelley is with Blake & Murphy, asking them if they’ve resolved their issues. Blake and Murphy agree that Alexa Bliss was dragging them down and she was the problem. Murphy says their history is behind them and they look forward to reclaiming their nXt Tag Team Championships. Their first victims: TM61.

Third Segment

Tag Team Match: TM61 vs. Blake & Murphy

TM61 is Shane Thorne and Nick Miller, who made their debut on nXt 3 weeks ago.
Blake & Murphy arrive to the ring with great energy…and a crowd chant of “Where’s Alexa?”. I think they already answered that in the pre-match interview.

Thorne and Blake begin the match, jockeying for the advantage. Thorne twists Blake’s arm from behind. Blake reverses it. Thorne reverses again, facing Blake, which allows him to punch him in the face. Thorne does a little bit of tumbling to escape the wrist hold and dropkick not only Blake but an incoming Murphy. Double team move by TM61, twisting both of Blake’s arms, sending him to the mat and then splitting his legs. Ouch.
Miller with a back suplex, following a quick tag to Thorne. Thorne leaps over the ropes with a senton bomb for a 2 count.

Thorne keeps Blake pinned down to the mat with a weak headlock. Blake pushes Thorne into the turnbuckle where Miller tags back in and really wrenches in a side headlock. Blake pushes him towards his own turnbuckle to tag in Murphy. Off the ropes, Thorne runs underneath the leaping efforts of both Blake & Murphy, following it with a kick to Blake’s head, sending him out of the ring. Miller tagged in off the ropes and he and Thorne execute a moonsault/jumping punch combination. Kickout at 1 by Murphy!

Blake takes Miller off the apron on his way back to his corner while Murphy pins Thorne after a clothesline. 1-2…kickout. Murphy brings Thorne to their corner to beat down on him. Double team throwdown to the mat and a cover by Blake for 2. Blake tries to cover Thorne again to no avail. He tags in Murphy while choking Thorne with his boot and Murphy hits him with a running clothesline. Another 2 count. Murphy locks in a side headlock, keeping Thorne on his stomach. Thorne fights back to his feet with elbows to the gut and receives an uppercut for his efforts. Tag is made and a double team move is attempted but countered. Thorne evades another clothesline where Blake takes out his own partner. He tags in Miller who hits Blake with a crossbody from the top rope.

Miller’s all fired up, clotheslining Blake around the ring and in the corner. Big spinebuster by Thorne. He tags in Miller and the 2 partners lift up Blake like they’re about to powerslam him but throw him down in the same direction, instead of flipping him. It’s called Thunder Valley. 1-2-3.

Winners: TM61 via pinfall in 8 minutes

One cool point for TM61 and Blake & Murphy because this was an enjoyable tag match. I appreciated both teams’ efforts in isolating their opponents and utilizing quick tags and double team moves to try and win. Blake & Murphy end up making too many mistakes and TM61 proved they’re a team who takes advantage of those “unforced errors”. This kind of match makes me hope that the Dusty Classic will return this year. Gotta love the tag team wrestling these days!

Promo: The Revival are seen with their nXt Tag Team Championships, following their win at Takeover: The End. They say that they told everyone they would become 2-time champs. They talk heavy, they hit hard and that’s why they’re the champs.

Up Next: Andrade “Cien” Almas vs. “The Perfect Ten” Tye Dillinger

Fourth Segment

Recap: Last month, we see Nia Jax injuring Bayley’s knee in their #1 Contender’s Match. Andrea Demarco asks for an update on Bayley’s medical condition. She has an appointment next week and if it goes okay, Bayley will have clearance to wrestle from GM William Regal.

Singles Match: Andrade “Cien” Almas vs. “The Perfect Ten” Tye Dillinger

Man oh man, Dillinger is getting huge chants from the Full Sail crowd. Graves gives Dillinger a hard time for coming up short at Takeover: The End by saying his performance wasn’t very ten-like. Heh.

So, the two lads lock up with the usual wrist-lock. Cien shows off his speed and his agility by doing a back spring handstand elbow off the ropes, following it up with a few slaps to the chest of Dillinger. Off the ropes again, Dillinger counters. Cien flips over the ropes, leaps on to them and hits a crossbody on Dillinger. Dillinger slides to the outside where Cien meets him and his elbow. The two trade chops and punches until Dillinger is thrown back into the ring. Cien follows but takes too long and gets kicked in the mid-section. Dillinger throws Cien out of the ring to smash his head on the apron and rolls him back in.

Off the ropes, Cien reverses the throw and dropkicks Dillinger, not once, but twice, sending Dillinger out again. Cien does a backflip off the ropes to show off, getting a mixed reaction from the crowd. He hits a beauty of a hurricanrana on Dillinger off the ropes. Cien shows off by diving into the ropes, catching himself and holding himself up in a lounging position on the middle rope as…

We go to commercial.

On the return, Dillinger pushes Cien into the turnbuckle and delivers a knee and a chop. Cien chops back. Off the ropes, Cien with a kick to the head of Dillinger. He jumps up on Dillinger’s shoulders, slides down the back for a pinning attempt of 1 count. Cien pins Dillinger to the mat with an armlock on the left arm, pushing down hard on the shoulder. Dillinger gets up to his feet easily and brings Cien into the corner where the submission attempt must be released. Off the ropes, Cien leaps over the charging Dillinger into the opposing turnbuckle and hits a two-foot dropkick into the ribcage of Dillinger. It doesn’t affect The Perfect Ten very much and he starts letting loose with jabs. Big backbreaker and a 1 count on Cien.

Uppercuts on Cien and a stomp to the head. Dillinger rakes the eyes on Cien until the referee asks him to stop. Slaps to the chest in the corner from both men. Dillinger stomps Cien down to the mat and chokes him with his foot to a count of 4. Headbutts to the lower back. A loud chop to the chest and Dillinger asks the crowd to chant “10” once. Cien escapes a slam attempt, evades another charge in the corner and lets loose with forearms. Dillinger is dazed and he is given a spinning kick to leave the ring. Amazing aerial splash from Cien to the outside.

Back in the ring, Cien counters Dillinger’s offense mid-move, mid-air with a bulldog. Running double knees on Dillinger in the corner, the same move Cien finished with last week, and, once again, it’s enough to pin Dillinger for the 3 count.

Winner: Andrade “Cien” Almas via pinfall in 9 minutes

One cool point for Cien who very noticeably excels with his speed and agility. He seems capable of turning a match around in his favour at any moment and so there was rarely a time where Dillinger had a true advantage. That said, one cool point for Dillinger who hung tough with the newcomer and certainly kept up with him for the most part. This was a fast-paced match and it’d be great to see this feud continue to build.

Up Next: What’s next for Finn Balor?

Final Segment

Finn Balor makes his way to the ring, to the adoration of the Full Sail crowd. A “Thank You Finn” chant starts up quite naturally and Balor takes a few moments to soak it up. The next chant is “Please don’t go!” to which Balor smiles.

Balor talks about the very first time he saw nXt, sitting at home in Ireland, watching Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady. Naturally, a “How You Doin’?” chant begins. That’s when Balor decided he wanted to be a part of nXt. nXt has become a part of who he is. He was nXt champion for 292 days. He went to war with Neville, Tyler Breeze, Kevin Owens, and Samoa Joe and now he is no longer the champion.

Everyone wants to know what’s next for him. The crowd is yelling a lot during this moment, trying to get chants going…the one that succeeds is “Balor Club”. Balor holds up the “Too Sweet” sign to the appreciation of the fans. He asks again what’s next…the lights go out and Shinsuke Nakamura’s music hits! WOW! The fans are psyched, singing along to Nakamura’s music as he approaches the ring via strobe light and red spotlights. The crowd sings his music even after it stops playing.

Balor and Nakamura shake hands and the crowd chants “This is awesome!” Balor shows his appreciation for Nakamura by replicating his shaky hands thing.

Nakamura asks if Balor wants some cause he wants some. He watched Balor become the icon of nXt. Even though Balor’s not champion, he’s still the icon. If Nakamura wants to be champion, he has to beat the icon. He pretends to be heart-wrenchingly distraught at the idea of beating Finn Balor. The crowd responds with huge “Yes” chants.

Balor says Nakamura has answered his question of what’s next…and the two men shake on a match that will be set at some point in the near future.

Three cool points for how hyped up the crowd was for this entire segment. Balor vs. Nakamura is about as big of a match as there’s been in nXt history and the crowd realized it and responded in a way that made me, as a viewer at home, just as excited. Two cool points each, to Balor and Nakamura, who utilized suspense, dramatic pauses and respect for one another to truly engage the crowd in their excitement for the showdown. The only thing that could have made this better is knowing when these two men will wrestle.

Source: http://www.lordsofpain.net